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5.05 Ho’oilina

On the fourth anniversary of his father’s death, McGarrett meets a woman who helps him reopen the last unsolved case his father worked on before his death, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Oct. 24 (9:00-10:00, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Ho’oilina to Legacy.

Has it really been four years already since we saw the pilot, and therefor the killing of John McGarrett? Unbelievable, isn’t it?

I still remember my shock when the main character’s father was killed even before the credits. That was such a bold move. But it set up the whole series, so I guess there really hasn’t been another way.

Now, four years later it seem that Steve finally came to some kind of peace with what happened on September 20, 2010.

The episode begins with Steve getting ready in his home to go see his father’s grave at the National Memorial Cemetery. I really enjoyed these scenes.

Back in his bedroom he looked sad and thoughtful. I’m sure he was not just thinking about his father’s death, but about all the people he lost over the course of the years. One just recently.

It is days like those anniversaries that make us reflect on life, love and losses.

I loved the scenes at the grave. They were so wonderfully low key. So just Steve. Really emotional with few words. I think one could feel the hole his dad’s death left in Steve, and how much he wished things would be different. Wished it ended in a different way.

I truly liked how he talked about the family, about his sister, niece and aunt. (See, writers how easy it would be to mention Catherine? Mention her in passing, or have a picture of her somewhere. Is that really too much to ask?) What I really liked was that Steve didn’t only say how he missed his dad, not to have him in his life anymore. But that he was sad his dad couldn’t experience all what was happening. That he would have liked to be a granddad for example. I’m sure John would have been a proud dad and grandfather.

OK, here is a little game for you. Do you remember those pictures from your childhood where you had to find certain things in? Like ‘where is the cat’? Here is one for you. Where is her car? And don’t tell me it’s behind the tree. 😉


Loved how he called his sister. They have obviously come a long way.


While he’s on the phone with his sister, a woman visits the grave and, of course, Steve wants to know who that mystery woman is.

I thought this very first meeting was really interesting. It made me want to learn more about her right away.

Boy, just five minutes into the show and already a ton of pictures. But come on, we can’t ignore the pretty in this episode. They are all looking so darn good. Not to worry, Daniel Dae Kim will also get his shot. 😉

So, teaser over and no crime of the week in sight. It was clear that this would be a very different episode.


Steve and Ellie have their coffee, and we learn what happened about twenty years ago when her father died.

Here are a few questions about this encounter. First and foremost, why the heck didn’t Ellie know who Steve was? I think that is a gigantic plot hole. She’s a deputy prosecutor and has no idea who the head of Five-0 is? That is just ridiculous. I’m not saying that they should have crossed paths before, but she for sure should have known who he was.

And if she was so grateful to John McGarrett why did she never seek out his son after his murder?

I’m not wondering though why she hadn’t been at his funeral. It might very well be that she only learned about it after.

And I don’t wonder about her accent. We have no backstory on her, so she might have lived someplace else for a long time. Or she wasn’t raised in the US. We don’t know that yet. Besides, is it really important if she talks differently? I don’t think so. On the contrary, I think it makes her more interesting.

I’m not a fan of the Champbox, but this time I loved the use of it. Simply because it had nothing to do with the boring Wo Fat story line.

So, now it was clear that the crime of the week would be the old murder of Ellie’s father.

Guess Five-0 had some down time, or crime was pretty slow at the moment that they could decide to investigate a twenty year old murder. Without having any new leads or evidence. A matchbox in a tool box surely doesn’t count as enough evidence to reopen that case. But, I guess that is something Five-0 can do without following normal protocol. After all, they are the special task force. 😉



So, the house is sold and Jerry needs to move. What? Still no takers? Or did he find a basement he can crash in?

Wonder where he will live from now on. Everything is fine as long it’s not at Steve’s. Just saying.


Even though I was happy to see the new ME being involved with the rest of the gang, I’ll ask, why oh why do we have to see Kame and Flippy in every episode? Flippy. LOL FLIPPA.

Please, enough. I know people seem to like them. But I think they are overused. Way overused already. They are not funny and not an enrichment to the show. Sorry.


So, it happened. First time I actually liked Jerry. Kind of. 🙂 I loved Chin in this. And he is totally right. How will Steve or Chin ever trust Jerry again? He lied to Steve’s face. I loved it how crushed he looked when he realized that his ‘idol’ might be disappointed in him and not trust him anymore when he finds out what he did.

And I do hope this will have consequences for him. And I’m not talking about being kidnapped. You can’t lie to your friends and expect them to trust you and even stay your friend. That is something Jerry needs to learn. One of the social skills he is serious lacking in.

And he needs to learn that none of what he might have gathered would held in court. What he was doing was wasted time. Sure, they will go behind bars or get killed because they are stupid enough to snatch Jerry. But if Jerry thought he could gather evidence, then he is just stupid. And didn’t listen to Steve. Not sure which is worse. 😉

Steve informs Chin about what he has learned from Ellie and Chin tells him what he remembers from back then. It seems that John McG was pretty involved in solving the case, unfortunately without much success. But maybe now they have a chance to change that.

I have a question. Steve told Chin to go to his house and to go through his dad’s stuff. Does he have a key? How does Chin even know where all of Steve’s dad’s stuff is? Did I miss something? How close are these two? 😉

In a flashback we learn what has happened 19 years ago in the bar. And it was really nice to see McG senior again. Always love to see him. Such a pity that he had been killed. I wonder if they also regret it sometimes, to have him killed off right from the start?

So, now we’re supposed to believe that John did stay in close contact with his children? That’s a new one. I got the impression over the years that at least Mary was more than miffed at him. And that she had no contact with him whatsoever. So, my question is when did John gave Mary this pep talk? Are they rewriting Five-0 history again? Or maybe John just told Ellie what he wished he had told his own daughter.

Modern technology helps them find their one-time suspect.

It didn’t take them long to find him, interview him, and retrieve the box he hid all those years ago. After finding that it was clear that Clayton had not been killed in a robbery but that he had been targeted. But now the question is why?



Steve has now the job of telling Ellie that her dad had been the target of a hit. And asks her if she can remember any incident from back then that might explain that.

