Rebooting the Reboot


Before I will post the review for 5.06 let’s reflect on season 5 for a minute.

Just imagine you had never seen Five-0 in the last four years, and for some odd reason you decided to start with 5.01. So, for a moment try to forget all you have learned about the team, about the cases, about their development.

You with me so far? Good.

If you were a newbie what would you get? A pretty cool show, with lots of action, decent cases and interesting characters.

You would encounter a really cool leader of an interesting team.


You would learn that he lost his father in 2010, but was cool with it. Who has good memories of his dad who was a cop himself and left him a strange box Steve kept in his garage along with an old car he worked with his dad on when he was a kid. Good memories all around.


And you would be happy to learn that he met an interesting woman, one who he obviously likes. Maybe there will be more for them in their future. They are cute together, right?


What else would you take from season 5 so far?

That one of the boys drives a Mustang and that IA is after him. The muscle car you might find a little ridiculous, at least he looks like a man in his first midlife-crisis and tries to compensate with a car fit for a spoiled teenager. At least if the car were black. Oh well.


You learn about a new member of Five-0 who came to Hawaii form Chicago and was recruited by Five-0 right away.


Then we have a female member whose biggest problem seems to be if she should marry her rich boyfriend or not.


And last but not least we finally have one with a few problems. Not just a criminal brother who got killed, nope Danny also became a murderer. But that was all cool, because the bad guy deserved it. Poor Danny only has a problem because he feels guilty that he let his brother get away with his crimes a few years ago.


And we have some interesting, if nerdy and at times annoying supporting characters.

So, all in all we have a bunch of happy go lucky people who solve the crimes on the island and have a pretty good life otherwise. Right?


NOW, reality hits you. You are not that newbie. You have watched and supported this show the last four years. You have worried about them, you fell in love with them.

You helped carrying this show to one hundred episodes and hopefully beyond that. You have a history with this show. Just like these characters have a history.

The cool leader, Steve McGarrett, is not that happy guy you have seen so far. He just lost the woman he loves. Uh, there was a woman in his life? Yeah, we know that he had a woman in his life long before we even met him in 2010.

And we know that he’s not cool with his father’s murder. And we know that his mother was supposedly dead for 20 years, and is also missing for over a year now. And we know that a dangerous criminal is out to get him. That he has an arch enemy who he battled with in the last four years.

Huh, sounds all kind of strange, doesn’t it. No word on all that in season 5 so far.

And what about the guy in his Mustang? Where did his Harley suddenly go to? How could he even afford the new car? Maybe the insurance money from his killed wife? What? He was married and lost his wife? Yeah, imagine that. And he’s a murderer, too. Also killed the guy responsible for his wife’s death in cold blood. But don’t worry, he never really mourned her death, and he has a new love interest. Which we might or might not see again. You never know with Five-0.

And the new guy from Chicago? Well, he didn’t come to the islands because of the nice weather. Nope, he also has a pretty dark history.

And the cop/surfer girl? Well, her rich boyfriend actually was/is the head of the Yakuza and she spent the better half of season 4 looking for him. Looking for a boyfriend who kidnapped her, duct taped her and threatened to kill her boss. But hey, who cares? He’s the best thing that ever happened to her.

And Danny? Well, Danny is pretty much just Danny.


Why am I even writing all this?

Because I feel season 5 so far is a betrayal to all the fans who carried this show for so long. It’s a slap in their faces. It’s pretty clear that they don’t care about our investment into their characters, into their show.

They rebooted the show with the 5th season and simply erased at least one character that was important to Steve for so many years. A character that many came to love.

A team member who helped finding Adam. A part of Five-0, but most importantly a part of Steve. None of his friends even seem to care. But why should they? He doesn’t seem to care.

And that is very unlike the Steve we have known for the last four years. He cares for people, all people. But especially the ones he considers his friends and family. People he loves.


I am sorry, but this bunch of happy people is not the show I fell in love with. They made a cut after season four and simply ignore the development that happened so far. They say they will deal with it at some point. What kind of crappy excuse is that for what we’re seeing right now? You can’t just turn off your feelings of guilt, of loss and mourning until it is more convenient. That is not how life works.

I think this is poor writing regarding the characters.


As I said if you came to this show just now, you would most likely really like it. But all the other fans should see that there simply is no contingency from season four. And to say it mildly… that pisses me off.

YES, I still love the show. But it gets harder and harder to overlook how the show butchers the characters into something unrecognizable. And all the people saying they don’t see it. Well, I’m sorry, but they must be blind on both eyes, or they simply don’t care..

This show we’re getting is still a good crime show, but it for sure is not the show it was the past four years.

And I think that is a shame. It’s a shame that they started great character stuff, and now they simply ignore and erase it.

