Review 5.07


5.07 – Ina Paha

When McGarrett is kidnapped by Wo Fat, he experiences various realities. While his team searches for him, Steve is interrogated by Wo Fat and subjected to drugs that cause him to hallucinate; if perhaps his and his friend’s life had taken a different path.

CBS translated Ina Paha to If Perhaps

The episode was written by Peter Lenkov and directed by Larry Teng.

His work on Five-0 so far:


I’m pretty sure you know that I don’t like the wasted time of ‘previously on Five-0’? But how could scenes from The Pilot ever be wasted time? I mean, come on. THE PILOT. An episode that I have watched so many times I can’t even tell you without being embarrassed about the number of viewings. But I bet I’m not alone with that. 😉

In my eyes, one of the best pilot episodes ever made. If not the best. I can’t recall a better one without seriously thinking about it.

What’s your favorite pilot episode of any TV-show? Maybe even one that never made it into a series? Let us know in the comments.

Anyway, these three minutes were time well spent. And a great ease into episode 100. The switch to present day Steve was flawless.

And can I just say that I prefer the man Steve from 2014 to the boy from 2010? Not that he wasn’t great back then too, but today he’s all grown-up so to speak. 🙂


Three minutes into the show and we leave everything we have learned and known in the last four years behind, and enter a completely new reality.

John McGarrett didn’t die. HPD got to him in time and he was saved.

I can tell you, back in 2010 when he had been killed I was like WTF!? They killed the main character’s father in the first minutes of the show! I was totally shocked back then. And sad. I would have loved to see Alex O and William Sadler work together. I liked them on Three Rivers and had been looking forward to seeing them again. But the show had other plans and they never shared any screen time.

So, this was kind of a dream come true. I was really enjoying this alternate reality, which, I can assure you, I’m not a friend of in general.

But my enjoyment changed to worry with the next scenes. We find Steve barely conscious in a white room. And just like Steve, who slowly comes to, we wonder what happened to him. He had obviously been shot and puncture wounds were evidence of the use of IVs.

By the way, I think Alex O is perfect in any wake-up / coming to scene. He makes it perfectly real. His performance back in 4.19 was brilliant with all the little gestures, and here it is no different. ESS from AOLww pointed out that there is also a great wake-up scene in The Back-up Plan; it might be worth watching that movie again. 😉

The confusion and disorientation showed on his face.

And my confusion surely showed on my face.

Just like in the pilot they mirrored a few frames. WHY? What is the meaning behind that? Just a mistake? I don’t believe that. So many people watch these scenes before the release of the episode. They simply can’t tell me they didn’t see this. And it’s really easily fixed. So, I ask you, why did they mirror those scenes? Is that some kind of twisted reality we haven’t figured out yet? Did any of this really happen? And if, which version? Does this mean there is a alternate Steve running around in some weird alternate reality? Is PL plotting something way more intelligent and clever than we ever gave him credit for? 😉 OR am I just interpreting too much into a simple coincident? But in my opinion, there are no coincidences. And as Chin said if there are, they need a lot of planning.

And to make it even weirder, he’s wearing almost the same clothes as in 101 and he ends up with the same injuries. Graze on the upper left arm, cut above the left eye, split lower lip. Only add-on in 5.07 is the shot to the head. Only – lol.

In The Pilot it’s the scenes at the end.


And here, in episode 100, it’s also when he gets up after being injured.


Four and a half minutes and the credits roll. Guess it will be a slightly longer review. And as a side note: I’m sorry, Cokie, there a slightly more pictures than your three suggestions. I hope you can forgive me. 😉


Welcome Sang Min, always a pleasure to see you. And look, still wearing the purple shirt from The Pilot. Love it. Not the shirt, but, you know…

So, let me get this straight. None of them was able to get in touch with their boss. They haven’t heard from McGarrett even though a planned OP was going to get down. And they what? Think he’s taking the day off? They don’t find that rather weird? If I wouldn’t be able to get my partner, friend and boss on the line while on the job, you can be sure I would at least have one member of the team work on his absence while the others work the crime of the week.

But of course that is just me, who worries for a fictional character. I’m not part of a bunch of cops who obviously don’t have a man to spare to look into Steve’s disappearance.

Anyway, we get the COTW out of the way rather quickly, which was, in my opinion, a good move. Would have been completely ridiculous to have any kind of investigation on the side.

The decision to maybe go looking for Steve was taken out of their hands when Danny got the call from HPD about the abandoned Marquee.

Can someone tell me why on earth Steve decided to put on clothes he hasn’t worn in years and use his dad’s old unreliable car to go to work in? And why didn’t the car look like the real one? It was full of dust and not black at all, or dark blue or whatever the original car is. Steve would never let it look like that, he’s always taken proper care of it.

But, whatever the reasons, Steve was snatched out of the car, which was shot up, and taken by unknown suspects as the team soon found out.

Somebody took Steve. And I bet they all suspected who that someone was.

By the way, people often say as a Navy SEAL he should be able to avoid being taken hostage. I think that is nonsense. He for sure would not be taken if he were on a mission with his team, but if someone targeted him, then it wouldn’t matter if he’s a SEAL or not. If someone would single him out and plan his attack at the right time, Steve, SEAL or no SEAL wouldn’t have a chance to avoid getting captured.

No matter how highly trained one is, with the right plan you can take anyone hostage.

Back in the white room Steve is still banging on the walls. Without any success though. But a moment later the room darkens and a projector starts rolling a film. On it are John with Mary and little Stevie as they are playing down on the beach. Really cute scenes, and it’s obvious that Steve is shocked to see them.

But are they even real? What kind of drugs was he given? Is he already hallucinating? And if not, who got a hold on these old family films?

I loved it how his shadow was right in this scene, how he was part of the group on the beach.

The video show didn’t last long; gas filtered into the room, rendering our hero unconscious.

So, now we see some wild drug induced hallucinations created by Steve’s subconscious. I absolutely loved them. I love how Steve’s mind enhanced all the traits of his friends and himself to, at times, funny proportions. I will tell you in detail what I loved about every single one when we get to them.

But let’s start with the first one. I absolute loved how he pictured Danny. I guess he mixed what he sees in him with what he wished Danny had. In my eyes, Danny was over the top, yes, but still in character most of the time. Danny is in their relationship the out of control one. The one who never has his emotions and his actions in check. The one who beats up suspects, who shoots and even kills unarmed men. I thought it was hilarious how far Steve’s subconscious went with this character. Yes, I also thought that Danny was totally stupid. And he for sure wouldn’t be this happy go lucky guy, no matter if he were still with his wife or not. He would still be that kind of nasty whiny, bitchy character most of the time. But I loved how Steve wanted to see him happy and loving Hawaii. And how he made him all touchy. Danny was a very hands on guy, constantly touching Steve as much as possible. Loved that.


