New Director

Daniel Dae Kim directs episode 5.17


Frankly, I have no opinion about this. Why? Because I have no idea if DDK has any talent for directing. Do you know? See. But I wish him the best of luck.

A good actor doesn’t automatically make a good director. And directing takes a lot of time. There’s pre-production, post-production, and many other things. But since he’s not the main character, with what little screen time he unfortunately has, it shouldn’t be that big a problem.

It would be a huge problem if Alex would ever want to act and direct at the same time. That would be almost impossible. Simon Baker pulled it off a couple of times quite well though. But his Jane is not that much on screen as McGarrett. Anyway. Best of luck to Daniel Dae Kim, and let’s hope for a great script and a good episode.

3 thoughts on “New Director

  1. Kinda with you on the no opinion bit…tho I guess we can hope that, as an actor on Show, he maybe cares about the script’s characterization accuracy?


    • We can hope!

      I really really like DDK. I’d this is what he wants to do. .. I’m good with it. At least there will be a reason if he’s barely in the episode!


    • I’m good with him trying his hands on it, I just have no info on his talent for it. But I’m very open to be surprised. 🙂
      That’s my hope too, that he knows those characters. Even though 5.17 doesn’t sound like a huge challenge. I mean Steve and Danny together? I don’t think they need a lot of direction. 😉 Maybe this episode will turn out better than we think. So far I was not very keen on that episode. Does a director have influence on the script? If not, there’s not much he can do to save a terrible script. 😉


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