What did you think of 5.10 ?



5.10 Wawahi moe’uhane

CBS translated this to Broken Dreams

You wonder where the actual review is? Well, I won’t voice my opinion so it can be turned and twisted into something I never said.

I will think about how to proceed with the reviews and the blog in the next couple of weeks. I really do want to do my reviews, I love doing them, especially for a pretty good episode like 5.10. And I love working on the blog, but not for the price of being called names and being accused of dissing actors, characters and the show in general, or forbidding people wishes and other, worse things.

A wise woman told me not to let it get to me. Well, Cokie, sorry, but it’s too late for that.

If you’re interested in reviews you can check out the following two. And I’m sure Silvia at AOLww will have her non-review also up soon.

Intense Study

Wendie’s Redux

77 thoughts on “What did you think of 5.10 ?

  1. I hope you will continue to post reviews, I really look forward to them after every new episode, even if I don’t always agree with everything you write. But I understand your reasoning if you choose not to continue with them. It is sad when a few people have to ruin it for everyone. People need to learn to respect others opinions on the show and not attack just because it differs from their own opinion. That is what sucks about the Internet people lose their manners and respect because they can hide behind a computer screen.

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    • Sometimes I wonder if those people have manners and respect in the first place.
      This place is supposed to be fun. And I always encourage everyone to voice their opinion. Every opinion is welcomed. Personal attacks are not. And I have neither the time nor the muse to communicate with those people.
      I do this blog next to my other projects and my real life, if people suck the fun out of it… I have to change things.
      Thank you for your support.


  2. Ok…everyone does have an opinion. That is a given. And everyone thinks they are right. That is also a given even though it is far from true.

    YOUR opinion matters… this is your blog. It shouldnt matter if some boorish people disagree with you. People dont always agree… BUT it is important to allow people to voice their opinions. That is why I love it here. Now if you feel you cant voice your opinion when it is you blog, where does that leave the rest of us? I am anxious to read your review because I am betting it is different from mine.

    And mine is boring…but here it is.

    While this was a decent show it just wasnt exciting. Although sparring steve was nice…

    I repeat, too much jerry. That storyline is just filler and it is robbing us of anything good. I am sure Jorge is a great guy but why is he there annoying the crap out of them? It isnt a funny storyline. In fact I find it pretty pathetic.

    And now we are throwing in a new m.e. again, why? Max is delightful. Why do we need this person that danny so quickly is on the same wavelength with? And I surely didnt need to see her waxing her board or taking dannys advice.

    I didnt like steve telling harry that they never would have solved the case without him. Come on Steve. .. sure you would.

    So… nice solid ep but it lacked in our core characters… I gave it a B-. Oh… and whats with adam and the flowers? Something is up with that storyline buthonestly I dont care. .

    ..now sam… I want your review. 🙂

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    • “Oh… and whats with adam and the flowers? Something is up with that storyline buthonestly I dont care. .” ,<<—lol that was the biggest "what the hell does that have to do with anything" part of the episode! Then i remembered i don't care and went back to sleep. lol

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    • What? Cokie, I’m shocked. You don’t care about Adam? 😉

      That was so… I don’t even have words to say what I thought of that. It did nothing for the episode, for the story, or even for their relationship. I guess Ian Anthony Dale, and I repeat myself when I say I really like him, is a busy man and they can’t get him to be on Five-0? Huh, I don’t know, but I don’t really care about that either. Because Adam has become the most boring character in any relationship on TV. And them together is just… NO, just no.

      Yeah, I don’t get that new ME either. What do we need her for? I guess just for Danny? Spending a lot of time together in one of the future episodes? As I said, I can hardly wait.

      My question is why should we care about new people’s problems when we are still stuck on the unresolved and never dealt with problems of the main character?

      Instead of more Jerry, I would love to see more Grover. When the heck will he ever work with Steve in season 5? Ten episodes down and I haven’t seen one where they really used their potential. I thought Chi was there because he has such awesome chemistry with Alex. WHEN are they going to use that? When?

      As I told you I watched a few eps from the beginning of season 4 the other day. They were so much better than what we’re getting here. And that has nothing to do with Catherine. The writing, execution and the whole feeling was just so much better.
      In comparison to S4 this ep wouldn’t get a B, but in comparison to the eps of this lame season, yeah, a B is what it gets.

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      • It’s all relative babe! We’re heading on a curve now.

        Sigh. So well stated. I get so annoyed when my opinions get dismissed because I liked McRoll. Yes, that is true. .. but it is just a small part of what my problem is this season. I mean, how ridiculous is it to say “oh, you like carrots so your opinion on bread is irrelevant” argh! I don’t expect everyone to agree with me but I’d appreciate it if I didn’t get disparaged because you don’t. People need to be more self aware.

