Review 5.09


5.09 – Ke Koho Mamao Aku

It’s Christmas in Hawaii and Five-0 travels to the Big Island, where Max is forced to work with a rival medical examiner after a cowboy is poisoned. Meanwhile, McGarrett pressures Danny into stealing a Christmas tree.

CBS translated Ke Koho Mamao Aku to Longshot

Please don’t expect a full review for this episode. I’m sorry, but I won’t waste hours of my life to make screen shots and write a review for this episode. Not gonna do it. So, this review will be… well, to be honest, I don’t know yet what it will be. Let’s just start and see where it takes us.

We start the show at an obvious NASA or whatever organization training center. And a man drops dead.


I must say I was very tempted to stop watching after the next scenes. Seriously? You want us to believe that Steve and Danny would go and steal a tree like that?

Steve for sure doesn’t have a problem stealing 10 Million to save his friend, or steal a microfilm to save his mother. But he for sure would not suggest to go and fell a tree in a National Forest Reserve. Not in a million years. That is so way out of character, it’s not even funny any more.

But what got me really going was the ‘cargument’. Making Danny an accomplice to a crime? I don’t have any words for Danny that are PG-rated. How about making Steve an accomplice to murder? A ruiner of Christmas? Are you freaking kidding me?

Does the person who wrote this episode really think this was even remotely funny? Or that Steve, or even Danny were in character? I felt like she never even read about Steve of the last four years. She was SO far off, I’m speechless, actually.

Sue Palmer was the script coordinator for 46 episodes, according to imdb. I wonder what her job as a coordinator was? This was her first script. Not to be mean, I’m sure she knows the technical stuff of writing, but I truly hope this was her last script for Five-0. But it’s not her fault, someone had to approve this. That guy is to blame for this.


I enjoyed Max and Grover in these scenes.


I said it before in season 4, but I really think this Pua guy is kind of creepy. Not enjoying him at all. He was kind of cute and interesting to follow through with him joining the academy and making it to an officer. But now he’s just creepy.

His whole investigation was a total waste of time. But on the other hand, in this episode it didn’t even matter anymore.


WOW, contingency on Five-0. Danny’s not driving. 😉


ROFL – that was SO not Danny running and jumping. Boy, can you be any more obvious?

Please don’t get me wrong. I think the stunt team does a great job keeping the boys save and making them look good. Most of the times. But in season 5 it was mostly very obvious to see when one of the stunt guys took over. I don’t want the actors do any dangerous stuff, but I don’t want to see the stunt guys either. They did a way better job in the previous seasons. It is getting kind of ridiculous. Just saying.


The case was really not interesting to me. But I’m very happy that the horse was saved. That were some very nice scenes.


So, with the case solved, all is well in H50 land, right? Nope, not quite. Pua really investigated and gleefully (can’t really see it any other way) served the citation to Danny. Very odd for a person who wants to be friends with all of them. He could have waited until after Christmas.


You know, as much as I tried, no matter how much ‘Silent Night’ Kamekona would sing, I just couldn’t get any kind of Christmas feeling out of this episode, or even just the last scenes. I just couldn’t feel the love or any kind of Ohana feeling. It felt like none of them was really ‘in’ it. You know what I mean?



Ever heard of ‘Trying too hard’? They tried to hard. That last scene was just ridiculous. Sorry, but that was really too much. On the other hand it made me snort with laughter, so maybe it did serve some purpose. Although I’m pretty sure that was not the desired effect.


So, there is only one thing left. My verdict. I was utterly and completely disappointed by this episode. This was not a worthy Christmas episode or a Five-0 episode.

And it’s not even about that it was extremely Steve light. No, the rest was just not entertaining.

The only good part of this was that Alex got time off after a very trying episode. He deserves it as much as the others. He mostly carries the weight of the show, he’s normally in almost all scenes, so I’m very happy that he got some time off.

But unfortunately the others can’t carry this show. But that is not the actor’s fault. The writers simply failed to come up with a good, solid episode. Even with Steve there it wouldn’t have been any better.

There were some tiny parts to enjoy in this episode, Grover and Max. But that is by far not enough to make this an episode I will ever watch again.

