My picks 2014


As promised here are my picks for my least favorite and favorite episodes that aired in 2014.

That was not as easy as I thought it would be. Not because there were too many good ones to choose from, but not enough. πŸ˜‰

Let’s start with my least favorite episodes, which were pretty easy and I could have named a lot more than just three.

Third place is reserved for the only one from season 4. Even though there were a few episodes in season 4 that had some really boring stuff in them. But one really took the cake and is actually an episode I haven’t watched since it aired. That is a very rare occurrence for me, I can tell you that. πŸ˜‰

Chin’s IA trouble was despite a great DDK absolutely boring and, in my eyes, an absolute waste of time. It didn’t make much sense and left me asking, why did they film this ep?


Second place is the second episode from season 5. I read my review for that one again, and I still agree with my verdict of ‘totally failure to entertain me’.


But the winner, and this really isn’t an honor, is this season’s Christmas episode. I even think this is my least favorite episode of all seasons. The more time passes the less I like that one.


OK, now my favorite episodes of 2014. You know, there are many, many great moments in many episodes. Mostly because of some fantastic performances by Alex O’Loughlin.

But there are just a few that were really great as the whole package so to speak. I guess most of you will be surprised to learn that 4.21 didn’t make it into the top three.

There were some incredible scenes in that episode, some I watched over and over again. But as a whole, that episode left a lot to desire. Yes, I still think is was awesome, but only because of Alex. There were such plot holes in it, and I actually always fastforward through the Cath-flashbacks. Doing that, well, it can’t be one of my favorite eps, now can it?

The same reasoning goes for the one that was also in the mix for the three favorite ones. 4.12. I loved the McGrover parts, they are so great. But the whole Danny meeting that young girl and investigating the shooting? Just ugh. No, that is also way too much I fastforward through. So, that one was also out. Coming to that decision I had my three favorite episodes. πŸ˜‰

Third place goes to 5.05, just because it gave us Steve at the gravesite, greasy Steve, and little Stevie. AND, no Danny. Yes, there were plot holes in it, but I think the pretty simply won me over. LOL

Second place goes to an episode that was nearly perfect. With such intense scenes in the blue-room. A great villain; I truly think that young girl did a great job opposite Alex. Great action. Humor, fun McGrover, very little Danny. I truly love this episode. 4.20.

OK, was there any doubt that 5.07 would be my favorite episode? Not just of 2014, but of the whole series. I think it even tops the pilot. Yes, it does.

This was perfect entertainment, with a brilliant Alex O’Loughlin. That was mind blowing.

Yes, the whole explanation about Wo Fat, just forget about that. They could have done better than that, but, honestly, I don’t care. This episode had just freakingly awesome fight scenes. Finally hand-to-hand fight scenes. Absolutely stunning work by Alex and Mark.

A great song, which won’t storm any charts, but was perfect for the last scenes.

An episode I have watched so many times, that I can’t even tell you. πŸ˜‰

There you have it, those are my favorite and least favorite episodes 2014. You still have a couple of days to cast your vote.

9 thoughts on “My picks 2014

  1. Totally agree with your favorites and about episode 5.07 (I don’t even know how many times I’ve seen that episode), although I would include the episode 4.21 too… about the least favorites … episode 5.09 was the worst, worst episode of the whole show, no doubt … but the list would be so long that I prefer not to mention any more hehe.


  2. I have very sad news… our DVR gave up the ghost and we had to call the cable company for a new one… and I lost episode 5.07. I need to download it onto the ipad but just haven’t taken the time with all the stuff going on for Christmas. Anyway, yes, it was the absolute best ever and I don’t see how they can top it. I watched parts of it repeatedly… and just watched Sam’s clip above again. It gets me every time. That fight was absolutely awesome. As for the least favorites, there are some turkeys out there, that’s for sure!


    • Well, I thought they could never top the pilot, and look it only took four years to do it. πŸ˜‰
      You never know what they might come up with. We still have many more episodes to go this season, so, I hope not everything is lost yet. They can still surprise us. Yeah, yeah, shutting up now. My optimism makes even me sick at times. LOL


  3. Hmm. I can’t really agree or disagree with the least favorite. I still haven’t watched 5.09 and I don’t remember the other 2 that much so I’d say it’s pretty much an “any episode works” deal for the least favorite outside my top 3 which matches your Top 3 except 5.05. No greasy Steve, little Stevie or graveside Steve can make up for them introducing and forcing Ellie on us so soon when they hadn’t addressed Steve and Cath’s relationship yet. Total failure and I’m not going to love her just because I don’t want to hate her. (Which I don’t) She’s just another Pua or Kamekona character to me. They’re going to be around so I’ll tolerate em when I have to but it doesn’t mean i gotta like em.

    I’m not surprised 4.21 isn’t a favorite. It’s not a favorite of mine either. Alex was awesome, Michelle was awesome, the episode itself was insulting as a long time viewer of the show.

    Is it weird I’ve only watched 5.07 twice? I feel like i’m in the minority lol.

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    • Actually I don’t feel like they are ‘forcing’ Ellie on us at all. That might change on Friday though. πŸ˜‰
      But honestly, nothing, and I mean nothing happened between these two. I see her simply as a friend. And Steve is a friendly, sociable guy. He’s one who knows the concept of men and women being able to be just friends. At least I see it like that. And I like her as a person. In my eyes, it’s the best character so far they have come up with. Not counting Lou. πŸ™‚
      She seems like a nice, sane person. I hope they will become friends. But I see nothing more than a buddy in her. At least until now.
      I don’t like her because I don’t want to hate her. LOL – I like her because I like her. πŸ™‚
      BUT, I can totally understand that many people see that differently.

      Oh God, no, she’s nothing like that totally annoying Pua. What a jerk. And Kame is also totally going on my nerves. Just like Flippa. Geez.

      Totally agree with you on 4.21.

      Twice. 5.07? Ehm, yeah, I guess you are in the minority. But that can be a good thing. LOL


      • Introducing her the 2nd half of the season would have been a COMPLETELY different story than in episode 5. But show isn’t big on subtlety. She’s another superwoman of a different type. She can out fish Steve, she can fix his car and already feels comfortable bossing him around. She hasn’t earned that yet IMO.

        It’s ok babe. We’ll just agree to disagree.


  4. Interesting choices Sam! Honestly I thought choosing my least favorites would be easy, but other than the horrid Christmas episode, the rest of them are just so tepid I can’t choose. I literally can’t tell one from the other. Not that I hate them, they’re just. .. meh. So 5.07 for best, and 5.09 for all time ever worst!


  5. Agree 100% with all your choices on both sides of the spectrum.
    Epi 4:20 grows on me more and more every time I see it – the essence of Steve the Navy SEAL
    But although I thought 507 was good (And definitely the best for last year), the outcome of the story will always keep me from seeing it as better than the Pilot.
    Thanks for all your great reviews. πŸ™‚


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