The Catherine Issue

If you haven’t seen 5.08 you shouldn’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled.

So, they actually addressed what’s going on with Catherine.


You know, a few weeks back I said that I felt like Catherine had made up her mind when she decided to stay in Afghanistan. That she had left Steve right back then. That she broke it off, dumped him actually. Harsh words, but in my eyes still true. (You want to attack me again and send hate-mails? Sure, go ahead. Nice guy Sam was buried a few weeks back, so, bring it on.)

Oh, you’re saying she did it because she found her calling? Yeah, that may be true, but the end result still remains the same. She left the man who gave her his heart. The man she said she loved. The man who almost died for her suicide mission.


The hard truth is she choose a life in a foreign country, teaching Afghani kids over Steve. I don’t care if that is noble, or stupid, or her true meaning in life. The outcome is always the same. She broke it off.

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And that has to hurt. I think Steve is trying to distance himself from her. To work through the hurt he surely felt. No matter that he understands and supports her. She left him. And he knows it. It doesn’t matter how noble you’re painting her, she left him.

And in my eyes, that is the only reason that actually makes sense. At least if you don’t want to kill her, which was my favorite option all along. That would have been the best way to handle her departure and give everyone closure.

But this scenario explains Steve’s behavior perfectly. He probably knows about what she’s doing for a while now. And he’s trying to move on. It’s the only thing he can do. Catherine doesn’t strike me as a person who changes her mind after she came to a conclusion. So, he knows she will be gone from his life for good.

That explains why he’s not even thinking about going to help her, or organizing any help from other sources. She doesn’t need it. She’s perfectly safe and content as she is right now.

I still think they were perfect for each other, and I wished we could get her back.


But I’m pretty sure something terribly bad must have happened between MB and TPTB that they wrote her out of the show like this. Even if Catherine would come back, I’m certain MB won’t. They are just too quiet about it. If a character leaves a show, there are interviews and they talk about it. At least after the episode aired. But here they are not mentioning anything at all. None of them. I think they all got a gag-order.

My ONLY problem with this scenario is how much can we trust that the relationship is really over? I would HATE for Steve to eventually move on, preferable with Ellie, and then in a soap-opera move Cath comes back.

Ho'omā'ike (Unmasked)

That would be the moment that I would stop watching Hawaii Five-0.

So, what do you think about this “revelation”?

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  1. When they decided she wasn’t going to be killed (which was my choice too), then I knew whatever they did would be stupid and asinine and yes it was.

    Yep. Cath left Steve. I won’t hate on her though because it’s just lazy writing. The lame, predictable writing we’ve become used to on H50. It’s OOC for the woman who constantly risked her career, her life (3.20) and has stood by his side since day 1. It’s a horrible way to send her off, it’s unsatisfactory and an unlikely conclusion so I’m not going to judge her by it. I certainly won’t jump on the hater band wagon just because the writers are pathetic.

    I don’t care what happened behind the scenes either. It’s a TV show. It happens all the time.

    I guess Steve can move on now though it’s still too soon IMO. I still don’t have to be happy about it and I don’t have to celebrate Ellie. I just don’t care.

    That’s pretty much how you can sum all my feelings up. I just don’t care.

    Show better be damn thankful they have Alex to keep this viewer half-assed interested. The only good thing about this lame answer is hopefully we can stop talking about it now til the show ends which I hope is soon.

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    • I could never hate Cath. OK, never say never, who knows. I’m looking at this from Steve’s POV, not Cath’s. I’m not judging her decision, just the outcome. He was left, doesn’t matter for what. That’s my point. And that explains his behavior.

      Was this clever writing? ROFL – they don’t even know how to spell clever. This is a horrible way to part ways with Catherine. But that’s what we got. Sigh.

      I still do care, and I guess that is my problem. 😉

      Celebrating Ellie? Oh, please let’s not. But going with her means we don’t have to go through a dozen other women. Just looking at the bright side.