And to make it really clear, I’m not miffed because Cath is gone. No, that’s not it. Yes, I loved Cath and Steve. But it was their decision to take her out. And I won’t speculate on why. I’m OK with it. Happens all the time. But they owe it to the characters, to Steve and Cath, and yes, damn it, to us fans to give this closure.

I don’t even mind the new girl. I really like her. And I can see her with Steve. I’m good with that.


I am not good with what they are doing to the characters in season 5 so far. That is simply not right. Not addressing what happened last season is not right. And in my eyes it is way too late to make it feel right even if they were to start with it now.

Do you want to hear my suspicion, I have deep down, why they didn’t address Catherine at all this season? Do you? Trust me, you don’t. As a hint, watch the promo for 5.07 again. 😉

OK, this was my pre-review rambling. I simply couldn’t ignore my mind screaming at me any longer. It had to come out.

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  1. I only have a thing to say! Just THANK YOU!
    You concluded pretty much what I was thinking.
    Yes I love the show. I’m still gonna watch it BUT it’s not the show I loved!
    It’s not the show I fell in love with from. The first episodes!
    It’s NOT the characters we loved and developed through the last 4 seasons!
    Lenkov should really do something cause this isn’t the five o we know and love!
    As for Catherine’s speculation, I would love to hear it! I have a few of my own!
    Thanks for writing this amazing article!
    It sums I think most of what the series fans think!

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    1. Thank you, Rosie,

      I don’t know what most fans think, so I speak only for myself. It’s good when people agree, but also cool if they don’t. As you know many people, many views. 😉

      I just had to put my view out there.

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      1. Yes you are perfectly right, I’m just super happy that someone got it out already!
        Btw what did you mean about the promo and catherine? I re watched it and I didn’t understand :/


  2. I know what you’re referring to but I’m not sure because spikes?? Not quite her style. My thoughts led me to the new gal!! We’ll find out soon won’t we!

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      1. Sam, You said watch the promo again. Near the end, we see Steve tied in the chair, to his left is a shot of woman’s spiked heel boot and a man’s foot in front of him. I thought you were referring to Cath as the mystery woman in the boot. But as I said I was thinking more along the lines of Ellie. Sorry didn’t mean to confuse you!


          1. Oh, and I don’t think that Steve’s torturer is Cath. I think the actress playing the torturer was at Sunset on the Beach this year.

            I’m being cryptic to not spoil things.

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  3. Good analysis!!! I agree with everything you said. With one caveat- I don’t want closure to Steve and Cath (you prob already know that 😉). If closure is what they had planned they should have given it to us in season 4, in a multi-episode arc, not a crappy one-off ep related to something we’ve never heard about before. Hell, the way it was written Steve never heard the story of this family who saved Cath- a family that she owed her life to. Anyway-rambling again- a multi episode arc to say goodbye to a character many love still would have sucked (because she was leaving), but it would have been the closure the fans deserved. Instead, we’ll probably get some one off line from Steve when he is in bed with this new girl about how Cath broke his heart. Well, Lenkov, CBS, 5-0 writers YOU have ruined two characters that we love and broken our hearts.

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    1. Oh, CocoPuffy,

      when I talk about closure I don’t mean kill her off, send her off, or say good bye to her. Closure for me can go all kinds of ways. I would love to see her coming back. I still think Steve and Cath were one of the best couples on TV.
      Closure for me is addressing her absence, give closure to this storyline. That can mean for her to come back and get back into Steve’s life in some way. I don’t think though that would be so easy at this point. They need to TALK when she comes back. IF they can’t get her back, then give us a decent sent off. Not this one shot we got with 4.21. That felt very much like they pulled it out of the hat, and did a pretty poor job with a backstory for all of it.

      You’re right, Steve doesn’t look or act any kind of heartbroken, does he? He’s hiding it pretty good. It just sucks that they ‘resolve’ all those issues off screen. That is not good writing in my eyes. Don’t start something you can’t or won’t finish. That is simply bad planning.

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  4. I’m sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear, I wasn’t saying they should kill Cath off. They actually could still have had Cath stay behind in Afghajnistan, but they should have addressed that storyline in earlier eps. Showed scenes of her talking to someone on the phone, had some scenes of Steve and Cath mentioning it. And their ILY should have been face to face, but I won’t even start with that.


  5. Lol. No I didn’t think you meant that all. Though sometimes, I have to think maybe that would have been a better option considering what we’ve been left with. Don’t shoot me for saying that “out loud”.


    1. No, I won’t shoot you. I said that last season, and I still stand by it. Storywise it would have been the better option. What we’re having right now is just dragging it out without a solution in sight. It’s rather pathetic. If you want her out, take her out. If not, don’t put the relationship in limbo.