OK, I get that the robbery/murder of her father was a traumatic event, and that she will always remember that. But seriously, she remembers something from the week before it? From 19 years ago? That is a little far-fetched in my eyes. It is often the case that people completely block out the time around such a traumatic event. Of course, also the opposite can happen. But remembering that there was this kind of incident a week before the murder? I don’t think so.

It took me the whole episode to figure out where I knew Jorden from. The Night Shift.

From him we learn that Clayton tried to help him, which might be the reason why he got killed.

And we get another flashback and a great conversation between Steve and Chin. I truly enjoy these two working together. I’m sure John had regrets, but why hasn’t he tried to get in contact with his adult children more often?

I never understood why he had sent them away in the first place, but actually I don’t even want to think about it. Because the whole mess with Doris and Wo Fat and her murder, or not murder, doesn’t make any sense. And the time-line is also completely off. So, I will just take this as what it is, a nice talk between friends.

After finding out that the business card they recovered belongs to a gambling ring, they need to figure out if Clayton might have been too deep into gambling and if that was what got him killed.


Wait a minute. Ellie was able to keep the bar as her property for 19 years without using it for anything? How did she manage to do that in Hawaii of all places? Not the cheapest place to hold property even if it brings in money.

I absolutely loved how Steve supported Ellie at the exhumation. That was a really sweet thing to do. It again showed what an emphatic person Steve is. Loved it.

Even though I don’t like Flippa much, these scenes were really good. He did a great job. Way better than Kamekona ever did. He was really cool in the store.

But I still do have enough of this whole story-line. Hopefully it will come to an end next week. Or with any luck the kidnappers will keep Jerry for a few episodes. Maybe no one will notice that he’s missing. Yeah, I know, wishful thinking. 😉


Loved the montage they did to show the second autopsy. That was fresh, new and fun to watch.




When they interrogate the suspect they find out who really killed Clayton. Now all they need is a plan. Hopefully what they come up with will work.

Oh, and can I just say that I really like the wood furniture. Some cool stuff.


I really liked their idea, and I think Jorden did a great job, too bad he couldn’t control himself. I’m glad he wasn’t killed. He deserves a second chance. Hopefully he will use it.

Before we come to the end of the episode, here’s another question about the Champbox. Why is that roll of film not developed? I mean the first thing you do when you find a film you go and see what’s on it. Right? And if John did, he wouldn’t have that roll anymore. Not intact like it is. Just wondering.


I loved it how Steve closed the lid on the box. It was like another chapter solved and closed.

And I absolutely loved the scenes with the cute young Stevie and his dad. Why? Because it showed us that Steve has good memories about his childhood. And that he can think about his dad with a smile on his face, which he did a few times in this episode. And I really liked that.

I loved the last scenes with Ellie and Steve. I liked it that she came by his house. And I loved to see him doing normal stuff like working on his dad’s car. I think that is something that relaxes him and at the same time gives him the sense of a special connection to his dad.

Was he flirting with her? Maybe. But I don’t think he did it with the intent to gain anything, I think that was just his natural self emerging. And I was very happy to see it.

I really like her, more than I probably should. I don’t like her in the sense of Steve jumping her bones. That would be totally and completely against his character. They can do that when the Cath storyline is finished. Then I will be all for it. But not now.

I’m still not sure what to believe what will happen with Cath. I’m sure Steve still loves her, and probably always will, but to be honest, I don’t know if Steve will take her back is she would come back.

I think he was deeply hurt by her. Not right away, but I think with time passing he realized something. He’s not talking about her at all. He’s not looking at any pictures. It seems he’s banning her from his thoughts. I have a feeling that he won’t get over the fact that she dumped him. And that is what she did.

She stayed in Afghanistan to go on a completely stupid mission without even making sure that the man she loved was OK. She did a lot of mistakes back in Afghanistan. And even though Steve said he understood why she had to do what she’s doing, I don’t think with time passing he really does. That is just my take. Time changes a perspective. He had a lot of time to think about what happened back then and what Catherine’s choice had been.

Give this closure. What I’m saying is, don’t let Steve put his life on hold for a woman who decided to leave him. While he was almost killed and would have needed her. If he ever needed her, then it was at that time.

I guess you can read between the lines that I’m not that fond of Cath right now. My feelings for her and more so for her actions were put in perspective.

I still love Steve and Cath. I think they were great together, and I wish we would get them back. But the longer they drag it out without even mentioning her the more I see other options for Steve to be happy again.

And this Ellie character can become a great friend. What will happen down the road? I have no idea, but I’m open for more than friendship if Cath would be out of his life.

For now, I think Steve only looked at Ellie as a potential friend. And I loved to see this side of Steve. It was way too long since we’ve seen it.

And on a side note, that man has control over his body. Last week the smooth ‘walk’ over the log without moving his upper body, and now getting up from the floor in one smooth move. Sigh.

And look at the bruise on his temple. That’s not a Steve booboo. He didn’t have it in the episode. That’s all Alex and a bad make-up job. What happened to our boy? Got clobbered in the head?


So, I was actually ready to wrap the episode with this great last scenes. Maybe a bit more of gorgeous Hawaii. But no, the ep was not over yet. Jerry gets what he had coming. Guess we will see next week if he will be missed or not. 😉

Now, we’re at the end of episode five. I guess between the awesome and failure I need a new category, going to call it SWEET. That is what this episode felt like; sweet.

It was certainly different. The crime of the week was kind of, well, not boring, let’s call it slow. It did hold my interest, but it wasn’t really exciting. Or riddled with lots of twists and turns. And there was not much action needed.

But all that is perfectly OK. Every show needs episodes like this. And I’m perfectly happy and content to watch just that. Watching a crime getting solved. Learning a little more about our beloved characters, simply enjoy great character stuff.

I don’t watch Five-0 for the procedural. If I wanted that I would watch another show, but that really is not my thing. I find it rather boring. I love episodes like this. Yes, there could have been a little more action. But I’m not complaining. This episode wouldn’t have worked with more speed.