      Well, I hope the show won’t end soon, to be honest. I still really like it. I know a lot of people hope for Alex to do something else. But who knows what that might be. It might be worse. And I always keep in mind that he’s happy in Hawaii, more happy than he ever was. And Five-0 keeps him in Hawaii. I think that might be a point he sees as a huge win too. So, if staying in Hawaii makes him happy, I can live with at times really crappy writing.

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    • Ess,

      You pretty much captured my thoughts. At the time Catherine’s Afghanistan ep aired, I didn’t know MB was leaving the show. I was thinking, “Zowie! What a great storyline for a female character. Much better then the whole thing they had to put together for Kono chasing around in Japan or wherever” while GP was having her baby. Yet I’ve never seen a storyline with such awesome potential become so completely and utterly hogwash.

      This is not Catherine the character, this is goofball writing. Even if Catherine DID make a decision to stay behind and teach (noble and fine) there was never any indication in her personality or makeup that teaching was an avenue she would pursue, even though we know she was trying to find her place after leaving the Navy. And irrespective of any of that, the woman has CLASS. IF she was going to live in Afghanistan, she would have come back to Hawaii to tell Steve personally. I just can’t buy this lame story.

      But I just don’t care any more. I love AOL. I love the legacy of Five-0. I love what had at first been a really good spin on an old series. But I can’t take another season of “new bimbo of the moment’ or having them not address Danny’s little cold blooded murder thing etc.

      The Five-0 reboot was what brought me back to watching TV after probably a nearly 20 year layoff. But I watch TV shows because I want to immerse myself in the characters in the storyline–just like reading a book. In this case, whether you call it series TV or a series of books, they’ve just done too much damage to the characters for it to be enjoyable anymore. My disappointment is too great.

      Whenever Five-0 takes it’s final bow, I hope AOL will find another really cool project because I’d love to see him in something else (he was new to me as of Five-0’s debut–never saw him in anything else). He’s not just good looking, he’s talented. But it’s just not enough to hold my interest in Five-0. But it was great fun while it lasted.

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  2. I dont know the reasons why but it still makes me very sad. Cath has moved on. Her noble reason is lacking in my eyes but I understand she was floundering after the navy.

    I dont like this scenario and a tiny part of me hopes something will still happen. But I dont think it will.

    I am sad.

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    • I just can’t see this as a noble reason. Sorry.

      No, I don’t like it either, but it does explain a lot of Steve’s behavior. And I don’t want to hope that something might still happen. Why? Because that would mean we are still in limbo. And I don’t like that. That’s the reason why I preferred the death solution. The worst about what they are doing now is not the 180° turn they did with the Catherine character, but that they still didn’t make a clean cut. And I find that unnerving. I want clean cuts. Get it over with, move on.

      It’s simply bad planning. They don’t seem to have a real concept of what’s going to happen.

      I think the whole Catherine issue was handled badly from the moment Kono was back. It all went downhill from there.

      Am I sad? Of course I am. Steve and Cath were my favorite couple ever. But I mourned for them for months now, and frankly, I have buried Catherine after 4.21. I want her back, but I also want Steve to find happiness again. And I don’t believe this show will be able to get MB back, and that’s why Cath won’t be back. So, I need to move on, and I want Steve to move on. It’s really simple, actually. I want Steve to be happy. If it can’t be with Cath, I want him to find someone else who makes him fall in love again.

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  3. Don’t know about the ‘Cath’ not coming back Peter hinted she would but steve’s character does need a ‘mate’ in his life besides Danny I liked Cath she understood him and he finally told her he loved her . For Michelle it seemed a good part but maybe it was something or nothing will we ever know.? hope she does make an appearance but I do like Ellie too ! season five seems to be the one series with more & more questions than answers. I just want our boy to be happy x

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  4. Honestly, at this point, I am just glad they addressed the issue, even if I don’t like the reasoning they gave. When I saw the sneak peak earlier in the week I thought for sure that either Steve’s phone would ring and he wouldn’t give Deb an answer or he would just say that they weren’t together anymore. We got more than I expected from the writers but I still think that entire storyline was sloppy and poorly done. At the time, I didn’t want them to kill Cath off because Steve has already lost so many people he cares about but now, seeing how poorly they have handled her exit, they would have been better off killing Catherine.