  6. Well said. It’s clear to me, from what I’ve heard, that the plan is to erase Cath from the canvas. Like you said in your post, new fans won’t know Steve is in love with a woman name Cath or that she worked at 5-0. From what I understand, there have been plenty of perfect opportunities to mention her and they havent done it. Cath was a part of all their lives-in a big way for the last 2 years and none of them say her name. The fact that she is not part of the 100th episode speaks volumes. It’s quite sad.

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  7. Agh! Thank you for your little rant cos you are so totally completely 100% right! SOMETIMES parts of current Show have been good but a lot of it is dull as dishwater and the jarring disconnect between this McGarrett and our McGarrett is just bone-achingly sad. 😦

    And I got no clue what your Cath suspicion is but I cannot imagine, myself, that PLenkov has any decent thing in mind. He apparently hates MB so much that he has transferred his loathing to fans of the character he created and she played…and I’m not so sure he respects Alex one tiny little bit either, given his treatment of the McG character reboot this season.

    I look forward to #100 with as much trepidation as enthusiasm. What travesty will he concoct? Or will he finally try to right the BS he’s created? Does he even have the talent to get back on track? I’ve seen RIPD a btw, so… Hmm. 😉


    1. Well, my worry is that PL will make Cath out to be a character who was just playing Steve all along. There is a woman in the promo in the scene when Steve is in the chair stuck with IVs. I wouldn’t put it past him to make that woman to be Catherine. That would be a total shocker and a twist no one sees coming. It would be the ultimate betrayal of Steve and the fans. It would make me sick.

      And no, I don’t think he has any respect at least for his own characters. The way he treats them. I can’t say anything about the actors, I don’t know their interaction, so everything I can say would be a reflection of snippets I hear and see. From some of the stuff he says or better not says on twitter. That is always free for interpretation. 😉

      The big 100. Well, I’m sure some of it will be awesome and blow our minds, but some of it will most likely not fit into the show or the characters at all. But we will see. And if it will be as epic as he says it will be. I will be the first to congratulate him on it. But he’s the one who thinks The Claw was epic. 😉 So, most of the time his epic and my epic are worlds apart.

      And yeah, I’ve seen RIPD. Let’s not talk about that. 😉

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      1. OMG if PL so much as insinuates that Cath has been playing Steve all along…ugh…I don’t know what to say next. That is a true slap in the face to Cath fans. Guess it wouldn’t shock me though – he seems to like slapping ppl who don’t fawn all over him and his “vision”.


        1. Hey cocopuffy , I checked in imdb about this episode and Michelle is not in the list of the actors starring so I guess it won’t be catherine. But there is another woman that we see for the first time there so she could be the one with the hills.


          1. LOL – If they really wanted it to be Cath, I mean the big twist, they for sure wouldn’t put her name on IMDB. They wouldn’t even film it in Hawaii. AND she doesn’t even need to be there. They filmed the whole scene in 4.08 with Kono without GP even being there. Alex told us in the commentary.
            They don’t need MB to be there for it to be Catherine. Just saying.


            1. Ohhh I didn’t know that! It would be the best twist though! As much as I love her character and I want her back I wouldn’t like her working with Wo fat unless she was undercover!


          2. Thanks for looking RosieS. I didn’t think Michelle was going to be in the ep. I was more concerned that PL would just refer to Cath in a negative manner.


  8. Maybe I’m in denial about Catherine leaving but I’m holding onto all hope that she will come back. That would be the ultimate storyline.

    I hope governor Denning comes back too. I like him heaps better than governor Jameson

    I hope at least Catherine still gets a mention from time to time.

    I think the relationship between Steve and Ellie is just s friendship.

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  9. It’s add if you pulled the thoughts right out of my head. This isn’t the show that I’VE been watching for four seasons… and it’s like they’re all in an alternate universe. I don’t care if people loved or hated Cath, or Doris or LORI (ok yes.. if people liked Lori then I seriously question their judgement. She was an awful awful character, lol. ) But they HAPPENED and you can’t just pretend that they didn’t because the main characters are borne from those experiences. This season I feel like TPTB think we’re all stupid and gullible and HOW DARE WE scratch our silly little heads and say “huh? ” AND on top of that we’ve got the protectors of all things H50 who then deride us for daring to question the “genius” EP.
    You’re absolutely correct, This show, the one we’re being shown now, isn’t half bad .. IF you’re one of the people who hasn’t watched it since season 2 because YOU didn’t like the way the characters progressed. OR if you don’t really care about the characters and just want to see the pretty and Hawaii. H50 had never been a thinking man’s show (although it often tried to be) but this season they REALLY don’t want us to think at all. Just sit and watch the performances and the scenery.

