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5.04 Ka No’eau

When a Detroit hit man is taken out by one of his colleagues on the streets of Oahu, Five-0 is shocked to learn the killer’s surprising motives. Meanwhile, Chin puts his career on the line to help Danny get the money he needs to save his brother’s life.

You’ve got to be freakin’ kidding me! Another whole minute wasted with the stuff from last week? Is this going to be a trend on Five-0 now? This is SO annoying!


So, let me get this straight. Danny finds the money his brother got from who knows who/where, in cash no less. Unfortunately he’s the small amount of five and a half million dollars short.

This is where it started to get really ridiculous. Chin goes and wants that money from Gabriel. What, he has it under his pillow? He still has contacts to the outside world to get his hands on that kind of cash? And IA and HPD, Five-0 and who knows who else doesn’t know any of it, and can’t find out where all those millions are? That is highly unlikely.

But what bugs me even more is the fact that Danny doesn’t even have any proof of life, or even that Reyes has Matt in the first place. How stupid is it, and in my eyes, totally unbelievable that he simply believes him. Why? Why would Danny believe him?

If he doesn’t come up with the missing five and a half million his brother will be dead in two days. Yeah, right. Either his brother is already long dead, or Reyers doesn’t have him. Geez.


And it gets even more ridiculous, but we’ll come to that later.

Uh oh, this already sounds like I didn’t like the episode. You’re wrong. LOL

So, before Chin has the glorious idea to get the money, Danny goes to see some big wig underworld boss to give him the money. Excuse me, but why in the world did Danny expect him to help? Danny has nothing to offer. Except cover-up jobs. Did he seriously offer that?



After almost five minutes we finally start with the crime of the week. Gordon Bristol A.K.A. Joseph Stegner lands in Honolulu. And, after taking out what felt like all of Honolulu’s airport police without even breaking a sweat, he’s ready to hit the streets.


ROFL – I’m sorry, but their German sounded just like their computer voice. Totally generated, no one speaks in such a pattern. It was clearly read off a paper and not a conversation. It made me smile again. I have no idea how good or bad they are with other languages, but with German they have been pretty awful so far. This was clearly to understand, but other than that… don’t they listen to what they are recording?

And again we have to spend time with Jerry and Kamekona. In my eyes, more wasted screen time.

And look, right in front of the bookshop in his mom’s green car. I can only repeat myself. Jerry is an idiot. If I were the bad guys, I would have him arrested for stalking. 😉



This view made me squealing in delight. You know why? Gray hair. I love it. I didn’t even really listen to what they were saying, I was too focused on Steve’s hair. LOL

But they listened and realized they had a professional on their hands when he took out five guys, and had a special weapon with silencer and all the trimmings.

And I like to add that I like the style they gave Lou. Before, we only saw him in uniform, but I like his look. Good choice.


I really like this guy. Christopher Sean is doing a great job. They created a wonderful character; too bad he’s in prison, and will probably stay there. Or, he could become Wo Fat’s successor. 😉 Anyway, I would really like to see him again.


I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy them standing around the smart table. Not much is happening, but it’s interesting how they gather information and throw theories back and forth. I always enjoy it, even though we learned from the DVD commentary that the actors can get grumpy because it’s always so much text they have to learn. Yeah, guys, I feel your pain. 😉

Kono tells them they have eyes on the suspect, and that gives us some truly great action scenes. During the chase I had to smile for a minute, seeing Chi trying to run at full speed and Alex deliberately slowing down so that they were somewhat at the same pace. But, it’s all good. Chi’s doing a pretty good job. I have seen a lot worse. He’s a tall, big guy, we can’t expect him to look like Alex in action scenes. But as I said, what he does looks OK. It put a smile on my face, and that is a good thing.

Anyway, I thought the McG action was great. I L.O.V.E. seeing Steve running after a suspect, jumping over obstacles, fire his gun, simply being a BAMF. We don’t have enough of that. Not just with Steve, I always love to see the action part of the show. It is mostly done really, really well.

So, did you expect the bad guy to get killed? And not by the police during the chase? That gave us even more action. Even though I’m not quite sure why the HPD car was gunning for Steve. 😉

A cool stunt by Jason. I don’t know if they filmed this in one go, or like in the pilot when Alex slid over the car which they filmed in two separate scenes. But the end product looks great either way.

I really enjoy Grover and Steve working together. It feels real and right.

It was clear that Nick Mercer, greatly played by Timothy V. Murphy, wouldn’t go to a hospital, but he did seek help.

Yeah, I believe Steve when he said he would go through the door first. And frankly, I think his plan to settle that thing would have been way better than what Danny has planned with the money. He should have listened to Steve last episode, or even the one before when he wanted to go down to Columbia to get Matt back. Steve had done uncountable OPs like that, he knows what it takes to free a hostage. Danny should have trusted him. His way will turn out to be the wrong one, and I think that was clear from the beginning. I have no idea why he thinks to pay the ransom would get him his brother back and would make sure that Reyes would not come back for more. That is completely against his experience as a cop. It’s just stupid.

Meet our suspect. And as Five-0 has to learn he’s not a nice guy.

It doesn’t take them long to find out where he is. The following chase is kind of cute and ends pretty unspectacular. Even though I highly doubt the Silverado can’t keep up with the ambulance. That’s a darn powerful truck.

So, after the arrest, we spend a huge amount of time at the hospital and listen to one of the most ridiculous things they came up with so far. At least it felt like a huge amount of time. I’m sorry, but even though I liked it that Steve didn’t dismiss it right away, I think this was just stupid and way too long. Sure you hid all those people just like that, after you had a change of heart. Sure, no problem. The only good thing I took from this was the angle of organ donation. They can’t show that often enough. It’s a really great and important issue most people haven’t thought about enough. If you haven’t done so yet, please inform yourself about becoming an organ donor. Inform yourself about the regulations in your country and then make a decision that is right for you.

And since we’re at it here’s another change of heart. Gabriel is willing to give Chin the money. Well, isn’t that nice?


What? Nobody offered Jerry a place to stay? I wonder why. 😉


Steve and Grover get Mercer to tell them where he hid those people. So they can go there first and wait for the six guys who are on their way to finish what Stegner didn’t.

I loved it how they all knocked out ‘their’ suspect with just one punch and Steve was calling for a little help. I thought that was funny. I love it that he doesn’t have to be the super guy all the time. And if you think about it, he never ever really was. He often needs help, get beaten, shot, taken or whatever. I think that makes him very human. Anyway, I think that was a fun scene and it gave the ‘bad guy’ the chance to do another good deed. And it showed that the others can be bad ass as well.

The convoy with the people coming back was a bit too much for my taste, but it gave us this. So, I’m not complaining.


After they arrested all the bad guys Danny learns that he now has the money to exchange it for his brother. I have a technical question about that. How the heck did they get that money to Columbia? In cash. In bags on a plane. That is just not gonna happen. I think the writers should think about such technicalities. Or did they fly on a private jet?

All in all those were some really great scenes in that basement. But seriously, Danny kills a man in cold blood without even knowing what’s in that barrel? What the heck was he thinking? Oh yeah, I know, he lost control like he always does. He put himself and Steve in great danger when he charged at Reyes without even thinking about it. He doesn’t have his emotions under control, never had.

I knew he would kill him; that was no surprise at all. Nothing after they were led up the stairs was. I’m NOT complaining about it, those were good scenes. I just don’t get why people were surprised by it. It was totally in character with the Danny we know for four years now. He’s a loose cannon. Always was.

And I’m really pissed at Danny. How could he be so selfish and put Steve in that position? How could he make him an accomplice of cold blooded murder? I’m sorry, but that did it for me; I’m done with Danny. Once and for all. At least Chin had the decency to not involve any of the others in his crimes. But not Danny, no, he’s just thinking about himself. About his revenge. A revenge he doesn’t even know was warranted.

