Review 5.03


5.03 Kanalu Hope Loa

Five-0 investigates when three female thieves unknowingly steal something during a tour bus robbery that makes them a serious target. Meanwhile, Danny searches for his brother’s hidden millions in order to exchange it for his life.

CBS translated the title to The Last Break

The episode was written by Sarah Boyd and directed by Joe Dante.


I have to say that neither the promo nor the sneak peeks for this episode looked very appealing to me. But as we all know spoilers and videos can be deceiving.

Let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised. How pleasantly? Let’s find out.

OK, one of the things I really hate on any show it the ‘previously on’. And Hawaii Five-0 is no exception to that. I’m sorry, but just like last year they bore us with a lot of flashbacks this season. In season 4 they did that extensively two episodes in a row, and this year we have the third show with old scenes in it.

I, of course, understand the producer’s need for it. They hope to have new viewers and want them to get up to speed. Or they want to remind the ‘forgetful’ viewers to show them what happened last week. Sometimes I feel like other people have the attention span of three-year olds, who would not remember what happened with Matt, or in the episode last week. If they saw the episode, they should remember it, and quite frankly, if they haven’t seen it the flashback won’t get them up to speed anyway.

Why am I always miffed about the ‘previously stuff’? Glad you asked. 😉

These days a scripted drama is not an hour, but just barely 42 minutes. In my eyes, every second of that time should count. If you take all the old footage from this episode, and the useless scenery scenes (NOT talking about the beautiful shots of Hawaii, but about the slowmo bikini-girls we got more than enough in this episode) we only got about 35 minutes of scripted scenes. And that pisses me off.

I don’t care if one of the actors was not available; don’t fill his absence with old footage. I’m sure everyone would be happy to see more of the others. Plenty of people to choose from.

And as I said in the review for 5.01, if I want to see old stuff again, I simply do so. I don’t want it in a new episode. Not as much as they’ve used it lately.

Oh boy, two seconds into the show and my first page long rant. LOL


So, now Danny believes Ryers that he does have Matt. Hmm, I must say I have no idea if he does or does not have him. Not that I care, but I’m with Steve that Matt uses that money to stay hidden. Or at least part of the cash.

OK, now the next scenes were the ones I was talking about earlier. Could we get any more cliché as with these three bikini glad girls? Sorry, but every man’s eyes falling out of their heads? And most of it in slow motion? Ugh. Who do they want to impress with those pictures? Just wondering.

And it was obvious that these girls were not professionals. When they waved their guns around like that it was clear they were simply stupid robbers. The dead guy an accident they would pay dearly for soon.

On a site note, I hope that the new team picture means that Grover will stay with Five-0. It would be a real shame to lose him.


Danny, the brains? I’m sorry, but that made me snort with laughter. And I can tell you not in a good way. What happened to Steve-Science-Guy, top of his class in Annapolis, a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy, a freaking SEAL, leader of a special task force? He’s the brawn? Yeah right. I’ve never heard a more stupid, or flat joke on Five-0.

If anything Danny’s the brawn. Always losing control, always trying to solve a problem with his fists. Always beating up suspects. Sorry, but I can’t see any kind of brain in that little whiny, bitchy character. Great detective? Still have to see that, too.

I was never fond of any kind of categorizing people. Simply because they all have something of everything in them. Putting them in categories is just stupid and in this case totally screwed up and not even funny.


Well, that was funny. The description really narrowed it down. 🙂

I really like the new ME assistant. She seems competant and nice. And she gave Five-0 the first clue that this was not just about a simple robbery. Nicely done.

I will just skip the next two minutes, besides we saw the whole thing in the sneak peek. And it didn’t give me anything, and added nothing to the episode. The same blabla between the two we heard a few times by now. Really shaking my head about that. They have one of their main characters barely in the episode at all, and then they show almost all of it in the sneak? Very strange. And no, I’m not complaining about the lack of Danny. Trust me, not complaining at all.


And Fong is back. Thank you. By the way, he and Kono together would be way better and more interesting than Adam and Kono. Just saying. 😉


I just love these two together. Such a great team.

Again on a side note, if you want to know the men behind the onscreen team a little better, listen to the commentary on the Season 4 DVD. Episode 4.08 has one of the best commentaries. Listen to Alex O and Chi McBride giggle and laugh while giving some interesting insight.