Let’s hope 2015 will bring us some really good episodes. Still loving the show, but this ep was mostly crap. Sorry.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

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  1. I don’t blame you for not doing a complete review. This was easily my least favorite episode of Hawaii Five-0 in all 5 seasons so far. Even the episodes in season 2 that Alex missed were better than this episode. Have to say this even out ranks the season 1 episode about Kono’s dead surfing coach as least favorite.

    Steve stealing the tree was so out of character it was painful to watch. Steve respects Hawaii and he respects the land, he would never cut down a tree from a forrest reserve. If he were going to cut down a tree he would make sure it wasn’t on protected land. Plain and simple.

    You make a good point about Danny’s whining and complaints that he was an accomplice to a minor crime. Did he completely forget that he killed an unarmed man in cold blood? Sure the man was a piece of scum but it wasn’t a justified shooting. Steve has never killed anyone who hasn’t presented a direct and/or immediate threat to himself or anyone else. I hope Danny’s crime comes back to bite him in the a$$.

    I agree with you that Pua is creepy. They need to drop Pua from the show. Or just keep him in the background.

    Alex really does carry the show but in the past they have managed to make semi-interesting shows that are Steve-light. When Alex missed a couple eps back in season 2, the ones he wasn’t in weren’t terrible but they weren’t as good as they could have been since Steve was missing. The Chin’s IA episode last season was light on Steve and it wasn’t one of my favorites but it wasn’t awful either.

    I won’t lie, I gave this one an F. I was really tempted to turn off my tv during the episode but I played Soda Crush on my phone the whole time.

    The thing that pisses me off about Hawaii Five-0 is that in the beginning, the show had huge potential. The first season was excellent all around, writing, acting, directing etc, there were only a couple episodes from season 1 that I didn’t like. And it was pissed away by sloppy writing. If they could get some decent writers and maybe a new show runner this show could be a big hit for CBS but this late in the series it isn’t going to happen. SMH. That is just my opinion though.

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    • WOW, your comment is almost longer than my review. 😉

      Interesting that you listed all the episodes that I didn’t like much. Like the Kono one, or the ones without Alex. I watched all of them once, and never again.

      I really have no words for them thinking Steve would fell a tree on his islands; in a protected reserve. That is SO very out there. It’s nuts.

      I truly hope that Danny has to pay for his crimes. I hope even more so than Chin. Not to forget, Chin also killed a person in cold blood. Something Steve never did. As you said, his kills were always justified.

      Well, I kind of disagree on the Chin episode from last year. DDK was great in it, and that was the only saving grace for that one. It was boring and made no sense. Sigh.

      Actually I think season three and four were the best ones. I liked season 1, it had good ones, but I loved the development of the characters and that’s why I liked three and four way better. If I think of season 1 only whiny Danny in a car comes to mind. That got on my nerves after a few eps. I’m glad they dialed it down somewhat. I’m afraid they are going back to it though. This cargument was so very season 1 that it was barely watchable. Sorry, but I’m not a fan of the carguments. There are very few I truly enjoyed.

      But I totally agree about Pua. Get rid of the character, or find something better for him to do.

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us.

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      • As far as character development, three and four have the most but when I wrote that I was thinking in terms of crime of the week and overall writing. Back in season 1 the crimes of the week were well written and interesting. The didn’t seem like half hearted attempts at writing them like so many COTWs in later seasons. After season 1 the COTW and the writing got really sloppy. Seasons 3 and 4 were great as far as character development but the crimes of the week and the writing for the most part left a lot to be desired. Don’t get me wrong, I love character development but I just feel that if they are going to do a COTW they need to at least do it well and make it interesting so it doesn’t feel like wasted scenes. They have failed to do that in so many episodes. There were quite a few episodes where they could have done much more with character development if they wasted time with a poorly done COTW, 4.21 is a perfect example of that.

        Danny in season 1 was very whiney and annoying and they have toned it down a bit but I guess I don’t mind most of the carguments. The ones where they are joking in good fun are fine but there were a few in season 3 and 4 where Steve and Danny were just downright nasty to each other. That is what I don’t like about them.

