Review – 5.08 Ka Hana Malu

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5.08 Ka Hana Malū – While the team investigates a couple’s murder in which their sons are the prime suspects, McGarrett is shocked when Aunt Deb returns to the island with her new fiancé, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Nov. 21 2014

CBS translated Ka Hana Malū to Inside Job

WRITTEN BY: Moira Kirland
DIRECTED BY: Jerry Levine

After 5.07 I must say I pitied any episode that would air after that one. How would any episode ever be able to top that or at least hold its own?

Let’s see how Ka Hana Malu faired. 😉

Why do we have to spend 30 seconds watching a Ferrari speeding the Streets of Hawaii? I’m sorry, but I’m really sensitive about all this wasted time. Yes, I do like to see sights of Hawaii, but they overdo that in season five too, and now we get a darn car for 30 seconds. Half a minute is a huge amount of time for any 44 minute TV show. Five seconds would have served the same purpose. Don’t waste valuable time, not even for your sponsors, even though I have no idea if they get money for this or not.


The two kids cruising in the car discover the victims of our Crime Of The Week. By the way, beautiful dog. Hope this guest star had fun with the other dogs on the set. 🙂


So, after the credits we come to the first highlight and first fail at the same time. Huh? OK, let me explain.

Seeing Steve in promos for the ep I was almost jumping for joy. He still had the traces of what he went through on his face. I thought “Wow, will we actually get a follow up?” (Yeah, laugh it up, I AM that hopeless.)

Seeing him here I thought where the heck did the scars go? The make-up in this episode is a total fail in my eyes. In the next scenes they a very prominent, as they should be, only to then disappear again, to be seen again, and at the end of the day to be totally gone.

Something like that is driving me up the wall. This is something that should not happen in a production like this. Take a damn picture of how your star looks in one scene and recreate it in the next. Darn it, that is really not that difficult.

BUT that was actually not the biggest fail in this scene. Nope, they actually topped that. Imagine you come all the way to Hawaii to get married and to see your favorite nephew. I’m assuming she is very fond of him. 😉

So, now you finally see him all banged up. Wouldn’t you be like “Oh, honey what happened to you?”; or if you already talked to him on the phone at least asking “How are you, Steve?”? Come on, seriously? Nothing? Not even gently touching his booboo? Who writes this crap? I’m sorry, but this is not how normal people act.

But as I said these scenes also had some highlights. To be honest, I never heard of Frankie Valli before. No idea who he was. Sure I had heard his songs before, but I would never have associated him with any of them. I googled him to see what I’ve missed. Not much if you ask me. Sorry, I’m not really into music. I do listen to it, and I like a lot of different music, but I don’t care about the people making it. Does that make sense? Anyway, I had no idea who that guy was, and I don’t really care. As I often said I don’t care about any big names, I just want them to be good. And some of the ‘big’ names simply did a horrible job on Five-0. I know others see that as an option to draw more people to the show, well if it works I’m all for it. 😉

But I think this guy did a good job and he’s a really good match for Aunt Deb. So it’s a win/win this time.

But he was, of course, not the highlight. No, that were Steve’s faces during all these scenes. I just loved it.

The case of the soft hands. How cute was that? 😉 Of course, Steve would be suspicious. People should know by now that he’s right most times.


The team starts their investigation into the brutal murder at the crime scene where they meet the family lawyer and the two boys. All three are made out to be suspects right from the get go. But seriously, I didn’t buy it for a second. Way too easy. Took them off my list right away.

This was one of the rare episodes where I didn’t figure it out in the first five minutes. And that is a really good and refreshing thing.

OK, I confess. I really like the blabla at HQ that happens in most every episode of Hawaii Five-0. Normally, I’m not a fan of the ‘detectives’ standing around and discussing the case. But Five-0’s Headquarters, I don’t know, there is a special ‘flair’ about it.  I love seeing them standing around the smart table gathering information or simply do some brainstorming. It is fun to watch. As we learned in the commentary, the actors are not that fond of those scenes, but I truly enjoy them.

Here they learned that doom hang over the family even before the shooting. Their happy lives wouldn’t have lasted for much longer. Prison time and loss of all money and assets was just weeks away.

That gave a lot of people plenty of motive. Could it be that he alone was the target and the mother was just collateral damage?

