Hawaii Five-100

It’s Friday, November 7;, the day episode 100 will air. I think that is worth a few words.

First of all, one hundred episodes is a pretty big accomplishment for a show. Yes, there are many shows that reached this mark, but for every single one of them there are hundreds that didn’t. It is an accomplishment to get to the 5th season.

My congratulations for that to ALL the people involved making this show. There are simply too many to even start naming them. I think they are all important and all contribute to the success of the show.


And second, I want to thank this show for more than four years of great entertainment.

I love this show, despite the fact that I rave and rant about it at times. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love it. I do. Season five has a few things that I think are not right, are actually really wrong, and I’m really miffed about some of it. But I still love the show.

And I certainly love the fact that I loved this show the last four years. It brought such joy and happiness to my home. I learned a lot of new things and new skills because of it. I met wonderful people because of it.

I just loved watching it. I still do.


Was every one of those 99 episodes great and without flaw? NO, of course not. Did I rant and rave about some of them? Yeah, sure. And be sure I will keep doing so. On the good and the bad.

I always try to point out the good stuff, too. And there is plenty in Five-0. And hopefully season five will find their way back to being great.

So far, season 5 can’t hold a candle to season 4. It has nothing to do with the execution of the show, or the actors. No, it’s only one thing. Contingency. They totally lost it after the end of last season.


But the lack of it is not what this post is about. This is about a show that reached a great milestone. And I just wanted to share my happiness about it. Wanted to share my love for a show I hope will get back to what they have been the last four seasons for me.

The show I got up for at an ungodly hour to watch it.


I hope we will get far beyond the 100. But I think for that there need to be changes. And I hope that if the show will continue, that Alex O will get more creative freedom and that they will give him the chance to see his input about his character come to life.

And right now it is the time to put all the frustration about some of the things of season 5 aside and to simply enjoy and celebrate episode 100 of Hawaii Five-0.

I hope everyone will have a blast tonight.

One thought on “Hawaii Five-100

  1. It IS a great accomplishment to reach 100 episodes. And while this is insignificant to anyone but me, this is the ONLY show I’ve ever been willing to watch a remake of. I settled in to watch the pilot episode, convinced they could never do any justice to the legend and lore of Five-0 as I’d grown up knowing it. Much to my surprise, I found the blend of old Five-0 and spinning their new angles worked magically.

    And like you, I hope they will regain the solid footing they seem to have lost since the end of season 4 and that we will be able to enjoy Five-0 for a long time to come. My hat is off to AOL, DDK, cast and crew for a memorable job well done.


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