        Chin’s episode last year wasn’t great but it wasn’t terrible in my opinion. It held my attention better than last nights episode anyway. The whole IA thing has just worn out its welcome. On the other hand, the episode in season 3 when he was kidnapped and dropped in the prison was excellent.


      • What you guys seem to forget is if Danny has to pay for that crime, then so does Steve. If Danny is tried and found guilty of murder, then Steve will be found guilty of accessory according to the law. He was present at the scene of the crime and did nothing to stop the crime and that is considered actively participating and just as guilty as committing the murder himself – but hey – maybe they can share a cell:)) That plays nicely in my prison fantasy…

        And I completely agree about this episode. Definitely phoned in. I was floored when Danny complained about committing the crime about cutting down the tree. It’s like the writer never saw an episode at all. Don’t they have a show Bible to reference – and even so, that’s kind of a big thing to forget or ignore. It’s not every episode that one of your characters commits murder. Oh, wait – this is H-0 – they should know better. Isn’t it Kono’s turn?

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        • No, I’m not forgetting that, but I think that Danny would at least this once do the honorable thing and keep his friend out of it. I think Danny would have killed him no matter what Steve would have said or done. There was no stopping him. Besides, there is no way that either of them will be held accountable legally. A good lawyer would get him off anyway. It was self defense. You can argue that even if you kill someone without a direct threat to yourself at that time. Danny had feared for the life of his daughter, probably even with good reason. So, technically they could argue self defense. But it was totally wrong, no matter the legal aspect of it. But I hope Danny has to pay in some way. He at least needs to see how very wrong his actions were. In my eyes, Danny is not an acceptable officer of the law. He’s unstable and not in control of his emotions. He should seek counseling, or better yet, look for a different job. 😉
          I must say I was shocked to read the reactions to him killing that man in cold blood when the episode aired. People were cheering for him, about what a great thing he did. I was shocked and speechless that people did not see what he did. Yes, it is just a TV show, but showing this as the right thing to do is completely wrong. The same goes for Kono when she hit the kneeling, defenseless baddie in 5.01. That was police brutality in its purest form. It was completely needless and made no sense. And yet people thought it was the coolest thing ever. I can’t understand how one can accept such things.
          With acts like that Five-0 is on the same level as the bad guys. They should not stoop down to such things. They should act with swift, and yes brutal action, if lives are at stake. Their own or others. But never after the fact. Ever.
          Sorry for the rant, but I truly believe Danny’s actions should have consequences for him. Not necessarily legal consequences, but from a moral point of view.


          • I don’t believe there will be legal consequences either. The crime took place in Columbia and Reyes was a drug lord. It isn’t exactly a murder that the police would look too far into. Especially considering the amount of corruption in the Colombian government and police force. I think if anything happens it will be another bad guy, who had ties to Reyes or even Matt, comes after Danny and/or his family, i.e. Reyes has a brother who wants revenge. That is what I see them doing with since Peter had stated that there will be an episode dealing with the aftermath. Although I wonder about that too because Peter can’t exactly be taken for his word. Half the stuff he flaunts aren’t even major plot points or are so underdone they are major let downs.


          • “Sorry for the rant, but I truly believe Danny’s actions should have consequences for him. Not necessarily legal consequences, but from a moral point of view.” – I’d be ok with Steve throwing it back in Danny’s face when he gets all high and mighty. The xmas tree thing would have been a good time. Hey danny, i’d worry more about going to hell because of murder not a xmas tree. But in all honestly, I’d rather not see anything more about it because i’d just rather not see more Danny.


      • “Actually I think season three and four were the best ones. I liked season 1, it had good ones, but I loved the development of the characters and that’s why I liked three and four way better. If I think of season 1 only whiny Danny in a car comes to mind. That got on my nerves after a few eps.” – oh sam, I can’t hit “LIKE” enough times for this! TOTALLY agree! I don’t get the appeal of S1, I actually quit watching because Danny was so freaking annoying. I only came back because I wanted to know about the McGarrett family mystery. I didn’t know any of the actors at the time so it was all about show and not about the actors. The character development in S3 and only the beginning of S4 for me. They totally screwed the pooch in the last half of s4 which in my mind was the beginning of this crapfest S5.