This should not go unpunished. I don’t care if Reyes had it coming or not. You cannot just go and kill people in cold blood. Honestly, I don’t want Steve to lie for Danny. I want this to have consequences for Danny and their friendship.

I don’t think Steve can just look the other way in good conscience. He had many reasons and opportunities to kill the people who had murdered his family members, or tried to kill him. But he never ever did. And if he would do that at some point, he would make sure none of his friends were in danger of taking the fall with him.

I think Danny is a selfish bastard and I can’t see any way that he was in his right to kill that man. Right in front of his supposedly best friend.

I can tell you one thing, I will be really miffed if they follow up this storyline of how bad Danny feels losing his brother, and we still get nothing about Steve’s pain. That is just not right.

And I will even be more miffed if this won’t be the end of Detective Williams. I’m sorry, but I can’t take him seriously anymore, not after he killed a man like that. How can he uphold the law when he treats it like that? The difference to Chin is very simple. Chin made sure that there were no witnesses. Danny did all this in front of Steve. His friend and boss.

This is not acceptable. But my guess is this is the way for SC to leave the show.

Well, Scott Caan is barely in the episodes this season, but at least he’s not phoning in his act like he did so often in the past. But unlike a lot of people on twitter, I’m not peeing my pants because “Scotty“ was oh so good and deserves all the awards. Please! He was doing his job, but nothing more. Sorry, but once in a while doing a good job doesn’t warrant any praise in my eyes. I would rather see all the others, who are doing a great job episode after episode, mentioned once in a while. But I guess they all have the wrong name.

So, what is my verdict? It seems that I complained about a lot of things. Well, that is true, but only about the ridiculous plots. Not about the execution and acting in this episode. That was pretty much top notch all around.

Great acting, great action, super fun to watch Grover and Steve, Grover and Kono, heck Grover with anyone really.

The Matt plot? Just stupid and ridiculous. The bad guys change of heart? Yeah right.

BUT, I was really well entertained. I could rant about the end for hours on end, but I spare myself and you the time. I don’t think it was awesome, cool and mind blowing. Not at all. But that is just me. Taking that out of the equation, this was a really good entertaining episode.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit for promo pics to CBS and Global. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously.

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  1. Thanks for yet another wonderful review hon! You put it all so well, covering the good and the ridiculous points alike. Once again, I feel you must have gone for a wander in that wet place I like to call my mind as you have put my thoughts down, but in much better order than I could have! Thanks for all the great photos as well hon. I loved the look Steve had in Columbia……just so sexy!


  2. Yes! The whole Danny plot annoyed me. There is no way Steve and Danny could have gotten that much cash out of the US unless they snuck across the border. It’s illegal. Killing Reyes in cold blood just annoyed me. And I’ll be really annoyed if Steve is ok with it. Besides the fact that Chin didn’t have any witnesses, it was well established that he was killing a murderer who had done many bad things. Reyes could have been playing Danny to get the money. He probably wasn’t, but it’s possible so Danny was much more judge, jury, and executioner than Chin was. I’d be fine with Scott Caan leaving. Danny has gotten progressively more annoying and the contortions to keep Danny in the series, but filming him separately are making for crappy story telling. (Not so annoying as the Kono stuff last year, but having a baby is much better excuse.) In my fantasy world, we’d get Catherine back to fill in the “spot.” But I think other characters could fill in the banter without being so annoying. I’d love to see more Kono and Steve scenes for instance. Grover and Steve are great together too. So are Chin and Steve although less bantery.

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    • I thought I was alone with the thought about how they got the money out of the country. That would just not be possible. If I ever tried to write something like that in a story, Cokie would have my head for it. I wonder if the writers don’t have a beta who tells them to think about what they’ve written. Sometimes I believe they are twelve year olds who think a lot of stupid stuff is cool.

      About Danny killing Reyes, he doesn’t even know if he had Matt or not. He just killed him because he believed Matt was in that barrel and was killed by Reyes. What if he’s wrong? What if Matt was behind all this? And even if Reyes has killed him that doesn’t give him the right to do the same.

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      • I think they had Danny kill Reyes because they’re trying to portray him as a bad ass this year and it’s just laughable. This is the same guy who whined for 3 straight episodes about having to go to P.T. last year and blamed Steve for his injury. sorry. These two characters just can’t be reconciled.

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        • Yes I also agree. Danno has never been bad ass. He hates guns and whines incessantly. But Danny has always had a double standard. He bitches about being polite and thoughtful, which he isn’t, derides McG for his social skills and being an animal, when McG is way more polite, thoughtful, and sentient than Danno, and bitches about acting before thinking which is Danno’s stock in trade. He unadulterated I’d, with the addition of a big mouth. Sometimes it’s funny, coz he’s tiny so there’s that visual disparity, but he annoys too often. McG, nobody,would put up with that! And speaking of double standards, Lenkov is trying to pimp SC for his acting again. After phoning in the last 2 seasons, he actually showed up for work that day and Lenkov gotta pimp that? Hello! Alex kept your show afloat with his constant excellence. How about noting THAT, PLoser?

          But I enjoyed the ep. :). Some very cool McG, as Sam said.

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      • A little googling has shown that it might technically be legal to leave with more than $10K in cash, but you’ll have to prove it’s not illegally gotten. Which they could never prove with $18 million.

        No I don’t think they have beta’s who point out the silliness!

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      • The money is always a sticking point with me. These ridiculously huge sums, first of all – and then the size of what that money actually would be. Bothersome. For the love of God I can’t bring a magazine on a plane without TSA checking all the pages! They might’ve taken a peek at 4 (?) duffels of cash, no?

        And, I think Bryan Wynbrandt (writer) tweeted that PL almost fired him for doing the math on the money. PL should listen to BW more I think!

        I’m not as annoyed as you are about Danny killing Reyes in cold blood – Chin has done it. I hesitate to say that Steve has done it in quite the same cold blood (In my opinion most of the times he’s killed its been as self-defense or military) I just didn’t think it was the OH MY GOD over the top moment others saw it as. It was acting. Scott so rarely actually puts effort into his acting that this was noticeable. I was much more moved by Alex’s non-verbal portrayal of the event.

        And – yeah. Stupid of them not to ask for proof.

        The more I watch the more I love Grover. Chi is awesome.

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        • Totally agree on Chin with you. I’m still waiting for consequences for that, but he had no witnesses. But I disagree completely about Steve. He never killed in cold blood. Not even back in NK when he put the grenade under the guy. He did not kill him. And all the killing he did in his military career or as a cop, was not murder. He never pulled the trigger like Chin and Danny did. I think there is a huge difference.

          Chin and Danny murdered for their own personal satisfaction. For their revenge. And Danny doesn’t even know if it was warranted.
          That is something that Steve would not do. He had the opportunity, the means, and more reasons one can count to do it. But he never did. And if they will be true to his character, what they are really not lately, he never will.

          Does collateral damage like in NK count as murder? No, not in my eyes. I think that are very different things to accept the possibility that someone will die to the fact to put a bullet between someones eyes.

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          • No, we don’t disagree – I think that was my point – and you stated it perfectly. Steve has NEVER KILLED FOR REVENGE.

            That’s it for me! Thank you, I’ve been trying to put words to it for two days.

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              • No, absolutely not, as I said in a comment. Steve did not kill that guy. He accepted the possibility that he dies, but there is a huge difference to putting a bullet between someones eyes out of revenge. Steve never killed out of revenge or for his personal satisfaction.


              • LOL – you’re even replying to the comment where I said that was collateral damage and not murder. The collateral damage is the guy in NK, who was killed by the grenade when his buddies rolled him off it.