Alright, I guess it was unavoidable, but again we have to deal with Jerry. I liked him a tiny, tiny little bit better in this one.

I really liked their conversation. And no matter how this ends, Steve was right. They simply don’t have anything to base any kind of investigation on. What Jerry is doing is against the law. But he simply doesn’t get that, no matter if he’s right or not, there is nothing Five-0 or Steve can do. Legally. And what he’s doing right now, will never hold in court.

That is what I took from Steve’s speech. Just because you want something to be true, you can’t just make it. Even if it is, you cannot just investigate something like Jerry wants to.

I’m actually looking forward to see in what kind of trouble Jerry will get. Because, face it, he is the very last person who should do any kind of surveillance. Can you be any more suspicious? Oh yeah, you can. You can get the help of Kamekona. Shaking my head again.

Anyway, I liked their conversation. It needed to be said. But they will talk again soon, and I have something to say to that, too. But later.

No, Kono, the boys are not joking. Even though I don’t agree with Steve that the only alternative would be Grover in Speedos. How about Chin, or, oh wait, McG in Speedos? I mean, THAT could be alternatives. 😉

But to be fair, Kono was the logical choice, even though I believe none of them can do undercover work anymore. Way too well known faces. And I was right, the girls knew right away that Kono was a cop.


OK, now comes Chin and tells them that the dead guy’s wife was not his wife. Huh. I have a question here. What kind of job was it NOT to check the wife’s ID? I mean seriously, wouldn’t that be the very first thing you’d do when you interview someone? Take their names and stuff? And don’t you think they would check their ID, like driver’s license or any other picture ID? And don’t tell me she had that fabricated and with her. I find it very strange that she could just tell them to be the wife and they let her go. I mean seriously, why didn’t they figure that out sooner?



It was pretty bold to go see the coroner to get to the dead guy. There was a high possibility that they already knew that she wasn’t who she pretended to be. But, as we learn, she got what she wanted. The dead guys fingerprint. Which leads Five-0 to the conclusion that they’re dealing with two separate crimes.



Now we get to see Kono surfing and making an arrest. Even though I think it was a nice idea of a chase on a surfboard, I have to say that it was SO not Kono doing that. This was even worse than the stunt double they used for Danny in 5.01.

But I really enjoyed how they put all the stuff together, with the different things going on. Kono and the surfers. And the boys back at HQ, with Steve calling the Secret Service. I hope he didn’t wasted a favor to get that information. 😉

LOL, yeah, Kono, I’m sure the dumb b/tch realized what a huge favor you did her. Didn’t you just want to swipe that smug grin off her face? That was a really good performance. And I even liked Kono in this. See, I can say it when I like something a character does I normally don’t like. It is nothing personal, just how the show uses these characters. And this time Kono was used in a good way. That, unfortunately is not always the case.

And Chin and Grover were also allowed to have some action.


It took only a few minutes for the guys to flip the cousin and get an address for the girl’s HQ. 😉 They don’t find the girls but the ‘not-wife’ and an accomplice. That one, of course won’t tell them anything. And were Chin and Kono nuts to shoot at the car while Steve was in the line of fire? Are they trying to kill their boss? What the heck was that? But Steve wasn’t much better, he fired while Chin and Kono were on the other side of the car. All three killed by friendly fire, and Grover left to be with Danny as the new task force. Isn’t Jeff Cardiente present at Five-0? What’s with the stunt guys this season? This is not the ‘not-wife’, and it was more than clear that Justin was running in front of the car. Not stellar work at the moment. 

And one more thing, did they get there on foot? Why the heck were they just watching her leave? How about chasing her in a car? Just a suggestion, of course.

Again scenes I will just skip through. More Jerry and Kamekona. Ugh. Another father/son story. Give me a break. Please, I’m begging you.


Finally they get the girl to tell them where her friends are.


And I loved what was to follow. From the ‘not-wife’ shooting one of the girls to Five-0 pretending not giving a damn about it. That was all very cool.

When they came back to HQ we learn what all this was about and what the three girls stumbled in to.


It is very seldom that a voice over is good. Unless it’s the narrative like in Moonlight or Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. And this was another bad one. Jeez.


Incredible asset to this team? Not even going to comment on that one. And the next person who is going to use the word Ohana will be slapped. Enough already. Do they have to fill a quota or something?