        Did I ramble? Sorry. I’m replying on my phone abd I can’t see what I’ve written. ..

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  3. Yeah, this fandom has an eternal hair trigger. At least some in it do. As soon as they see something they don’t like said, they attack and tell the poster you are rude or you are wrong or you should not ever say such and such a thing, acting like the Thought Police. However, quite often when that very Thought Cop then says something others don’t like, something similar to what they had bitched about, they then wanna claim everybody has a right to voice their opinion.

    Well I think everybody does have that right. We can all say what we think about Show or its actors, characters, writers and BTS crew. I also think it’s fine to say “I don’t agree with that opinion and here’s why” and then to state your own view. However, I think it’s rude and tacky to insist someone else’s opinion is wrong and your opinion is right. And it’s foolish and counterproductive to get mean and ugly over a difference of opinion, because that loses you support in the long term. And it’s boring as hell to keep the argument going, which is THEA cardinal sin. So we should state our POV, agree to disagree, and move on…with sense of humor and humility intact. Please and thank you, fangirls.

    We all like different characters and different elements of Show. I liked this recent ep better than my bestie. And I totally get why she didn’t like some parts that either I liked ok or that didn’t bother me. No argument. I’m sorry those parts irked her as much as they did, and I totally get how she feels because we’ve had a ton of eps this season I hated pretty much every minute of. So even good friends and similar minds can disagree. We just gotta learn, as a fandom, not to be so disagreeable when we disagree.

    Sam, I enjoy your reviews very much. You are honest and straightforward. You are clear and consistent in your expectation for being entertained and not overly demanding of perfection. And as you are a talented writer, your reviews make sense, flow, and include analysis, great pictures, and also humor and heart. And great pictures, did I mention those? 😉

    I don’t always agree with every bit of em, but they are marvelous to read! You truly love Show, and that shows in your reviews. You care about it, as I do too, so I see your criticisms as constructive, even if I don’t always share them. And parts you loved that I didn’t? Sometimes your joy in them helps me appreciate em just a little bit. Plus I think you actually do share a general POV about Show and its characters with a large segment of the fandom, including myself….so for me, your reviews often give me a sense that my own voice is being heard.

    So I love em, and I hope you will continue with them. Selfishly, I suppose, because they bring me joy and I’m not the one getting rude shit for posting. But if I can ever help you out with a rude fan, I would be honored to have your back. And I betcha I’m not alone.

    But whichever way you go, I appreciate your work so far. Thank you for entertaining me and giving me a voice too.

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    • Thank you. I know who to count on. 😉

      This fandom still hasn’t learned that aggressively disagreeing doesn’t make an opinion less valid. Or more valid for that matter.
      It’s a shame really. In taste there simply is no right or wrong. We all like different things, and that is a really good thing. But a lot of people still don’t get that concept.

      People still haven’t learned that even though one doesn’t like parts of something that there still is a lot of love behind it. Why would anyone bother to even think about an episode, let alone write a review if it weren’t for the love of the show?
      The sad thing is it feels like there are a lot of idiots out there whose only joy in life it is to bash people who dare to say not everything in Five-0 land is rainbow-colored and just awesome.

      If you don’t think every darn thing about the show is perfect you must hate the show, the actors, the writers and everyone associated with the show.
      That is such BS and childish really. For a long time I have just thought “Get a life, people”, but lately that simply doesn’t work anymore. Why should I have to listen to any crap just for voicing my opinion, in what I think mostly a respectful manner?

      I know, I should just think “Go, f&%$ yourself” and move on. And I often do that, but lately I asked myself if my love for the show, and I truly really still love it, is worth the fight.

      It was always important to me that people can have a voice on this blog. No matter what their opinion is. I never write a review in the hope that people agree with me. My opinion is what it is, no matter if anyone would agree with it or not.
      It’s certainly not the only opinion one can have, and for sure not more right or wrong than others. It’s just my opinion. I don’t care if people don’t agree with it. Getting approval for it by anyone is not my goal. Never was, never will be.

      Thank you for always voicing your opinion, I always really appreciate it. Not just here, but also on the stories.

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      • I’d rather have opposing views. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t have TV so when I was watching Five-0, I’d get up and watch it on Saturday morning after it was posted to the CBS website. Down below the episode video is a bulletin board (or whatever you call those things these days) where people posted comments on the episode. The absolute worst thing about fan comments is when EVERY SINGLE WEEK they repeat the same thing over and over, which goes something like this “OMG! This was the best episode of Five-0 ever! I loved it, loved it, loved it!” and they never waver from this comment which makes me wonder A) if they really DID actually watch the show and B) if they really don’t have any analytical skills whatsoever.

