Your picks 2014


So, I guess everyone can guess what the favorite episode 2014 was? Right, that really isn’t that tough. But do you think you can also guess the rest of it?

I can’t really argue with any of them. Well… 😉

There were nine episodes with no votes whatsoever, and three with one vote each.

But see for yourself if you can agree with the results and if your favorite is among the ‘winners’.

Episode Ranking

Click on the images to see in full resolution.

Overview 1

4 thoughts on “Your picks 2014

  1. so… what can we say about these 9? apparently not much. 🙂 I don’t think I had 5.05 in my top 3 but not sure what I did use… needless to say these top ones were ‘choice’!


  2. The only surprise to me is that 5.01 got any votes, much less 5. Otherwise I get the highs and lows here. Definitely hoping 2015 gives us better stuff to choose from. But not holding my breath. Here’s to tonite’s ep! Fingers crossed.


    • Well, that is too bad, but why do you feel the need to share that on a blog for Five-0? If you’re not interested and don’t like Hawaii Five-0 why do you waste your time with it?

      I’m sure there are plenty of shows out there that you can enjoy. It’s fine if you don’t like this one, that is your right, and if you don’t like it, then don’t like it. Or better yet, don’t watch it. Nobody makes you watch it, or expect you to like it. So, just don’t.

      IF you ever were a fan, and you no longer are, I’m sure people would be interested in the reasons why you’re not anymore. But just saying ‘I don’t care about it’, really is not that interesting, now is it?


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