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  2. of course, i was also greatly disappointed in the lack of Steve. I wish i would have been able to watch it live and tweet my disdain during the episode. PL seemed to be very pleased with the Santa sighting at the end…
    This season was a great opportunity to give some incredibly important Ohana time for the holiday, yet i felt this episode had less than previous holiday eps. i will have to go back to actually pay attention to the COTW since i was wrapping Christmas presents and paying very little attention to scenes that didn’t involve Steve. I did glimpse some Max moments i would be interesting in rewatching. The whole Christmas tree shopping/stealing experience belongs in the drug-induced world from episode 100. I can’t imagine what the actors had to be thinking when they read that script.

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    • I truly don’t understand how he first, approved of this script, and then can be happy with the end result. Sorry, but this ep was way below standard.
      Had I been given that script I would have cringed, but I’m sure the actors don’t have any or very little influence on what their characters have to do or say.
      It’s sad really, this writer doesn’t seem to know the characters at all.


    • OMG perfect statement! The tree theft is part of McG’s residual hallucinations!!! 😆

      And I kinda feel that several scripts this season were just phoned in…incredibly disappointing season. I wonder if the actors do have any say over this crapfest, or if they’ve just been neutered by now. Did Alex hate filming that story as much as we hated watching it? Did he feel OOC? Or since he doesn’t watch it, is he kinda removed from Show’s total impact and characterization errors? I wish TV reporters would ask real questions… I swear I’d do an awesome interview of that man… I wish someone would! And I wish someone else would boot Lenkov off to some other project, but I reckon he figures he created the reboot so he’s the one who gets to murder it too. 😦

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  3. Oh. Now I’m surprised. You don’t like this episode?
    I thought it was amazing.
    An incredibly exciting COTW, one so not annoying young cop and his hilarious investigation and of course, Santa Claus. It was an absolutely humorous episode with an awful lot of fun and a main character that corresponded totally in character. Remember, this Commander had always been totally disrespectful of the island, the customs and it’s environment and it was wonderful to see how this irreverent man steals a tree from a nature reserve. Total in character, so it had to be done. And then his wonderful, crazy comical sidekick. He would never be an evildoer of Forestry – of course, because he loves and respects Hawaii and everything connected with it, would never violate it. A Sidekick with so rarely seen surprising gestures, facial expressions and a varied tone.
    Such a lovely man this detective who has no gaps in his memory like holes in a Swiss cheese and would therefore never forget that he had made his friend a witness to a cold-blooded murder. And who would also never forget to have ever ordered a fake tree. God forbid, something he would never ever do, and for certain never forget. Sigh – that was just so funny. Especially as this Sidekick called his best friend a “ruiner of christmas”. Because that’s what he always has been. He has ruined every single Christmas for him and his daughter. And this time again … What a horrible person is this Commander. And yet this Commander aka evildoer of Forestry aka ruiner of christmas should beam with joy, happiness and gratefulness because he had such a wonderful year. Full of rainbows and unicorns. You can request this as a good, observant, unselfish friend though.
    Wouldn’t you like to see more of this funny, oh so lovable, embracing the world, friendly, charming, socially responsible, little guy again and again?
    For sure…

    … NO.
    I want to throw up.
    Preferably on the script.

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  4. Sam, I totally agree with your review. Back a couple years ago when we saw Pua faun all over Kono I thought “that guy is really creepy”. Then we saw him on the police force and I thought “please, we don’t need another semi-regular” but no one heard that plea… and now we have him depicted as our Scrooge. He was slimy, oily and a total creep. Enough of him.

    But… this show had bigger issues. The writer(s), for instance, must have been plucked from another planet. One who had never heard of Steve McGarrett or had ever bothered to watch this show. Let’s talk about NO continuity. Or total change of character. That wasn’t Steve chopping down a tree. Maybe Steve is still in the white room and Wo Fat made a clone of him. OR he had an evil twin… just another secret Momma McG forgot to mention.

    Whatever… I refuse to believe Steve would cut down a tree illegally.

    Now… I hope someone can answer this question. I understand that “Christmas” trees like I have here are not native to Hawaii. I get that… they come over on the slow boat. BUT those trees on that lot… $750??? Really? Is that possibly true? Who in their right mind would pay $750 for a tree that is already dead and you throw it out in the trash in two weeks?