                • True. The guy was still breathing when Steve left him 😉

                  In all seriousness – don’t tell me that wasn’t a SEAL move. I’m sure it’s in SEAL 101 training.

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                    • Steve knew exactly what Danny was going to do when he went back down into that basement. What – he expected him to pull out the handcuffs? Of course not! He knew – as did Danny – that when they – both of them obviously – killed/fought the bodyguards/henchmen upstairs that killing Reyes was the only way to get out of the situation without retaliation. No way would Reyes let them walk without showing up again and unlike Steve and Wo Fat – they were *not* there as law enforcement or SEALS or any kind of government entities. They were there as family. The kind of family that hides the body for you – but family nonetheless. That Danny killed Reyes was not a shock to me – once Matt turned up dead and Grace was threatened – honestly, once Reyes showed up in Hawaii with no backup and went to Danny regardless of where he was and who knew about it – it was obvious he thought himself untouchable. Like Wo Fat – but with no one from the government looking for him – unlike Wo Fat – there would be no help from that quarter and Danny was on his own in that time frame – which is what Reyes wanted and he didn’t think Danny had the guts to take him down. He gambled and he lost.

                      As for Steve – he could have left the room – he could have stayed upstairs after the fight. He would have had plausible deniability either way. Obviously he didn’t feel he needed or wanted it. He knew what Danny was going to do and he went anyway. He is now an accessory to murder if you call Danny a murderer. I call it self-defense.

                      But yeah – they should have opened the barrel and if Matt shows up later, I will scream as loudly as the rest of you and the money thing was dumb unless they had a private plane from somewhere:))

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                    • Paulette, I like your comment. It’s interesting to look at it as self defense. Legally you are in your right to kill someone if you fear for your life or that of someone close to you. Did Danny fear for his life? Surely not. But surely for the life of his kid. So, he could even get away with it if you look at it like that.
                      But legally they won’t be charged with anything anyway. I’m looking at it from the moral site. And from that Danny murdered him in cold blood. I highly doubt he was thinking about self defense. He wanted revenge for Matt’s murder.
                      And yes, Steve knew what was going to happen, like everyone who has been watching Danny the last four seasons. But I also think he went back down to make sure that Reyes didn’t have a last trick up his sleeve. To make sure that Danny got out of there alive.
                      I’m looking forward to see what is going to happen now.


                    • Interesting to read everyone’s assessment of last week’s episode and Danny’s actions. I guess for me, it all boils down to the fact that from now on, Danny to me will be a caricature. I just can’t take him seriously as a cop any more.


  3. Nailed it. I sooo did not like the ending, because all this revenge/lynch justice leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Are we supposed to be with Danny here? Sure, they’ve never behaved like ordinary policemen, but that takes the cake. And yes, the plot was ridiculous (again). Fortunately, I’ve never taken this show too seriously, because … ehm -sadly- … it often does not take its audience seriously. This is light entertainment for me.

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    • I’m not with Danny at all. I have no sympathy for him whatsoever. What he did was unforgivable. That was way worse than what Chin ever did. Even though I also waiting for consequences for his murder.
      I cannot understand how TPTB can think this is cool in any way. And that there is a way to keep Danny on the force after this. Or even for Steve and Danny’s relationship not to take a huge hit by it.
      If people cannot see what Danny did to his friend, and to his oath as an officer of the law… I can only feel sorry for them. And I will not say ‘this is just a TV show, relax’. Yes, it’s just a TV show, one I’m not taking too seriously actually. But they simply went too far with this.

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  4. Can we say double standard, seems it’s okay when Danny goes off the rail but he calls Steve a Neanderthal, do the writers think we forget. A by the book detective shooting an unarmed man, that I have a major problem with. Can I just say Steve didn’t kill Wo-Fat even though he was responsible for having John murdered. I also have a problem that Chin went to his brother in law for the money, that will come back to bite him in the butt. Oh my, I guess I forgot to drink my weekly dose of kool aid, so I don’t I believe everything that is written. Getting 18.5 mil dollars in cash out of the country, flying to Columbia with those big bags of money, I find that hard to comprehend but I guess it’s okay because SC is PL’s chosen one, he gets all the praise but none for anyone else. What an ending to the Matt story line, death by barrel. (NOT) what I expected not what I wanted to see. I was not looking forward to this episode because I was afraid it would end in this manner. No one checked the barrel so maybe Matt not in it, another way of stretching the story out, PL said he hoped to get Dane Cook back, pffftt, whatever.
    I don’t know if TPTB think this is the last season, tying up loose ends but if that is the case then go out with a bang, write something people will believe. If people say it’s tv so they have to be creative, what next, UFO lands in Hawaii.

    I like the crime of the week, Valentine was a murderer who became a good guy and even though Steve was conflicted he still arrested him. I guess to sum up my feelings on the episode A murder became a good guy and a good guy became a murder.

    I love love loved your review.

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    • Thank you so much. Totally agree with everything you said.
      Something I forgot in the review… I never missed Danny during the case of the week. Danny has been barely in the episodes this season, or last season for that matter. I must say that I really like that. The team without him is much better. For me, it’s more than enough to see him once in a while. And I truly hope this murder will have consequences. I don’t want him on Five-0 like nothing happened. I couldn’t live with that. I will lean back and wait, but it would take a lot for me to keep enjoying the show if Danny would stay like that on the show.
      Danny was always about double standard. All the things he said Steve did wrong, were actually the things he did. Steve never lost his head, he never charged in without thinking. His training forbid such things. Sometimes I feel like the show forgets who Steve really is. What kind of training he has. What kind of person he is.
      This season is most frustrating. What they are doing with this great character is just not right.
      Yes, I think the episode was entertaining and all, but if I would take into account what they did with Steve’s character and the end of the episode, this ep would be another failure.
      They are totally screwing up Steve’s character and that pisses me off. Yes, I’m mad as hell about it.
      Sorry for the rant.

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      • Funny you should say that about not knowing (or forgetting) who Steve is. This weekend I watched “Will of the Warrior” on HBO – it’s a behind the scenes documentary about Marcus Luttrell (who is the Lone Survivor) and the filming of “Lone Survivor” <<< if you haven't seen it, you should. OMG. THAT'S what SEALS ARE – not the glory rah rah stuff, but the true nature of being a badass and survival instinct. It's not about saving your own life, it's about saving the life of your brethren and those you are supposed to protect. It's not easy to watch, but it is extremely moving.

        Marcus Luttrell said it in the documentary – "I'm not shooting this guy to save myself, I'm shooting him to save me teammate. And I know that he's shooting to save me"
        ^^And that, THAT is what Steve is.

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  5. I WAS surprised that Danny killed that guy in cold blood. Yes, Danny has always acted like a jerk, but being a jerk isn’t illegal (though sometimes it ought to be–I know several people who would be in jail right now. LOL!). And it’s not even in keeping with Danny’s character. How many times have we heard Danny spout to Steve about proper procedure? So Danny is not even acting true to his own disgruntled nature.

    And in this rumor or fact about SC leaving the show? If that is his intention, Five-0 will fold. Because despite all the things about Danny that I do NOT like, he and Steve are such wild opposites that the show wouldn’t fly without them both. That’s like having Starsky & Hutch without Starsky or Hutch. It just doesn’t work. They could do a lot more to build the friendship if they’d stop parading an endless supply of come and go characters through the show. It’s tedious.

    I think Grover was better as part of SWAT. He’s just not clicking with me as Five-0.

    In any case, if I were Grace, I wouldn’t be able to sleep under the same roof knowing my Dad pops people at random. Not that he would ever tell her. But they really have written him into a box that he can’t escape from. Unless they make this one of those Bobby Ewing “just a dream” sequences.