    I agree with you %100 percent Sam. No matter how you paint it, when it comes down to it, Catherine left Steve. And Steve is dealing with that pain by distancing himself from her, pretending it didn’t happen or that she doesn’t exist anymore, whatever, however you want to describe the seeming lack of grief and failure to even mention her name. (Although I still chalk all that up to a combination of bad writing and bad blood between Michelle Borth and H50.)

    I highly doubt we will ever see Catherine again. I think the whole twitter fiasco between MB and the haters pretty much set that in stone. Which I am sure that is more than part of the reason why the wrote her off. Well that and all the hate tweets about McRoll and Catherine that Lenkov got on twitter since apparently Kono is the only woman who can be a regular cast member according to the majority of the fandom. Every time they try to add another regular female role to the show everyone on twitter starts complaining to Lenkov about it. It happened with Lori, it happened with Catherine, and Jenna (although not to the extremes of Lori and Cath), and although I haven’t seen much negative stuff about Ellie, I am sure if they up her role it will happen with her too. And Lenkov gives into all the haters requests every time and writes the women off. I sometimes wish he and other show runners/producers/whatever weren’t allowed to be on twitter. I understand that it allows them in interact with fans and see what they like/don’t like about the show but I also think it influences them too much when it comes to decision making for the characters/storylines/show in general.

    That being said, I do like Ellie, and if Catherine isn’t going to be the one for Steve, I hope Ellie sticks around for a while. She and Steve were a good fit together.

    I also hope we get several more seasons of H50, mostly because of Alex. H50 keeps him employed, it keeps him Hawaii, and it allows him to provide for his family. I have a feeling that when H50 ends we won’t see Alex for a while after it is over. Or at least we won’t see him in a regular role for a while, maybe guest appearances or short stints on shows. I can see Alex taking some time off from acting to spend time with Malia and the kids. Unless he gets lucky like DDK did and can get another show in Hawaii after H50 ends, if he wants to work, he will have to commute back and forth from LA. Alex has stated that Hawaii is his home now and it is where he wants to raise his kids, and with Malia’s family being there, I doubt he will relocate them to LA so he can work. He will either have to fly back and forth if he does another TV show or be gone for several weeks/months at a time to do movies. As much as I would love to see Alex in something with good writing that allows him to actually show his depth of emotion and acting ability on a regular basis, I will happily watch H50 for as long as it is on because it gives Alex the means to raise his family where and how he wants and still be able to see them most every day.

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    • I totally agree with you, especially on the Alex part. He is where he wants to be. I don’t want to see him to be away from his family that seems mega important to him, just to make a movie or TV show on the mainland. Like you, I think he would take time off to be with his family. And who could blame him after being tied to a show for many years?

      I’m not so sure though how much influence the tiny group of haters from twitter have. Same goes for the people who kiss the ground he’s walking on. They are all just a tiny fraction of the viewers. They are really not representative of the viewership. Frankly, most viewers don’t care about any of what we are talking about. They simply watch the show and forget about it the next day.


      • It may not be a huge influence but I think Peter definitely takes what is on twitter into account. What happened with Lori is a testament to that. Lenkov got so many complaints about Lori every week after each new episode during season two you can’t deny that fan reaction didn’t play a role in that. Also, I firmly believe that the reason Peter had Steve run a DNA test against Wo Fat is because he was intending to make Steve and Wo Fat biological brothers from the get go but he took so much heat on twitter about that that he had to change direction with it and that is why wrote in the DNA test. I think that is part of the reason why it took so long for them to unravel the Wo Fat/Doris/Steve connection, because he had to rewrite where he was going with it.