So, Aunt Deb and Leonard came by for a visit, and while Danny picked them up at the entrance he solved the case of the smooth hands. Well, at least he thinks so. I thought these were cute scenes. But, of course, I have something to say about it. Steve’s booboos are still there to see (OK, not so much in these scenes, but in general.) He had a nasty graze on the upper left arm. I bet that still smarted if you consider what time has passed since it happened. At least if you take the state of the scars as an indicator. So, Danny, stop hitting your friend where he was shot.  Danny slapped him twice. 😉 Oh, and by the way, I would love to see what they will do with the tattoo, which was really damaged. Yeah, I know, probably nothing. It will be magically unharmed. Sigh.

Loved it that Lou was invited to the wedding. It was last year’s Thanksgiving that he became part of the family.

After learning that Ty’s car was not sitting in the garage all night, but someone used it, we get a nice chase and take down. Kudos to the stunt team for keeping all our guys (and girl) safe and making them look good.

LOL – guess Danny really shouldn’t be in a car while in pursuit. Maybe he should take the bus or something. Poor guy never gets to drive. Liked him and Lou in the car. O.M.G. Did I just say I liked something where Danny was involved? Yep, guess I did. And to make it even ‘worse’, you will hardly believe it, but I liked Danny in this one. Told you, you won’t believe it. But he was really tolerable in this episode, which is as close as I will get to actually liking him. 😉

No, seriously, I have nothing to complain about him in this episode, or the last one for that matter. I don’t think I mentioned it, but I really liked him in the last one, too. Wow, two episodes in a row. But not to fear, I’m sure Danny will be back to his annoying normal self next episode.

Next we were witness to one of the funnier interrogations in the blue room. That kid really is quite the dummy. But may as it be, he for sure was not their murderer.

Next we were presented the next possible suspect. But something didn’t add up with her, so she was out, too. Suspect wise it was getting thin. Many people introduced already, but none of them was the murderer, or had anything to do with it. At least that is what I decided. 😉


Uh oh, Steve was right. Leonhard is not who he said he is. Jerry found out about the interesting back story of Aunt Deb’s husband to be.

Now we spent time, or wasted it, depends on how you look at it, on the polygraph with the two boys who suddenly became suspects again when Five-0 found out about a 20 Million life insurance policy.


Meanwhile Steve takes an hour off to talk to his aunt about what he found out. They have a nice conversation at Kamekona’s.

Until Steve reveals what’s going on with Catherine. We talked about the Catherine issue in a separate post, but I still like to say a few words about it again.

Catherine Rollins was part of Steve’s life long before we even met him. They had been together for ages. And all the departure of this important woman in Steve’s life gets, is two sentences? I’m sorry, but no matter what they are saying, that is disappointing.

Yes, it might fit Steve’s character not to discuss it in length, but still, this was not right. Just to mention it in passing. In my eyes, it was way too late to mention it, and then in this manner? That is disgusting and disrespectful to the character, to the storyline, to the actress and to the fans.

About Catherine staying in Afghanistan, having found her life’s calling, and not telling Steve in person? Ridiculous. But, this is what the writers have decided on, so we have to live with it. BUT do we? That is what pisses me off. This is still no final decision. Shouldn’t wait for her? What the heck is that supposed to mean? She may stay a while? What is a while? Why not making a real break and saying she’s not coming back? You don’t have the balls for that, or what?

Make up your mind. This is still not a decision.

I’m telling you, if they let Steve move on, only for her to come back when he DOES move on. That will be the moment I will stop watching the show.

Besides, the character Steve we have known the last years, he would not do what he should be doing. He’d wait for her, no matter how long it would take.

One of the boys took off, obviously knowing that he wouldn’t pass the test. I was wondering why he ran, because for me it was clear he had nothing to do with the murders.

Soon we found out that there was another twist and he really didn’t have anything to do with it. He and the neighbor were having an affair. If you could call it that.



Ah, Steve, nice idea about the lawyer, but I’m telling you, he’s not your guy. 😉



So, what do you think about Leonhard coming to Steve with the story of the package in the locker? I can tell you that I wonder how Leonhard got the package unchecked to Hawaii. IF there’s a gun in it that wouldn’t happen. Even on a cruise ship your luggage will be checked. You shouldn’t be able to smuggle a gun onto any ships. And you can for certain not get it on a plane to go from New York to Los Angeles. Assuming the two did not start their cruise in New York. So, it is a pretty sure bet there is not a gun in it. If it will turn out to be a gun, well sorry, but that would again be sloppy writing.

Nice scenes with the boys in the office. And I’m with Steve here. He did not go looking for trouble this time. Well, not really. 😉

I just love Lou and Steve. Cute scenes at the smart table. And they got a lead on a completely new suspect. At least on the hit man. I still didn’t believe the lawyer had anything to do with it.