    The only good thing about that entire episode was Steve jumping on top of the cop car. 😎

    The other thing about S5 so far is Steve has seemed pretty wishy washy and in the background. It’s like he had a lobotomy between seasons 4 and 5.

    Maybe they’ll find a way, but at this moment in time I can’t see a way for team Five-0 production to dig themselves out of the hole they’ve created.

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    • I think it was very in character with Danny. He shot an unarmed man before, he beat up a suspect who he had nothing on, and who was innocent. He’s always charging in without thinking. In my eyes, he’s a danger to himself and to his teammates.

      *The other thing about S5 so far is Steve has seemed pretty wishy washy and in the background. It’s like he had a lobotomy between seasons 4 and 5.* ROFL – you are SO right.

      I also can’t see a way out of the mess they created.

      I disagree on the show would fail without Danny. Nope, don’t think so. He was missing in a few episodes, and in my eyes, they were some of the best eps. As I said, I wouldn’t miss him one bit. Not everyone is gung ho for Steve and Danny. Besides people come and go all the time.

      Grover. Well, I love him, but it’s OK to feel different about him. I think it’s a good thing to have more people on Five-0. Even five is not enough to run a task force. But this is TV, so I guess they never take time off or go on vacation. Or are on sick leave. 😉

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

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      • I don’t know the age of the Five-0 fans watching this version of FIve-0—maybe it’s all younguns, but I’m a geezer and watched the original Hawaii Five-0 too. Toward the end of the series, James MacArthur left that Five-0, and the show tanked immediately after (though granted, by the 12th season, that’s a long time for ANY show and it was time for it to close out its place in history.). Thankfully, that Danno wasn’t the jerk that this one is, but still, ‘Steve and Danno’ are Hawaii Five-0 tradition. And frankly, they don’t have anyone with a good enough dynamic to become Steve’s partner. I absolutely adore Chin. Couldn’t stand Five-0 without him, but he’s not a good foil for McGarrett. Kono I can’t figure out–I keep wondering if GP has gotten tired of the show. She seems barely there in her scenes. Grover is too plain vanilla to step into the role as Steve’s partner. And though I absolutely hate that Catherine is not there this season and I want her back desperately, she would not work well as his partner at work either, though she was an outstanding member of Five-0–I absolutely loved seeing her in action last season. (Thank God for prior season DVD’s!)

        If this is to be the last season, I hope they will find a way to bow out gracefully, and undo some of the damage they’ve done so far S5.


      • I disagree too. I think show would live just fine without Danny. Possibly after S1 it wouldn’t have but Scott being gone as much as he has has left the door wide open. I actually had this conversation with 1 of 2 friends I have that still watch show (everyone else has stopped) at the end of last season. I had told him SC was taking a few epis off and he said it would ruin the show.
        Him: hey, I thought you said SC was going to miss a few episodes.
        ME: he did. You didn’t even miss him did you?
        Him: He did? Huh. I guess not.
        ME: Told you so.
        Now he’s totally Team McGrover. I think Grover is what Danny should have been all along. If they get rid of Danny, Grover would easily fill his shoes. Episode 4.08 proved that.
        I think people have it in their mind that Steve/Danny is H50 but they’re not. Everyone that I know that’s stopped watching show hates the Danny character and the constant bickering that they quit. Not everyone thinks they’re the best thing for show.
        Would it effect show? For sure! But it wouldn’t kill it. Even if Alex left I don’t’ think it would kill it though I sure as hell wouldn’t watch 😉

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        • “Even if Alex left I don’t’ think it would kill it” — that doesn’t say much for any of the characters if they’re that easy to switch out. Just sayin’.


          • I think at some point a show just takes on it’s own personality and it’s about a show not about people or characters.

            For instance, I’ve watch Law and Order:SVU for it’s entire run and people said show would not survive without the chemisty of Stabler and Benson (who is much better than Steve/Danny any day IMO). They’ve changed the entire cast on SVU with only 1 original cast member left. In it’s 16th year I think it’s better than it’s been in many years. Sometimes change is for the best and can actually reinvigorate a show. Not that the characters were bad, but it gets old and stale and Steve/Danny is old and stale. Something there has got to give.

            CSI also survived when they said they’d NEVER make it without Grissom. Now going into it’s 4th year without him…


            • Maybe it’s different for different people. For me, it’s ALL about the characters. Seeing things get blown up is cool and all (I can’t pass a Camaro on the street without wondering if they’ve got some of Steve’s grenades or heavy artillery in there so we can have some fun!) 😎 but it’s the characters who make or break any show for me. But I’m also viewing from standpoint of a person who had a big gap of time in watching television. I quit watching TV about 1991 and never watched a single TV show until Five-0 debuted in–2010? So I don’t know CSI, etc. What I do notice is that, while cast changes are not new to TV (I never watched Bonanza again after Pernell Roberts left the show), if this show is any indication, shows these days have a really bad time hanging on to characters (and continuity).

              Danny annoyed me in season 1, primarily because he appeared to have no respect for Steve’s skills and service. But he improved greatly on that in season 2, and season 2 would have also been an awesome season if they hadn’t foisted Weston upon us. But that episode about the seals in season 2 (one of the first handful of that season) was the turning point where I gained a bit more respect for Danny because he gained more respect for Steve. Season 3 and 4, especially 4, were really good. But they’ve clearly gone completely off the rails this season.

              I want Rambo Steve back. No Steve. No Five-0. I think Danny being absent some would be fine, but gone completely wouldn’t work. Much as I like Kono, I don’t think I’d blink of she disappeared. It would also suck without Chin.

              This was a bad weekend to get upset by a bad episode of FIve-0 (seriously, that Danny the cold-blooded killer thing woke me up at 2:45 this morning!) as I have a major anatomy & physiology test tomorrow night. So I better find a way to stop thinking about Steve and get back to my studying. LOLOL!!!!!


              • BK I agree with most everything you said. (especially the part about foisting Weston upon us…hahahahaa!! *fist bump*) I also wouldn’t watch a show if I didn’t care about the characters, which is why *I* wouldn’t watch H50 without Alex/McG because I don’t care enough about any of the other characters to hold me past all the ridiculousness every week.

                Maybe Scott leaving would ruin the show, to me it would VASTLY improve it and I know I am not alone in that sentiment. lol. Maybe Alex leaving would ruin the show, I don’t know. H50 is about the McGarrett family mystery so probably no, the show couldn’t last without Alex.

                Go study for your A&P class! Good luck to you!

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            • I agree with you about most shows. It’s a business after all. But I don’t think Five-0 would survive without Alex. He carries the show on and off screen more than any other character on other shows. And I for sure wouldn’t watch any episode without him.
              Gp I could easily live with, SC leaving I would jump for joy. Well, not really SC, but the Danny they have created. Horrible character in my eyes.


        • Just a little story: Hubby who is not that involved in 50 as me is always asking me before watching an episode: Ok tell me, with what do I have to deal in this one? The little whiny one or the big cool new guy?
          When I say “Grover” he smiles!

          But I am pretty sure if Alex left show would be done! His commitment on and off screen carries the show!

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  6. i actually liked the way they did the ending; it was more dramatic than just finding a body. of course it also leaves open the possibility that Matt is still alive and Danny killed Reyes for “no reason”. despite the fact that Danny’s conscience should not be completely clear on this crime, it would be much worse if Reyes did not really kill his brother. Course if that were the case, why didn’t Reyes say anything.? I want Matt to really be dead because I don’t want his storyline to come up again. Ya’ll are all correct in pointing out the complete difference from Steve’s behavior with Wo Fat. I would like to see Steve voice his disapproval, but i’m thinking the show is going to have him continue to be the same loyal brother friend he has always been. I am very interested in how his next interaction with Wo Fat goes in episode 7 ( i think that is the one). From what has been said, all questions are supposed to be answered, but i I wonder whether that will be the end of the Wo Fat timeline.