I loved seeing McG senior again. Always a pleasure, and I’m really looking forward to seeing W. Sadler and Alex O actually having screen time together.

What did I take from this episode? That Steve can look back at his dad with a smile on his face. That we learned he has good memories about his childhood.

That there might be a good friend in his future.

But we also learned that the show is still not addressing any issues Steve might have, and they are for sure still not addressing what is going on with Cath.

Am I still mad about that? Yes. Do I want to dwell on it? No. If I would it would ruin every episode for me. And there is just too much beauty and fun to let it be ruined.

As you can see I’m of two minds regarding the show. I like what I see, but I terribly miss what they are not giving us.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

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  1. The saving grace of this episode (aside from all the great AOL viewing. LOL!) was that it centered around Steve’s Dad and thereby Steve. We have seen demonstrated in bits and pieces over the years what a compassionate, dedicated man John McGarrett was, and we can see where Steve McGarrett gets it from (sure as heck wasn’t from his mother, who as far as I’ve ever seen, hasn’t acted like she gave a damn what happened to her husband). I CAN see why John sent his kids away–it may not have ultimately been the right choice, but I can see the thinking behind it. Although I don’t think they ever made clear how old Steve & Mary were. Steve was at least high school age–he was in Hawaii long enough to break Chin’s football records. 😎 Nor have I ever been clear on how many years age difference there is between Steve and Mary. So I think John would have had time to pep talk Mary at some point.

    RE: Cath–I don’t get the sense that Cath left him at all. Far from it. Just as Steve was willing to risk his neck for Freddie’s BODY, this woman was willing to risk her neck for a family that risked theirs to help her. That’s why they’re so good together–they’re cut from the same cloth. They take commitments seriously. Cath insisted on going with Steve to get Freddie. Steve didn’t do the same with her (I think it would have been an even better episode if they weren’t just writing it to write MB out of the show). As for Steve not mentioning her this season, I chalk that up to the horrible writing of this season so far. For Steve to throw in the towel on Catherine just like that would make him very fickle and very non-dedicated, and that doesn’t match up at all to the Steve McGarrett I’ve come to know over the last 4 years.

    I liked Ellie’s character. But if she’s the latest flavor-of-the-month show insert, I’m over it.

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    1. Steve did go with her on the suicide mission to find the boy. That he was almost killed and shipped out of the country was hardly his fault. On the contrary it was hers. She just watched him get snatched even though she could have done something. There were only two men, it would have been easy to take them out. Regardless of the kids with her. That was a horrible misjudgment on her part.
      And getting Freddie was a very different thing. He was a comrade in arms who was left behind.
      What I’m saying is that Cath picked to stay in Afghanistan over making sure that Steve was OK. She chose to stay and keep searching for that boy. I’m sorry, but I think she dumped Steve. That is how I feel now after a few months.
      And I’m not saying that Steve will give up on Cath, but if she comes back they cannot just pick up where they left off.
      All your reasons are very logical, but logic will leave you when you’re getting tortured, left alone and and the woman you love tells you she has to stay back and search for the boy. It would be very hard to tell yourself every day her being in Afghanistan is the right thing.
      Sometimes love is not enough. And I think for them it might not be.

      About the age, it was said that Steve was 16 when he left the island, which was later changed to 15. And Mary was just 10 then.

      They never had a flavor-of-the-month for Steve. Why would they start with it now? Steve never even looked at any women since the pilot really. I highly doubt he will do so now.


      1. No thankfully Steve hasn’t, but not for lack of the writers trying. In what ep do we learn Mary was 10? I honestly don’t remember that.


        1. AGreed, BK. It hasn’t been for lack of writers trying. This epi was like 2.01 when they had every intent to make Lori a possible love interest then decided not to. Peter tweeted “keep repeating: they’re just friends” after Friday’s episode. Not that I believe anything he says, but it tells me they throw shit out there and then see what sticks. Why do I say that? Not the looks at the end, McG looks at everyone that way lol, but it was the hand holding. It was just too much. The Steve I know would be supportive by putting an arm on her back or shoulder, but hand holding is much more personal. It was an epic fail on show’s part. Now they’ve successfully built the “will they or won’t they” aspect of the show and I hate that Grey’s Anatomy type crap.

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          1. LOL I wrote my comment before I read this. I hate the relationship angst too.

            The hand holding – I can see why he did it, he understands what she’s going through, wanted to offer support. It’s odd to be that he grabbed her hand, whether you THINK it’s in a relationship way or not – it’s a tad early to be having a touching moment like that. And the edited shot of the hands clasped with the light shining around it – OMG that made me LOL. Cheesy.


            1. Exactly. Steve is always supporting, always comforting…but never like this. Add in the over dramatization of it and ugh. If they’d kept him true to character, it would have been much sweeter IMO.


          2. I agree that the hand holding seemed much more intimate, I think they want to push us to think there will be more between Ellie and Steve than friendship. But they might back down, like they did with Lori. We´ll just have to wait and see.


  2. I liked the episode a lot, its worth a rewatch and I haven’t felt that at all about the previous 4. It’s was moving and poignant, different than the usual shoot-em-up COTW. Alex’s acting was excellent; he’s definitley very underrated as an actor. Steve seems to be finally getting some very much needed closure regarding his father. There was a lot of hype swirling around Ellie. I liked her. They seemed to have a quiet chemistry going, both seemed intrigued with each other and both were a little flirty. Kindred spirits. Will she be his new love interest? Maybe. Hopefully. If done right and not shoved down our throats it would work. Friends first before anything else. I agree with you Sam, Cath dumped him. Unceremoniously left him in the worst of conditions/circumstances. I’m hoping for a decent ending to their story. Steve deserves closure and happiness. What I do love about this show is the ohana and it was very evident in this episode. It was great seeing the team rally round Steve and help.

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  3. LOL I was trying to figure out how I got called out when I haven’t been here yet. 😉

    Leni, I actually agree 100% with you. Especially this, “I think she is still dealing with Billy’s death. Maybe even suffering from PTSD on some level. I think this mission is her way of righting a wrong.” <<—That makes so much sense actually. I believe Steve gets that, even if he's sad she's gone.