Yeah, Lou, get used to it. More nice stunt work and another take down. By the way, do you see any light that Steve could jump through? I don’t. So, how did Steve figure out there was a way to the suspect over the roof?


So, who of you figured out that the wife put a hit on her husband and herself, so that the boys would get the insurance money? I didn’t. Very nice twist.

Telling the boys about their mother’s plan was surely the hard part of this investigation.


Very nice scenes of the boys getting ready for the wedding. Lou picking them up, does that mean they were carpooling and Lou was the designated driver? 😉

So, what’s in all the boxes under the stairs? Catherine’s stuff all packed up?


What we have left is to attend the wedding. Well, to be honest, this was one of the worst weddings I’ve ever seen on TV. Ugh. WHAT?! LOL – sorry, but despite that the boys cleaned up really nice, I mean really nice, the vows? Just horrible. Especially when she started to sing. I’m telling you, that was the worst they could have done. I thought that was simply terrible.

But there were also good things. I loved Steve. I think his look at the end was not one of being happy for his aunt. I think it was more of a reflection of what he has gone through and lost over the years. I truly liked that.

And I wondered why Kono was not there. She never met Deb, so I guess she has no connection to Deb and was not invited? Whatever. (Yeah, yeah, I know people will say she was there to the very left. Sorry, but that was not Kono.)

So, what’s my verdict? Well, despite the fact that there again was barely any contingency from the previous episode, no repercussions from 5.07 addressed. No one even asked how Steve was doing. Not even his Aunt, or his friends. But I guess we should get used to that. All that is happening off screen. So, I will not dwell on it. Much. 😉

I was well entertained. The wedding I could live without, or at least not this ‘trying to be romantic and failing miserably’.

The case was really good. The stunts were good. Finally some simple action; running, jumping, a little chase, some firefights. So, that was all good.

I guess any episode airing after the 100th episode would have been a little let down. But I think this one did a decent job. I’ll give it a solid B. That’s actually really good.




All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

13 thoughts on “Review – 5.08 Ka Hana Malu

  1. Great review as always, and i pretty much agreed with you on this one. It will be interesting to see if there were deleted scenes that addressed 5.07. How could they think a few scars would suffice as carry-over from a major physical and emotional event in Steve’s life? I’m with you in wondering how someone doesn’t make sure makeup and wardrobe are consistent; it’s their job. it isn’t as if there were any scenes in this ep that shouldn’t have had a scar; there was no concern about shooting things out of sequence.
    i liked Steve explaining the situation to the brothers at the end.
    I happen to be watching the original Aunt Deb episode as I write this and was reminded of Catherine’s promise to watch over Steve and Mary once she is gone. Wow, she really kept that promise.
    I really didn’t care either way about the wedding although i was thinking the walk down the “aisle” was a little silly. i mean, wherever Steve and Deb walked from to get to the end of the aisle, everyone saw them. There was no entrance. Pretty sure Carol Burnett had to sing since they made it part of the character’s back story.
    Back to the rerun i’m watching- i had thought that Steve (i guess really, Alex) had a scar on his temple in older pictures, and I see it again off and on in this episode.
    i don’t know if there will ever be proper follow up to 5.07. The writers have not shown us much from the past to draw confidence from in that respect. If I don’t just hold out 5.07 as a special (movie-like) episode then the rest of the season could be a big let-down. The episodes can be satisfying as individual stories; hopefully I won’t have to view them all that way.


    • You are right, most episodes were good or at least OK as individual episodes, but I’m seriously missing the line that connects them all. Somehow this season doesn’t feel rounded and smooth like the others had been. It’s almost like the writer(s) from one episode never heard of Five-0 or all the other episodes before the one he/they is/are writing. That really is a shame.

      Yeah, I guess, CB had to sing, but I just don’t like her singing. At all. 😉

      About make-up and wardrobe; I just feel like they are doing a really sloppy job. Not what I expect from this production.

      Thanks for voicing your opinion, Joy.


  2. I really liked this episode. Was it as good as 5.07? No, but there probably won’t be another episode as epic as that one. For a regular episodes, this one was pretty good. I like Carol Burnett so it was fun to see her as Aunt Deb again. And I liked Leonard as her Fiancé/husband. I’m guessing whatever is in the box is not a murder weapon but something else that proves the crime, like clothing with blood on it or gloves or something. Of course it is possible it was a knife if it was in his checked luggage. My friend brought souvenir knives back into the US from Belize last year in her checked luggage with no problem so I suppose it is possible for it to be a knife but no way could it be a gun. Wonder if we will ever find out what was in the box or if it will be another forgotten story line.