    I had no problem with the way they got the money out of the country. For some reason I am willing to suspend some belief there. However, I have never really understood negotiating with men like Reyes. Supplying the money with absolutely no proof he had ever had Matt was illogical. I don’t know why the writers keep having to get Chin involved in “dirty money” situations. I need a scorecard to keep up with it.

    I am so glad next week is going to be Steve-centric. I am not anti-Danny, but i could use a break from his drama for a while.

    i am obviously not as involved in the characters as many of the commenters are, so i enjoy your insights into how they would behave. i am torn about what Danny did, but i was glad they did not just leave an open threat out there. The entire time Danny was dealing with Matt’s supposed kidnapping, I thought it was odd that he suddenly responded with so much concern for a brother who had been completely selfish to get involved in crime anyway. I know a life on the line changes things, but it seemed weird to me.


    • You know, I believe friendship, even family only goes so far. What Danny did should not be tolerated. Not by his friends or his family. I love my friends, and I love my family, but I would not harbor a murderer. Not my brother, not my friend.
      Danny even has the added ‘being an officer of the law’ to that. I cannot accept that he did that and that the show expect us to think it’s cool and that Ohana should protect him. Sorry, but that is not what Ohana is about.
      Danny should have thought about his family and friends before he pulled the trigger. But he was too selfish for that. They all will suffer the consequences. He is even worse than his brother. With this he is not better than any scumbag he took off the street during his time with the police. I think that time should be over. How will he ever face a criminal and arrest him, when it is him who should be arrested for murder?
      I truly hope they will address this. But knowing the show by now, they won’t.


  7. I was on the fence about this episode. I loved BAMF Steve, he’s been missing way to long. I also loved somewhat conflicted Steve when it came to the murderer. The COTW on the hand, really pushed the envelope for me. I’m not saying that it couldn’t, or doesn’t, happen, that a hardened killer has a change of heart, excuse the pun, because of a heart transplant, but it was just a bit too far-fetched for me. Jerry is getting a bit to much screen time for my liking, though I do like him but in small doses, and I’m hoping beyond hope, that he doesn’t become Steve’s roommate again!

    As for Danny, Wanda summed it up the best, a murderer became a good guy and a good guy became a murderer. I just hope that it is SC’s way of easing out of the role. I, too, am tired of the double standard of Danny, the loose cannon, the antithesis of everything Steve is and stands for, but gets away with it all. When did PL become such an SC cheerleader? At least in my book, without Alex there is no Hawaii 5-0.

    It’s a long season, and am willing to be patient and hope the BAMF, banter and ohana returns. And, most importantly, Steve comes back, the sweet, honorable, driven, funny, intense, would-give-his-life-for-his-friends-Steve returns, and this laughable caricature of him goes away forever.

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    • “When did PL become such an SC cheerleader? ” <<— I think it's in SC's contract he has to have a certain amount of stroking after all his episodes. That can be the only reason because seriously. He's NO BETTER than anyone else and while I did think he did well, because of all his belly aching and pissing on the show I can't take him seriously.

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      • Totally agree with you. Scott said it himself that he is basically just playing himself in Danny. That doesn’t take much talent to do that. Yes, sometimes Scott does do an excellent job with certain scenes but so do Alex and DDK. SC doesn’t deserve any more praise than any of the others do. If any thing, I think Alex deserves more recognition than he gets, he is playing a character that is so far away from himself while putting on a very convincing American accent to boot shows just how talented he is. To me it seems Scott always gets all the praise when Alex and DDK don’t get the amount they deserve.

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        • emdoug, I’m happy someone else remembers Scott saying that! No, it doesn’t take much talent and factor in his pissing all over the show, it really incenses me when they fawn all over his acting and ignore the actors who do the same work and BETTER every single week.

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          • Alex blew it out of the water in 4.21 when Steve was captured by the Taliban but I don’t recall him getting hardly any recognition for that. My issue with Scott is him trying to get out of his contract. I’m big on commitment so the fact that he is trying to weasel his way out of it and change his shooting schedule around so he can do other stuff irks me. If he didn’t want to live in Hawaii and be committed to a television show that shoots 22-24 episodes a season then don’t take the job. His dad even warned him about it, knowing that Scott wouldn’t be happy/focused if the show was a success and went for multiple seasons like it has. I think that is part of the reason why Danny is such a different character from season 1. In season 1 Danny was relevant and useful. Now he doesn’t really contribute much to the team and in much of season 4 Danny was made out to be an idiot there for comic relief in most episodes. But it is hard to write a good and relevant story arc for a character who isn’t there half the time. People were getting upset last season about the lack of Danny and good story arcs for him but you can’t have a good character and good arcs for said character if the actor isn’t available/willing to do it.

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            • emdoug, i keep reading your comments and going “get out of my head!” lol
              I have a problem with rewarding bad behavior and for exactly the reasons you’ve stated above, I can’t see why they keep giving SC meaty and/or lengthy story arcs (3 episodes about his mom?? seriously? when they cut Steve’s PTSD scene??).
              DDK, Alex, MB, and now Chi and Jorge are (were) so excited about being there and really put their all into it. THAT is what should be rewarded and praised.

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              • Totally agree on everything you just said. When Scott was gone so much last season Alex and DDK really stepped up in his absence. Alex already puts in the longest hours of any of the actors on set so when Scott is gone he has to put in even more time. Which is part of the reason they brought Grover in I think. Alex gets really worn down by the end of the season but he won’t complain about it because he is so grateful to be a part of a show that has as much success as it has, especially considering his previous 2 shows that he was the lead on didn’t last past season 1. And DDK does a lot for the show as well, he just gets more time off than Alex does since he isn’t the lead. Alex puts so much into H50 that I don’t think it would last if Alex were to leave.

                The episodes with Danny’s mom were ridiculous. 3 of the worst episodes of Five-0 in the history of the show. If it weren’t for Alex I wouldn’t have watched them. Maybe if they would have had someone other than Melanie Griffith as Danny’s mom I would have enjoyed them more but Melanie killed those episodes (and not in a good way).


            • I’m forever annoyed that TPTB couldn’t muster up enough effort to praise Alex for that phenomenal 4.21 beheading/rescue scene but fawned all over the actress who played Amir’s wife – who said about 4 words. Maybe Alex portrays himself in a way that he doesn’t need or want the praise? That’s all I can figure. Because he consistently gives us greatness – and with a character that he and his costars said was a very difficult character to play (they said that in season 1)

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              • That maybe so, and I’m sure Alex is not a person seeking out any praise for what he does. But once in a while it would be nice if ‘the boss’ would say something in public. My problem is simply the singling out (is that a word? LOL) of just one person. That is just wrong.

                And you’re right everyone back then said McG is the toughest role to play.

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          • Maybe I am blind, but i really don’t see what was so special about his acting in this or any other episode. It was good. But that was it. The others bring their A game every darn weeks, and Mr. SC phoned in his performance a lot of the time. He doesn’t deserve any praise for finally giving a good performance. Let’s talk again when he does that for a whole season. Then I will praise him. Not for five minutes in one season. Not deserving it.

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        • I remember that – and immediately lost any respect I may have still had for SC. That’s great – admit that you phone it in every week! Not that he needed to admit it for me to notice.


  8. So I didn’t hate this episode but I didn’t love it either. Hawaii Five-0 episodes are not holding my attention the way the used to. Probably because Alex hasn’t been front and center as much the last few episodes. But also because of the sheer ridiculousness of the plots. It was 3:57 on Friday afternoon before I even remembered there would be a new episode that night. That doesn’t usually happen. But it is getting to the point that the only reason I watch H50 is because I love Alex and will watch in support of him until the end.