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    1. I love this idea. It would explain so much. Like why Cath was so willing to stay behind and why Steve didn’t push to help. They are both suffering from PTSD. Sadly, I don’t think the show will ever do a storyline about PTSD justice. They had two characters on the canvas that could have served a PTSD storyline beautifully. They got rid of Cath and Steve is not himself. Maybe that’s their plan- to turn around and say that his out-of-character-ness is his PTSD. Personally, if they do that I think it just convenient way for them to explain what we all know has just been inconsistent storytelling.

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  4. Hmmm. Well I honestly don’t know how I feel about this episode. Just like with every other episode this season, when hubs asked if he could delete it, I said yes. (I’ve kept every other season until the DVD was released). I will says it’s my fave of the season so far but….that’s not saying much.

    I actually missed the action. I missed McGrover interaction. I didn’t miss Danny. I didn’t miss carguments or whining or out of control cops. I liked the moments of Steve thinking about his Dad. That was sweet. I liked the moments of Steve doing every day activities. Seeing Steve in non-McGarrett moments. We get so much less of them with Cath being gone.

    As for Ellie, I agree there’s been a lot of hype about her and it seems you have to be on one side or the other. Personally, I’m still ‘meh’ about her. I haven’t seen anything to love or hate and quite honestly after the way show handled Catherine, I doubt I ever will care one way or another about her. Show has taught me not to care about people in Steve’s life because they will disappear, die or end up being bad.

    As for Catherine, I don’t for one single second believe that she left him. I don’t think her decision was about Steve at all, and I fully believe if she comes back, he will take her back because that’s the loyal, thoughtful, smart man they’ve *mostly* written him to be. Anything less than that is just shitty writing and them needing to fill a need behind the scenes and not really anything about the character. They do that all the time, change things to fit the show instead of the character and that’s where I see this. No more or no less. Because the Steve i know would have gone back to Afghanistan right away to help her and bring her home. He WOULD be talking about her and he would be missing her. FK the CIA and their threats. They’ve already written Steve against character so why not continue? Such a shame.

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    1. Ess said: “As for Catherine, I don’t for one single second believe that she left him. I don’t think her decision was about Steve at all, and I fully believe if she comes back, he will take her back because that’s the loyal, thoughtful, smart man they’ve *mostly* written him to be. Anything less than that is just shitty writing and them needing to fill a need behind the scenes and not really anything about the character. They do that all the time, change things to fit the show instead of the character and that’s where I see this. No more or no less. Because the Steve i know would have gone back to Afghanistan right away to help her and bring her home. He WOULD be talking about her and he would be missing her. FK the CIA and their threats. They’ve already written Steve against character so why not continue? Such a shame.”

      Stated so perfectly. Ditto.

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    2. * I didn’t miss Danny. I didn’t miss carguments or whining or out of control cops.*

      Thank you for saying it. I didn’t want to mention him, but I feel just like that.

      I just can NOT care for people in Steve’s life. I wish I could, but I fall into the same trap over and over again. 😉 I like her a lot, and already know I will be dissapointed by the show again. Sigh.

      About Steve going back to bring her home. Sorry, but here I do disagree. Steve’s most likely on a no-fly list. Going back would draw attention to himself (whiche he wouldn’t care much about) but also to Catherine, which would put her in danger. And she doesn’t want him there. For probably more reasons than we know. This whole Afghanistan thing is just one big mess, but i do believe that he would not go there in person. BUT he would damn well get her help any way he could without going there himself. The show should have shown that. Because Steve would not just sit back and ignore that Cath was in danger and on her own.

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      1. It’s ok, babe. We can agree to disagree. This is H50-land. He could get a flight anywhere, anytime and if show was paying attention to character, he would. NO way would Steve let his love stay in constant danger without trying to help. I know what they were TRYING to do with her exit but they just Eff’ed it up to the max. That’s how stupid the writers think we are.

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        1. I think that’s it , in a nutshell for me. The writers have now written themselves into a corner in a windowless room. Where do we go next? They wrote this character since season 1 as someone Steve liked and had a connection to. They have this Afghanistan thing, she stays, they admit they love one another, he’s banned from helping her. The end? Never to be heard from again? It doesn’t play.

          I can see him feeling a bit of anger towards her, but I also see him being conflicted with feeling that way. That would be interesting. He certainly understands being focused on a goal, dedicated to a cause, and he knows she’s stubborn… I think that these are things that he found attractive in her. It would be interesting to see him having to come to terms with how those traits that attract him are now bothering him.

          And, not that I think for a minute that this is going to happen, but if she were to come back, I think that he would be thrilled and resume their relationship – but I think that they would have to work through some issues too.

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  5. I absolutely loved this episode! Alex and William Sadler were fantastic. They played their emotions so well, you could see how much John regretted sending Steve and Mary away when he was talking to Ellie at the crime scene. And Steve getting ready to visit his dad’s grave and the visit to the grave were played so perfectly, you could see how much Steve misses his dad and that he has forgiven him for sending him and Mary away but still regretted the way things were between them prior to John’s death. The phone call to Mary was perfect. And Steve remembering working on the car with his dad as a kid was precious. I loved that scene. I think John kept such close contact with Ellie because he felt that if he couldn’t be there for Mary he could at least be there for Ellie. I’m glad Chin sat down and talked with Steve about John having regrets, I think it was definitely something Steve needed to hear.

    Ellie intrigues me, I wouldn’t mind her becoming a love interest for Steve but the writers really need to learn how to write female characters successfully and not play things out so soap oaprah-y. If they do make her a love interest they really need to resolve his relationship with Cath. I was hoping there would have been mention or that Steve would have had some reflection or something of Cath after Ellie left at the end. It would have been a good time for it I think.