    And I haven’t even SEEN the latest episode. But I’m sure it’s just like the last 5… an interesting enough show, But full of characters that are strangers to me.

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    1. I love you. 🙂

      *This season I feel like TPTB think we’re all stupid and gullible and HOW DARE WE scratch our silly little heads and say “huh? ” AND on top of that we’ve got the protectors of all things H50 who then deride us for daring to question the “genius” EP.*

      ROFL – yeah THOSE people.

      Lori. I know she was ‘hated’ by most, and I was not a friend of her, but I thought a little better written she could have been an enrichment of the show. But I think they took her on and had no idea what to do with her. And that is what made her awful. And the fact that she was put on Five-0 as kind of a spy, but they never ever followed up on that. Contingency, anyone? Suddenly in 2.16 they remembered why she had been there in the first place. I have my opinion about the actress, but that is not for an open platform. LOL

      Watch 5.06, it’s really not bad.

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      1. Love you too Sam 😉💞

        The only reason I haven’t watched is because I’m out of town. I plan to watch. Ive watched every single episode, and until this season, all episodes multiple times. This season nothing is worth spending another 43 minutes of my life watching it. Maybe the 100th, maybe.

        I have a theory about season 5 and the EP. I think this whole retooling was a deal he made when he inked HIS new 2 year deal with CBS. THAT’S when everything started changing – January 2014. I shall think that’s why he’s particularly pissy when he gets questioned about it. Because I don’t think this was his grand plan fire the direction of the show – oh, I think he puts parts of his grand plan in when he feels he can get it in there, But no way no how was this the show mythology he originally envisioned. Nope. He sold out. Big time

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          1. True!

            I just keep remembering the SOTB interview with DDK and he said “I have no idea where were going this year. I’ll just go asking for whatever ride the writers take chin on” <<< or something like that. I remember thinking "uh oh… even DDK doesn't know what's going on"

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            1. All their interviews were very telling. It gave the feeling of being there for the ride but not really interested or involved.

              I’m mean saying to the question of what is most exciting about the 5th season “still being employed”, or to say “I’ll play what the writers dish out”, is pretty telling.

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                1. LOL!!! You and Sam are on fire, KIm! Nodding my head to everything…except I liked Lori well enuf. 😆
                  Wasn’t wedded to her or anything and agree they effed up her whole reason for being there, but didn’t hate her. I feel that her fail, and frankly Doris’s, Mary’s and ultimately Cath’s, was a result of the serious misogyny amongst some fans and frankly rather shared by the EP…women as objects not as real humans. Only the male characters on 5-0 have actual souls. Tho apparently they’ve all sold their souls off to the Devil, or the EP, this season… 😉


  10. Wow. You nailed it. I only hope that someone with the show would read this. I keep hoping something will change soon but I am beginning to have my doubts.

    Great analysis.

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  11. Thank you! I was beginning to think it was just me (and we’ve only seen 2 episodes here in the uk so far). The complete lack of Ohana is incredible! The writers created it so well during series 1-3 and it seems to have slowly disappeared during the second half of season 4 and even at the beginning felt slightly forced. The carguments between Steve and Danny got more difficult to listen to as the season went on because they got more and more personal and Danny more and more catty!
    The whole exit of Cath felt forced and completely out of place. As much as I would have HATED it, if they are now just going to ignore what was a relationship lasting well before we met either character, I would have preferred they killed her off. It would have sucked and I would have been cross but what we are getting at the moment is so out of character for Steve but also the others. As you say, she was part of their Ohana and is being completely ignored. I’m still hoping she will come back but I’m a hopeless romantic really 😉
    The other character that seems to have been forgotten is Grace. She was hardly in the latter part of season 4 and when she was it felt like an after thought. What’s happened to her being an important part of their Ohana and the centre of her father’s world?
    I have re watched season 3 recently with my mum as she is catching up with the rest of us on the whole H50 thing and I have to say I enjoyed those episodes so much more than I have the last few. It was more than just another crime show, the characters had feelings, relationships and a bond and that added to the crime aspect of the show. At the moment it kinda feels like a bunch of people who don’t really know or care about each other doing a job 😦

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    1. You are not alone. 😉

      About Grace. I don’t mind her not being in the show. I think she was in way too much anyway. I was never that interested in the Danno/Grace part. Sorry, but for me this ‘Grace-is-my-whole-world’ stuff was just too much for me. I’m cool with her not being in the show.