    I’m with you on the Matt Williams plot. Danny was an idiot to give in to Reyes’s threats without getting proof of life. If they were working on a legitimate kidnapping for ransom case the first thing they would have done would be get proof of life. Isn’t Danny supposedly a good cop? Everything he did with regards to Reyes was so far away from good police work it was ridiculous. Chin getting Danny the money from his brother in law, so so so stupid. Especially considering IA is still after him.

    If Scott Caan is leaving, that is fine with me. I didn’t mind Danny back in season 1 or even the start of 2 but these last 2 seasons he has done nothing but bug me. Danny is a whiney, obnoxious, jerk who fails to treat others with respect, especially his Boss/best friend. When Danny isn’t in an episode I don’t generally even notice that he is missing. I just hope that if Scott does leave the show, it doesn’t ruin the ratings. I agree with you that some of the best episodes have been sans Danny. We know show can hold its own without him but I worry that a prolonged/permanent absence will hurt the show in the long run.

    I loved seeing BAMF Steve. We haven’t gotten enough of that this season. Steve needs to be back at the center of the show again. These subplots with the other characters are just ridiculous. I wouldn’t have a problem with it if the characters were actually getting good/new and well written story lines but these recycled stories are just boring.

    As far as Danny killing Reyes? Yes Reyes had it coming and likely if he was as much of a scumbag as he was made out to be, nobody will probably care that he is dead. BUT Danny killing an unarmed man in cold blood? I don’t think so. Unfortunately because the crime was committed in Colombia, the chances that Danny suffer a repercussions aside from guilt are unlikely. I would love to see what Steve really honestly thinks about what Danny did but the chance that that happens is also unlikely. More than likely Steve will comfort Danny and tell him everything will be fine and he did what he had to do. Because that is what they have turned his character into. The old Steve wouldn’t have stood for that. This is proven by the fact that he has had numerous opportunities to kill Wo Fat and he hasn’t taken them. At least when Chin killed Delano, the guy was armed and was previously trying to kill him. Reyes wasn’t even armed.

    As for the crime of the week it was better than it has been the last 2 episodes between the recycled kidnapping case and considering I can’t remember what lasts week crime was (it obviously didn’t hold my attention very well). This one at least was semi interesting, despite the fact that a compound with families that were supposed to be assassinated is very far fetched.

    Also going to say that I don’t think Matt is really dead. Won’t believe it until they tell us that Danny either had his DNA run or looked in the barrel to confirm it was in fact Matt. The fact that Danny didn’t confirm that Matt was dead or even that Reyes had him makes Danny killing the guy even worse.

    All in all, I give this one a B. Also going to add that Alex looked fantastic in that green henley at the end.

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    • “But it is getting to the point that the only reason I watch H50 is because I love Alex and will watch in support of him until the end.” <<—THIS!!! I will suffer through and watch as long as Alex is in the show.

      "More than likely Steve will comfort Danny and tell him everything will be fine and he did what he had to do. Because that is what they have turned his character into. The old Steve wouldn’t have stood for that. This is proven by the fact that he has had numerous opportunities to kill Wo Fat and he hasn’t taken them. " <<–this makes me see RED I'm so mad about what they've done to Steve's character!! He's been an honorably (if crazy) man, given many times the opportunity to kill WoFat and he never has, even after he had his father killed and has tortured Steve. If he ends up being "ok" with this, they have jumped the shark IMO.

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  9. Amen to emdog and Ess above. And pretty much to all of you guys!
    Whew, what a review Sam, what an episode. There’s not much to add, you all hit the nail on the head.

    I am SO missing BAMF super SEAL Steve. Yes, if it wasn’t for Alex, then I’d only be watching for the beautiful Hawaiian scenery – lol.
    I couldn’t agree more, Scott did a good job, but ALEX does so every week, as well as the other colleagues. So WTH? For Alex this is double work, not “just” the acting but also pronouncing each and every word so he could pass as a native American. I’m starting to feel sorry for him. He puts so much into the show and also gives back so much to the community in Hawaii (where he moved to because of this show!) that it appears not fair to often mainly focus on another person (who doesn’t even want to be in Hawaii).
    Luckily the locals value Alex and his engagement besides the show very much!

    As for the episode itself – I was entertained, liked that it didn’t feel like a recycled COTW, loved BAMF Steve and enjoyed the funny moments… The end? Well, it’s all been said above and I agree that there might not even be consequences for Danny’s crime, as it took place in Columbia and there are no witnesses besides Steve. Oh, and Peter tweeted that Matt is “dead as a doornail” – I guess Danny just knew that right so he saved himself from checking out that barrel? Oh boy….

    I am looking forward to the next episode though. I still have my hope up!

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    • I’m simply missing Steve. Period. It feels like he’s not even there. And I’m not talking about screen time. The Steve we have in season 5 is not the one we have known for four years. No ide where he’s gone to. But I surely hope he will be back soon.

      It is SO unfair to single out one person, doesn’t even matter which one. But this one in particular is unfair. He’s the one who doesn’t want to be there, who is barely carrying any of the burden. All the others are doing a lot more. They are doing their job week after week. And in a pretty amazing way. I just think it is unfair to give just one a pat on the back for a good job. The others are equally good. This last five minutes of the show were simply not that special. There had been WAY better scenes over the years, and I never heard any praise for any of the others. It’s a shame really. And if you ask me, a bad way to lead a team. As a producer he should be neutral or give everyone the same amount of attention. What he’s doing on social media is bad leadership.

      Screaming for attention? Yeah, you got it, Sir, but in a really bad way.

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  10. Oh I have so much love for your review Sam and for all the comments above! So damn right! Everything.
    Ok not everything because I loved the COTW. A really interesting twist and a topic you can just philosophise away all day with no answer. I liked it!
    But I have nothing nice to say about Danny.
    And I have nothing nice to say about Scott Caan.
    What makes me double-annoyed! 🙂
    Killing someone in cold blood who is unarmed? That is not badass, even if this someone is a piece of shit, that’s disgusting! Don’t get me wrong, that were horrible circumstances, I get that. And I can’t even imagine how it feels. But. You don’t do that. Esp. not as an officer of the law. And you don’t drag your best friend into something like this. Said friend who was in equal situations with a man who had him tortured, was responsible for the dead of his father and did the right thing!
    And then there is SC. For me it was simply a good performance, nothing more. He didn’t really touch me, it was too artificial, too acted, to exaggerated sorry. Add this to his one facial expression he always sports when Danny is in ‘situations’ good or bad I’m done. He looks like he is scared or has a cold or is scared to catch a cold, whatever, it is going on my nerves! You know when you’re in a TV show like that, you’re on the screen every week and you have to show some versatility to entertain, to not get boring. And then annoying. I’m going through more than 1000 screens after each episode, I see a lot, I flinch everytime, not in a good way…

    So, I hope Danny soon will have some serious business in NJ and I can get a lot of McGrover episodes! Loved their cargument, so refreshing. Chi McBride is amazing!
    Best scene for me was Steve stepping with his gun drawn over this cement block. Watch again! That was intense! He didn’t move his upper body, totally focused and totally Steve!
    And I loved the moment when he told Danny (Danny was actually nice in this scene!) that he would always go first through a door. Years ago I have written a ff where I said something like that: “Steve always runs in first so that nobody else has to do it.” And just because of this line my brain came up with a totally different ending immediately after watching the show.

    Steve stops Danny from killing Reyes and sends him out.
    Then he opens the barrel and looks inside (this way we have the proof, I mean Danny “the brain” never asked for the proof of life what would have been police procedure).
    Then he looks up and we hear a shot!
    That’s it. Dang.
    That’s my ending. I like it more. It was Steve who stepped through that door.