And by the way, Steve really did use up one of his favors for Jerry, and he betrays him like that. Going right behind his back. It will probably be Steve who will have to save that idiot.

So, Steve spends another late night at HQ. Wonder why! Nobody home waiting for him?

Soon we will learn that both Danny and Steve are right about the money. Steve thinks Matt took it to stay under the radar and Danny thinks it is buried on the islands. Well, Matt took part of it and part he did bury. And even sent his brother a hint where it is.

One question, how would Danny know how much luggage Matt had already on that plane when he arrived to stop his brother from leaving? He might have a dozen suitcases already stowed away. There is no reason to believe that he left everything behind.

That is a huge sandbox to dig in. It’s interesting how fast Danny was able to dig at the right location.

So, that’s it. Episode three already over. What did I think? Well, it for sure was more entertaining than number two. All in all I felt well entertained. Was it perfect? No. Did they mention anything concerning Steve? No. Is the mourning still happening off screen? Yes.

In that regard everything from last week still stands, and I really have no idea what they are thinking how the human mind works. Do they really believe Steve would just put it all behind, or as they call it on hold, and work a case like nothing ever happened? That is such BS.

But I came to the conclusion if I will look at that in every episode I will get raving mad, and that wouldn’t be good for my health. 😉

I still think it is a huge neglect and mistake on their part, but do you really want to hear me repeat myself every week? See, I’m also tired repeating myself, so I won’t.

Despite all the stuff I pointed out, this one still gets a B minus.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit for promo pics to CBS and Global. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously.

24 thoughts on “Review 5.03

  1. I enjoyed reading your review. It´s fun to see what other fans notices about the epi that I simply ignored or missed 🙂
    That ridiculous shooting with the perp just driving off, happens all the time on this show. Even with a machine gun they don´t seem to be able to hit the tires off…really? LOL
    The promo videos for the episodes really don´t get my expectations up, I didn´t expect anything thrilling of 5.03 and still was a bit disappointed. I sure hope next epi will give us more treats, I mean us that watch for Alex only.
    Thanks for your review 🙂


    • You’re right, it often seems that Five-0 can’t hit a barn from ten feet. 🙂
      I agree, the promos are often totally deceiving, and I often don’t even watch the sneak peeks. And at the moment I mostly watch for Alex. I hope that will change over the season. I truly hope they will make up for the lack of contingency about Cath and Steve’s PTSD. Still hoping. 😉
      At least this time it felt like they were all ‘there’, last week felt like they had life size cutouts for most of the scenes. Can’t really explain it, but this week felt more alive. Maybe because one was missing. LOL

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Thank for the review! I really like your choice of words and getting right to the point 🙂
    There is not much to add, I pretty much second your thoughts. Yes, I was really entertained this week, so I can live with your B-.
    I have high hopes though. Last year I was so happy about the premiere and then almost bored by the following few episodes. But overall it turned out to be a great season. So let’s wait and see.
    About “Ohana” – I don’t know why they stress this term so much now that everyone in the world can claim he/she knows another Hawaiian word besides Aloha – lol. BUT, having been to Hawaii recently I have to say that you hear this word over and over on a daily basis there and these people mean it! Ohana is everyone close and dear to one, no matter if related or not. Maybe the showrunners want to let us feel the love? 🙂 Seriously, I’m at a loss here…

    Oh, and you are so right about Steve still mourning offscreen – sigh…
    At least Peter replied to a tweet when being asked when Cath would be mentioned again: “soon”. One can never hope too much…

    Thanks again for your review, great work as always.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, I do believe Steve when he’s talking about Ohana. And he believes it, too. But I simply don’t like the ‘shove in the face stuff’. This feels like they prepare for a huge death scene or something. One of the Ohana being killed.
      I’m not giving up on Five-0, couldn’t do that as long as Alex is in it. And two good ones out of three, well, that is not too bad. I am disappointed about the total lack of mentioning of what happened in the last third of last season, but I guess we have to get used to that.
      I still have my hopes on 5.04. I don’t know why, but I think that will be a really good one.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.


      • Yep, I have that uneasy thought too about someone “leaving”.
        I hope we will be able to enjoy our show a couple more seasons. Too much Alex goodness still to come 🙂


        • Maybe we should start a ‘death-poll’ on who is going to die this season, or leaving. Not a bad idea, actually.
          I still believe it is SC’s last season.
          And as long as Alex is happy to do the show, I’m more than happy to get my weekly Steve dose.