And I loved what kind of high opinion Steve has of Chin. Seeing him as the future chief of police in the rank of a captain. Very cool, and I think it perfectly reflects Steve’s real respect he has for Chin.


Also loved Grover, as the tourist demanding to get his clubs back.


And, of course, Duke was just Duke. So cool.


And I loved how he portrayed himself. As the cool, collected by the book officer. He for sure is all that, but with immunity and means he let some of those traits fly out the window. 😉 And I loved how he showed that the real/or maybe not real (who knows) McG let his emotions out.


And I for sure loved the relationship between McG junior and senior.

And from the artistic point, these scenes were great with all the little flashes in them. and later all the subtle hints that something was not right. Steve often stopped and looked twice, like he knew something was kind of off. Or the extremer form when his hands were shaking. All that was brilliantly done.

And did you notice that they used the ‘wrong’ uniform from The Pilot without all his medals on it? I always wondered why his uniform looked different in 1.01, in 1.02 had his medals all pinned to his uniform. Did this already has something to do with the strange alternate reality?


Oh, and did Duke roll his eyes at Detective Williams? LOL


We finally get our first hint at what is going on. We find Steve in a room that is in total contrast to the white room. It’s more like a dungeon. He’s bound to a chair and obviously drugged out of his mind, in pain, confused and has in general no idea what is going on.

I really liked it how he referred to himself as a cop and that they would come looking for him. Loved it.

Oh, and as a little tip for the kidnappers, they should be careful with the IV lines, too much air can kill Steve due to an embolism. Not a good idea to not clear the tubing before pumping someone full of drugs. Looks more dramatic on TV with all the bubbles in there of course. 😉

Now we get the next character from the show, and I was laughing my head off. Is that how Steve really sees Jerry? As a total nutjob? I loved it. Of course, I did. I find Jerry mostly annoying at best. So, this, I totally loved.

Maybe Steve doesn’t see him as a nutjob at all, just as someone he doesn’t know how to handle. As someone who needs help to find his way in the real world. It’s all free for interpretation. 😉


Did you notice that they were driving around ON the streets? Not in that ‘poor-men’s-car’ thing they normally do? Back in The Pilot they were also out on the streets. All those little details I totally loved.

And this scene? Well, I still believe Danny wouldn’t be this happy guy who came to Hawaii on his own free will, but OK, fine, if Steve wants him to be this happy and changed person, who am I to complain? Maybe this Danny wouldn’t be such a bitchy, nasty friend, trying to hurt the people he supposedly loves at every corner. OH, Sam, shut up. Stop ranting about Danny, even the alternative Danny. LOL See, talking to myself, guess I fall into the Jerry category. 😉

OK; where was I? Right. Danny. So, finally he’s allowed to drive. What happened to the Mustang from The Pilot? Danny drove a Mustang, not a Camaro. Guess Steve likes the Camaro better that it made it into his halluzination.

“I’m seeing somebody. Hopefully we will get there someday.”

It is my firm believe that he was talking about Catherine. First of all, he was with Cath during the original Pilot, and second, I’m sure she is foremost on his mind. And even drugged up, I know she would be the one he would want to be with.

I thought it was a really nice touch to bring Jenna into this episode. I’m sure Steve had long forgiven her for what she had done to him. And this was the first time, I think, that he realized that something was not right. The look he gave her spoke volumes.

Now, here come the only scenes in this episode that were simply awful. Kono on TV. Ugh. But does that mean that Steve doesn’t see any cop material in her? Does he think she shouldn’t be a cop at all? Or does he think she was so good that hadn’t she injured her knee she really would be a world champion?

Well, as you know my opinion of Kono, I’ll go with the first option. Oh come on, don’t get your knickers in a bunch, ALL this is free for interpretation. It’s Steve’s hallucination while drugged up to his gills. Believe whatever you want by all this. I bet I know what some of the people think about touchy Danny. 😉


I think the next scenes were totally over the top, and I think it means that Steve knows Danny never worked out all his problems from Grace’s killing back on 9/11, and that he for sure didn’t work through his other issues.

Does Steve really see him as this completely out of control freak? No, of course not, but I think his jumbled mind throws all kinds of things together, things he might have done (threatening suspects / Steve never actually physically harmed a suspect), Danny might have done (actually harming suspects / murdering people), and this is the result of it.

After these scenes we go back to Steve in the present, in the real Five-0 world. And it’s obvious that he’s way worse off than the last time we saw him. There is no telling what the drugs are doing to him besides giving him bad hallucinations. He seems to be in physical and emotional pain.

It can’t be easy to act in those traumatic scenes. They are, I’m sure, emotionally and physically draining. The human body has an amazing ability, if you want to call it that. You can think yourself sick. (The opposite is also true, the mind can heal a body.) Try that at home if you don’t believe me. You can make yourself nauseous by just imagining it. It’s true. If you act it all out, you will get sick to the point of puking. Now imagine acting such intense scenes out. They are highly demanding on the body.

Of course, nobody is out to hurt Alex, the torture is just make believe, but keep in mind that accidents do happen, and actors can get hurt. (True, you can also break your leg by getting out of bed, so this is part of the job, but still.) I have no problem watching torture scenes or other violent acts because I know they are not real. But at the same time I always pray that no one gets hurt while doing their job.

That said, I think not just the emotional scenes were a joy to watch Alex do his thing, but the physical stuff was also absolutely stunning. Putting it all together is something not everyone can do. This highlights the talent Alex really has. He has given us many examples of his acting skills, but I agree with Peter Lenkov that this was his best work on Five-0 so far. It was fascinating to watch.

Unfortunately, he’s on the wrong show, or wrong station, to ever get any recognition for it. But I’m sure the people who are important know what he can do. And that is all that counts. I have no doubt that, with his dedication to all he’s committed to, he will get his chance to shine many more times. On this show and on every endeavor he might tackle after Five-0 has run its course.

Twenty minutes into the show and we start with the really heavy stuff. Water boarding might not look like it is too bad, not as bad as being beaten up or maimed in other ways, but it is worse in many ways. The victims feel like they are drowning, and it can be a real danger when they inhale too much water. It is a terrible form of torture, one that doesn’t leave obvious scars but can be as debilitating as any other form of physical violence.

OK, just to make sure that I understand this right. Wo Fat kidnapped Steve to ask him where his father is? Steve has to go through all this because Wo Fat thinks Steve knows where his dad is?

What kind of crappy reason is that? First of all, why on earth would anyone think Steve has that kind of information? And second, why would Wo Fat even care where his father is? He doesn’t even know him.