      About the Ohana feeling this season. Constantly saying “You’re Ohana” doesn’t make it so. I’m sorry, but I don’t have that feeling this season at all. Like you said, just a bunch of people doing a job and then going their separate ways. Nothing more. No Ohana there at all.
      The only moment for me was in 5.01 when they all went to pick up Steve from the hospital, but then his best friend thought it more important to drive his stupid car than to make sure his shot partner got home OK. They handed Steve off to Jerry of all people. Very Ohana of them. 😉

      And the carguments, they are mostly just nasty. Danny has become this nasty character who uses every chance to hurt his partner. At least in season 4. Some of what he was spewing out was way below the belt and in my eyes unforgivable. Not even a friend from New Jersey should talk like that to a friend.
      In season 5 he was not that much there to say anything about it really. But as most people know, I don’t like Danny, so I don’t really care if he’s there or not. I think when he’s not there the team is better. Smoother, calmer, more efficient, But that is just me.

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      1. I agree completely. I much prefer the Steve / Grover banter than the Danny / Steve stuff. It used to be fab but as you say, it’s got nasty and that’s no fun to watch!
        We have only had 2 episodes of season 5 here and to be honest watching hasn’t been top of my priority list which says something about how I felt about 5.01 as 4.01 I’d watched about 100 times by the time 4.02 aired 😉
        I have no idea where they are going with it all, I just hope they know what they are doing as from this angle it’s looking like they have completely lost the plot! Glad I get warned about it all from you guys amd your reviews though as I hate surprises!!!

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  12. I think you covered the bulk of my thoughts regarding season 5. If I were coming to season 5 as a first time watcher, I actually don’t think I would go so far as to say it was even a good crime show. I would probably say, “Wow! Who’s that hot guy playing Steve McGarrett” but then click to another channel. The show is a train wreck now. The characters are disjointed and discombobulated. There is no Ohana involved. And while I realize that some folks who watch don’t like secondary characters such as Kamekona, et al (and they should be kept in limited doses) they have come together with the main cast in seasons past to create awesome Ohana-feel episodes. I think of episodes like the Thanksgiving one from last year (I think it was last year) and I *feel* the family atmosphere and it just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Aside from AOL and of course the high action he contributes, the key selling point of the show has been the routine major and secondary characters that gave the show it’s sense of family feel.

    There is not a shred of that in season 5. And frankly, there is nothing they can do to fix it. I miss Catherine greatly. Yes, they’ve completely ignored this storyline all season, but there’s nothing they can do to dig themselves out of the hole they’ve created. Steve McGarrett would not have been cowed by some higher ranking officer who threatened him if he came back to the Middle East. Likewise, if they kill Catherine off, the Steve McGarrett I know would not just take officials’ word for it–like with Freddie, he’d want PROOF. And he wouldn’t have been sitting on his hands all this time with apparent amnesia about his many years long relationship with her. If nothing else, I can’t help but wonder what the conversation would have been like that Steve was bound to have had with Catherine’s Navy father who probably wondered why the hell Steve didn’t at least talk Catherine out of that mission. Because I got the impression over the years that Steve had a cordial relationship with Catherine’s parents, even if they weren’t close. So many opportunities the show has had to do the right thing and they haven’t taken a single one.

    And I won’t even get started on Danny’s amnesia about being a cold blooded killer.

    I don’t know what the show’s ratings are, but I’ll be surprised if the show lasts past season 5 or very long thereafter. I’d love to be wrong, but they’ve already inflicted irreparable damage. As you say, fans (at least a lot of us) have been emotionally invested in the characters all these years. To have them throw all that away in season 5 is like being betrayed. Yes, I know. It’s “only” a TV show. But I see no point in watching a show if you are NOT going to be emotionally invested. Anything else is a waste of time.

    P.S. I must’ve missed it–I guess I was thinking the Mustang was Grover’s.

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    1. I do agree that Steve would not sit idly by and do nothing to help his GF. But I do disagree about him staying in Afghanistan or going back there. He has enough common sense to know that wouldn’t help anyone. Not Cath, not their relationship, not him. BUT he would do everything in his power to help from afar. He would move heaven and earth to call in favors left and right to help his girl. But the show is ignoring that completely.

      And that is their biggest mistake, and what destroys the great character they have created over the years.

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      1. Season 5 is only up to nearly episode 7 the writers do tend to work this way by leaving things unresolved in some episodes and them later go back to add to them which in turn creates more episodes and suspense.

        They have laid the bones and yes do go back and fill in the gaps at times. I’m sure they know what they are doing.

        If Cath does come back I don’t think it will be until near the end of the season. Just my thoughts on this anyway.

        My only dislike of season 5 is Jerry. I haven’t adjusted to him yet


        1. That may be so, but this is not something you, as in real life, could put on hold to come back to later. Steve was almost decapitated, he lost the woman he loves. You don’t put that on hold for seven episode to address it at some point when it is more convenient. You deal with it until it is resolved. You don’t put it aside and never talk about it. Everyone on Five-0 ignores it. As if nothing ever happened.

