3 thoughts on “Let’s twist – 5.07

  1. I hope it will be good. Like many who post comments, I watch mainly for AOL though the series really was good for a long time. But this season, they just can’t get it together and I’m losing interest rapidly. I just had a chance to watch last night’s episode today. It was so disjointed and discombobulated. And of course Danny pranced right back in with no repercussions or mention of the cold blooded killing. The only thing consistent and in a way comforting about last night’s episode is that, once again, for the Halloween episode, they went all slasher/violent as they usually do. So at least SOME things about the show are consistent. 😎

    Waiting to be wowed,


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  2. P.S. I need a Five-0 blast from the past. I think I’m going to pull out the season 1 premiere episode and revisit the good ole days. 😎


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