          • I’m guessing it’s SC. It’s not just an A story/B story division. It seems like trying to make the most of SC’s limited availability. The way they are writing Danny has gotten super annoying.

            Liked by 1 person

            • I absolutely second you. And…. didn’t the “original” Danno get killed off in season 5? Just mentioning…
              I don’t wish SC away, but yes he often annoys me and that’s sad. I loved Steve and Danny in season 1, but that seems to be lightyears away…
              Let’s see what season 5 has in store for us… I’m hoping for lots more McGrover as they have become partners in every sense to me now.


          • Y’all are getting my hopes up that Scott may leave. Uncool! Coz I’ll be devastated if it ends up being Grover. Could it be Chin, now that DDK a is a big producer?

            Anyway, I agree with your review. The best ep of a lackluster season so far. I’m looking forward to them remembering McGarrett is juggling countless unfinished stories and, oh right, is the lead. Not holding my breath tho. The writers seem to be phoning this season in. And are they all new, and just unfamiliar with what has gone before?


  3. For some reason my phone doesnt want me to comment on this one. I agree with your synopsis, Sam. .. except steve is the brains and the braun. Sorry, danny…. 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Had a lot of fun reading your review. Esp. at the beginning you took the words right out of my mouth. I’ve written nearly the same thing about the epi a few days ago. Except – in German, lol. I can make a screenshot for you to believe. If you need hard evidence, you know police procedure… 😉

    I don’t have time to go into the details, but let me say that I liked the episode, had no expectations but it surprised me. I mean, S4 still was ways better, I’m still waiting for The Powers That Be to let Steve suffer ON screen, but I don’t want to think about it or I will be permanently mad as hell. I am still super bored by the work-creation program – oops – storyline for Scott Caan, but in this epi it was given in homeopathic dosis. I can live with that. And I forwarded the Danny/blackmailer scene anyway. Have seen it once, that’s enough. And I like it that Danny for once LISTENED to Steve after asking for advice. Normally he just rants and insults him. That was nice.
    What made this episode a good one was McGrover and McJerry. I love Steve’s big brother face when he is with Jerry, even if I think they have this checklist saying “Let’s Steve say Ohana in every episode” I liked it (ok, I sighed!) hearing him saying it to Jerry. Jerry’s “book case” is much more interesting than the Matt case. I had to smile seeing Kame and Jerry together, these two conspirators made me giggle. The bookstore owner was creepy and shit will hit the fan. I long to see Steve saving Jerry. A hug will follow, one of these bear hugs. That alone is worth it.
    And than McGrover. Is there anything better than McGrover? Don’t think so! These two make my day in every episode. And isn’t Grover a funny person, calling Mr. Jumping to conclusions the brain? LOL! Thank god “pretty face” said it in jest. I mean, one of only a few Navy SEALs and top of his class, Naval Intelligence, strategist, working “the other side” in most dangerous territories? Yeah, totally brawn. Every time, really every time, they are watching a surveillance video or something like that it’s Steve who finds some evidence, some sign, some clue. He is capable to assess the most complex situations in next to no time. I hate that the writers even in this funny way feel the need to downgrade him. Why? He is a highly decorated officer of the Navy. For reasons. You can’t change or ignore that.
    Now I’m longing to see the audio commentary of 4.08. That has to be a lot of fun with Alex and Chi. But I don’t have a region free bluRay player so I have to wait for the UK release, if ever. Last season 3 there was none. That is so annoying sometimes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Only got time to respond in part here, and I agree about McJerry! First off, I’m more interested in his back story and what he’s gonna do than Danny, Kono or even Chin (though I adore DDK). I think he’s different and fresh. I see his and Steve’s relationship more paternal than brotherly. STeve is that strong, idealistic hero that Jerry used to see his dad as but as we found out, sadly gave up on and ate away at him. Even though it was just another dad story, I thought it was very interesting and explained a bit why Jerry is the way he is. Steve gives Jerry ‘discipline’ and harsh words when needed but also love and support. That’s our hero. Don’t ya just love him?? Anyway, Jerry respects him as a child respects someone they look up to but they’re also a bit of a child. Besides, everyone has disobeyed Steve after he’s given them a directive at one point or another and Steve will save Jerry just as he did the others. I’m really not a big fan of Kamekona but I did like him and Jerry together and in the end, the ruthless business man getting the extra 100 out of the book store owner. well done, Kame!

