What’s it gonna be ?

So, instead of a promo they gave us two sneak peeks. One is particular interesting, at least for all Catherine fans. See for yourself.

Of course, now the question is, what will Steve actually tell Aunt Deb? Or will he say anything at all?

7 thoughts on “What’s it gonna be ?

  1. I’m torn between #2 and #5 but think #4 is what will happen. I do think the time has come to address the situation – Steve deserves it as well as the fans (whether you’re a Catherine fan or not).


    • I totally agree with you! Regardless that I’m a fan of Catherine I would like to know finally what’s been happening and to get an answer if it’s over or not! None of the characters deserve an ending like we saw last season.


  2. Given the unpredictability and glaring omissions in the writing of the show lately, I have no idea what they ARE scripting for Steve to say….but a whole heck of a lot rides on his response. For me it will be make or break time. “she broke it off” makes absolutely no sense considering what she’s busy doing right now. That sounds so high school. They could cook up some cockamamie excuse about Catherine being dead. And heaven knows how many other horrible ideas they might have for explaining it. But if she is still alive and still on her mission then anything less then his full support of what she’s doing (anything less would be a double standard) and I will lose a great deal of respect for his character and that will probably finish me for the show. But no sense putting the cart before the horse. First I watch the episode, then let the chips fall where they may.

    BTW, in that preview–I think that’s the first time I’ve seen Kamekona in formal wear unless I’ve forgotten an episode. Although he might’ve dressed up for Chin’s wedding. I’ll have to check. 😎


  3. I think it’s hilarious how many people chose the “explainus interruptus” option. That’s how much faith we have in Lenkov. : lol:


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