    I have mixed feelings about Steve and Cath. I loved Catherine and I loved her with Steve but at the same time the way things went down in Afghanistan doesn’t bode well for their relationship. Cath is basically on an impossible mission. I agree that it would not have been difficult for her to take out the two men who had grabbed Steve but she had to make a split second decision and unfortunately her decision led to Steve’s capture and near beheading. I do think thought that Cath was probably still blaming herself for Billy and may have been dealing with PTSD herself. As much as liked 4.21, mostly bc of Alex’s amazing performance, it was poorly written as far as writing Cath off goes. I think at this point both Steve and Catherine have too many issues and are too independent to be able to have a solid stable relationship with each other anymore. I think before they could be together again they both need to resolve and seek help for their PTSD and their other issues. I don’t think Catherine really dumped Steve per say but I think they were both essentially say goodbye to each other and their relationship. Frankly I would be surprised if Cath doesn’t get killed on her mission and I think Steve realizes this, Catherine too.

    With the way they have twisted and mangled Steve’s character it is so hard to come up with a good/logical reasoning or explanation for why things happened the way they did with Catherine. I wish Alex and Lenkov would sit down together and evaluate Steve’s character and personality because he is not the same person as he was in season 1 and since Alex doesn’t watch the episodes after they are filmed he probably doesn’t see what we see with Steve since he doesn’t know what scenes they keep and cut (i.e. group therapy). But they writers also need to sit down and figure out the continuity and where they are going with these characters and story arcs. Continuity on this show is almost nonexistent and I think that is a huge part of the problem with the writing and the drastic changes in the characters. They also need to stop letting the fans dictate what happens with the story lines and they need to stop trying to please everyone all the time.

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    1. That last paragraph, totally agree. That’s why I don’t blame Steve or Catherine or even Poppa McG for their questionable actions. It was a continuity fail by the writers.

      What about Poppa McG? Because it doesn’t give me warm fuzzy feelings to see him looking after Ellie when his own daughter was desperately needing his attention/affection. I know what the writers are trying to do there, to make Ellie more lovable but it fell flat to me and if I really think about it, it makes me like Poppa McG even less so I’ll just try to pass it up as a writing fail. Just another time the writers went for emotion over good writing.

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      1. Agree. That’s why I asked why didn’t he try to get in contact at least with his grown-up children? And when did he give his daughter any pep talk after he sent her away? He might have regrets, but it was in his power to have changed it way back when. At the latest when he cared for Ellie. Then he should have seek out his children. He obviously didn’t. I like to see WS, and I hope Steve will find some kind of peace with him, I guess he already did. But as a father he was a failure.


        1. Ugh, That was a big point for me. Poppa McG replacing his kids with Ellie. And no one brings that up? It’s like they hint at it but never go there. They should go there every now and then. It would be great character progression.

          Liked by 2 people

        2. As far as John not keeping in contact with his kids after he sent them away, we know both Steve and Mary, Mary especially, were very angry and upset with him. I got the feeling that he tried to keep in touch with them but they, mostly Mary, kept pushing him away and ignoring him when he tried to connect with them. I also think that John wasn’t very good at expressing his emotions and showing his love in away that Mary could understand. In 3.07 at his grave Mary basically said she hated him when he was younger but has come to somewhat understand his motives and has forgiven him. I think Steve had a little more contact with John after Doris’s “death” than Mary did but they weren’t warm and cuddly with each other, they didn’t have anything more than a formal relationship after Doris’s “death”

          We know Steve and John had some contact after they were sent away because in Chin’s flashback episode last year, there was a scene where he and John were in a diner after Chin’s dad was killed and John said he “talked to Steve last week. He’s thinking about joining the SEALs.” Or something to that effect. Based on the deleted scenes from season 1, I think Steve and John kept in contact even if it was just cordial hello’s, at least a little, while Mary essentially just shut John out of her life because she was so angry with him, despite being close with him prior to Doris’s death. In situations like that no matter how hard the parent tries, if the kid isn’t willing to listen and let go of the anger no amount of trying on the parent’s part is going to repair the relationship.

          Am I saying John was a good father to Steve and Mary? No, he obviously wasn’t, at least he wasn’t after Doris’s death. Prior to it I do think he was a good father, Steve has good memories of him and I think based on what we have seen from Mary both in recent episodes with her naming Joan after John and when she visited his grave in 3.07 combined with the deleted scenes from season 1, Mary was a daddy’s girl prior to Doris’s death.

          When did he give her the pep talk? We don’t know. It could have been before they were sent away or it could have been messages or letters he wrote her or it even could have been just what he wishes he would have told her when she needed him.

          I’m not trying to justify John McGarrett’s actions but that is just how I perceived his character. He obviously wasn’t a good dad to Steve and Mary after Doris faked her death but I think he just had their safety in mind, his actions ended up causing his kids more pain and heartbreak but he was doing what he, at the time, thought was best for his kids. He made the wrong decision, I don’t think he fully considered or realized the emotional affect his actions had on his kids.

          Just my opinion.


          1. Yes, I took it from this last aired episode that John tried to be in touch with his kids but naturally they had some anger issues that probably prevented much communication. I can’t find it in my heart to make John out to be “wrong” for what he did. He was presented with circumstances that most parents don’t face. Your wife is “killed”, you suspect foul play. He wouldn’t have felt any better about it had he kept the kids at home and one of them became another victim of the killer. He was between the proverbial rock and hard place. If you think about it, in addition to his regular duties at HPD, he was probably spending every spare minute he could trying to figure out what really happened in that car explosion (dogged determination like someone else we know 8-). Though I wouldn’t have liked being sent away if I were in Steve or Mary’s place, if I’m Dad, I’m definitely thinking it’s better to send them thousands of miles away where they have a better shot at being safe. A damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation to be sure.

            Liked by 1 person

          2. I totally get what you are saying and I’m not vilifying John’s actions – he did what HE thought was best at the time. My thing is that both Steve and Mary should have some deep seated anger about it. Which would be magnified even more with guilt over feeling that way. I think it would be interesting to see them address that.


  6. FYI: Leni’s comments were deleted by her request.

    What I find interesting is that I get attacked for trying to come up with an explanation for Steve’s behavior without taking the easy road and blaming it all on the bad writing since the better half of last season. Getting accused of bashing a character I always loved, always will love. It is beyond me why people can’t understand that even if you love someone you don’t have to agree with everything they do. You can very well think they made a mistake without losing your love for them. You can not be fond of them right now, but still love them.