I’m sorry but this was just stupid. But not to fear, it gets even better, meaning more stupid. 😉

Back at HQ Five-0 tries to figure out where their leader is held captive. For that they hope to get help from Sang Min.

Why is he even running around almost like a free man? Why is he not back behind bars after he fled from prison? Will he be pardoned?

Yeah, I’ll admit it, I’m still hoping that Adam is really the big boss of the islands. Maybe he will be the next master mind and bad guy? Please? That would be so cool. Has fooled everyone for like forever. Maybe he’s even worse than Wo Fat. I would love that. 😉

And back to more water torture, which Wo Fat seems to enjoy. He seems to get some sadistic enjoyment out of Steve’s struggle and pain.

When Wo Fat is obviously not satisfied with what Steve is giving him as answers, Steve is again drugged and thrown into the white room. Where Steve has to watch the report about his mother’s demise. But they don’t keep him awake for long. The next dose of gas knocks him out. It’s interesting that every time he’s in the white room he loses a part of his clothing. It’s almost like strip poker. Not much more he can take off after this time.

Next drug-dream is another hilarious one, but also gets them the information they are looking for. I think it’s kind of cool that Steve is working on solving a crime in his hallucination, just like he would in the real Five-0 world. What I mean is, it could have been anything he was dreaming up, why his father’s killing? Was is because he was snatched out of his dad’s car? Or was the trigger the movie he was shown in the beginning? Whatever it was, I think it was really cool.

Danny and Steve go to Halawa visiting Kamekona. Huh, does Steve think he really belongs in jail? Well, to be honest, I said a few times they should investigate Kamekona a bit more. Take a look at what he’s really doing behind their backs. Does he still have that truck full of guns he had back in 1.24? He was really cool when he was undercover with Sang Min; back then he sold it pretty good that he was just playing the good guy and making the big money behind Five-0’s back. Who said that was not true? Maybe Steve has his doubts about him.

Is it too much to ask to see the Gag Reel for this scene right now? And can we please get that Strip’A’Gram too? 🙂

Again we have the special camera effects for the switch back out of the hallucination. I loved all the little details in this episode, like the blown pupils from the drugs.

You know it’s the second time that Wo Fat tortures Steve for answers he can’t give him, simply because he doesn’t know. He really should learn to believe him.

But thanks to the drugs we get to see a really cool shoot-out between Wo Fat and Steve and Danny. Lots of bullets flying around, explosion and a really cool move to shoot Wo Fat. Great choreography and stunts. Kind of like as in The Pilot with all the containers, but still very different.

I found it interesting that the burn marks found their way into Steve’s hallucination. I would have thought Wo Fat would have manifested himself in Steve’s mind without them.

I love it how choked up Steve asked the dying Wo Fat what his father ever did to him. That was so full of raw emotion.

Don’t you think it was kind of odd what Danny said about wearing uniforms only if they go to a ceremony? I mean, this is Hawaii, it has lots of military there. AND Steve is Navy, so why would he say that to him? Did he think that was funny? Sorry, but that joke I didn’t get. If that was because Steve used to say not to wear a tie in Hawaii, then this was really lame. Because, uniform, tie, Navy, Steve… you know? 😉

Anyway, we again got touchy Danny who couldn’t get enough of touching Steve any way he could. 🙂 And please remember later what he’s saying about Steve joining HPD. We’ll come to that again.

One other thing I found odd. Why would Steve say he could get used to be chauffeured around all day. THAT would never happen. 😉

The transition back to realSteve again was really good. And Wo Fat found his way back to his torture instrument of choice. Back in season 2 he also used the cattle prod on Steve.

I’m sorry, but this is what Wo Fat’s, Steve’s and Doris’s connections is all about? She raised Wo Fat for a few years as her own son? That’s it? That is just laughable. That is the big secret she couldn’t tell Steve or anyone else for that matter? How ridiculous is that?

That is all they could come up with? Shaking my head here. I mean, I don’t really care, the Wo Fat storyline was getting boring long ago, and I never cared what their connection was. But this is really lame.

Anyway, we have to sit through a few minutes of Wo Fat telling his story. Yeah well, use the time to catch your breath, or something. 😉

At the end was that a tear or sweat rolling down his cheek? Whatever it was, it made this a very powerful scene.

You could see that Steve made a decision at this point. He would either get free or die trying. He was not going to sit there any longer and take any more torture. I loved that display on his face.

And I certainly loved the fight with Elsie. That was very cool. I so missed the hand to hand combat. It was such a long time ago that we last saw something like this from Steve. And he’s so darn good with it. Hand to hand is my favorite action, way better than any shoot-out or chases. OK, a chase on foot with hand to hand after would trump this. 😉

This was a great fight, very original with the man half tied to the chair, and fighting a woman. Very cool.

After this fight to the death McG goes all MacGyver on us. 😉

And another great attention to detail when he takes a sip of water from the pipe. It was quite some time ago that he had something to drink last.

Back at HQ the team is still waiting for any news from Adam. Good thing he actually came through with a possible location.

The team is on its way, meanwhile Steve is on the best way to save himself. The ensuring fight is one of the best I’ve seen on TV. Really, really well done. Congrats to Alex and Mark, and to the stunt team for keeping them safe and making them look good. Great work all around.

While the two men fight it out, the team is almost there for the final rescue.

I absolutely loved the final confrontation with both going for the guns. What great scenes. They both fired their guns at the same time, but I guess Steve was in a better position to hit his target.

But Wo Fat also got Steve, but just with a graze in the head. Well, I think that is bad enough. At least it was enough to knock him out.

Do you remember that I said we’re coming back to Danny’s offer to join HPD? John and Steve talking on the beach made me think what John meant when he said he’s glad that Steve’s back home. And Steve agreed. Did he take Danny’s offer in his hallucinations and joined the police force and stayed in Hawaii?

Anyway, I loved these scenes. A recreation again from The Pilot. Just instead of Danny we get his dad. I really liked it.



Finally the team found Steve. When they entered they had no idea if their friend was even alive. I loved how Danny called out his name. There was worry, fear and a little hope in it. Very well done.


The next scenes absolutely killed me. It broke my heart when I watched Steve realizing that his father was dead. That was so devastating. I found these emotional scenes actually harder to watch than the torture ones. Strange as it sounds, but I think this hurt Steve more than all the torture he had to endure.

He had been in such a happy place just seconds ago, to wake up and realize it was not the reality.

That was some brilliant acting, because frankly, you never realized that was not real. I was completely there with Steve going through the emotions. What a perfect scene. Just awesome.

Can you believe it, Wo Fat is dead. Really dead, at least according to Peter Lenkov.

WF credit instagramPL

Was that a wise decision to kill the main villain? Well to be honest, I think it was.