    The scar thing really bothered me too. A guy who takes a bullet to the head, even if it was just a graze, is going to have some sort of scar, no matter how good the plastic surgeon who stitched it up was. Especially in the first few months after the wound. It takes time for scars to fade to be less noticeable. I’m guessing, based on the healing of Steve’s face, it was 3-4 weeks after his encounter with Wo Fat that this took place. Just a guess on my part, but it takes time for wounds like he received to heal to that point. I wish they would at least stretch the forehead graze scar out for several episodes, if not make it permanent like they did with Locke on Lost with his eye scar. But alas, they can’t have the beautiful face of Alex O’Loughlin marred with a scar for the rest of the series. He’s too pretty to do that to, even if I wish they did. What really irritated me was that the marks were completely gone by the wedding. Steve McGarrett must have super healing powers if his scars can disappear like that in a matter of 24-32 hours. I however am going to choose to believe that Deb covered the scars with make up so they didn’t ruin her pictures.

    Danny actually didn’t bother me in this episode either. He was very tolerable and didn’t whine and wasn’t mean spirited with teasing Steve.

    Question, Why the heck was Hurley, sorry Jerry, doing at the wedding? He hadn’t even met Deb or Leonard! I mean, Kono wasn’t there, which makes sense since she missed thanksgiving last year and didn’t meet Deb but why was Jerry there? Makes no sense at all. Everyone else who was in attendance met her last year.

    As far as Catherine goes, I really don’t think you need to worry about her coming back once Steve has moved on with someone else. I have a feeling MB didn’t part on good terms with TPTB and CBS so it is very unlikely that she will return.

    It also bugged me that nobody asked how Steve was, especially Deb, or that his final run in with Wo Fat wasn’t even mentioned. Seriously bad writing there. If we don’t see some sort of mention of the torture and Wo Fat being dead with in a couple episodes I am going to be really irritated. They can’t just have Steve go through such major physical and emotional trauma and completely forgo mentioning it for more than a couple episodes. If this were real life, Steve would likely be on medical leave for several weeks or months while he deals with the psychological effects of the torture and gets cleared by a therapist before going back to work, especially field work. (Of course this probably all happened off screen but come on Peter give us something!)

    Anyway before I get too long winded, aside from the above complaints, I really enjoyed this episode. It is one of the few from this season that I have watched multiple times.


    • You are absolutely right about the scar on Steve’s temple. That would need a long time to heal. But it would do so without a scar. Eventually. He didn’t get stitches for it. I don’t think the groove required any stitches, so he will be lucky to have smooth skin at some point again. But as you pointed out, it will take months to completely heal.

      Not even to talk about the serious damage they did to the tattoo. The second time, by the way. In 4.08 it had also been damage at the same spot actually. And in the Thanksgiving ep back then it was also magically healed. 😉

      He would also be on sick leave for a couple of weeks at least after 507, at least until the evaluation.

      I think we can slowly bury the hope that PL will give us any contingency this season. It’s a total fail so far. And I don’t think they can make up for it no matter what is still to come.


      • The forehead graze may heal eventually to the point where it isn’t noticeable without looking really carefully at it but I think he would have a permanent mark there even if it isn’t obvious. I sliced my forehead open when I was a kid, didn’t need stitches that time, and had a scar for a long time but now it has faded to the point that you don’t notice it unless you look really really close and feel the slight change in skin texture there. To me, I thought the wound looked like it would need stitches or at least be glued shut. From the front the graze didn’t look so bad but if you look at the picture of his profile in Danny’s head shot it looks really nasty. But I don’t have any medical training beyond CPR and basic first aid; I am just going off my experiences with stitches when I was a kid, I had stitches twice and had two wounds glued shut at the ER.

        They have damaged that tattoo so many times. But they probably figure, “Hey, there is a tattoo over where Steve got shot. We don’t need to worry about make-up and fake scars.” Except that having a bullet wound in the tat is going to royally screw up the looks of the ink. Steve would have to wait several months for the skin to completely heal and smooth down a little before he could get the scar inked over and fix the design. I am somewhat surprised that they have managed some consistency with his torso scars. At least up until now. They haven’t put the scar from when Steve was shivved by Hesse for quite a while. And the scar on his collar bone from his initial run in with Hesse in the pilot is in the wrong spot for where he got shot but I at least give them props for putting the scar in the same place under his collar bone consistently for 4 years. That was another shot that damaged the tat and I for the life of me can’t figure out why the put the bandage and scar under his collar bone when it was very obvious that he was shot in the bicep.