    If that is the case, in my next life, I’m going to buy land on one of the islands and plant my own Christmas tree farm. One crop and I’d be set for life! And I might even give Danny a discount… nah, he’s too mean to his partner. He’d pay full price.

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    • Maybe we got alternate Steve, and we still need to wake up, or something? This was so very weird, and SO out of character, I have no words for that.

      Oh, and can I please be your partner in that Christmas tree business? I would even bring a few tree to get started. Think about it. 😉

      No, sadly no one heard my begging about Pua either.
      *He was slimy, oily and a total creep.* Couldn’t agree more. I think he might be a victim in one of my next stories. 😉

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    • The only logical (semi-logical) thing I can come up with to explain Steve’s total 180 in this episode is severe head trauma causing major personality changes or he is suffering from a mental break after his last encounter with Wo Fat. Or maybe Steve slipped into a coma or is heavily drugged because he can’t deal with all the baggage his latest torture caused him after 5.07 and these last two episodes have also been hallucinations and figments of his imagination and none of this is real. There is no other explanation for the huge departure in Steve’s character in this episode.

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      • True, head trauma can cause personality changes. And taking a bullet to the head, even only a graze, would result in at least a severe concussion. With all the hits he already took, he most likely suffers from PCS (Post Concussive Syndrome) anyway.

        BUT, the writers are not that clever to explore any repercussions of his various injuries or psychological trauma he suffered.

        I think they are just too lazy to stay in character and do whatever the hell they want with Steve this season.

        But wouldn’t it be cool if they did come up with an explanation later on? But for that to happen any of his friends needed to find his behavior odd. But they seem to be perfectly fine with all of it.

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  5. There is one bright spot in this episode, absolutely no Jerry. There are things to be thankful for I suppose. Unfortunately, we were treated to an extra dose of Pua. Why are the producers so intent on pushing these two at us week after week? They are not even remotely funny and I agree, Pua is absolutely creepy, and his story line in this episode did nothing to change my opinion. Obviously it was the same for many who voiced their opinions here. I am gratified to know that I am not alone in that. In our house their scenes were designed for us to make runs to the kitchen or other areas of our home.

    I felt that the Christmas story was very mean spirited. The thought that McGarrett would cut down a tree in a protected forest preserve is so out of character for the man. He just would not do such a thing. I would have liked to have him sneak back to the tree sales yard behind Danny’s back and buy the expensive tree. Considering Steve’s reputation for being “frugal” I would have loved to see the look on Danny’s face when Steve presented him with the tree. Danny lost for words would be priceless. To me it would have made for a much better ending than weird Pua showing up at his door and handing Danny a citation, then demanding the return of the tree. How dumb is that?

    This is undoubtedly the weakest episode offered this year or any other year for that matter. I never cared for Grover as a member of the team. He was great as the SWAT commander and added an extra dimension as a “friendly antagonist” if there is such a thing, but as a part of the team, he doesn’t seem to be a comfortable fit. Max and the other ME arguing over an action toy, well, that might work on the Big Bang Theory, but it didn’t work for me here. Max has been coming off as a bit of a buffoon rather than an eccentric medical professional.

    The producers and writers of this show have proved on many occasions that they are capable of turning out fine storylines. We only have to look back to last season’s story about the WWII internment camps and the excellent 4.19 and 4:20 to demonstrate that. Hopefully in the New Year they will regain some of that inspiration. There are so many unresolved threads in this show to work with and hopefully they will come up with some more intriguing crime stories as well. At least one can be optimistic.


    • You are SO right, NO Jerry. Not even at the Christmas Party. Ha, I didn’t even mention that. 🙂

      I love Grover on Five-0, as a team member. But only because I’m still hoping for some really great McGover episodes. So far, they never used the two. They have such chemistry and potential, but this season they failed to use that.


    • “The producers and writers of this show have proved on many occasions that they are capable of turning out fine storylines. We only have to look back to last season’s story about the WWII internment camps and the excellent 4.19 and 4:20 to demonstrate that.” – there’s the problem. When you have a show that’s 5 yrs long, 100+ episodes and you can basically count and name the great episodes, that means there are WAYYY too many mediocre episodes. Yes, they can do great. But apparently only once in a blue moon.