        An honest look at a show (even when based on nothing more than opinion) is far more interesting. And I don’t mean for the sake of argument (cargument?) *-). To me these discussions give me new ways of looking at characters, scenes, and scenarios. The “OMG! This is the best episode ever!” doesn’t contribute to that thought process in any way, shape, or form.

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        • You are so right. How can you even take anyone serious who thinks every episode is equally awesome. That is just BS. You can like every episode, if you really want, but not every single one of them is awesome and oh so good.
          Those people are the worst in regards of letting other people have a different opinion.

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  4. I was looking forward to your review, but if your heart is not in it, it would be near impossible to write one. I never thought your reviews were causing aggression, but I guess there are some stupid idiots out there, that don´t allow different opinions.
    Sorry to hear you have been targeted by idiots. Hang in there ♥

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    • That is the problem, my heart is not in it at the moment. You can find aggression on many levels. 😉
      I guess not giving every episode an awesome got me on some shit-list or something. See, at times I can laugh about it.
      I will think about all this before I make any kind of decision. I feel a little bad that the one episode that wasn’t really that bad doesn’t get a review. Sigh.

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  5. Sorry to hear you’re getting a hard time. If they’re giving YOU a hard time, they REALLY wouldn’t like it if *I* wrote reviews of every episode. LOL! I rarely agree with anyone entirely regarding Five-0. You do whatcha gotta do–but I’d say don’t write reviews because you simply don’t want to write them, not because some lamebrain is trying to force you to quit doing something you enjoy.

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    • ROFL – No, I’m sure they wouldn’t like your review. 😉

      Unfortunately it’s not that easy to always say “I don’t care’, even if you really don’t care. At some point it will get to you. It’s just a question of to get over it. I will either fight to come back, or not. Simple as that.

      Thank you for the term ‘lamebrain’. Love it. 🙂


  6. Well, I think we’ve all experienced or at least seen this happen over the past few years. I’m sorry that it has affected you most recently. I’m sad and hope that you do continue, but I’ve been there… It’s no fun to review if you just end up in a vicious circle over it. BK said it best.. how pointless is discussion over something if everyone just says “it was awesome!” Or if everyone just keeps saying the Same negative thing over and over again. You have a gift in the way you state your opinions…giving examples that can launch discussion. And… you moderate the discussion in a fair but concise manner. I’ve been to so many other blogs that are allowed to degenerate into bashing OTHER commenters and there is no moderation, or moderation that’s so lame it’s laughable. It’s not an easy task, but you do it with aplomb. I would miss those safe discussions we get here.

    Anyway… as to this episode, I liked it in general. I’ve lowered the bar quite a bit this season, lol. I couldn’t give it an excellent. It got a good from me. That’s what episodes that don’t infuriate me get. Haha. I completely forgot about the Kono scene in the beginning… That’s how uninterested in that storyline I am. It’s boring and its dragging on and on and on for what… three years now? And now I get story on their relationship when Adam isn’t even there? Ugh. Actual soap opera move their storylines faster.

    I honestly didn’t follow all of the “twists” that closely. I couldn’t recap it if I tried. It was enjoyable to watch. That’s all I’ve got. The concept of the voiceover “film noir” (don’t get me started on fandom jumping on that bandwagon. Most wouldn’t know film noir if it hit them upside the head. But PL tweets it and suddenly it’s the BOMB. ugh.) was different, but not annoying in my opinion. I thought the reverse action crime was different. Not sure what it added to the show, but… interesting enough.

    Ellie…. I’ve still got nothing here. She’s pointless IMO. I’ve never had a problem with Steve needing “favors” but.. why do we suddenly need to see him asking for warrants and whatnot? What’s he been doing the last 4 years for that? I didn’t care then, and I don’t care now. And… of course she can box. BOXING? Huh? At least it gave me a chance to see the Steve I’ve come to know these past years… the one who is slow to move in personal relationships, who would want to take some time before dating. Hello old friend.

    Mindy. Again, I don’t dislike her I just don’t care. I thought her backstory for being so upset was poor. I thought her conversation with Danny was nice. I thought watching her not surf was a useless waste of time. Mostly I wonder why it looked like she had more makeup on her right eye than her left.

    Jerry. Oh Jerry, I want to like you. I do. I don’t care anything about that while set of scenes except that we saw Chin. I’d rather have watched Chi do something, quite honestly.

    I loved the scene at the end. I scooped up that cheesy goodness with a chip and slurped it down ! “Because men like Steve McGarrett exist” indeed.