          And they don’t create suspense. They only create frustration.

          That is just negligent on their part. And yes, they know what they are doing as individuals, but the red line they have lost this season.

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          1. Yes I get what you’re saying but I still think Steve’s PTSD symptoms will resurface again in an episode.

            I noticed something of it in episode 5.06 when he was at the mirror adjusting his tie before going to visit his dad’s gravesite. It was like he heard distant voices or sounds. Flashbacks are part of PTSD symptoms

            I know we all want Cath to come back but I don’t think Thats going to happen yet. Steve is trying to resume a life. He knows Catherine isn’t dead and he knows she’s doing what she was trained to do.

            I don’t expect continuing episodes of one issue or for an issue to be resolved in one episode like the Brady bunch. But I still think the way episodes are done works well as it leads to more episodes along the way.

            Just my thoughts on this any way I feel very blessed to be a fan now for what’s nearly 100 episodes


            1. You mean 5.05. I think he just reflected on that was once his dad’s bedroom, or maybe he even thought about Cath. Who knows.

              By the way, how does he know Cath is not dead? Did you see more than we did? 😉

              Yes, he should try to resume his life, but WE need to see something. Some tidbit about Cath. Something that he’s at least thinking about her. That the team is missing her.


              1. I agree. I do feel Cath should get a mention somewhere or even a photograph of her pops up. Anything would be nice.

                As for Cath not being dead and Steve knowing that. Well we know from 4.21 that she stayed back in Afghanistan. And there was brief mention of her in 4.22

                But I truly do believe that if Steve got word that Cath had died then I’m sure it would be shown and as fans we would all feel that pain too..


      2. Very well said. PL and CBS should read that. I think they are getting a lot of backlash for how they’ve handled the whole thing. Sadly, I don’t think they care.


  13. In addition to Kimphin1’s comments about selling out, I feel like TPTB read the H50 TL on twitter and take that as what people want. and how many of you feel… unwelcome on that timeline?

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    1. If you wanna puke visit the H50 #. Ugh.

      If one doesn’t agree with everything the EP does or say, or kiss the ground he walks on, one gets attacked by otherwise normal people. Very strange phenomena.


        1. Sometimes I worry that those people are a mirror of the general population. That is a scary thought.

          I will never understand how people can be so intolerant and hate on people who believe in something else. Hating on others doesn’t make your point of view more right. It only makes you look ridiculous. Sad really.

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  14. I think the question is, why are they doing this? What are their expectations? What they intend with this radical change to the show? these are questions that every week makes me feel more confused, and a bit terrified lol
    Thank you very much for exposing this in a clear and obvious way. well done!

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  15. I don’t think Catherine will be made out to be playing Steve the whole time. I do think we won’t get any kind if closure, which quite frankly sucks.

    I loved Cath and Steve together. They were such a real grown-up couple.

    I’m not sure I see much beyond friendship with Steve and Ellie yet. But the possibility is there. Since I don’t think I’ll get the closure I want, it would be a distant second best. I do like that Ellie is tangentially related to Steve ‘ s world, but not centrally involved in it. I had kind of feared a love interest for Steve that was just a pretty girl like Amber. Ellie seems like an age appropriate professional woman.

    I’m not convinced that the EP or most of the writers watch the show. Which I think is a big part of the problem. (The cast doesn’t either and that doesn’t help either.) They kind of miss the forest for the trees. Continuity suffers in the search for big moments.

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    1. “I’m not convinced that the EP or most of the writers watch the show. Which I think is a big part of the problem. (The cast doesn’t either and that doesn’t help either.) They kind of miss the forest for the trees. Continuity suffers in the search for big moments.”
      YES YES 1000x YES. I think stuff happens in the EP’s head and never makes it to the screen .. and then he wonders why people don’t get it.


      1. I think lots of stuff in people’s heads never make it to the screen. I’m also not sure how much agreement there is about what stuff means between different parts of the production team.

        My brother-in-law is a film maker. It’s been small budget indie flicks. At the premier of his movie, I discovered that not everyone on the production team seemed to agree about what some things meant. It was fascinating. So I don’t think it’s uncommon. But these guys get paid an awful lot more.

        To be clear, I don’t blame the cast for not watching the final product, but I feel like the number of people who actually watch what ends up on tv who aren’t just fans is small.


  16. Thank you for putting in words what i feel about season 5 of H50. For four years they made me invest my time and feelings about these characters, especially about the central piece of the show, Steve McGarrett. I am a fan but i have sense of critique and i don’t like the way they are treating the storyline and the characters. When i watched at Alex and Daniel’s answers at the SOTB, i had a bad feeling, but i never thought that the writing was so “different” (i’m being polite). I’m not liking the course of this season. Some people say that we should be patience because it’s a long season – 25 episodes, but i have to say short or long, please write it well. I believe that next week we will have an awesome episode, with Alex doing a terrific performance, but it will not erase the bitter beginning of this season.

