Spoiler for upcoming episode

Honestly, until a couple of years ago I would have thought this sounded funny. But not anymore.

Seriously, they want more ridiculous couple’s therapy? So not into McDanno anymore, not even as friends. Danny’s mostly mean behavior destroyed pretty much any enjoyment of the two spending any time together for me.


Thanks to EW for the post.

11 thoughts on “Spoiler for upcoming episode

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    I agree I’m a mcdanno fan but the way they’ve written them is ridiculous this season. I want the relationship like it was season one – four Danny is totally out of character being all nasty and stuff and the christmas episode was bad…


  2. It’s the annual “force steve and danny together to show as much McDanno as possible” episode.

    Which hasn’t worked in at least two years for me. They’re trying waaay too hard and it’s obvious.

    Huge eyeroll at that one.

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      • Totally with you on both.

        No matter what others say, I feel like their ‘moments’ feel forced for quite some time now. When I see a scene with just the two of them approaching I always start cringing even before it starts, just because I know Danny will say something stupid or mean. I can barely take it these days.

        I have no idea why they make Danny such a character that I can’t find anything positive in anymore.
        I really started to despise him in 4.22; that was the final straw. When he ‘joked’ in the car on the way to the airport about Steve’s mom and WF. I never thought for one second that his next question about Cath was even remotely sincere. I wanted to smack him for his stupid smirking. What an a$$hole of a friend. Sorry, but that I will never forget or forgive.
        And he was not one bit better in season 5. That is why I’m not looking forward to this. I will however be the first to say I was wrong if they manage to do it right this time. Maybe Steve will finally speak up and tell his so called best friend where he can put his stupid comments. LOL – yeah, as if that is going to happen.


  3. Never really like Danny but I could forcibly stand McD until S2, when I realized McG plays best with everybody else, literally everybody else, but Danno. I think if Scott left Show, ratings and scripts would get an uptick. But PLoser seems quite the fanboy so not happening… 😦

    And this ep, with its BS therapy after McG’s losing his Cath, nearly twice losing his life and having the WoShock&Torture…that is beyond offensive at this point. I am offended. McG does not need comic therapy. MoFo needs actual therapy. He does not have Danno’s easy breezy life and history.


    • I couldn’t agree more. With all points.
      The BS therapy is what I found offensive, too. They should treat this therapy thing seriously, and not use it for some comic relief.
      Fans of McD think all people love the show mostly because of the two. That they are the heart and soul of Five-0. That is not the case.
      Almost all people I know outside the fandom who watch the show can’t stand this forced McD, and have no understanding for that bitchy, whiny character.
      As I often said, not everyone is totally gung ho about McDanno. In whatever form. I don’t think D is a likeable character, to be honest. I wouldn’t want him as a friend. Thank you very much.
      PL said they were so very happy to have Chi on the show, and that he and Alex have brilliant chemistry. That that was the reason for Grover to get a bigger role. When are they going to use their chemistry? They are awesome and fresh together. Their snarkiness and teasing is never mean. They are fun to watch, and you can feel the respect they have for each other. That, and Chin and Steve together, is what I would love to see more of. They are all great together.


  4. i’m fine with more therapy, especially since Alex suggested he would like to see more. maybe they will finally confront some things that have been ignored. At this point, I am happy with any moments of Steve in the story. i haven’t gotten as annoyed with Danny/Steve interactions as much as you guys; although i think i prefer Lou/Steve. I’ll hold my judgement til after the episode airs.


  5. I think this is pretty much the shark jumper for me.

    I’m not interested in Steve/Ellie boxing (I’m betting it’s just as cheesy and awkward as Steve/Lori running Koko Head)
    Now this.
    The very, very few things I love about show are just virtually non-existent now.
    This repeat storyline is ridiculous. If you’re constantly having to go to counseling with a BFF, you’re not BFFs! It’s just stupid and offensive to my intelligence.


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