        You are correct, the people on twitter are just a tiny fraction of the viewers but they are the ones who get their voices heard. The majority of Hawaii Five-0 viewers are just casual viewers who don’t have much invested in the show or the characters like we do, but they don’t voice their opinions of the show on twitter for Lenkov and CBS to hear. The haters and the suck-ups don’t represent even close to the majorities of the total viewership but they are the ones who are speaking out and making their opinions heard. They are the only opinions that Lenkov and CBS can take into account for how people respond to the show.

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  5. i am glad the Catherine issue has finally been addressed. More heartbreak for Steve, but i hope he can slowly move forward. I would be very disappointed if he were to jump into something deep very quickly since his relationship with Catherine was so long. He shouldn’t be able to get serious with someone for a while after the end of that kind of relationship.
    I am not sure how to feel about how the writers handled it. I was never clear on the possibility of MB returning; it didn’t seem a likelihood to me. I was not heavy into the show when she left, so was unaware of the twitter mess some of you referred to. Perhaps the writers were leaving open the chance for her return or just didn’t want a cliche death to get her off the show. I had thought maybe they would kill her off later without a scene for her character but for Steve finding out and attempting a rescue. I agree that Catherine staying to teach the kids does not seem to fit the character we know. Remaining behind to finish her rescue mission fit, but remaining behind to start a new life cut off from Steve does not. It would be interesting to here the discussion amongst writers for handling a leaving actor/actress in these situations. I think the fans probably mull over all the issues in question more than the writers. i’m guessing the pressure to resolve issues quickly overides a desire/requirement to make the resolution make sense.
    Some of the responses mentioned this situation makes Steve’s behavior make more sense. That conclusion would imply that this end result for Catherine’s character had been planned and in the background for the script for several episodes. Do we really think there was that much forethought – that Steve’s glances at ellie during that episode were from a heart that had already been broken and was considering the possibility of moving on? It would be nice to know such thought goes into the story telling but hard to believe.
    Now that we have to wait 2 more weeks for a new show, they had better address some of these lingering issues in the next one. Steve did seem a little different in this episode – his discussion with his aunt at the airport was very Danny-like with the hand gestures, and his response to the sons upon learning what their parents did seemed very personal. And oh, a new box to worry about!

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    • When they start filming they have about 10 scripts finished on the table. So, yeah, that much planning goes into writing in advance. If you want to call it much. 😉
      I don’t believe for a second all this was planned more than two years ago like someone wants us to believe, but I do believe this course of action was a done deal when they started filming season five.

      The box was mentioned many times on twitter. To be honest, I couldn’t care less. LOL

      Please, Joy don’t hold your breath for them addressing any issues in the next episodes. We value you too much to lose you. 😉


      • aah, nice to be valued. i don’t expect my desires to necessarily be fulfilled. after all, this is just a television show, so unless they just jump the ship with the characters, I’ll keep watching. I love Alex as an actor and Steve as a character. I have to admit though, around the six year mark, i have lost some steam with my other fave shows. One of them I still follow, but don’t worry about catching up too quickly if i miss it. I should get used to the fact that prime time network shows are unlikely to give me as complete a story as many of us would like. The cable shows that are a little more intricate in the storyline, I don’t have the energy to follow. : )
        i understand the scripts get written well in advance, but didn’t know how much backstory was given to the actors. I mean, have we been watching a Steve all season who had already had this conversation with Catherine or did the writers know about it and not share with him? I used to think television writers were that talented, but too many things don’t end up making sense to give them that much credit. Of course, after things hit the editing room floor, their story may be affected.
        and , oh yeah, I was a Catherine fan. Lori was okay to me. I was fine with her having a thing for Steve, but they would not have made a good couple. They would have had to make her more mature and less desperate (kind of school girlish) than she appeared. apart from their first scene together, i had no interest in seeing them together. Jenna, on the other hand i couldn’t stand from the start. Kono is fine where she is, but i pretty much ignore her scenes with Adam. She hasn’t annoyed me yet; female characters usually have a higher annoyance factor for me than male characters. (I ‘ll admit a little jealousy.) Sometimes the ladies get a little too dramatic and whiny for me.

        just after i posted my previous response, i think i saw we actually have to wait 3 weeks for another episode! since it is the Christmas episode, does that mean it will be the last episode before the New Year? i’ll be ultra dependent on my fave fan-fic writers to keep me going over the holidays. i have a vacation in there that will be H50 free.