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    • “Men like Steve are out there” I mean. I deleted the episode, so I wasn’t sure of the exact line. Lucky for me Silvia quoted it correctly 😉


    • Uh, thanks, Kim, but I have to defend most commenters here. I don’t even need to do a lot of moderation. Pretty much everyone behaves here. I do have to ‘not approve’ some idiots who think they can post nasty personal comments without having posted before. 😉 But except the one or other slight slap on the wrist, everyone is pretty nice around here. I guess they know I wouldn’t tolerate any bashing, in whatever form.

      Lowered the bar, huh? Yeah, that is one way to like season 5 a little better.

      DON’T start with Kono. I found this relationship boring from the get go. And it’s certainly not getting any better with time. I don’t think there is ANY couple on TV that is more boring and uninteresting than these two. Just ugh.

      LOL – about people not knowing ‘noir’ if it hit them. You are SO right. PL throws something out there and they all jump on it like a pack of hungry wolves. It’s so darn laughable.

      The voice-over had some nice text, but I didn’t like the voice. It has a timbre that I find very hard to understand, acustically. I don’t like it much. But that is a personal preference and has nothing to do with the execution. That actor falls in the same, well almost same category as the guy on Chicago PD, which I watched once and turned it off totally frustrated by that terrible voice. Anyway, as you said the idea was good, and the beginning was refreshingly different.

      Ellie. I still like her. 😉 It makes sense that she has some martial arts skill. A lot of victims of a violent crime pick up a form of fighting. Did it have to be boxing? Nope, not really. I find women boxing horrible. OK, all you fans, that is my opinion, certainly nothing wrong if you like it. But I find it ungraceful to watch a woman put on gloves and try to hit a guy. I’m sorry, but Steve, and any other guy would have mopped the floor with her. So, yeah, that scene was completely laughable. But at least they got the part right that Steve would not be looking for any kind of relationship, not even a one-night-stand, He’s just not that kind of guy.

      Uh, it seems I’m doing a review here. Oh, well.

      ROFL – Mindy? I though who was Mindy? OH, right the ME. That was so uninteresting and boring. A waste of time, and I don’t care more or less about her now after all those scenes. But there was a scene in it that got my blood boiling again. Why the heck can’t Danny be understanding and nice when it comes to Steve? Why does he have to bash him all the time when he can be understanding and emphasize with someone? Why not trying it with a friend? That is what pissed me off. Of course Danny to the rescue of that ME. Ugh.

      Jerry. I don’t want to dislike him. But I’m sorry, he is giving me nothing. And he’s giving nothing to the show. He is just useless. I don’t wish the actor off the show, I’m sure he’s good at what he does, but GIVE him something useful to do. This is not it. It’s just a waste of screen time.

      Speaking of screen time. Please don’t try to squeeze every person you can get your hands on into one episode. Way too many people running around in this one.

      The end was great. I loved Steve’s look about the people he lost and thinking it’s his fault. One thing though, Steve for sure doesn’t think they wouldn’t have solved the case without Harry. Was a nice thing to say, but a blatant lie.

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      • Score! I got you to review it! Lol.

        I suppose you don’t have to moderate a lot, but that’s because of the time you’ve set. Whatever the reason, I appreciate it.

        Ellie.. Yeah, I know you like her. We can still be friends. Lol. Honestly, like I did… I just don’t care about her. When you said she was the victim of a violent crime I had no idea what you were talking about. Her father’s death? Maybe. Maybe she just took it up at the local gym as a good workout. I thought having her spar with Steve was eye roll inducing. Then again… a lot of the show makes me roll my eyes lately

        Danny… his need to be mean where Steve is concerned just makes me think he’s threatened by Steve. I am sure that’s not what they’re trying to portray but that’s what I’ve taken from it. Obviously he CAN be sweet and supportive and not make it all about himself as we’ve seen with Mindy. He defaults to a teenage boy around Steve.


        • 😆 😆 😆

          So Kimmer temps a review…and manages to make me giggle with the “Of course she can box.” Recall she can also fish. And demand a meal and a be-ah. But “Of course she can box” is gonna be my new catchphrase substitute for the eyeroll smiley. Hee! That said, like Sam, I like Ellie well enough. She seems harmless. And God knows this is about as good as Show can do women. And her scenes automatically include McG, so she scores extra points for rendering that service.

          As to the V/O, I was wondering is PLoser’s viewing of Alex’s Moonlight gave him the idea to do a V/O with a PI on 5-0. Tho of COURSE his voice didn’t work out! Alex’s voice is much more suited to something that personal and cool. Let’s hear McG’s V/O, Show! You know that would be awesome. And faint-able. :mrgreen:

          And yes, I agree with you both, this was about the least irksome ep so far this year, aside from the 2 McG centric ones (the first Ellie and 100). Thanks to you both for making me smile today. *mwah*


      • Thank you Sam for doing the review, even if as a comment. We all love them. That’s why we come here to read your opinion about it. We can’t always agree in everything but we all are here because we still care about Steve McGarrett’s story.
        This episode’s promo was so boring (and 5.09 was very bad) that my expectations about 5.10 were very low, so it was a very nice surprise because i enjoyed this episode.