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  6. I want to know who are the fans that actually voted anything else than F or D? So far I have only read of utter dissappointment in this epi. I would vote this as the most awful of any in all seasons.
    And yet I didn´t really pay attention to the tree crime being untrue to Steve´s character. I think it has something to do with me thinking H50 hasn´t been ever that good. I have lost all hope in the writers or persons responsible for the stories. If this season gets any worse, I will feel so sorry for Alex having to be part of this crap. Poor baby 😦 he deserves better.
    I wonder how Peter´s holiday spirits are after reading all the comments about 5.09…hmmmmm…

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  7. Surely Peter Lenkov would have recognized this episode as a stinker. Hopefully someone in his circle will tell him how poor it was. The overnight ratings alone should give him a hint. One can hope anyhow. If he is trying to kill the series, presenting episodes like this is a good way to do it. On the other hand, he has lots of potential to do some really creative work here. Guess it depends on who he choses to write the story lines. The actors can only work with what is handed to them.


    • Yes, I agree it’s mostly not the actors’ fault. Even though sometimes I do feel certain people phone their performance in. But that is a different discussion. 😉

      As the EP he is responsible for any aspect of the show, and giving the ‘go’ for this script… sorry, but can’t blame the writer that much. He approved it. And produced it.
      I truly hope that particular writer won’t get another chance to screw it up.

      The show has so much potential, but they are not using it. For reasons I don’t understand.


  8. Great review. I agreed that Steve will not cut down the tree, its really out of character for him to do such a thing. But funny enough, many people think that is exactly who Steve is. I read a lot of comments in the websites like Imdb, tvfanatic & etc. Most people think that Steve never respects the Law, and always think himself is above the Law, who can do anything, but there is no consequences, or how he treated his fellow colleagues like minions, and how disrespectful he is to Danny & Grover, how he always disregard Danny’s safety with his reckless driving, the list is really endless. Some of them even comment over the same issue after every single episode, its like they make it their life mission to bash Steve everytime when there is a new episode aired.

    When i read those comments, i always think that HF0 fans are the most “double-standard” fans i have ever seen. When Danny beats up suspect on the cases that involve young girls, then Danny is this caring & fantastic person who can understand the pain of the victims and victims’ family, that is why they can understand why Danny did it. But when Steve tried to save Catherine, they said he is a brute and a bully, and used his immunity & means to do what ever he wants, and disregard people’s live. When Danny shot Reyes (not really sure the name is correct or not), fans cheer for him, said well-done and kudos, but when Steve killed Wo Fat under the duress circumstances, those same people said Steve always win the battle, Steve should be bought to justice for killing people, Steve always disregard the Law.

    I mean what kind of logic is that? Its like whatever Danny do is right. I understand people want to cheer for their favorite characters, but what is the point of doing that by saying all these unfair accusation on other character? I understand why Danny did whatever he did to save people, like in Season 2 when he shot Stan to save his daughter, but what i don’t understand is, why they think Danny do whatever necessary to save life is a rightful action, but when come to Steve, they think Steve is a maniac that disregard the Law and should be punished for his action? Can’t people be fair?

    Talk about respect, is Danny respect Steve? In my opinion, Danny is the least respectful character i had ever seen on TV (Oddly enough, the character named Danny on Blue Bloods is also a very hot headed detectives). He treated his boss like a punching bag whenever he is in a mood, whatever the mood is. I don’t think that can ever happen in real life.

    Really sorry for the long rant. I rarely comment on any website, i only do it when i can’t hold it any longer. As English is my 3rd language, please accept my sincere apologies if i offended anyone.

