5.05 HD Promo CBS

Instead of the promos here is the sneak at the new song from Five For Fighting. Music for the 100th episode which airs on November 7th.

And here you can find all the CBS videos. They have a few videos from last night’s show up.

Again for a limited time only, CBS promo in HD for Hawaii Five-0 episode 5.05.

And after you watched the videos, check out Intense Study’s great GIFs.


7 thoughts on “5.05 HD Promo CBS

  1. Alex’s expresssions just kill me! What an actor! So glad to see him front and centre in this episode…it was about time. He’s hasn’t been present enough this season. Hope we might see a bit of bad ass as well but even just having him featuring heavily will keep me happy!!

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  2. Now this is what I call great previews, with of course one of them winning top spot 🙂
    I loved everything about it – the MAN, the locations, the music….
    I have to admit, I am really, REALLY looking forward to this episode!


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