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  7. I feel your pain, babe. Can’t win for losing. All I can say is…speak your piece and screw the ones that don’t like it. And…your blog, your rules. You are free to delete anyone that comes here and is verbally abusive to you. There’s a definite line between respectful discussion and just flat-out abuse. Sometimes I wonder what these people’s mothers would think if they could read the words their children wrote on the Interwebs.

    As for the episode? Meh. As most of my esteemed fan colleagues have stated above, my bar for 5-0 has been lowered so low this season, I can step over it, but I’m beginning to wonder if the writers are a) high, b) sleeping, or c) zombies this season. Outside of the stellar episode with McGarrett and Wo Fat, this season brought out my WTF? face more than once. I don’t even know where to start with this ep.

    The boxing scene? Trying to set up McG? Please.

    Can we please dispense with the new M.E.? I adore Max, and we see so little of him anyway.

    If Danny ever loses his job with the HPD, he can always find work as a psychic. He’s way too perceptive. The whole “the dead girl reminded me of someone from my past” was unnecessary, IMO.

    No. More. Jerry. He serves no purpose, other than to be annoying. Is this the only way Show knows how to use DDK, as the straight man for Jorge Garcia? Shame on the writers, and shame on PL.

    The story was good and the procedural worked for me, so it wasn’t all bad.

    As for the supposed “noir” feel of this show? A VO does not a noir show make, Mr. Lenkov. Please go back and watch more than 30 seconds of Moonlight and see how they did it.

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    • Lol. Now I’m laughing. Didn’t we see a picture of Alex in the writers room breaking story? All I can imagine is PL pitching Moonlight-request film noir to Alex and then Alex actually seeing what they came up with…. “Not what I meant, mate”

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  8. Sam: I’m going to be perfectly honest here. I do not follow your blog but I do read it on occasion when I see a link posted on Twitter and/or I get a notification on my Google H50 alert. I don’t follow it because, quite honestly, I don’t agree with a lot of what you write. I’m positive you don’t follow my blog for the exact same reason. I ship no one. I could care less if Catherine ever comes back. I LOVE Danny. So we each have a totally different perspective on the the exact same show and there isn’t a damn thing wrong with that.

    I understand completely feeling worn down by the constant bickering and downright horrid way some people treat others in this fandom especially if that venom is being aimed directly at you. I will never understand why certain people can’t just let others be who they are, like what they like, dislike what they dislike and let it just be. The constant bitching is just so wearing. I will never understand how people can be so outright cruel to other people. I said this just today on another site…I think I’m missing the bone in my head that gets pleasure out of seeing other people suffer.

    But Sam…..this is YOUR blog…these are YOUR reviews. It doesn’t matter if I or anyone else agrees with them or not. You have the right to write anything you damn well please on your own page. And anyone who doesn’t agree has the right to pass it by or post a reasonable comment. BUT no one has the right to make someone feel they can’t state their own opinion in their own house, so to speak.

    So I urge you to please reconsider and keep your reviews coming. Yes…I don’t agree with a lot of them but I don’t have to read them if I don’t want to. As a fellow #H50 blogger I hate the idea that anyone who cares about a show enough to want to write about it should feel they have to stop because of “those types of people”. I really hope you decide to keep writing.

    “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it – Voltaire

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    • Actually, Linda, I do follow your blog. I just got your latest post in the email. I even commented a few times on Kool-Aid.
      But you’re right, I very seldom agree with your point of view. But that doesn’t matter at all, as you said.

      I never write a review or any post to get approval from anyone. And I think no serious reviewers does it for that reason. If he or she does, well they should think about what their opinion really is. A review should reflect the own personal opinion. That is why I very seldom like paid critiques. They have to keep their real opinion often to themselves if they don’t want to lose the opportunity to interview the people they write about. Not everyone is like that, but most reviews don’t reflect a real opinion. That is why I like the fan-reviews a lot better. They normally don’t have to please anyone.

      And you are right, adults and sane people can agree to disagree. Here on the blog is very seldom any trouble. Most commenters are respectful and give their opinion in a respectful manner.
      The idiots who are getting into personal attacks never make it onto this blog. At least not so far. 😉

      Thank you for coming out to support me. I appreciate it.

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  9. Sorry to hear that rude and abusive commenters are spoiling things for you and the many readers who enjoy your blog. I hope they won’t put you off for long.
    By the way, do you happen to know when 5.10 will air in UK? I expected it to be on tonight but no sign of it in the listings and I’m worried that they may not show the rest of season 5 over here.