      McGrover fell a bit flat to me this week. I get that Lou was making a ‘funny’ when he talked about the brain, the brawn and the face and that was the one time they made me giggle or even smile. Come on show!! These guys are golden! Use them!!


    • First of, the BluRay is code-free. But if you want to wait for the BR to come to Europe, well, good luck you will still be waiting next year. If you want to have it you have to order in the US. I settled on the DVD this year.
      Second, be nice and give us the link to your site. I would love to visit, and I’m sure others would want too.

      ROFL – work-creation-program. Feels that way, doesn’t it? 🙂

      I will get mad again when I think how they are ignoring and disrespecting Steve in the way they do. They made him this highly decorated Naval officer, they should stick with it. He didn’t get his rank, his medals and his knowledge for brawling, or for showing his pretty face around. Even though Grover said it in fun, it made me mad that a writer seems to really think that. Danny, the brains. That pisses me off. In my eyes, he never showed that he was a good detective. Let’s not go there, I will only rant away again. I can’t stand Danny. Really, I can’t. And it doesn’t even help anymore that Steve still seems to like him, and therefor I have to like him. Sorry, but I don’t have to like him at all.

      Jerry and Kamekona? Sorry, but that really didn’t give me anything. I tuned them out when it became clear it was another father/son story. That only makes me groan. Seriously, the writer’s all seem to be in need of some serious therapy time.


      • Sorry for being a little bit OT but I looked it up and there is no bluray version available. I really don’t know why CBS still has not released the br. Damn. Yes the UK br versions of my S1/2 are code-free. S3 was none, I even had to wait for the German release. Felt like ages!!! Come on CBS, I need the br immediately! If it is really code-free, that is… 😉
        And – psssht – my name is a link Sam ;-). It’s not ‘my’ site though, I’m not alone, there are some great girls sharing all things Alex. But you have to register to see everything.


        • The BR is not out as a general release, but only limited to one retailer. I forgot who it was though.
          If you have the German version for S3 than you don’t have the commentaries or the Original version of Hookman on it. I had a discussion with David Naylor last year about that. I bought that thing as a gift and there was no commentary and no original Hookman on it. He told me it was for licence reasons that the German version doesn’t have that, even though the cover says it does. It was just for Germany and Japan. No idea why that was. But I can tell you I was more than miffed about it. But Amazon took it back, so at least no financial loss.

          The UK versions from S1 and 2 are the US versions, there only was one release. 😉 And there are very, very few BRs that are not code free in general.

          LOL about the link. Could have thought about that. 😉


          • Yeah, no commentary on my S3 bluray. Didn’t care about the original Hookman, but that annoyed me. But hubby wants the blurays, we have such a home cinema thingy thanks to him (since H50 I appreciate that much more!!), and the quality is great. But I miss the commentaries, esp. those from Alex . And Chi would be the cherry on top. Seems I have to settle for the DVD. If you remember the retailer I would love you for a notice. Amazon does not have it…


  5. A couple more comments:

    In that pic of the 3 girls on the surfboards, on the far left that actress tweeted that she was wearing one of the bikinis from Malia’s new swimsuit line. Not sure if the other 2 are also from her line, she didn’t say, but I thought that was cool.

    Kono and Fong! I was saying the same thing when i watched!! Kono, THAT is who you should have fell for!! What a loss. I guess there is time since Adam is most likely a goner…

    Danny/Matt story.. I dunno. I FF’d through it. I did giggle at the end though when Danny goes out to dig up the shore of Oahu…in his dress clothes.

    The voice over at the end by Kono was The. Worst. Ending. Ever. Really? What TF were they thinking? Did we switch shows when I wasn’t looking?? Even if that had been McG/Alex reading that overly cheesy and ridiculous ending, it would have been awful. Unless he did it in his australian accent then I could forgive him. HA! 😉

    McG sure looked prettee 🙂


    • HA! ESS, your coment about the voice over – totally with you. I’m SO happy that I’ not alone with that sentiment. That was so bad. Geez.

      LOL – in his dress clothes. I didn’t even think about that. 😉

      Cool about Malia. Had no idea.


    • Just watched it, and I’ll comment more tomorrow, but Danny re-enacting the plot from the movie ‘Holes’ in his dress clothes was hysterical. And not one drop of sweat either!