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    • You are so right. I didn’t feel touched by his performance. *He looks like he is scared or has a cold or is scared to catch a cold, whatever, it is going on my nerves!* SO this! He only has this look. Not great acting if you ask me.

      I saw that and rewound right away. That was so cool how Steve moved. He’s so smooth and in shape. Wow. But the good thing about him is that his acting matches his great physical presence. He’s euqally good when he just stands in a room, doesn’t move and just looks on. He’s killing that every darn time. He doesn’t need flying arms or a loud voice. You can feel his presence. That’s high art.

      *“Steve always runs in first so that nobody else has to do it.”* Love this. Steve doesn’t rush into situations because he’s reckless. He does it because he always has a plan and knows what he’s doing. People complaining about his actions (Steve’s) mostly have forgotten what kind of training he has. He is not a person who went to the police academy for a few months; he had years of training for just those situations. A shame that the show also forgets about it.

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    • NO, only that he voiced his displeasure being in Hawaii a few times. And rumors from people allegedly from the ‘inside’ that he negotiated more time off. No idea if that is true or not. But frankly I don’t care that much about it. I wish for either a better written Danny, or to see him less. He’s always been my least favorite character on the show, so I’m not too gung ho about him.


  11. First, sorry it took me forever to make a reply here. I LOVE your review. I’m sorry I haven’t made comments until now, but I just haven’t had the time to really read through it all and make notes. I will (a) try to do this in an orderly manner and (b) keep the comments to a minimum. But… there is a lot to say. 🙂

    I totally agree with the “previously on”. That is getting a little annoying. We KNOW what has happened! Move on, already!

    As for this money business. I mean, a “wish you were here” postcard led Danny exactly where the money was? Did no one question all the holes that were dug on the island? And just HOW did Danny know those two trees? No surprise, Sweet Brother Matt used some of the money for his own escape… so Danny, being so smart goes to an underworld loan shark. Yeah, that is always a smart move. But… when that didn’t pan out, Chin thinks it is a GOOD idea to go ask his outstanding of a citizen brother-in-law for a piddly 5.5 million? Even after knowing that IA is still dogging him over that very case? I’m sorry, but Chin is a whole lot smarter than that.

    And then we get to the idea that Danny just “knows” Reyes has his brother? Why does he know that? Does he not remember Steve telling him to ask for proof of life? Does he consider that his partner has NO experience in this type of transaction? Oh, sorry, this is Danny. He just knows…

    All right, let’s move on to the crime of the week. It was pretty good. I did figure out when Valentine was in the hospital that he had somehow gotten all those people into a witness protection program. My question is what these people had done to really tick off the crime boss? If they were in the mob, are we to believe they ALL decided to go straight? Oh, sorry, that is plot…

    And then we get to Jerry and Kamekona… WHY??? Enough said on that subject.

    The action scenes were really good. I was afraid the bad guy was going to get smashed by a bus… and that has been done before, so I was surprised he was taken out by a sniper. A sniper who wasn’t Kono who seems to always get the sniper job. And I’m not sure why the police car crashed. It was a really cool scene, but if I were Steve, I’d have that guy’s badge for trying to run me down. 🙂

    I did really like the discussion where Steve said he would go through the door first. Of course he would. In fact, I think he would consider it his “duty” to enter first, guns blazing, if that is what it took to get Danny’s brother back. Too bad they didn’t go with that option since the end result would have been the same.

    Now, they get to the compound before the bad guys. And once again, we have to suffer through St. Jerry who “helps” everyone out immensely. I have to say it was cute that Steve was the one asking for help. I guess he got the “tougher than nails” bad guy who wanted to fight and wasn’t knocked out with one punch. Anyway, Valentine got to settle the score with the boss man.

    And I, for one, truly love Carmen Argenziano and even though he plays a lot of bad guys, to me he will always be Sam’s father on Stargate. He was a great guy.

    So, now we come to the trip to Columbia. Kind of glossed over the fact that they took $18 mil on a plane to South America. In my mind, Steve flew them in a rented plane. I can’t see storing those bags in the overhead bins of a commercial flight. And they hauled the bags through the best part of Columbia from the looks of the pictures.

    And, of course, I knew we would not see Matt. I mean, really, Danny? But I venture to say that little old Matt wasn’t in the barrel either. He may be dead… but I don’t really think so. My personal opinion is that he wanted the rest of the money and knew he couldn’t go home to get it… so what does he do? Concoct a story with good buddy Reyes to get his brother to cart it down to him.

    Well, the boys don’t have guns so they are forced to march back up the stairs. Really… was anyone surprised at the firefight that followed? And of course, Danny comes back down and fulfills his promise to Reyes. I wasn’t surprised he did it, but my first thought was “this isn’t going to end well”.

    And then we have Steve standing there all sweaty and silent and I keep wondering what’s up with him. He knew what Danny was going to do. I can’t believe he thought this was a smart thing to do.

    So, my concern is them walking out of that hovel carrying $18.5 million back to a plane sitting somewhere in a field in Columbia and making it back home. WILL the show even mention this saga again? They need to. I want some explanations. But my fear is that nothing will ever be said. And that is just plain nuts. This was a life-altering experience for both Danny and Steve, who was doing the good buddy thing to help a friend. And now he is in the middle of Danny’s vendetta.

    Now for my grade. I chose a B+ simply because there are a whole lot of questions I want answered. But I must say that this episode certainly did give us a wonderful share of gorgeous photos!!! Thank you, Sam, for including these above. LOVE them.


    • Oh my, anything else you like to add? LOL

      I can only agree with you, and you said it all so well. You know what I like most, not just about your review/comment? That we can snark and rant about an episode, and still love the show. That is a concept many people just don’t understand.

      Just because someone doesn’t like parts of what is going on doesn’t mean he hates it. And being OK with someone leaving if he wishes so, doesn’t mean one wants him off the show.

      I love it how everyone here can voice their opinion, their displeasure they feel at the moment without hating on anyone.
      In my eyes, it is absolutely OK to have a strong opinion and to voice it, and still give an episode a good grade. Or to like watching it.

      Many people here hope for change, or for the one or other actor to do different things. That does not mean they wish anything bad for others. I think everyone is in his/her right to voice what they wish for. Why not?

      And besides, most people are not talking about real people. We’re talking about characters on a show here. It’s a TV show, the characters are not real. That may shock some people, but they are really not. That said I have no problem with people getting a bit extreme about the characters. There is no harm in that. They are not real.

      And as far as I see it, no one here said anything extreme about anyone. Quoting what one did or said is not hating or dissing them, It’s just stating facts. And that is also fine on this blog.

      Everyone here knows the rules. No hate on real people.

      You wonder why I’m talking about this? There are some people on twitter who think just because ‘we’ don’t just love everything that is Five-0 or what is said by the EP we must hate and disrespect the show. I think that is childish and immature.

      So, everyone who wants to voice their displeasure OR pleasure about the show is very welcome to do that here. I will be the first to praise the show, the actors, the EP when I think they earned it.

      I’m sorry, Cokie that this developed into another mini rant. You know why I’m miffed. Anyway. I truly enjoyed your comment.

      Stargate, huh? 😉


      • hey, you got a problem with Stargate??? The original one was fantastic. The other two… well, not so much in my eyes. But that was because I watched for Jack O’Neill!!! Yes, it’s true. There was someone before Steve. 🙂 And I never claimed that I wasn’t shallow…

        Wow… I encouraged another rant. What’s that? Two in one day? 🙂 But I totally agree. I can NOT like something that was on a show, but still love the SHOW with a passion. Same with characters. They disappoint me at times, but they are only doing what was written for them. It doesn’t mean I like them any less if I disagree with what they say or do.

        And it is a very good point… it is fiction. All of it… right down to the characters that have been created. As much as they sometimes seem so real to me, I try to keep that in perspective. And I would never wish ill on any one of the people involved in the show. And I wouldn’t wish to associate with anyone who does.