Wo Fat hasn’t been in season 4 (not counting the five seconds in the finale); he hasn’t been the main villain for quite some time now. The show doesn’t need him. I’m glad that storyline is finally over. It was getting ridiculous how often he escaped. I’m glad they finally listened to Alex to just shoot the bastard. 😉 Though I must say I will miss Mark Dacasco. He was a great Wo Fat. Since nobody really dies on H50, there is a good chance we will see him again in flashbacks or something.

Besides there are enough villains in this world to take over his spot. Who knows maybe his father steps in now, or finally Adam will reveal his true nature. Still hoping.

But seriously, just because in the old series Wo Fat was there until the end, that doesn’t mean he need to be in this one. This is the new show. Today a lot of things are different. I for one am glad this storyline is finally over. And in my eyes, it is in no way an indication for the final season. On the contrary. Now we can get something new, something fresh, something exciting. Not the same old Wo Fat story all over again.

And his death gave us another great scene. Steve looking down at Wo Fat. There was so much in his look. I’m always fascinated what Alex O can say without any words. Amazing.


We close the episode with the song you already know from the previous post and the montage of important scenes from all seasons. I think that was very well done.

I really like all the scenes they used and am very happy that they didn’t cut a certain character out of it. 😉

Great song for this montage. It’s not a hit song for the charts, but certainly a great song for this purpose.

So, what is left is just my verdict. I guess you already know what that will be. I think this episode was just freakin’ awesome. More than worthy the 100th episode.

I loved it from start to finish. Sure all the things I said before this episode still stand, but that has nothing to do with this very different episode. I see this as a stand alone one.

I always loved The Pilot, and it had been my favorite episode the whole time. But this one might actually be the one to push The Pilot into second place. The verdict about that is not quite in yet, but I think it just might happen. 🙂

Brilliant episode, with lots of funny flaws, like the ridiculous Wo Fat story, or the totally over the top Danny. But I don’t really care about any of it. This was for me perfect entertainment.

With the absolute brilliant Alex O’Loughlin. He was amazing in this one. I mean, he’s great in every single episode, but this one just blew me away. He took it all to a whole new level. And every praise he gets is more than deserved.

I even liked everyone in this episode, they all did a great job. They all contributed to this in their own way.

All around very well done. Congrats on this fabulous episode. It made me fall in love with this show all over again.

Thank you for that.

Ranking 507

All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

57 thoughts on “Review 5.07

  1. I’ve been waiting to hear people’s verdicts on the episode. I’m afraid I will be one who was underwhelmed by the episode. AOL was awesome, as usual, no doubt about that–for all the reasons you mentioned and more. And I love any opportunities to see scenes with his father. Those were the good things. And yes, I enjoyed seeing a bit of emotion from Danny when they found Steve.

    But all in all, they STILL don’t have that Ohana feeling back in season 5 even with this ep. The only way I can think of to try to explain what I mean is, in the season 2 episode where they went in and got Steve out of North Korea (the horrible Lori Weston notwithstanding), and they were putting him on the chopper and flying him out, the family feel of the team was absolutely phenomenal. Extremely emotional–so deep you could feel it twist your gut with pride at their cohesiveness and their true bond. I just didn’t feel that magnitude of depth with this 100th episode. They can play an “all for one” song all they want–but I still need to feel it in the gut, and I didn’t.

    I also would have chosen a bit better scene to take Wo Fat out. But TPTB seem to be on a roll with firing on folks without weapons or with empty weapons (and yes, before anybody screams, Wo Fat had it coming). I just think it cheapened the storyline to finish him off in that way.

    On the other hand, it’s the best ep they’ve come up with in season 5 so that’s a good thing.

    I look forward to reading the variety of opinions that are sure to result from this latest episode.

    I’m still hangin’ on, hoping they can pull season 5 out of its nose-dive. Maybe 5:07 will be the ticket that does it.


      • His weapon wasn’t jammed. Wo Fat fired at the same time as Steve but his bullet grazed the side of Steve’s head whereas Steve’s bullet hit the target dead center of the forehead. Steve didn’t have the big gash on the side of his head prior to the shootout and you can hear/see two weapons discharge.

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      • Guys, the gun was neither empty nor jammed. Wo fat got his shot off and it hit Steve in the head. Look at the pictures before the shot and after. You can clearly see the graze where he was hit. And it’s in the script, too. But it’s clear as day that Steve shot Wo Fat in self defense. And would have Wo Fat been a better shot or in a better position to get his shot off, Steve would be dead.
        Steve did not shoot an unarmed man. As I always said, he would never do that, not even in this situation.

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        • Yes, you are right. Someone else tried to tell me it was empty and I remembered hearing a clicking noise. On rewatch I realize it was simply the clicking of them grabbing their guns at the same time. I just didn’t come back and correct my comment. That was my argument to her that McG had the graze on his forehead so WF still had ammo.


  2. I was excited about how they handled the Catherine issue. It made sense for me not to see her until the clips at the end. Because even in Steve’s alternate world he’d be with Catherine. Since he was still in the Navy, she would still be in the Navy.

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  3. It’s hard to put into words how I feel about this episode. In short, it was just all about Alex. He made this episode..and he made it BRILLIANT!

    Meh to the stupid, implausible plot, the OTT Danny, I don’t even care because it was all about Alex. This episode showcased EVERYTHING we know Alex excels at. He went from vulnerable (the white room) to reacting (to the torture) to bad ass (2 AMAZING fight scenes) and then dropped the most amazing, heart wrenching emotional scenes that I can remember. He ran through every emotion possible and he did it flawlessly. No one else in that cast, as talented as they are, can pull off what Alex does and I’m so happy they truly gave him a script worthy of his talents.

    I admit, when WF dropped the ‘our mother’ on us, it took me out of the episode a little. Seriously??? But Alex brought me right back into it and eventually it became a distant memory. For hours I sat (until 4am) and just thought about that heart aching ending. How perfect Alex was with every single nuance. Sam, not sure if you’ll see this follow up comment over on the blog, but I rewatched the ending a number of times and I agree that McG says “sorry’ when he leaves WF for the last time. He mouths it more than he says it but it’s there…and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Our hero has a heart and even though the mother story was for shit, it still touched his heart and in the end felt some sympathy for the man who had to die. It was the only true ending. He had to kill him or be killed, if not today then another day….but it doesn’t mean he had to be happy about that. I saw the same look on his face when Jenna Kaye was killed. She’d betrayed him and brought him to certain death but in the end, her own death haunted him. Anyway, the ‘sorry’ wasn’t written in the script so it had to be adlibbed by Alex and IMO made the scene, his face, all the emotions behind it that much more intense. THAT’s the Steve McGarrett, I know and love. Take note writers!!! Alex knows his character better than you all.