  6. Very well said emdoug, my toughts exactly!

    Thank you for addressing the Cath topic, Sam. Satisfied? No! But at least I also think this explains perfectly Steve’s behavior these past episodes. Thinking back to the epis after Billy’s death last season I guess those probably already sealed Cath’s future. Remember how she felt lost and said the being in the Navy had given her a purpose? That thought never left me after watching her become a team member. She felt out of place there to me many times. I was saddened when I heard she would leave the show. Cath and Steve were a perfect couple to me. But after reflecting on it for months now, in retrospect I think I would have preferred the Catherine we were seeing in S 1-2.

    I am so hoping we will get to see more seasons of 5-0. Even if I do have issues with the writing, I still enjoy the show tremendously.
    And here’s to hoping that Alex, who undoubtedly carries the show, gets to work a couple more seasons in his adopted home Hawaii.


    • Aww, Sunny, you know me, I love to throw out controversial posts and opinions.

      Really, S 1 and 2 Catherine? She was barely there then. I loved her in season 3 and the beginning of four. They were in a solid relationship then. As I said all went downhill when Kono came back.

      She was out of place many times in the second half of season 4. It felt like they had no idea what to do with her. It would have been awesome to see her teaming up with Kono. That would have even pepped up the boring Kono character. At least I find her totally boring and dispensable, but she would have made a great team with Cath. Too bad they never worked together.

      I also hope for the full seven seasons. No one should take all my complaining about bad writing too seriously. I still love the show. It could be a fantastic show instead of good, if they invested more common sense into their writing. They simply need to step back a little and look at the big picture. They are not doing that, and that’s a huge mistake.

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      • Oh Sam, I hear ya! Ha, maybe I shouldn’t have written my thoughts late in the evening my time while trying to keep a headache at bay 🙂 Yes, I loved Cath in S 3 + 4 (before she felt out of place) and would have LOVED to see her team up with Kono. But I mentioned S 1 + 2 because -looking back- she might have “survived” longer on the show if they had kept her and Steve on that level. Hm… does that make sense? Lol!
        After knowing what I know about MB now I assume they simply wrote her out of the show because they wanted her gone. No chance whatsoever about ever teaming up again with Kono, which could have turned out great IMO.
        But yes, I don’t even want to think about the writing because there’s nothing we can do about it anyways. Sometimes, there are still pleasant surprises though 🙂

        I will keep watching and I love my show! And after taking a look at Friday night’s good ratings I’m a little more positive. Let’s keep fingers crossed 🙂


  7. I too want Alex to be where he’s happy but he’s said more than once that he wants to do something else sooner than later so I hope that happens for him. My fangirl will be sad to see him take a break but it would be worth it in so many ways.

    I’m sorry but I don’t give the writers enough credit to have written Steve as acting different the first part of this season because of Catherine. It’s *possible* Alex was trying to play it that way, lord knows he didn’t have much else to do but the writers are not subtle. They would be hitting us over the head with it. As fans it would help us make sense of this mess but they’re simply not that good IMO.

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        • Is it bad that I *like* what happened between Steve and Catherine and really don’t want him to find happiness with anyone else for a least the rest of the season because he is just so darn pretty when he is heartbroken and suffering? It is, isn’t it? I am a terrible person but AOL just does suffering *so* well…


          • ROFL – No, Paulette, you’re not a terrible person at all. I bet a lot of us love AOL doing the suffering Steve. He’s really the best at that.
            I’m one of those strange people who don’t like the smiling pics of Steve that much. I love the serious and somber ones a lot more.
            But I like to see Steve having some happiness in his life. Some that would last for a bit longer. I don’t necessarily need to see him happy all the time, I mean, seriously who is smiling all day long? I just like to know there is someone in his life who is there for him at night. Who he can rely on, no matter what. And I’m not talking about a best friend or buddy. I’m talking about a woman at his side. Who is there for him on a totally different level. I want a partnership for him. At day and night. I don’t want him to be alone every night. I want someone to take care of him when he’s hurt.
            When you think about it, Catherine wasn’t that person either. She was never there when he was actually hurt. YES, she would have done anything for him, but she often wasn’t there. NOT her fault though.
            But that is what I want for Steve. That he can go home to someone who understands him, who simply listens to him, just shares his life with him. The good and the bad.
            I know not everyone has that, but Steve deserves that so very much.