  10. I don’t comment on here often, but I thoroughly enjoy reading your reviews. With whatever choice you make, I will continue to come to your blog if you keep with it. Good luck in your decision making! Whatever feels right and makes you happy is all that counts =]

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  11. Disagreeing is tough. Sometimes the people you think you can disagree with in an open and honest way are the ones that surprise you the most, no matter how genuinely you approach it. Others just get off on stirring the pot. I’m sorry that you’ve been on the receiving end of negativity. I’ve been there and it sucks. The only good thing I can say is that you will come out of it having learned a little something about blogging, about who and what matters to you and about yourself.

    I figure there are enough blogs out there for everyone to find their niche. It doesn’t (and shouldn’t) be a place where everyone has all rainbows and unicorns and only good things to say. But it helps to be a place where there is a common ground and shared values. It seems most people here that bother to comment regularly of the same shared values and common ground, even while disagreeing on plenty.

    It’s your blog and you gotta do what makes you happy otherwise it’s not worth doing.

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  12. My 2 cents on the episode?? *yawn*
    I kept watching the clock wondering when it was going to be over. 😦
    Even Alex didn’t hold my attention. He seemed to wander through the episode trying to find something interesting to do but just couldn’t find it. He looked pretty though and that’s the best I got with that. OH! Besides the ONE true to character moment of him telling Ellie he was taking his time cuz lord knows Steve McGarrett is king of relationship procrastination. 😉 So in that respect, I’m happy to seemingly be wrong. See, Sam? Told you I’d be happy to be wrong! Even though I still don’t (and never will) trust PL. With no LI possibilities there is just no reason to have her there. Chin has more connection with Steve’s father than she does and yet we’ve only approached that what…once in 5 yrs?? Go there, writers!!! The sparring thing was as cheesy and awkward as Steve running Koko Head with Lori in S2.
    Why did they make Grover part of Five-0…. so they could ignore him too? This makes me so mad I can’t even talk about it.
    Danny – at least i didn’t hate him this episode. It was nice to see him be kind to someone instead of his normal bitching at McG. It was nice to see some depth to the character for once.
    Mindy – I didn’t mind her story as much because I actually prefer her to Max. Love Masi Oka, but have never been a fan of Max.
    Jerry – I guess I am the loner in this category but he was my one bright spot. I actually smiled in his scenes. His comic relief hits all the right notes IMO. That’s his purpose and he does it well. I enjoy him with Chin almost as much as I enjoy him with Steve and that says a lot! lol.

    The voice over was awkward and awful. Ugh.

    Oh, and more police punching people. *sigh*

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    • LOL, ESS, “He seemed to wander through the episode trying to find something interesting to do but just couldn’t find it.”
      At times I did feel like that too, but in general I’m sure I liked the ep a whole lot more than you did. 😉

      Running Koko Head with Lori was just awful. Compared to that, this sparring was a delight.

      Really? You don’t like Max? Huh. OK. But Mindy is another person that we really don’t need. Why the heck bring in another ME? I just don’t see the purpose for her. They want someone for Danny? Fine, find someone outside of the Five-0 circle. Someone we never have to see or deal with. That would be just fine with me.

      Not going to touch Jerry, I know you love him. I don’t hate him. But he’s so useless. And really, I don’t need any comic relief. Sigh.

      The VO was in parts like ‘trying too much’. Something Five-0 does quite a lot lately. They’ve never been subtle, but lately…

      THAT’S what I was thinking. Why the heck had he to punch that guy? Why? There was no need for it whatsoever. Why do the writers think unnecessary violence is cool? I don’t get that. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against violence. Or a swift, violent, brutal attack. IF that is necessary to to catch the bad guys, or to save lives. But I’m absolutely against all violence against people who are no threat, or are in custody. Nothing makes such things right. And I don’t care who does it. Harry, Kono, Danny, or even Steve. It is not right and should not be done. Period.


      • Aww it’s ok babe. Jerry is to you what Ellie is to me. We can still be friends 😉
        I like comic relief. It’s important to me.
        Max…. I dunno. I just never connected with him. I liked him in 2.1 for a brief moment but no. I truly just don’t get him. The attempt to use him as some comic relief just feels awkward and forced to me.


  13. Sam, as someone who used to have a blog and do recaps with my co-bloggers Alicia and Andrea on The Champ Box, I understand where you’re coming from. You know, all the things you and most commenters here are saying about the poor writing and characterisation were being said on my blog in 2013. We were falling out of love with H50 way back then, but when we would write our opinion of episodes, we were chastised for ‘shitting all over people’s enjoyment of the show.’ A lot of our negative reviews were towards Cath – not that we disliked the character or the actress – (at the time) but more the way she was being written. Not liking the way she was being portrayed was apparently very divisive.