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  17. Very interesting thoughts here. I actually kept thinking the same, after a few episodes this season, that perhaps we were meant to think that none of the stuff in season 4 happened. Mostly Cath related storyline. Imagine if all of this season passes without any mention to her, whatsoever! Wow!
    I think PL pays too much attention to tweets, he shouldn´t let them dictate the stories. Or did he sign a deal with other “powers” telling where to go with H50?
    Maybe they just made these first 6 episodes as “fillers” and they want to start the real season 5 with the 100th epi? Leaving all the stuff we want answers to, to be solved or addressed in it…hmmm. They made such a big deal with it, even having SOTB coinciding with the filming.
    I am quite certain I will enjoy 5.07 more than this season so far. I like it when it is different to their regular COTW. And fake blood has never looked better than on Alex 😀
    If 5.07 leaves us with WTF feelings, it will be interesting to read the uproar from the fans…
    One more week to go…please pass quickly!
    Ps Sam your twisted idea of Cath being part in torturing Steve is quite mind blowing 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Excellently stated, Sam. Are you sure English isn’t your native language?? I don’t think I could have said it better.

    This is NOT the show I fell in love with and not the characters as they’ve deveoloped them. It’s an ok show for Season 5 but it’s a slap in the face to those of us who stayed loyal and believed in show through thick and think for the first 4 seasons. Show has completely forgotten us it seems. There is NO GOOD REASON to wait this long to address certain issues, like Steve’s PTSD, or the status of Steve’s relationship to the woman he just said ILU to…especially when you’re introducing a new woman in his life! Cath haters kept saying they didn’t like the soap opera of McRoll….ok, first of all that’s a laughable statement, but secondly, they’re ok with THIS??? They didn’t like Steve asking Cath for favors, but they’re ok with THIS?? How very transparent.

    Like it was stated, I don’t believe there is any good reason they can come up with at this point to make up for this complete FUBAR and while I really wanted to be open minded and like Ellie, they are making it difficult to impossible to like her. Some people do, and that’s fine with me, but me personally, I can’t reconcile this STeve to the STeve he was last season so no, I’m not feeling Ellie at this point, for any reason. Friend or LI. This is Grey’s Anatomy area and I’m not interested. At. All. No hate on the actress. It’s not her fault. At this point, I’m not even sure I still like Steve as much as I used to as he’s not proving to be the honorable man he used to be….and that’s certainly not Alex’s fault!!

    There is NO REASON the PTSD should have been on the cutting room floor last season and then again not addressed in the first 6 episodes. That’s H50’s problem. (one of many) they drag things out trying to make a big EPIC episode and they let the ones in between fall to shit and think we’re ok with it. Bad writing, bad leadership, no belief in your fan base, I dunno…maybe all 3.

    Even if episode 100 is PHENOMENAL, it won’t make up for the crap they’ve been feeding us. I will celebrate it, the cast, Alex and everyone who deserves it but don’t for one minute think I”m ok with the dropped ball for all the other episodes. Of course, only we care what we think. Show obviously doesn’t care.

    Sorry, PLenkov. I did have faith in you. For 4 yrs. I have my limits. You’ve destroyed it. You better thank your lucky stars you still have Alex and his fan base who will watch anything to support him.

    Do I still like show? Depends on the day and the moment. I love it when it’s ‘on’ but it’s too few and far between this season. I have much more interesting things to do with my Friday nights. It’s now one of those “I’ll watch it when I have time” shows…and that makes me soooooo sad.

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    1. Oh ESS, I’m so with you on this. I used to get up in the middle of the night to watch the show. Not anymore; my sleep is way more important than watching what we get in season 5. I most likely will get up for 5.07, but the verdict on that is still out, completely depends on how my Friday will be. 😉

      I am incredible sad to have lost that kind of interest in the show. Even though I’m sure I still love it a hell lot more than you do at the moment. I totally feel for you.

      About Ellie. Well, I like her a lot more than I probably should. I just don’t want to not like her because of what the show does with Steve and Cath. It’s just not Ellie’s/the actress’ fault. If that makes any sense. 😉

      About Steve. Well, I do believe he acts like Steve normally would. Hold your horses. BUT we need to see the sad part of him. The part were he is working on helping his GF, were he is working through his issues. I don’t want to see him moping around all day, but we simply need to see glimpses of that too. Then this Steve would be perfectly normal. He’s just not because that is all we’re seeing. And that is a true shame.