  6. Finally getting around to commenting on this. This episode was a great big meh from me. Didn’t really like it but didn’t hate it. It wasn’t an episode that held my close attention. It wasn’t terribly interesting and the surfer suspects were basically the same as Patrick Swayze and his crew of robbers in the movie Point Break. Kono’s stupid speech at the end was pretty much the exact same reasoning for the bank robbers in Point Break. It sounded ridiculous for her to read that off, almost like we were supposed to feel sorry for them or that because they wanted to surf it was almost justified. So stupid.

    I agree about the flashbacks, they are unnecessary for faithful viewers and not really enough to fill in new viewers on what has been going on. In some cases they are a nice edition, i.e. when Steve was having his nightmare last season about Freddy dying and we got the first hint that he is suffering from PTSD.

    I don’t care at all about Danny’s storyline right now. If they wanted to bring closure to the Matt storyline they should have A) done it sooner or B) At least mentioned him a few times in the past few seasons. The only mention of him was in the deleted scene for 1.17 on the season 1 DVD and maybe (if I recall correctly) a very brief mention of him when Danny’s mom returned. Also, why the he** hasn’t Danny requested proof that Reyes has Matt? Or did he and missed that part? Wouldn’t that be the first thing he would do instead of going on blind faith that Reyes is telling the truth? I mean it is the first they ask for when a kid gets kidnapped. Why wouldn’t Danny do it now? He is just going to take Reyes’s word for it that he has Matt and that Danny will get Matt’s finger in the mail if he doesn’t pay up? Makes no sense. Especially since as far as I know, there are no plans for show to actually bring back Dane Cook to play Danny’s brother. Seems odd to have a storyline based on a character who won’t even appear in the episodes. I could understand them bringing the Matt thing up again if they were actually going to bring Dane Cook back but since he won’t be back, the story seems unnecessary.

    Also, Laughed out loud at Grover’s comment about Steve being the brawn and Danny the brains. Not because it was funny but because of how ridiculous it was. Steve is the brawn AND the brains of the operation. Steve is undeniably very intelligent. Danny on the other hand is always asking for things to be explained to him. Danny is nothing but a whiny hot head who loses his temper way too easily. We have yet to see Steve completely lose his temper with anyone they way Danny has.

    I don’t even know how I managed to miss the fact that Fong was back in this episode. Didn’t realize that until I read your review.

    Absolutely love the 4.08 commentary. Alex and Chi make an awesome team. I’d honestly be perfectly ok (as long as it doesn’t tank the ratings and jeopardize show) if Scott left and was replaced full-time by Chi. Grover is a better and more interesting character. Also not as whiny and obnoxious.

    Didn’t care for Jerry in the episode. I’m already getting sick of him. He’d be ok in a couple episodes per season but they have overused him already. Didn’t like the scene between Kamekona and Jerry at all. It may have been ok if it were shorter but not really interested in Jerry’s back story. And getting sick of Kamekona because he is used for nothing but comic relief anymore and half the time, he isn’t that funny. Used to like him when he was relevant to the team but he hasn’t actually done and CI stuff for them since season 2. At least that is the last I remember. Liked the scene between Steve and Jerry though. Shows what a good friend Steve can be, calling in favors even for something that he knows isn’t true but doing it anyway because Jerry is a friend. Also he needed to make Jerry realize that his investigation isn’t going to provide anything that would be admissible in court.

    I agree with the team being way to high profile for any of them to go undercover. With all their publicity and arrests (both criminals and themselves) the whole island would have to recognize them in a heartbeat. If Five-0 is going to have undercover officers, they need to hire people special for that. People who only work undercover and will not be seen by the public.

    I find it hard to believe that Steve wasn’t able to take out at least one of the tires or cause engine damage when he was shooting a high powered automatic weapon at the car. He is supposed to be a good shot, at least according to the ribbons on his uniform.

    Rest of the episode was run of the mill stuff. Jerry is going to get himself in trouble. Steve calls in a favor for him and then Jerry goes and goes against everything Steve told him. Not good. Danny and the money=stupid. You made very good points about the amount of luggage Matt had. And he found the bag way too quickly.

    Honestly, it is getting to the point where if it weren’t for Alex, I probably wouldn’t watch Hawaii Five-0 anymore. Hopefully the rest of the season is better than the last two episodes have been. Premier was a solid A but the other two were C’s.


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