    You’ve been offered a lot of support from your friends here. At the end of the day, I hope you do what’s best for you. Believe me, if the fun and enjoyment you get from doing recaps or reviews disappears, then it’s time to throw in the towel. Hopefully, this is just a temporary thing and you’ll find some pleasure in blogging again soon. I wish we’d rediscovered that pleasure on our blog, but the hurt inflicted was too much and although we tried, our hearts just weren’t in it anymore.

    Keep on blogging! 🙂


    • The problem is, I’m not out of love with the show. I still love it. Unfortunately I have always been critical, no matter how much I love something.
      I always thought nothing is perfect. No show can be great and awesome every week. And I always voiced that, no matter if I wrote fanzines, back in the day, or wrote for papers, even further back in the day. 😉

      But today, thanks to the internet, everyone thinks a person voicing such an opinion, such criticism, if free to hunt down and abuse. Because today most everything is anonymous.

      I can totally understand that at some point it gets too much. I’m not there yet, that is why I take this short break, to analyze what is really going on. To lean back and look at it from a distance.
      Often we feel in the moment, but forget the big picture. At least that is what happens to me from time to time.

      I got an email from someone I admire very much, who told me that when there is doubt to keep going something great or funny happens that makes it all worthwhile.

      All your support is such a thing. Something that will help me make a decision. One that is right for me, and in the end right for all the readers. I would never keep doing this if I would not be able to stand completely behind it.

      Thank you for sharing your experience with me.


  14. I read this quote today and i thought in you Sam, especially because of the second part of it:

    “Don’t let people’s compliments get to your head and don’t let their criticism get your heart”

    We are here with you, no matter what you choose to do with this blog.

    Liked by 3 people

    • That is so sweet of you, thank you. 🙂

      You know, criticism is good and important, if it is constructive. It’s the only way to get better at what one does. If it writing, painting, singing, or whatever the creative outlet may be. Without someone telling how they really think about it, one would never get a real feel for how one’s doing. You know what I mean?

      BUT, there is a huge difference between criticism and abuse. But I understand the sentiment, and I truly appreciate it.

      Liked by 1 person

  15. I really really don’t want you to stop writing your reviews. Because I don’t want those idiots to win and, to be honest, because of totally selfish reasons. I was always looking forward to your opinion. Sometimes while watching an episode I found myself thinking: What will Sam think about this and that? And I often thought “Oh she will hate it” when I loved it. Or vice versa. We have things in common, as you know by now I’m not fond of Danny, he lost all rights of calling himself a good friend after his words in 4.21, but I love love love Jerry 😉 . And I was never a McRoll shipper as you are. But that is no damn problem. It is just a TV show for God’s sake.

    So here is my opinion of 5.10.
    Overall I think it was a good episode (for season 5 that is!). I enjoyed watching, and that was a relief!
    But there have been serveral things that bugged me, annoyed me and bored me. Let’s start with those.
    Adam made a flowerpetal path from bed to kitchen. Bed to kitchen. Yeah. But I think it’s better than gagging and tying your GF up?
    The Mindy/Danny scene was boring to infinity and beyond. I couldn’t care less. I nearly fast forwarded it. Why should I care about someone I don’t know by now? Why? Why should I care that Danny cares if he doesn’t once care about the feelings of his best friend? Towards Steve he still is offensive and insulting and I see no empathy at all. What I don’t see isn’t happening, especially when it comes to this important stuff. Steve did go to Danny after this killing in cold blood mess. He talked, was there, showed support. But I am digressing. So it was boring and made me angry at the same time. And Mindy going surfing? How long was that scene? 2 hours? Yuck. And cleavage #2. Escort lady was cleavage #1.
    So let’s come to important stuff. The film noir style. Lol. Really show? Doing a voiceover is not making it Film Noir. It’s about lightning, angle of view, camera work. Watch Moonlight and learn! And IMHO Alex did the voiceover as Mick so much better. Conveyed more feelings, more sarcasm, more irony. As Mick-Voiceover he once said nearly the same as PI Harry in the beginning. It was the Moonlight episode with the murdered escort girl, I think it was “Arrested Development”.
    The boxing scene… The promo pics we got were misleading. I thought we would get Steve showing Ellie some moves. That would make sense, but of course she can box. Sigh. I’m tired of this wonderwoman shit. Hope they won’t go there that much. Please show – don’t. I like Ellie. And a man like Steve, a real man, a good man, a normal man would never hit a woman if his life isn’t in line. Never ever. Although he could mop the floor with Ellie, or any other woman. He did it tortured and drugged with this trained woman in 5.07 and even Wo Fat couldn’t subdue a tortured and drugged Steve.
    And I have no words for Ellie setting Steve up. That was ridiculous. But maybe she is testing the waters, he he 😉 And I have a big problem with Danny having the chutzpa offering advice. Steve was never the one chasing after every skirt. It was clear as the day he won’t take the offer. At least for me.
    I liked the beginning of this episode. Took me some time to realize it was backwards. That was cool.
    And Sam, be strong, I love Jerry and I love that he is Chins roommate. For me he is so much fun. Loved the scene with Wily Jr. (well done boy!) and him working for Kamekona. Man needs some money! And it gave me some Chin scenes, he and Grover are my second favorite characters. Steve/Chin, Steve/Grover is the best – I hope there’s more McGrover to come though.
    But the saving grace of this episode was (again) Steve McGarrett. I love his dry sense of humor he sometimes shows. “Sorta!” Lol! Steve! Loved that. And his shrug of the shoulders as he said “It was the 80’s”! LOL. I need a gif! Desperately.
    Alex is the master of little things, of little expressions, of subtlety. He again (self made continuity, you know) gave us a glimpse of the real Steve, the inside Steve with his “Yeah” at the end.