      If it weren’t for Alex, I wouldn’t watch. He’s the only reason I’m still here. Without him the show is nothing. At least for me.
      I despise Danny, I tolerate Kono, I think Jerry, Kame and Flippa are mostly annoying. I used to love Chin, that also cooled down a little, and I love Grover. So, without Alex brilliantly portraying Steve (even if the writing is truly bad at times) there would be nothing that would make me watch this show.

      And uh, yeah, I’m pretty sure English isn’t my native language. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. “About Ellie. Well, I like her a lot more than I probably should. I just don’t want to not like her because of what the show does with Steve and Cath.”<<<— I get that….but I can't use that as a reason TO like her either. A new character has to make sense and add something to the show. Right now all she's added is a "will they or won't they" angle and a big 'ole head scratch for those of us still waiting on McG to do this relationship mourning PL promised us. So I TOTALLY agree it's not the actress' fault…but that doesn't mean I have to like the character until the character earns it and TPTB stop effing with us.

        Steve and Grover. OMG. It just kills me…K I L L S me that they are wasting that perfect duo. Alex and Chi have such amazing chemistry…hello, even PL said that's why Chi was promoted to a regular because he was amazing with Alex. (Not that Chi isn't amazing on his own…but I digress) This week they had no scenes together. Not one and It was a complete waste. They have the actors, they have the talent, but they're wasting it.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Really? I don’t even think if they will or won’t. I only see them as maybe friends at the moment. But I really like that Ellie is not some stupid girl falling all over Steve. I just try to give her a fair chance. BUT I want Cath back. 🙂

          Don’t even start with Steve/Grover. What a waste not to put these together at every chance they get.

          They do have the talent on the show. They are all decent enough to sink their teeth into some good material, they are just not getting it.

          I think Friday’s ep was not that bad in general, but it hasn’t inspired me to even start on a review yet. Maybe I will write about a few scenes that were good? Meh, I don’t know. Maybe not. LOL


          1. I don’t think show is smart enough to introduce a woman into Steve’s life to just be a friend. He doesn’t have any guy friends…he’s gonna have a girl friend? I don’t buy it. They introduced Lori (who I totally believe was supposed to be a LI) but then that changed (THANK GOD) but then they sent her out as someone who had fallen in love with Steve. That was the best they came up with?

            I don’t think show is that forward thinking…

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  19. Oh and I agree Cath is not the woman in heels. I believe we met her at SOTB. She was walking the red carpet with Marc, I believe. It makes sense as they were filming this episode during that week. Why else would that actress be there?


  20. Beginning of rant.

    With all the H50100 stuff that CBS has been posting it is more clear than ever that PL and CBS are making like Catherine Rollins never existed. They cropped her out if photographs. They haven’t ackowledged that Catherine or Michelle was part of the show. Michelle Borth was in 51 episodes. She was a series regular in seasons 3 and 4 (and PL wanted her as a regular before that). Her character was an intimate part of Steve and the “Ohana” (ohana my ass). PL “created” Catherine and intended on keeping her around. The fact that he did such a sudden about face last season speaks volumes about his respect for the character, the actress, and the fans of Catherine. I don’t understand how PL can let his own ego come before his show and the story. He should be ashamed of himself. CBS should be ashamed.

    For the people that say fans who stopped watching should shut up, I say this: I stopped watching because of the crappy manner in which they ditched a character that I loved. I have every right to voice my discontent, just like you have every right to offer praise. As long as we are all respectful to and of one another it shouldn’t matter what opinions we share.

    Rant ended.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Uh, CocoPuffy,
      I’m not quite sure who you are referring to on this blog who told you to shut up? I hope your “you” in “you have the right to praise” is a general term, because I don’t believe anyone here told anyone to shut up. If you like to rant you are welcome, but you shouldn’t let your frustration about some people on twitter get the better of you. And maybe you should make clear who you are talking to.
      This is a blog with people from all over the world, with a lot of people who might interpret some general terms as directed as them personally. Simply because English is not their native language.

      I hope everyone knows that every opinion is welcome here as long as it is expressed in a non-aggressive manner. And with respect to real people.

      About the “fans” who have stopped watching. Well, to be honest I don’t quite understand them. If I would stop watching something for whatever reason, I would not go to that fandom and rant about why I stopped. I would simply not be interested in wasting my time with it any longer. BUT everyone is different and if you want to keep doing that, do it.

      But I also must say that I use the mute or unfollow button quite often with some of the negative ranters. I’m simply not that interested to hear again and again and again and again why they hate the show so much. At some point it is enough.
      If they would just rant about what they have seen, I would be perfectly fine with it, but to rant about what they didn’t. Well, I find that very strange.

      BUT, on this blog your ranting is welcomed. Just make sure everyone knows who you are talking about.


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