    The fight scenes. OH EM GEE. Oh how I’ve missed them!! All the way back to the days of H50Sardonic, we used to talk about what would happen if McG had to fight a woman. Like…physically, not fighting her in a gun battle (yawn). That was an amazing fight scene with him tied to the chair (made it a more even fight lol) and then he had to kill her. wow. That was shocking and awesome all at once. I may or may not have yelled out “LUCKY BITCH” when he had her between his legs and shirtless body… When I die, can I go out like that too, please? #worthit But I digress…then the WoFat showdown. Every screen was perfect even the ending with them both leaping for their guns and the final gunshot. I thought it was brilliantly acted and filmed. Kudos to all!

    A few other random thoughts: I’VE MISSED SANG MIN!!! “You’ve been out in the sun too long McGarrett” will never not be hilarious to me. I’m still laughing about that one!! His homage to the pilot “spicy”, etc felt fresh and enjoyable as opposed to some of it that felt a bit forced.

    Jerry being homeless made me sad. Very sad. To me it wasn’t because Steve thinks he’s a nutjob, it’s because Steve thinks that’s what would happen to him if left to his own devices. Jerry is “different” and needs extra attention. Steve gets that and gives it to him, quite frankly. Jerry worships STeve and Steve has a bit of a soft spot for him. Plus, Jerry is looking for a place to live right now in the real world so it fit. Still, seeing him homeless was an extra bit of sadness I didn’t expect.

    I absolutely believe Steve’s comment “I’m seeing someone. I hope we get there” was about Catherine and under the truth serum, I believe it shows exactly where Steve’s heart lies. This is what he wants with Catherine. From your lips to the writers ears, Steve.

    I agree that this episode may usurp the pilot as my favorite episode. Not that it was better as a whole, but because Alex’s performance will stay with me forever. Just like his portrayal of Vincent has haunted me for 5 yrs and still remains my favorite role Alex has ever done….Oh. Man. I dunno. This performance may even trump that one. Wow.

    Thank you Alex!

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      • You don’t hear it, you see it. Very subtle. Right after he does the shaking thing, when he almost *loses it* again. Very quick, very brief but definitely there. It wasn’t scripted. I think this was Alex becoming Steve through and through in the moment.

        Then Danny says “let’s go”.


    • Can I copy & paste this and post it as mine? Lol.
      But I alsolutely agree with everything you said. Love your take on Jerry, that was exactly what I was thinking. Steve is the one who grounds him, who believes him and that makes it him being able to socialize.

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          • I watched again, and Ess is right. It’s nearly without a sound. Just breathing it. Breathing in a “So-” and out a “-rry!”
            And it makes sense. He somehow can relate to Wo Fat’s fate and maybe he says sorry for what his mother did to him.
            Simply brilliant, just a glimpse so you can sense the emotion even more deeply.

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              • Well, I heard it, too!! Just watched again (and again) and to me he clearly mouths “sorry”. I turned the volume up and think I can even hear it. No, it’s not my imagination -lol!
                Go and give it another try 🙂

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              • I heard/saw “let’s go” too. I turned the closed captions on when I rewatched that scene just now and the closed captions also say “let’s go”. I really can’t see Steve apologizing to the man who had caused him so much pain and heart break over the years. Wo fat had Steve’s dad killed, he has tortured him twice now and caused him all sorts of pain and anguish in between, Steve knows that it was either kill or be killed and I can’t imagine he would feel bad/guilty for taking Wo Fat out. Especially considering the circumstances. He just stopped to look at the body to make sure Wo Fat was actually dead this time.

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                • Of course he doesn’t feel guilty. But for me he was not looking at Wo Fat the murderer and torturer, he was looking at Wo Fat the little kid, who lost his mother because of Steve’s mother. And Steve can relate to something like that, because something like that “It made me who I am”.
                  It made Steve compassionate, caring and strong and it made Wo Fat a ruthless killer.

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              • Ok I watched again tonight… only my third time and there is some dialogue I never could pick up. So after I get home and watch it with the sound blasting, I may ask for help. But I have not watched since the
                ‘sorry’ debate began. I
                think he does breathe the
                word. Whatever it was he ripped my heart out…

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            • We checked and rechecked, and “let´s go” is what I hear and see his mouth word. Also the subtitles say “let´s go” at that point.
              To me it´s more Steve finally putting behind the whole issue with Wo Fat, by saying those words. I see no need for him to be sorry. That bastard tortured him too many times and was a threat. Now it is over…or is it 😉


      • Absolutely. People are homeless for many reasons and not being able to socialize well like keep a job, or family is a major one. Some want to stay off the grid. Though I can’t see Jerry without his computers 😉


  4. Great review of an incredible episode. I had no doubt about how well Alex would perform in this episode, but i was unsure the writing would be up to par. I thought the transitions between real and alternate universe were great. I loved the focus on Steve’s relationship with his father. I really loved the alternate scene of him asking Wo Fat why he went after his father; it was the first view of pure emotional angst and fragility we get to see of Steve. Of course, we still don’t know why Wo Fat ever had any reason to go after Steve. Bad guys don’t have to have reasons for anything they do. I also noted that once again, Steve was being tortured for information he did not have.

    The twist was nothing amazing, as someone wrote that in fanfiction months ago, but i didn’t expect a twist to floor me. The revelation should continue to show repercussions for Steve though. Wonder when they will let him confront Doris?

    I just about burst into tears when Steve responded with sobs to finding out his father was dead.

    I’m wondering since the next episode (oh why do we have to wait 2 weeks?) is a family oriented one for Steve, whether we will see some mourning and healing. So many people are looking for Season 5 to step up its game, and i agree this would be a perfect springboard. The writers have brought in a lot to work on for the rest of the season (we still have two thirds of it left!), and the biggest disaster would be to ignore Steve and Danny’s stories.

    No need to bring in a long term villain yet, but Wo-Fat’s father will have to show up at some point.

    It is a shame that “normal” primetime television misses out on awards. Hawaii Five-0 is one of the better written major network shows; i don’t understand why it doesn’t get better ratings. i don’t want it to be over any time soon, but it will be interesting to see where Alex goes after this.

    So now as we come off this high, the fans are indebted to you guys to keep us satiated with great fan fiction!

    love my hawaii five-0 fan family!


    • LOL – I was laughing again at the total exaggeration of ‘a twist no one will see coming’. What twist? What shocker? That Doris raised Wo Fat when he was a kid? Please.