        • I always thought the scar under the collarbone was from an injury before Five-0. Maybe from one he got one of his two purple hearts for. He was never injured there while with Five-0. But who knows what make-up was thinking when they did that. 😉

          I think they simply don’t think it through when they ‘hurt’ any of their characters. Every injury leaves a mark, some to see for a long time, some not so much.
          Keeping track of all those little imperfections should be an easy job. But they pretty much screw it up all the time. Maybe WE pay too close attention to Steve’s body? 😉


          • “Maybe WE pay too close attention to Steve’s body? ;-)”
            I don’t think that is the case. You can never pay too close attention to Steve’s body.

            I really can’t believe that PL and the writers would write in a scar from a mission and not talk about it for 4 years. It is definitely a “Steve scar” and not an “Alex scar” because the scar isn’t there when Alex is shirtless and not filming. In the pilot when he changed his shirt on the beach the scar under the collar bone wasn’t there. Then after he got shot in the bicep by Hesse and was talking to Danny at HQ after he’d been patched up you can see the bandage over his collar bone peaking out of his shirt collar.

            It seriously can’t be that difficult to keep track of the scars and injuries. If they need someone to do it, I volunteer. 😉


  3. Hmmm…I enjoyed your review as much as, maybe even more than, I enjoyed the episode. Which isn’t ideal for a TV show. Sigh. I think maybe I had too high expectations for this one. I loved last year’s CB ep so much, and this was way lesser to that one. Sigh again. And I really did think they would say SOMETHING about McG’s trauma, triumph, whatever, from the previous ep. I thought, even with his aunt visiting, McG would carry some gravitas into this ep. He won the epic showdown with his nemesis, he could have died, he did not emerge unscathed either physically or emotionally. We saw the proof with our own eyes. The opportunity to use a blood relative, one of the few the man’s got, to highlight, if only for a minute, that depth of character and event should have been a home run in this episode. What a scene it could have been! I am seriously stunned that, with all the build up to ep 100, it was simply one and done. I will never ever ever understand, even a little bit, PLenkov’s brain and his failure, refusual, whatever, at continuity. I think he is just a very odd, very modestly talented, and socially very limited man. Whatever level of genius he’s got, I think we’ve already seen that wee flash and it is never to be seen again. Sigh once more. Tho if I lower my expectations another few notches, maybe I will be able to enjoy Show a little more again. I did enjoy Alex, as always. His presence on screen just always brightens up whatever hot mess Show has become.

    Btw, I did rewatch the old CB/Thanksgiving episode this week, and it definitely lived up to my memories of it! So Yay! There is that. :mrgreen:

    Liked by 1 person

  4. great review… I pretty much agreed with all of it and gave it a B grade, too. I am quite shocked at your “Danny vibes” in this one. You liked Danny two eps in a row… can’t wait to see what he comes up with the next time. If there are three in a row, I’ll have to start calling you a “Danny Girl”. 🙂

    I watched last year’s Thanksgiving episode last night and it was really, really good. The scenes between Alex and Carol were wonderful. Could they have done that again and added in a little hurt/comfort? Sure they could have. Did they even think of it? Not on your life. And while I love Aunt Deb, this episode just seemed forced to get her there. The storyline could have been better. And the only thing interesting about that box Leonard gave Steve was the fact that it was driving Danny crazy!

    OK, having Larry Manetti marry them… I’m sorry that was way too much.

    And yes, I was surprised that the mom put out a hit on both her and her husband to save the boys. I’m sure the boys didn’t see it as a good thing though. But it was a good twist to the story.

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  5. I’ve got not that much time in the moment, but I wanted to say that I love it what AOL has done in this episode.
    I miss your take on the scene when Steve is apologizing to Travis. That was very well done, you could see and feel that there were much more feelings involved than just pity. He remembered.
    The same and even more of these feelings you could see in the last scene. That were no tears of joy or of being happy, this face showed a range of emotions. Of things lost, things he missed all his life, things he will maybe miss forever (or so he thinks) – like love, marriage, a family – a real family.
    Yeah, there’s his ohana, but that’s a different thing. I mean NOBODY talks to him, nobody is there for him (like Steve has been after Danny’s Matt-disaster)! Esp. not his so called BFF.
    For me, what Alex has done here is a “Self-made Continuity”. If the writers don’t give you anything like that I appreciate very much that the actor remembers. Remembers what his character has gone through, knows how something horrible like that has to have an influence. How everything this man has to endure is a burden, it doesn’t break him, but it weighs him down.
    And his facial expressions showed all of this, that was the awesomeness of this episode.
    So I voted for good.
    But just because of AOL’s acting. He saved it!


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