    I find it odd that people hone in on how I might feel for a character instead of sharing their view on an episode.

    Guess I won’t voice my opinion in the future. After all it’s all a learning process, and I surely have learned a thing or two last night.


    1. Well if or when you stop posting, someone else wins because no one is challenging their narrow point of view. Don’t ever stop expressing an opinion. It is what makes each of us unique. How boring would this world be if we all thought alike?

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Oops. I missed the drama here, but please don’t cease giving your opinions in your reviews, Sam. That’s part of the point, no? We all like to hear and give opinions and we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t care about yours. And at this juncture in Show’s history, no 2 people hold the exact same views, coz shit has gotten weird in Hawaii, so I don’t expect to see my exact thoughts expressed by any one person. As I read thru the posts here now, I nod at all of em, but disagree with some points in all of em. LOL!!

    And I’m not as polite as you all. I WILL call out Show’s ridic, botched characterization and writing for this. Show has twisted itself into bizarre knots to dump a character many people loved, some felt neutral for, and a few rabidly hated. They could have given the exit some thought and legitimacy, but instead they, themselves, did some weird rush job with no prior prep and little to no follow up. (And fanfic writers, with no more time than the pros had, often came up with better rationales for her staying away and better, more satisfying good-bye communications between her and McG, so zero quarter from me for Show’s paid writers. Ze. Ro.) So Show got the fans into this uproar. The EP seems to only wanna blame the fans, which yeah, always a great idea to diss your customers. And the new girl walks straight into this atmosphere. God bless her.

    All that being said, I was wary, but I liked her! She did have chemistry with him…tho as I have said elsewhere (and ESS recently said slightly differently), Alex would have chemistry with a sea sponge. Hee! I liked the ep coz he was finally front and center. I liked getting some more backstory for the McGs. LOVED the graveyard scene. Loved the McChin…that is a pair Show is very stingey with and should give us more often, coz adults. Had no interest in the Jerry and cannot imagine he should be in so often. He’s an odd ball…small doses work best. For me, H50 is nothing but an Alex delivery system, and this season has been wanting. Until this ep. So I finally got an ep I truly loved. Too bad the ratings are sucking tho. Dunno how much longer we are gonna get to love on Alex. *sniffle*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, Grace, I think the ratings sucked this Friday because of the World Series. Baseball, I think. They will most likely get a huge boost from the 7-day viewing. I think CBS is happy with the general 10 Million viewers and demo they create on a Friday. So, there is nothing to worry about.

      I agree, the writers are doing a really bad job since the better half of season 4. But the result is what we are seeing on screen. That is why I try to come up with theories why Steve is acting how he is without taking the bad writing in account. I tried that in FanFiction with the coda to 5.04 and I try it here with a little different approach. Just trying to figure out what Steve might be feeling.
      Since we don’t know, because the writers don’t give us anything, we are all wrong with what we’re thinking. But I think it is fun to speculate and to throw out theories about it. Guess some just don’t get it.

      And don’t worry, you didn’t miss any real drama. 😉

      You are absolutely right, no two people have the same opinion. Or feel the same about the episode, or a character, or a development. That is why I have that nice little disclaimer after every review that it is perfectly fine to feel different, because my view is for sure not the right and only one. I just expect the same respect from the readers.


  8. Let me tell you why I loved this episode so much. And why it is the first one this season I really like to re-watch.
    Is it a good thing that I get misty eyes after 9 seconds…
    YES! It’s all about the acting. THE acting, the being in the moment that gets me all the time. I’ll try to explain what I felt, but I even have difficulties to really describe it in German, it’s just feelings…
    In the beginning Steve knelt down and tried to brush the leaves on John’s gravestone aside. He wasn’t really successful though, he just picked here a little bit, brushed there a little bit for a way longer time than he had needed when he had done it properly. And that’s the thing, because you would do it exactly this way. I have done it that way. Because you are desperately trying to focus, to not cry, to give yourself something to do so you get over the pain in your heart… Distraction, getting your act together – whatever. And I also think that Alex didn’t think about doing it that way, he just felt the moment. You know, imho art, good art, expressive art has always a significance, a meaning that is a little bit hidden, an extra meaning. Even the artist often does not see it. And good acting is a kind of art too. I’m pretty sure Alex would shake his head and tell me “Come on, I was just doing my job”. Yeah, if doing your job is ‘being Steve, who remembers, who mourns his loss(es)’ you did a damn fine job here. Being it, not acting it…
    And then his “Hey Dad…” did me in! Really, his voice in this episode was special and I don’t get how someone can express so much just with a look AND wearing sunglasses!
    The thing with the coin (had to google the reason) was very well done. Great moment!
    The whole episode there was such a feeling of sadness about him. I liked that. If the writers don’t give you the material to be real, that’s your way as an actor to convey the emotions.
    And I like Ellie. Really, needless to say they have chemistry, because let’s face it, like Ess once said: this man has chemistry with the furniture. As for a LI I have nothing against it. He needs to be loved. Desperately. But, and that’s a big but (lol), at first there has to be closure about Cath. He is a man of honor, he was never once lusting after every random skirt. Never. He has to mourn ON screen. And then he can move on. I don’t want Cath to die, but she won’t come back, we all know that. She moves on, wherever, he moves on. By the end of the season maybe or next season.
    But I like their bond, their building friendship over the past. I would have been jealous that Ellie was the child growing up with his father while I was kind of abandoned. But that’s not Steve, he is happy for her, has such a big heart. Others first.
    And I like it that he took her hand, I don’t find it too much. It’s the thing you would do. Hand on shoulder is a guy to guy thing, like Chin did it at the end. (Chin is so great, he has such an understanding btw and Grover too, liked them both after they got Sykes, they were there for Steve). She was in such a horrible situation and he is such an empathic man. He once hugged a woman he didn’t know, because she just lost her husband. That’s him. That’s the way he is.
    Am I cheesy? Hm, a little bit. But I liked it, loved it, was impressed – you get the picture.
    I have no problem with Kame and Flippa, it’s nice to see some Hawaiians. And Duke was there too, with a mustache… 😉
    And you know that I love Jerry and now shit has hit the fan. Steve for the rescue, I’m looking forward to see that!
    And don’t you dare to stop voicing your opinion! I can kick your a$$ in your mother tongue (al least I think it is, lol)…

    Liked by 6 people

    1. LOL – yeah it is my native language. 🙂

      Completely and utterly agree on Alex portraying Steve. That is simply perfection. It’s all in the subtle gestures and moments. I love this style. I never was one for the big stuff.

