8 thoughts on “New car for Steve ?

  1. Sometimes a little behind on everything. Chevy no longer sponsoring. Now I know what happened to the grill on Steve’s truck. I say get Ford in there!! A nice F250 would suit Steve pretty well, I think. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Bummer. I really liked his truck. Personally, I think Steve would look oh so cool in a Jeep Wrangler—although it might not be the safest vehicle for him considering the way he drives. LOL!

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  3. I love that truck, too. Well, if he had a JEEP, he would get a roll bar… that might help in some instances, but you’re right, he isn’t the safest… OR sanest driver on the road. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Oh, come on guys, what are you talking about? I can’t remember Steve having any accidents. None that were a result of his driving. I think he’s a very safe driver. Don’t listen to wuss Danny who’s always complaining.


      • Danny’s got nothing to do with it. Yuck! And I love Steve’s driving. But reality is, although Steve would look absolutely fantastic behind the wheel of a Jeep (2 of my favorite things), with the kind of cornering he does when he drives, a Jeep, sadly, wouldn’t be his best choice. A road hugger it is not.


      • Correct. . It was just everyone else on the road with him who was in danger. So, how about a Hum Vee? He should be able to drive that thing, right?


  4. thanks for these pics. i look forward to the episode especially with joe back, and even though Steve looks fine, a car accident is a little whump. He always gets bashed on that side of his head….


  5. What I do not understand is why Danny “lets” Steve continue to drive his car. As really if Danny wants to drive his own car, unless he likes Steve’s driving and pretends to only complain about it, he needs to man up. At times, Steve’s control freak ways rubs me the wrong way. Also makes him out to be such a jerk.


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