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    • No, don’t be sorry for ranting. Anyone is welcome to do that here as long as he/she can do it in a respectful manner towards the actors, and you’re doing just fine in that regard. The characters are free game… to a certain degree. 😉

      Sometimes I wonder what show those people watch. Certainly not the Five-0 I’m watching. Bashing Steve seems to be a hobby for some people, but there are really never any real facts behind it. I think they are still stuck at the time that Danny called him names, an animal and neanderthal. Calling his actions ‘out there’ and crazy. But even Danny ranting about Steve has no merrit. His words are just empty phrases without anything to back it up.
      Danny is the one out of control. Not Steve. Steve never lost control, he never killed anyone who wasn’t threatening him or others. He upholds the law in a manner none of the others do. He’s an honorable man, something Danny doesn’t even know how to spell it.
      I never ever had a main character I despised as much as I do Danny. He’s a nasty, bitchy, whiny character. An no, he doesn’t seem to have any respect for Steve as a friend, an officer, or as his boss. If he had he wouldn’t try to hurt him at every corner.
      And contrary to Danny, Steve is the most respectful character I can think of. He highly respects Chin and Grover. He never let them know he’s the boss, he doesn’t order any of his people around. He leads them from the front. There is a huge difference between giving an order or leading the team. A lot of people don’t seem to know the difference.
      Seriously, who in his right mind would want to be around Danny all the time? Obviously Steve doesn’t either, or can you remember them doing much of anything outside of work? I can’t think of anything that was not work-related in some way.
      Geez, see, now I’m ranting. 🙂
      Thank you for coming out and commenting. I really appreciate it. And don’t worry, we have no problem understanding your English. Third language. Wow.

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      • I think I don’t have to say that I second everything you said. But I want to like your comment and therefore I have to log in. And if I’m logged in I can’t keep quiet… lol… esp. not about this topic! Steve’s caring, empathic and respectful. AND he is the one with the most intense, outstanding training. People should get their facts straight what it means to be a SEAL, a strategist and a Naval Intelligence officer. He knows what he is capable of, knows what he can do, not because is arrogant but because he is highly trained to react in a glimpse of an eye. He goes in first so that nobody else has to do it. He even said that in 5.04.

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  9. Gosh I haven’t even watched the episode (Not high on my priorities) but it sounds like i’ve pretty much seen the important parts in the promo vids.

    To comment on what someone said about Steve being the only one not having done a revenge killing, see this whole glorification of revenge …especially by cops really bothers me considering what is going on in this country right now. yes, it’s a tv show but they are more and more using police brutality as means to cheer for 5-0. They should be showing 5-0 in a more positive light, like they did last season when they went after that guy and they were wrong so they went back at the end to help him rebuild his house and boat. Where is 5-0 doing charity work? It was funny back when it was just Steve being a bit crazy. Leaning a guy over the edge of a building, strapping him to a car, throwing him off a 5 foot cliff… that was just crazy, it wasn’t mean spirited violence. There was no bodily harm done to them (except a few bruises probably to the cliff dude). But show has gone away from that and the guns have gotten bigger, the gun play more elaborate, the explosions bigger, the violence out of control. Meanwhile the characters, the plots and the COTW have all suffered. They need to find their roots again. I said it at the beginning of S3 when they brought out the ridiculous CLAW. Bigger isn’t always better..

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    • ESS, you really don’t miss anything if you never watch this ep. 😉

      By the way, it was Danny who strapped that guy to the hood of the car. You are right, all that Steve ever did never bodily harmed anyone. Sure, he did shoot people, but always to save himself or others.

      I really can’t understand how people can so easily overlook the police brutality and the misuse of power. Which is mostly done by Danny and Kono. I guess they want to show Kono as bad ass as the boys, but in my eyes they fail miserably. Beating a downed guy is not bad ass.
      By the way, Steve also did that once; with Ian Wight (was that his name?) at the airport. Not the finest hour, even though he did it to intimidate him, which was kind of ridiculous. Sigh.
      Anyway, I think a police show should be more concious about what is going in the world. I always felt that all TV shows have a moral obligation to set an example in that regard. And most simply fail with that.

      Oh, and ESS, I have NO idea why I had to approve all your comments. 😉


      • LOL I thought I was on restriction or something! Nice to know glitchy stuff happens to other blogs too. Seems like it has only been happening on mine! 😦

        Actually Steve punched a cuffed perp twice, Ian and also the Baldwin dude when he kidnapped Chin. I didn’t like it either time. If it was in pursuit, ok but not after they’ve been cuffed. Show should be more conscious about promoting police violence. It’s not entertainment to me.


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