      I also liked how he grabbed her hand. I felt it was the right thing in that particular moment. I don’t think you’re cheesy, if you are then so am I. 🙂

      I don’t love Jerry, but I kind of liked him in this one. See, I’m getting there. Maybe.

      Thank you for this great insight. This episode was all about feelings. On so many levels. I thought it was an incredible sweet episode with a lot of options for the future.

      And ACA on Chin, and Grover. They are so good with Steve. Wish we would see them more often.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Chin and Grover – love the maturity and depth they bring. Love it so much.

        I didn’t necessarily think Steve grabbing Ellie’s hand was cheesy, I thought ZOOOMING in on it, and lighting it with rays of sunshine behind it like you would the angel Gabriel in a nativity scene was cheesy! LOL!

        Liked by 2 people

          1. Well, they leave a lot of subtlety for their actors to convey, and thankfully most of them excel at that! But this was a big old “HEY LOOKEE SEE THIS! DONT MISS THISSSSSSS!!!”

            Oh, SHOW….. SMH.

            Liked by 1 person

  9. Sam, don’t you dare stop voicing your opinion! 🙂 I’m with you!

    LeiCa, wonderfully written review/thoughts! That about sums it up, I couldn’t have said it any better!

    I loved this episode so much -yes, a few glitches but nothing major. Alex carried it in a fantastic way!

    Sam, I’m looking forward to seeing your next review here soon.
    Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I agree and disagree with everything that’s been said here. LeiCa – I think you hit the nail on the head with your observation! Sam please don’t stop voicing your opinion. That’s the fun part of the blog, reading and respectfully voicing an opinion. ESS, Steve does miss Cath, but with the crappy writing you’d never know it. Actually I think the fault lies more with PL than with the writers – he’s like a gnat on drugs and can’t seem to keep a steady thought going for more than a nano-second and the writers do the best they can with his helter-skelter, jumping all over the place train of thought. I love this show, love Alex. But I do wish this show had the caliber of writing that NCIS, Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds (to name a few) has, a mix of cotw sprinkled with some personal. I wonder what it would be like if, for a change, a different person was in charge of it. It would be great if Alex did watch so he could see the 360 turn his character has made and is so out-of-character for him. It’s sad, but if it keeps up like this I don’t know if a season 6 would happen. We can only hope, can’t we, that they all get their acts together and things start looking up.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. *… he’s like a gnat on drugs and can’t seem to keep a steady thought going for more than a nano-second and the writers do the best they can with his helter-skelter, jumping all over the place train of thought.*

      ROFL – love this.


    2. “ESS, Steve does miss Cath, but with the crappy writing you’d never know it.” – agreed! But in my heart of hearts, I judge the characters by their known character traits, not by the crappy writing of a few episodes. Looks like they’re going to unequivicably change Steve though…so what can you do? I’ll mourn for the Steve he used to be and deal with the one he’s become. Don’t expect me to celebrate it though just because of their emotional manipulation.

      Everything else you said….SPOT ON, BABE!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree w/that. I’m not sure either about this softer, kinder Steve. Like you said, we’ll have to deal with the one he’s become. I’ve started watching only to see my favorite actor – I’m learning to ignore all the drivel that’s surrounding him. I really do wish though, that they’d pair Steve with Chin more often.

        Liked by 1 person

  11. Thanks for the review! I thought the episode was really good – not awesome, as I had some issues with some things, but I will say that it’s the best of the season so far.

    First off – I need to say how much I love having Steve and Chin interacting. I’ve ALWAYS loved the moments that we get between the two of them – there is such a mutual respect and confidence in each other that I get from the two characters, it’s awesome. I love that Chin bridges the gap between Steve and John McG, that Steve look up to Chin and vice versa.

    I really wish that we could actually SEE Steve reacting to his family issues instead of constantly getting interrupted (this time by Grover after Chin explains John’s and Ellies connection). I really REALLY want to see Steve get pissed off that his father tried to make himself feel better about sending his kids away to protect them by forging a relationship with Ellie. It’s not a particularly admirable reaction, but who wouldn’t be pissed off at that? Especially Steve? It’s so frustrating to have that happen ALL THE TIME.

    Two particular scenes gave me goosebumps – the first was when Steve, Chin, and Grover breached the office door at the end – THAT was a great shot, with the three of them all tac’d up. I also took note of the shot of Kono, Steve, Chin, and Grover as Jordon is being wheeled out to the ambulance. My mind just went to “team” and I thought it was interesting that SHOW would go there, considering who was missing. Foreshadowing? I don’t know… but it struck me.

    I understand that the Jerry storyline is setting up for some future episode where the whole team is involved… I do. But it’s dragging on, and here’s is my biggest issue (fandom wank aside because apparently Jerry unrealated storylines are OK but the Cath one’s were AWFUL? give me a break) .. Anyway my biggest issue is that we are getting 10(ish?) minutes per episode to set this story up when I would LOVE for them to take half of that to consistently address ongoing / dangling storylines for any one of the main cast. I’m not just talking about Cath (although that’s a biggie) – how about SOME mention of “Hey, wonder where WoFat is?”. Instead, those storylines are left in the void and only dealt with when the big, arc-ending (or arc-extending in Wo-Fat’s case) episode comes up. It’s just annoying.

    This week I started wondering what the casual viewer was thinking. As far as they know, Cath is just temporarily in Afghanistan. Lots and lots of them don’t know MB left – to them the character is just in limbo. They must be wondering what the heck is going on. LIke her or not, you just WOULD. Same with WoFat – didn’t we end last season with WoFat asking to meet with Steve? Did Steve forget to RSVP for that meeting? didn’t schedule it in his WIndows phone? That’s not great storytelling. Things need to be addressed or the audience loses focus, and the big arc episodes don’t have the impact that they should.