      I also think we don’t need a long term villain. Why so many people think that is beyond me. Just because it was in the old show doesn’t mean anything. I will be perfectly content with a new great villain every week. OR bring Adam to new levels. But I guess he will be killed off soon. IAD is a busy man, so I guess he won’t be in Five-0 a lot in the future. Maybe he marries Kono and they move to the mainland? Would fit with how they get rid of almost all female characters. 😉

      Not to worry, stories for this and more will come soon.

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  5. Great review. And yes, what a very stoopid reason for Wo to capture and torture again. Whoop de do, dad is missing…not McG’s fault and McG has pretty much proven he is way in the dark, and way behind Wo himself, in having a clue about Doris’s drama. But,maside from the entire premise making no sense, it was the best ep of the season for sure. Very emotional ep to watch for me. The torture scenes made me verrrry uncomfortable. The emo scenes just killed me. Alex is at the top of his game. The industry doesn’t seem to reward him, so I hope he hears about the fan reactions. Cos this man deserves a damn award.

    One of the most poignant bits to me, in the beach home movie…little Stevie running up to Mcdaddy yelling excitedly, Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad, over and over. So intense, so focussed, so excited, so McG … except that at that point in life, he was happy, safe, and blissfully unsuspecting of the hard ass life he was destined to have.

    The final scene is just killer. Alex needs to slap that sucker onto the front of his audition video cos whatever he’s up for, hire that man!!!


    • You’re right, that little Stevie was so McG already. I loved it. Besides from the chair-scenes and the end scenes, what also did me in was when he saw the accident report. Man, that was hard to watch. Also when he first saw the beach scene. The stunned look was so good.

      But we all mostly praise what he did as realSteve, I think his alternate Steve was equally good. The choked up question for the dying WF was just brilliant. As were all his facial expressions when he encountered yet another strange person, or discovered a new over the top Danny trait. I loved that Steve too.

      This episode will be one I will watch many more times. Such great entertainment all around. I just hope the show can at least partially hold this level of excellence. I know one person will. But the stories might not be up to par.


  6. I loved the episode for so many reasons but mainly for Alex O’Louglin. What he did last night was teach a class on how tobe a BAMF and look damn good even when he was being tortured. I don’t think I am alone in saying that I am so very very glad that in the alternate McG world he was calm and collected even when Danny was acting like a loose cannon and shall we say McG may have been hard ass but nothing that extreme. An episode with no whining was like a breath of fresh air. Who knows maybe the alternate McG world will turn out to be the real world and the real world will turn out to be the alternate world.

    One villain down, one question answered.but now I wonder where is Papa Fat, where has he been all this time and will he be out for revenge now that his son is dead. I also would like to know why Wo Fat was never upset that Doris killed his mother, a mother he never knew but he never knew his father either but that was his driving force. In all this time he never searched for her. Maybe it’s none of my business but PL always talks about how close he is with his father and that to me is wonderful but he never mentions his mother or if he did I missed it. Maybe that is what bothers me the most about the show, mother figures are either dead, crazy, or flighty and don’t seem to have a problem abandoning their children, Women on the show don’t seem to last, Doris left, Rachel left, Jenna killed, Mary messed up, Catherine left, Gabby left, Governor killed, the goves aid killed, now Aunt Deb dying of cancer, I guess we will have to settle for the token female Kono who more often than not is portrayed as a macho tomboy. Where do they go from here, what female will leave or die next.

    Alex deserves the highest praise for the phenomenal job he did, the writing was good, the music was good, everyone in my opinion did a good job. I guess this episode just felt too much like a series finale but let’s hope that won’t be anytime soon.


    • That right there was my problem with the show all along. The huge father issue they all seem to have. The writers and the EP. That is kind of overwhelming. And I think a bit too often handled on the show.

      I don’t feel like this was a shows finale, I think it was a celebration and a new beginning. I firmly believe we will at least get seven seasons. CBS invested a lot of money with the new studio and stuff. They make good money on the international marked, on the national market and for a Friday they have good ratings. At the moment they are in no danger of getting cancelled.

      The main characters have renewed their contracts, so no problems there either. I don’t see why they shouldn’t be renewed for the new season.


    • Thank you, Wanda! I have long believed, and annoyingly stated repeatedly, that PL has a serious issue with women. This ep grinds that stone again. Cops think about it now…what kind of MONSTER Doris is! She raised Wo and mourned losing him, then half way raised Steve, but abandoned him and Mary, to keep them safe? She ruined their lives! Mothers don’t abandon their kids. Or if she wanted them safe, she should’ve had the guts to face adult Wo and face his anger, rather than have him turn it on McDaddy and McG. Even once she knew Wo was out to hurt Steve, she stayed hidden…to keep HER safe, not him. He was the one tortured. Even after Wo went to prison, she visited him but kept McG dangerously in the dark, not even giving him enuf info to unfpderstand Wo’s anger…so he gets tortured FOR KNOWING NOTHING! Including where her sorry ass IS.

      I hate to hate a woman, because it is so cliche (and the whole Lori/Jenna/Cath fan dynamic proves that…women are our own worst enemies) especially on this misogynous show. But how else can we possibly feel about Doris at this point? There is no excuse for any of her behaviors except she was always covering her own ass, and her ass alone, little Stevie be damned. Now he’s had to kill his fake ass brother.

      For me, Lenkov should be ashamed for this story. He is lucky he hired Alex who can sell it. Alex could, as they say, sell ice to Eskimos.


      • The whole Doris story is total crap, and was from the get go. I truly liked CL playing her, but her character is the worst ever. If she felt her kids were not safe, she should either go active then and elimate the threat, or take her kids and husband and go into hiding with them. But you don’t pretend to be dead like that. What kind of person does that?

        And you are SO right about all the other things about her and Steve. He had to pay the price for her actions. Had to all along.
        But maybe that is what makes this character so great. Through all the crap he went through, he always stayed true to himself.

        PL is more than lucky to have Alex. He got us. Hook, line and sinker. 🙂


  7. I can’t write a long post right now but I totally appreciate all the time you put into both the post and the photos. Although I don’t understand why you felt it necessary to include ALL those pics. My suggestions should have been enough.

    Alex blew me away in this. He went through every emotion imaginable. I can’t begin to list all the excellent scenes in this.

    Yes parts were over the top. But that’s ok. ESS… I wish you hadn’t made your comment about Jerry. You were trying to make me feel sorry for him weren’t you? It sort of kind of worked… but I will get over it the next time he pisses me off. 🙂

    I do wish alex could know how much we appreciate this episode. He deserves tons of accolades. I hope the show recognises this.

    There are a ton of things I should say but it is late and I’m brain dead. I will have to say that I watched the show again tonight before reading your review, Sam. Just to remind me what it was about, you know. Not to look at the eye candy or anything. It was research only.