        But all rants aside, I wish everyone could play in the same sandbox and get along. Is that so much to ask??? People, being people, will never agree. But wouldn’t this be a sad place if we all thought the same? How boring would that be?


        • Jack O’Neill! YESSS!!!! And the best duo on that show was Jack and Teal’c. And it must be a Danny thing–I hated Daniel’s character on that show. LOL!


          • My daughter of 23 does not really like or follow TV series….yeah I know, there must have been a mix up of babies in the hospital!! The only series she has ever liked was Stargate and it was only for O’Neill! She still thinks he is the hottest actor ever!!


        • The original one? You’re talking about the movie, right? THAT’s the original one. 😉 I loved James Spader in it, when he still had his glorious wavy hair.
          I never liked the TV show. Guess Jane will disown me now, and maybe you will too, but I never could stand his voice. Going into hiding now. 🙂


          • Hey, have you seen James Spader in The Blacklist? He is excellent but I cannot for the life of me think it is the James Spader of Daniel Jackson Spader. Glorious wavy hair? He’s bald now! Disown you hon? Never in a million years!


      • Someone once said to me that if you post a negative review, you invite mostly negative comments. Which is why I said on Twitter that this review seems to be full of hate and bitterness. All the dissing on the character of Danny and yes, on Scott also, makes anyone who doesn’t hate his character read this and see nothing but dislike (seeing as you think hate is too strong a word)
        Anyway, that’s just how I see it. I know how hard it is to do reviews each week, so kudos to you for getting it done 🙂


  12. The ending will never sit right with me. The first thing that comes to mind is an eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind. I especially do not appreciate the fact that it depicts a police officer shooting an unarmed person. With all the bad media there is today towards our Law Enforcement officers, this ending seems to feed right into that. I understand that some will say “it’s just a show” however as was stated earlier, a show can help raise awareness to things such as organ donation, shows can also inspire people to try things they may never have tried before. As a hopeful future law enforcement officer, this is simply not how I would want PO’s to be portrayed for the public to see.


    • I agree, leftyR. I dont’ agree with it either, at all but now after reading further spoilers I see why they did it. It was to give Danny a PTSD episode or two …or 5. If he whined for 3 episodes about PT, I can’t imagine how much he’s gonna whine about all this. Fact.


      • That’s what I’m worried about. They already started a great PTSD story with Steve. Focus on that before you start another one.

        I’m all for good storylines for all of them, but not at this price. Chin’s murder was not right, but at least that man was armed and tried to kill Chin. I know, he was out of ammo at the end. But still. Danny’s situation was different. His killing was cold blooded murder. That does not send the right signal.

        I wonder what will happen when they will be searching for a man who killed someone because that someone had hurt one of his family. Will Danny arrest that murderer then? How can they even justify that Danny goes after that criminal when he did the same thing? How can he even go after any criminal anymore?

        Back in 1.15 (the tsunami episode) they discussed for a moment to let the criminal go so their theft of the 10 million wouldn’t be discovered. Danny said if he let them go he could never look Grace in the eyes again. Now he’s a murderer. Can he look Grace in the eyes now?

        I’m not sure they are aware of what kind of mess they really created with Danny murdering that man.


      • Seriously? They wanted to turn Danny into a cold-blooded killer just so they could write a few PTSD episodes for him? Really? TPTB really DON’T have a clue about the irreversible damage they’ve done to the show because of this. And please, not that any cop’s life is easy and all could easily suffer PTSD, but of the foursome, he’s the LEAST likely to have that issue. As many here have already mentioned, Steve has been through 10 times more hell than Danny has ever known.

        That is so lame.


          • What? But they haven’t even dealt with Steve’s PTSD yet??? This would be ridiculous to have episodes abut Danny’s PTSD! But then, nothing astonishes me about this series anymore, especially where SC is concerned.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Well, I haven’t read a spoiler with the words PTSD in it. But I guess they will be dealing with the aftermath, probably in length. Well, I for one think, they should have dealt with another aftermath before they even started with this one.


            • Sure they did! It ended up on the cutting room floor…

              When I think about it, I wonder if Alex even knows what they’ve done to his character? All he knows is what they’ve filmed. This is where I think it’s a danger for them not to watch the show and know what the editing is doing to their character development. I’m betting Alex thinks he’s gotten his PTSD episode (1) in and so it has sort of fulfilled that part of his creative outlet for Steve…but for the FANS, we are left unsatisfied because they cut that kind of scene and instead give us 3 episodes of Danny’s parent’s marriage falling apart and reconciliation. Because that was so important to the canon of the show…
              I don’t have the link to share with everyone, if it was in print, I would have burned it but it was online so I deleted it. lol! PL said he’s writing the eps right now. Danny will confide in STeve he thinks it was his fault for his brother’s death (hello, in S1 you guys told the parents not to pay the ransom because you have no bargaining power and the kid died….remember? anyone? beuller?) I *think* he said Danny has to tell his parents (don’t quote me on that one) but he said Danny would have PTSD dealing with the aftermath. As someone told me today, a lot of times PL talks and it’s just words falling out his mouth. He makes it much more than it is…so I’m hoping that’s the case here. Truly, if we have to deal with Danny and PTSD and Steve endures kidnapping, torture and everything with his family that he has with no PTSD, show will have jumped the claw, the drone and the shark.


              • Sorry, ESS, but no mention about PTSD if you mean this:

                Question: I’m still in shock after the ending of Hawaii Five-0 this past Friday. Are we going to see how the choice Danny made affects him? Are we going to revisit this? I need answers please! — Barb

                Ausiello: I’m going to let Ask Ausiello’s Hawaii correspondent (aka Five-0 boss) Peter M. Lenkov tackle this one. “Barb, funny you should ask, I’m right now writing the episode where Danny has to face the consequences of those actions. Of course, there will be a build up to that story… Danny will have to break the news to his family, then deal with the emotional trauma. There is a beautiful scene in Episode 506 where Danny confides in McGarrett, blaming himself for his brother’s murder. And later in the season, an episode devoted entirely to the aftermath of the incident in Colombia.” Check’s in the mail, Lenkov!

                But I totally agree with what you said. It’s ridiculous to handle this in this manner and ignore the great stuff they started. And you’re right the actors should watch the show if they want to know what’s going on with their characters. Alex had been surprised that the one scenes in 4.08 had been cut. So, I bet he doesn’t know about the one in 4.15 either.

                …jumped the claw, the drone and the shark. ROFL – Love your sense of humor.

                Liked by 1 person

              • CORRECTION: because i don’t want anyone pointing a finger at me for lying… they don’t say PTSD, they say “emotional trauma” and “aftermath”. Nice word play. Still… no emotional trauma or aftermath for Steve. EVER. Suck it up Steve, and get back to saving the world. 😉

                from TVLINE
                Question: I’m still in shock after the ending of Hawaii Five-0 this past Friday. Are we going to see how the choice Danny made affects him? Are we going to revisit this? I need answers please! — Barb

                Ausiello: I’m going to let Ask Ausiello’s Hawaii correspondent (aka Five-0 boss) Peter M. Lenkov tackle this one. “Barb, funny you should ask, I’m right now writing the episode where Danny has to face the consequences of those actions. Of course, there will be a build up to that story… Danny will have to break the news to his family, then deal with the emotional trauma. There is a beautiful scene in Episode 506 where Danny confides in McGarrett, blaming himself for his brother’s murder. And later in the season, an episode devoted entirely to the aftermath of the incident in Colombia.”


                • PL said a lot of things over the cause of the show, and often it was nothing but hot air. So, I will take this not too seriously. It probably sounds more than it really is. Sigh. Say it. Hopeless. LOL


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