    Sigh. OK time to address the elephant in the room. Ellie. Honestly I’m ambivalent. I loved McRoll from the start because I thought it was so different and interesting that the lead of the show was already in a relationship. I hate the “will they or won’t they” crap and always have. I’ve lost interest in many shows because I just get sick of it. So, there it is. I don’t hate her, but I really don’t care. I find it pretty implausible that they haven’t run across each other through work, and that she kept the bar vacant for all those years, but I’ve come to expect these things from the SHOW. They mention things they shouldn’t and the don’t mention the things that they should. Welcome to 5-0.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes, apparently Jerry is better than sliced bread… and I may get screamed at for this but why do we need the duo of kame and flippa every episode? Come on people’s… sometimes it is just.over the top.


  12. So this tweet just happened by H50 by CBS “Steve is back on the market. How was his first date? ”
    I think the show clearly sent Cath off to the distance, and to me they obv are making Steve and Ellie more than friends. Funny how differently Peter tries to sell us this “couple”. Time will tell….
    Ps I wouldn´t be surprised to see Steve make a call to Cath to break it off cause he has developed feelings for someone else…


    1. LOL – seriously? That is their take on their first meeting? A date? That sounds like something Danny would ask. Insensitive ba…

      Guess at CBS the right hand doesn’t know what the left one does. Or they simply don’t care.

      See, I’m not that far off that he wouldn’t take her back. I’m kidding. 😉


    2. “Ps I wouldn´t be surprised to see Steve make a call to Cath to break it off cause he has developed feelings for someone else…” – that will piss me off beyond all reasoning. Seriously, my love for Alex may not survive that one.

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Good eyes with Alex´s booboo in the grease monkey scene. I suspect Alex got the injury from filming those takes under the car. Maybe he nicked his skin on the lisence plate. The injuri isn´t visible in the other scenes.
    Did you pick up on the scene with talking to Chin (after phone message to D) that Steve/Alex seems to have a “boil” on his right cheek, but like Foyeur said to me, it might be Alex´s chewing gum 🙂


    1. I think he might be chewing gum to help with keeping the American accent. Guess on some days it is harder than on others. And it is easier to speak American english while chewing gum. At least it is for not Americans. Or maybe he just forgot to spit it out. 😉

      I also think that last scene was the only one where he had that slight injury. Could be that he hit his head under the car. Not that much room there.


  14. Ok.I think I lost the place where I was supposed to comment on the review itself.So I will just add it down here.

    I’ve read all these comments and agree in some part to something in almost every one of them. Some very good thoughts up above.

    Now about the review… just a very few random thoughts…

    First…. how could anyone read that without drooling over the pictures? I kept getting side tracked…

    Story was good… kind of slow but I’m not complaining. I liked Steve being able to do something for his dad. He needed th a t.

    Bugged me that John used Kellie as a.replacement child but Steve never brought that up. I liked chin’s talk with Steve.

    Lol… the vanishing car. I did not notice that.

    Loved Steve in a suit. Loved Steve in the white tee. I do wish they would have given alex a.pair of sunglasses.that fit. Those were sad looking

    As for the gum, I think he also had some in his mouth during the psych eval in the first episode.

    Loved the episode. I give it an A-.


  15. This is my first time posting here. I find it interesting how people seem to be watching two very different shows. While I haven’t watched since Catherine’s last ep, I have been paying attention to what others have been saying and I want to add my 2 cents. Cath didn’t leave Steve. She stayed behind in Afghanistan because she feels indebted to that family for saving her life. Cath is the one who saved Steve by calling Danny. Had she fought back when Steve was captured, the whole thing could have been much worse had they both could have gotten captured along with all those kids. That’s pretty much all I can get behind on that ep. 421 was a ridiculous attempt to get rid of a wonderful character in one episode and it failed. Miserably. Steve would never leave her. Steve would never leave anyone. No matter what the obstacle-that is intrinsic to his character. And if I did “suspend disbelief” and say he was backed against the wall/had no choice/blahblahblah, he would at the very least be in contact her. Hell, Jerry is an off the grid conspiracy guy—wouldn’t keeping the team in contact with Cath on the DL be a better use of his character than having him fight with his mom about selling the house? The entire team should be missing Cath. Steve is in love with this woman and once you tell a woman you love her you can’t take it back, right?? Cath is the reason Kono and Adam were able to come home (guess everyone forgot about that). Catherine has helped Danny & Grace. Don’t even get me started on Danny. His line in 421 that Cath was a big girl who could take care of herself?? Talk about an out of character line. Anyway, this post has turned into a rambling mess. Sorry. In short, the writers managed to ruin their characters in a few short episodes and I don’t understand why. Never will.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Welcome to the blog.
      I bet everyone looking at 4.21 and Catherine’s choices will think about it differently. I think she did leave Steve in a way. But actually it is a mood point to discuss it because it was never mentioned again, so we have really no idea what she was thinking. We can only interpret it, and we will all come to different conclusions.
      About Steve not staying in Afghanistan. At that point he was in no shape to help her. Sometimes it is better to help from afar. BUT that is what the show should show us.
      And about the team missing her. I don’t get the feeling at all that any of Five-0 is missing her. And Danny, don’t even start with Danny. He has been an idiot during the whole mess with Catherine, or being in Afghanistan. His words to Steve in 4.22 sealed the deal for me on my believe of what kind of uncaring idiot Danny is. That was unforgivable. Anyway, I don’t think he was out of character, he just showed his true character. That is my take on it.
      Oh, don’t be sorry about ranting. Everyone is allowed to do that here as long as he/she stays civil about it. And you did just fine. 😉


    2. CocoPuffy, you have stated some very good points. I agree 100% with your analysis.
      Sorry you are not watching any more. I’ve struggled with it myself and no longer watch live or even within the first 7 days (with the exception of this episode I watched the next day). I wish I could say it has all worked out….but they continue to dig the hold deeper. The only saving grace for me is Alex and his scenes with Chi, Jerry and DDK.


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