    Oh and those water boarding scenes.seemed all too real. Such good acting. And I know he was freezing…

    Do you want a grade? A plus plus! And Sam, freaking awesome isn’t a grade. 🙂


    • Hey, sure freakin’ awesome is a grade. The best there is. 😉 OK, fine, you want a grade? A plus with cream and cherry on top. How’s that?

      I think it’s kind of a shame that he doesn’t watch the end product, but on the other hand maybe it would be too hard to watch this after he went through it. But I truly hope he will learn how very much we all appreciate his hard work and how phenomenal he really was.

      All those torture scenes looked damn real. Even though his (Alex’s) life was not threatened I think they are extremely hard to film, and to walk away from. And now imagine you have to take a break from this intense filming to have some cake at the 100th episode ceremony. Amazing man. Truly.

      And I guess in the next episode we will hear that he got a cold from doing most of the episode being wet. Poor guy.

      So, how’s the snatching going? Little teaser here. I’ll be done tonight. 😉 No pressure. LOL


  8. I have to admit that this is the first time in a while I have marked A for the poll….but my goodness, this episode really really deserved it. Thanks for all the great photos, vids and comments , all of which I couldn’t agree with more. Excellent epsiode. Alex was absolutely fantastic in it. It finally felt like a really action packed, hold your breath style H50 episode at last. I thought we’d never get a good epsiode again but this one pulled out all the stops….this one was great!! I, just like you, fell in love with this series all over again with this episode. I haven’t felt as enthusiastic about it as this in a while!
    I don’t expect episodes like this every week, but for the rest of season 5, I certainly hope they aim more for this standard than the lower one we’ve been seeing up to now.
    Thanks again for the great review hon.


  9. Thanks so much for the great review Sam. I loved it – oh, and I love how you used “loved it” quite often 🙂
    Well yes, I seriously loved this episode from the very first minute to the last. I was blown away.
    Alex just took acting to a whole new level. And this is “just” a TV show… I am sure his star will be on the rise.

    I really appreciated all the details they used and you pointed out (the “wrong uniform, the mirrored images – on purpose I think, Jenna wearing the same clothes and necklace as in 2.10 etc. etc.). The put so much effort into preparing this episode and it shows. Did you read the tweets of director Larry Teng? Once you read these, you will praise the teams’ work and Alex’ art even more.

    I didn’t have a problem with the idea that Doris raised Wo Fat for a few years. It actually occurred to me months ago and someone else on fan fiction had the same idea. It’s IMO the only explanation that made sense. Never underestimate feelings of guilt. Doris would see Wo Fat in prison out of sentimentalism and maybe hoping to convince him to back off of Steve.
    Seeing how Steve reacted to the news was heartbreaking.
    Mark Dacascos played a great villain. In a way he will be missed.

    I loved all those AU scenes so much. Usually, this is not my cup of tea, but the way they played out in Steve’s drug riddled mind were absolutely great! I even liked Danno in this one 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, he was over the top, but seeing him through Steve’s eyes as someone who he wanted to be happy, was such a rare and refreshing thing.
    I can only second your thoughts on all characters. I also strongly believe it was Cath Steve is seeing. Since she was included in the montage in the end it felt true. Hopefully a step into the right direction.

    If this episode doesn’t open the door to a PTSD Steve soon, I don’t know what will.

    I have no complaints about this epsiode. I loved, LOVED it!It was great entertainment from beginning to end and Mr. AOL raised it to perfection. Definitely an A ++ !!
    I will rewatch alot, espcially to enjoy the gifted Alex over and over. If the pilot was probably my all time favorite so far, yes, me too might switch to 5.07 now.

    Thank you Sam, this review was really great, your work is truly appreciated!


    • Sunny, thank you so much. This review took me over twelve hours to finish. Mostly because of the screenshots and because I watched it on slow mo and bit by bit quite a lot. LOL

      You are so right, if this doesn’t bring out Steve’s psychological problem, well if not now we will never see it.

      No matter how the season was so far this ep gets an A plus plus with any stars on top. 🙂

      No, I don’t have a problem with Doris raising Wo Fat, I just think it’s lame and doesn’t warrant all the secrecy over all those years.

      I read the tweets last night after I posted the review, saw the post by Intense Study and just had to check it out before finally heading to bed at 2.30 a.m. 🙂 Great insight into the episode and all the details they paid attention to. It really showed.

      And yes, I also loved Danny in this one. Over the top and all. 😉

      You’re right, it is just a TV show, but this episode they took extra care of, and that and the extrodinary acting by Alex too it far beyond that.

      Thank you so much for reading and giving us your opinion. Believe me, I appreciate every single one commenter here on the blog.


  10. Thank YOU Sam! I love your reviews and even if I don’t always fully agree, I appreciate the time and efforts you put into writing these and I applaud the fact that you dare to voice an opinion, yet remain professional (which obviously not always everyone sees -lol).

    Looking forward to more of your work! 🙂


  11. I won’t start nickpicking at this episode. Yes, it had it’s flaws. I have no problem with the whole ‘our mom’ story. Not surprising but ok for me. My only big problem was the Danny/Hesse scene. Over the top, too much, ‘over’ written and overacted. But I get why Steve’s mind made Danny like that. Totally with you there!
    But, again, no nitpicking. I just can’t. Because the episode was so fricking amazing. Epic.
    And it was all about Alex O’Loughlin’s acting. Dear Lord(!)! I mean really… The range of vocal, body and facial expressions this man has is beyond me. From confusion, to shock, to memories, to physical pain, to emotional pain, to hate, to anger, to disgust, to desperation, to strength, to a total breakdown AND being at the same time an incredible athlete to portray Steve the SEAL the BAMF of all BAMFs in an absolutely believable, stunning and outstanding way!
    He OWNED that screen in every moment. He made the show his bitch. Honestly, this was one of the best things, scratch that, the best thing I’ve ever seen on TV. I was jumping up and down, screaming “Kill that bitch”, I ducked my head during his fight, I was swinging my fist with him, I was sobbing and choking and everything. I was drawn into the screen. I was THERE with him. That has never happened my whole TV-life. And it doesn’t get better watching it the second and third time. I am going to watch it again and again, every time I look forward to watch it again only to suffer with him again. When Steve is crying it’s the worst and the most perfect thing ever.
    But he killed him, he killed Wo Fat. Finally. Two times though! I’d wished that it would happen and I’m happy about it. I’m pretty sure a new arch nemesis will rise…
    I love that drugged Steve talked about Cath, I mean of course it was Cath he was talking about. I was so happy for all McRollers. That was well done.
    And may I say that I totally loved Grace Park’s expression as Steve asked for his father? That was real compassion. Also well done! My shipperheart was beaming!
    So, I don’t have to tell you my vote… If there would be A+++++ I would choose that. I didn’t even really notice that he had a bare chest; I simply was too drawn to all these emotions and Bamfness.
    All the praise for AOL is not enough. I hope someone will tell him about all the kudos to his acting.
    Because it was not acting, it was being in the moment, being Steve. Being the betrayed son, the abandoned son, being the SEAL, being the mourner, being the tortured, being the HUMAN.
    Geez, I can’t even type this post without getting misty eyes…
    Damn you O’Loughlin… never stop…