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            • Actually Sam, she was there for him a few times. 4.01 when he got yet from jumping on the helicopter and the building collapse episode. As their relationship got closer, she was there for him. Let’s not forget she’s the person he went to after he got hit by the car in 2.16.

              As for McEllie, I just don’t see them writing them any better than they did McRoll.


              • You’re right about season 4, but I wasn’t counting that one. That was the season they were together, even thought the writers then wanted us to believe they weren’t really. Sigh.
                I just feel they never gave her the chance to be really there for him. In 2.16 he went to her to make up for the botched up weekend, which was really sweet. I’m sure they had a good time.
                I think they did write some really good McRoll, until it all went downhill. I will at least give them the benefit of a doubt, only to be disappointed again. 😉


          • Paulette, you’re not terrible lol. To me personally, he’s just had enough of it and for Alex’s sake as an actor and for my own fan girl purposes I liked seeing a different side of him. A softer, affectionate side on occasion. No one needs to be so hurt all the time. That’s just not fun for me no matter how awesome he is at it.


  8. Hee! Always late to the convo… 😀
    Yet I will weigh in. I actually was ok with the Cath “story”.

    I wasn’t ok with how they left it in 4.21 because it was clear they wanted shed of Michelle, for reasons I actually WOULD like to hear but I know I never will. If it is just her constant Twitter kerfluffles then I’m disgusted. CBS kept Charlie Sheen after he showed up to set high and plainly admitted to illegal — not just STOOPID but actual illegal– behaviors, so a hair trigger ego is no reason to fire an actress who is doing a good job. Maybe she did something worse, but like I said we’ll never know. But I hated how they left it. Far too many questions and no answers just added to the Twitter debacle that 5-0 had already become. And PLiar’s tease that she might come back was just ugly. Plainly a lie, but some did believe it. His tweet that Cath lovers will be interested in 5.08 just continued his clueless idiocy with fans. And a few McRoll’s were devastated with the ep, and their belated understanding that 4.21 really was her swan song. So I’m also not ok with how PLiar treats his show’s fans, including with this ep.

    But I am even more not ok with the cavalier way Show treats its female characters. They are, all of em, merely a plot device to get a good story going for the male characters. None of em stand on their own, even Kono. She’s the twist, the guy in a girl body, but otherwise just like the boys. She adapts to their ways and, of course, is always the last and least member of the team in terms of power and authority. Yet Kono is the #1 of the female characters, the one we know most about. The rest have all been mere plot devices for the boy team members. Note that of all the love interests on Show, all are now gone except Adam, cos he’s a guy love interest so he has a back story and a family that we know, and he has a life goal, a purpose other than to do shit for the 5-0s. Even girl team members were sketchily sketched. Jenna’s purpose was WoFat and Lori never had a purpose. Cath had a long history with McG, and her own backstory, but aside from skating, we never knew any of it and she was as easily written off as any other girl. With as little fanfare. Many of the actresses written off Show were disappointed and surprised, and their characters did not end up with the stories they had originally thought PLiar sold em on…Jean Smart, Kelly Hu, Taryn Manning for three.

    So I am delighted they didn’t kill her, coz that’s the easiest way to ditch a woman. The story may be thin, and something happened that got her gone, but at least they have stopped, this once, from killing a woman as the easiest and most dramatic way to get her gone. She is now off on her own adventure…not as a GFS or a helper to her man…the character is strong enough to go do her own thing.