    And I loved the ending! So so true. That was perfect. And it was right that it was all about Steve. Because it’s always Steve who goes first through a door! For everybody!
    “Time doesn’t heal all wounds. When someone you love is ripped from your life, that scar stays with you forever. But the one bright light in all the darkness is knowing that men like Steve McGarrett are out there making sure the good guys come out on top.”
    Steve McGarrett is the one bright light in the darkness of season 5.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Aww, leiCa, love your review. There really is nothing to add. Well, we disagree on Jerry, but that’s fine. I can live with that. 😉

      YES, Steve is the one bright light of this season. Without him it would be unbearable.
      Even though I slightly disagree that the last sentence was about Steve. It was about all men (and women) like Steve. He is the role model for all those good people out there fighting for what is right. For getting the people justice who can’t fight for it themselves. That is what Steve stands for, that is what he does. At times, he has (and people like Steve) help doing that, but still he’s the one who leads from the front. Who will always be the shining light that the others will follow. Well, maybe it was all about Steve after all. 🙂


    • Oh LeiCa! So glad someone else loved McG’s dry “sorta” and “it was the 80s”…he made those 2 scenes with that understated delivery and his face! I am really enjoying the reviews today…go figure! 😆


  16. I have gone through and read all of this in a matter of minutes and I have to say that I do agree with all that has been said. with just one little caveat…

    someone up there in this chain (and I don’t know who’s post it was and I’m not aiming anything at ANYone, nor do I want to cause a scene) but it was mentioned that anyone can say or think anything they want about the show, the characters, the actors, etc. Yes, that is true. But if we begin talking about the actors, please let us all be respectful and nice. These guys work their hearts out… for us… and while their characters may do things we don’t agree with or like, it isn’t the actor’s fault. At the end of the day, they are each doing their job and working their tails off.

    So, yes, we have an avenue where we can complain. And Lord knows we all do it (just ask Sam about MY complaint department) but let’s make a pact to be nice to the actors.

    And again, that’s just my $0.02 worth!


    • Ah, Cokie, not to worry. I know many agree with me that not everyone is working his or her tushy equally off on the show, or off screen. BUT, so far everyone respected the rule here, that there will be no bashing of actors, or any real life person.
      And I’m sure that will stay like that in the future.
      But I get what you’re saying, and I’m sure everyone respects that rule.

      Even though I strongly disagree with the suggestion that everyone works equally hard on the show… well, you know my opinion about that. 🙂
      But that is not for an open forum. And as I said, everyone respects that here.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well, all tushies are not equal to begin with… 😉

        Alex has a bit finer material to work with while working his tushy off, which indeed he does. No disrespect meant to the actors with subpar tushies or subpar work ethics. No actors were harmed in the making of this observation. 😆

        And yes, I agree. And I think I am the one who said whatever it was I said about people having opinions about the actors…I really just meant we all have different favorites and different unfavorites, and we all even react differently to performances. I am sometimes amazed when folks are applauding a performance I regarded as half-hearted, and equally astounded when my rapture at Alex’s acting isn’t shared by all sentient beings in the universe…but I never argue over it. And I don’t post ugly things about actors…tho I will pm about em. :mrgreen: Just sayin’…


  17. i never posted on this when i saw it. I have already posted on your next review (glad you are back!), but i wanted to show my support here. I usually agree with you, but i would never consider the need to disrespect someone who disagrees with me, particularly about a television show! All of you who take the time to post blogs give the rest of us a place to post our own opinions; i would probably never get around to creating my own blog. Thank you for sharing your H50 love with us!

    Liked by 1 person

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