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  12. This is the only episode this season that I have been genuinely excited for. And let me tell you for once since probably 4.21 I didn’t feel like my expectations far exceeded the actual episode. I knew it would be good because of Alex but I had a feeling the writing would let me down. It didn’t. At least not enough for it to actually matter. Was the plot line a little ridiculous? Yes, but I can overlook that due to the sheer awesomeness of Alex O’Loughlin. He blew. my. socks. off. I wish the writers would give him better material like this more often (Not necessarily torture scenes but heavy emotional scenes or scenes that let him exercise his capabilities more because he is so so so much more than an action star or a pretty face that so many people make him out to be).

    I have already watched this episode probably 6 times since Friday and every time it is just as good as the first time. I loved the alternate reality. Seeing how Steve perceived everyone was great. Happy Danny was a little disturbing but not quite as annoying as real Danny. I have seen a lot of people comparing that Danny to Steve and that just pisses me off. Steve was never that over the top and never caused physical harm to somebody with his antics. He may have scared the half to death or caused some emotional scarring but nothing like Danny.

    I loved the looks on Steve’s face when he walked by Jenna Kaye at the hospital like he recognized her. Kamekona gave me a good laugh, I almost prefer that Kame to the real Kame. And the home video of little Stevie was just precious, you can tell that Steve worshipped his dad when he was a kid.

    I didn’t think the torture scenes were that difficult to watch either because I knew they were real, even though Alex did a fantastic job at making them look real. The look on his face when he was rescued and asked for his dad made my heart hurt for Steve. And when he started crying I was done for. Someone needs to give Alex an award for that episode. I hope someone shows him all the tweets and praises he got for that because he doesn’t ever get the recognition he deserves for his acting ability. And the fact that they shot those scenes during the 100th episode celebration and had to take a break from filming to go eat cake and act happy and then delve back into it with the heavy emotions is just amazing to me.

    I for one and glad that Wo Fat is dead. That arc got old 3 seasons ago. I will miss Mark Dacasco because he did a fabulous job as Wo Fat but that story was just a mess by the end of season 2. I kind of hope they don’t do any more main villains after this or if they do they draw it out so much. The writers wrote themselves into a corner I think with the whole Wo Fat/Doris thing. I have a feeling though that Wo Fat’s dad is going to be the next big villain. I don’t care if they bring back Doris, actually I hope they don’t. All she does is cause pain for Steve and the writers haven’t done a good job with her character.

    I liked the montage at the end but the hurt/comfort fan in me wishes they would have used the last 3 minutes for a scene with Steve in the hospital being visited by the team like the did with Chin and Kono when they were both hurt and just put the montage in a music video for fans online.

    I really really hope that after this they go into Steve’s PTSD issues. If the man doesn’t have PTSD after that then there is no hope for the show ever going into it. I have a feeling though that the next episode he will be just fine. Although it does look like they at least attempted to add some sort of faint scar or healing wound from the graze to the forehead in the promo pics for next episode. Hard to tell though.

    All in all this episode was just fricken awesome.


  13. Brilliant recap Sam! Very observant. I really didn´t pick up on all those tiny details. My eyes were having a feast on Dat Body, to pay too much attention to other stuff. I really loved the alternate universe, I always hoped for something different to happen in H50. And I don´t usually care for Danny but this time that hospital scene, with crazy Danny waving his gun around while Steve was quite conserned, I was laughing out loud. I can´t believe there were viewers who thought it was over the top. It´s like they forgot that this was Steve hallucinating, like in dreams, we mix stuff from our today and past, and they usually don´t make that much sense. I really hope for more of Steve´s dreams, as long as they are this much fun to watch. The music they had playing for Kamekona´s jail visit, set the tone for a hilarious scene too, so much fun to watch 🙂
    It hit me as an afterthought, that maybe Jerry was living on the street because in the previous epi his mom sold his home, and he lost his basement.
    Ps the secret of Doris, if this was it, stepson WF, was lame as you said. I always thought Lenkov set himself an impossible task to come up with a mindblowing story, and I never expected him to deliver such. I simply ignored this storyline. I hope it is now over with.
    Pps I thought the writers were “clever” not to mention who Steve was referring to, in that scene about dating someone. Clearly show is over with Cath, but they just can´t bring up Ellie this soon. Especially with Peter claiming they are just friends.

    Well done Sam, I l really loved your recap 🙂


  14. OK, I am home now and managed to watch this show for the fifth time, but the first time with the sound ALL the way up. First time I watched, my grandson was asleep on the couch next to me , then the next night I watched with both kids asleep and their dad in the next room studying and I wanted to stay quiet. The third and fourth times, I enjoyed it with an 18 month old running around the house, so there was a lot of stop and start on the recorder… last night it was ALL me.

    I do have one thought on the scene with Steve and Dad sitting near the ocean. That flashes right after Steve and Wo Fat shoot each other near the end. In my mind, Steve is in that limbo somewhere between life and death and he “sees” his dad. Dad is dead but lets Steve know that he is glad he is back at home and doing the job that he is doing.

    At least in my own little universe, that is the reason Steve flashes to that scene after he has told Danny he is leaving. And he is dressed casually like he’s just at home, off duty. Home is where Dad makes his appearance. And it’s OK, you can tell me I’m nuts. I accepted that a long time ago. 🙂


    • Five times, huh? 🙂
      Well, I don’t think you’re nuts at all. If the drugs didn’t put him on the brink, then the shot to the head did for sure. That was a nasty gash.
      Steve had seen his dad before. In 3.15. Maybe it’s kind of the same here.
      Or maybe he accepted Danno’s invitation to join him at HPD, and he stayed in HI back in his hallucination, and his dad is just glad to have him back.
      But I also like your version. Whatever it was, he woke up to a world without his dad. Just seconds ago he was with him and then he wasn’t. Just imagine his state of mind in that moment. Doped up on who knows what kind of drugs, took a fire extinguisher to the head, and was shot in the head. Well, if that head had been clear he really had to be Superman. 😉


  15. Steve loves to be in control and in the AU, being driven around is not him. He loves to drive and as Danny says doesn’t, like to be driven around and loves to be the one driving.

    But really the 100th episode will be a favorite of mine no matter what. Love the AU!


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