    I wish she and Kono were running ops together, but now that’ll never happen coz that woulda been too much awesome for this season. I’m glad she is alive at least. The Fic writers can do stuff with that…

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    • It’s never too late to chime in. 😉

      I absolutely agree with you on how the show treats women on the show. But unlike you I don’t really care for the women on the show because they are not interesting to me. I’m sorry to say that, but I’m simply not interested to see their story. Yes, I know that might be called sexist, but a female detective, or a female main character doesn’t give me anything. Or interests me in any way. For me they are really just there to support the male characters. BUT I want those roles to be decent. I want them to be portrayed as strong personalities who can hold their own. Even though I have no interest in them.
      I want them to be respected, the characters and the actresses. And neither is happening on this show.

      My biggest problem with how they ‘solved’ the Cath problem is that they didn’t solve it at all. He shouldn’t wait for her. That’s like saying “I shouldn’t eat chocolate, but I do it anyway”. I’m sorry, but Steve doesn’t strike me as a guy who will not wait. Shouldn’t wait. What does that mean anyway?

      I’m miffed that they still don’t take a clear position. If she doesn’t come back, say so. Don’t give us some blabla about her making a life teaching kids. And Steve *shouldn’t* wait for her. That is not saying anything at all.

      Saying “She’s staying a while” is also not a definite answer. If they want her out why not saying she broke it off? Why not making it crystal clear that she’s not coming back, end of story. That would only be fair to the fans, and to the character.

      Killing her might have been the easiest way, but it would have been the way that would make the most sense for these two not being together. Because what they gave us paints her in a bad light. No matter how you look at it. And why PL said “that character can’t die” is totally beyond me. He killed everyone else, why not her?

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      • LOL!! Did he say she can’t die? I have actually blocked him on Twitter so I don’t get to see his “wisdom” these days…I wonder why he thinks that. Maybe CBS told him he can’t kill anymore women… 😉

        And I will say, I don’t see her staying to run a school as a bad thing. Yes she’s jerking McG around. And yes the story was badly written and badly revealed, no question. But Cath is a lot like McG. I can see her putting her life on hold to do what she thinks is the right thing. And sacrificing McG (and her own) happiness for it. They lived for years knowing either could die on duty. She or he could die at work…Billy did. They both live by their own ideals. I can see this being Cath’s. She told,him not to wait cos she’s sacrificing her happiness for this duty, but she wants him free to move on. She’d probably be bummed if he does, but I think clearly they intend McEllie.

        Interesting how they ditched all of Danno’s gf’s too, huh? And no sign of Chin’s either. Waste.


        • And Mrs. Grover is also never there. Maybe the boys should open a monastery. 😉

          No, it’s not a bad thing to stay to teach. But how she’s doing it is. ‘Breaking up’ with her loooooooooong time friend and lover over the phone? That is so low I don’t even have words for it. Not even giving him a chance but telling him she’s making a life for her now, and he should not wait for her because she will stay a while? Please. Sorry, but that is not a class act, and I always thought she had class. That is what I meant with they paint her in a bad light.


          • I hear Ya, babe…but I guess in my head Cath did something a stoopid man wrote. Too many men writing women into stories and doing it badly. Doris is the supreme example, really. No mother would do what she did…and by what she did, I mean ANY of the crazy ass crap she did, including somehow giving Wo the suspicion that Steve knows anything about WoDaddy. I mean, ep 5.07 kinda made her persona non grata anywhere on earth except the SuperVillains Club, no? So I figure in my head Cath is stuck where she is…if she leaves they won’t let her back and that family want and need her and she probably said “don’t wait for me” in a teary hopeful voice, expecting him to say, I’ll wait for you forever, but like a typical guy he went all blank-emo on her and just responded ok and hung up. So I see her over there doing the right thing, with a heavy heart and tears at night, especially if she saw ep 5.05 and the way Ellie is eyeing her man… 😉

            Seriously I give her kinda a pass cos some moron wrote her supposed dialogue…it IS what a man would do and that’s all dem writers know. The girl writers are the editorial version of Konos…guys in chick clothing. Hee!


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