Review 5.02


Ka Makua Kāne

Five-0 investigates when the young daughter of a Navy Seal currently on a top-secret mission is kidnapped. Meanwhile, with his brother’s life on the line, Danny must locate the $18.5 million he owes his captors.

CBS translated the title to Family Man


I was very tempted to not even write a review for this episode.

A fair warning right up front, you might not like what you will read in this review.

This is not an objective view of the episode. I don’t even try to write objectively. Why should I? I’m not a paid writer who has to simply state the facts and keep their opinion to a minimum or completely to themselves. After all, they want to keep good relations to the people they want to interview.

I don’t have to do that, and I don’t have to agree with anyone. I don’t have to love every episode, and quite frankly no show in the world gets it right every time. 

You are allowed to dislike one episode and still love the show. No one is going to take your ‘fan-card’ away because you don’t like everything.

That said you will see that I don’t like everything Five-0 produces, and this episode is a prime example for it. Such wasted time.

Wow, what? Don’t I think this episode was worth my time? How can that be? There was drama, heartache and even some action in it. Yeah, it was. And it had some really good scenes.

And McG in jeans and a light gray shirt.

But this episode never managed to hold my interest or managed to make me feel entertained. You know, an hour well spent? This was an hour of my life wasted.

This whole episode felt recycled. Another kidnapping of a little girl? Please, think of something new.

They even used the same evidence to show the kid was taken.

Evidence in Case 3.22

Evidence in Case 3.22

Evidence in Case 5.02

Evidence in Case 5.02

Super daddy Danny to the rescue and talking to the distraught kidnapper? Hear me groaning. I can’t stand the show’s daddy-issues anymore. That is getting so damn old.

As if the others, non-fathers and mothers don’t know the hardship of losing a loved one. As if Danny would be the expert for that. Seriously. Every time a kid is involved he gets to save the day. Please, stop with this crap. Let someone else be emphatic for once. Grover, Chin, Steve, Kono… I don’t care. They would be just as good and maybe even better than he would be. Steve and Chin have lost loved ones to violence. Both in a big way. Show, don’t tell me they couldn’t relate to the horror that man felt for losing his kid in an accident.

And quite frankly, Steve or Grover would have been the better choice in this scene. (Not Chin though because he murdered his wife’s killer in cold blood. So, he did take his revenge.) They both have lost people in a way that makes them feel responsible for their deaths.

Just because Danny has a daughter shouldn’t be a good enough reason for the writers to put him in the spotlight every darn time. As I said it is getting old and ridiculous by now.


Jerry. Please get him off this show. OR, even better give him a role that is not bordering on ridiculous and stupid. I yelled at the idiot when he was in the house looking for ghosts. What kind of idiot is he?

I’m sorry, but that was not even remotely funny. That was nothing but annoying.

And Chin calling him for help to look at photos? Because every other cop is on the street looking for the girl? Yeah, right as if any detective would be on the street looking for the girl. No street cop would be going through the photos anyway, so it doesn’t matter what they are doing. I’m sure they have more than enough capable detectives in Hawaii who would have been able to help Five-0. For sure they don’t need Jerry.

I didn’t even find the Captain America comment funny. Steve is not an oversized superhero. He’s just a normal guy who worked really hard to get some really extraordinary things done. No superhero in sight, in my eyes.

The ONLY thing I liked about him in this episode was that he actually printed something out. On a printer he found hidden in Steve’s office. I think that is pretty much the first time they used paper on Five-0. 😉 (Except for 4.10 when they changed the whole ‘feel’ of the episode to match it the time they were honoring.)


About the case. They are so darn predictable. As soon as they mentioned car seats I knew what was going on. Didn’t know that only the mother was involved, but I knew a father who lost his kid due to a malfunction was the killer. And, surprise surprise, I was right. Jeez.

But I did like that they used the real Navy guy who had a few guest appearances on Five-0.

I don’t freaking care about the lost brother or his money. Even though it would be totally cool if Danny took that money. That would at least explain how he could suddenly afford his house and life style, which changed a LOT after he lived in shabby apartments and even on his buddy’s couch for so long. That would be an interesting plot. But of course that is not what is going to happen.

I don’t care where the money is, or the brother, or if he gets him back or whatever. I didn’t care four years ago, and I certainly don’t care now. And it seems that Steve isn’t very interested either. He simply told Danny to book him for burglary, he didn’t seem interested to me. I’m with you Steve. 😉


OK, so much to rant about, how about something that I did like? 🙂

Well, there really isn’t that much if I don’t want to mention that they all looked pretty good.


This whole episode felt dead right from the start. There was no life, no fire behind it. I even felt the actors were not really ‘there’. It totally lacked in drive, and I don’t mean action with that. It felt very much like the episode from season 2 when AOL was missing due to his illness. That one also lacked the normal drive and force behind it.

Some might accuse me of being biased because I think Steve is the most interesting character on this show and I’m miffed because he’s not in the focus right now.

No, that’s not it. I would love to see interesting plots for the others as well. For years I’m saying they are mostly used in a stupid way. But the meaning is on interesting plots.

Danny’s brother was lame four years ago, and that plot isn’t getting better or more interesting with time passed.

And Chin’s struggle with IA is getting more than lame and old. That ship, it being interesting, sailed at the end of season 1 when it was resolved. To get it out again and again is just lame.

Kono and Adam are just boring to me. Sorry, but the cool Yakuza boss is nothing but a love sick puppy now. And I really don’t care how Kono learned to surf.

And Jerry? Don’t even get me started on that one.

I am miffed. You wanna know why? They built up a great part of the Steve-story with Catherine leaving and him suffering from PTSD, and him and Grover getting closer. What happened to that? What we see right now is SO out of character that it is not even funny anymore. He’s not mourning or struggling at all. They put that on hold to get back to it later? I’m sorry, but that is not how it happens. People can’t just turn off their mourning or put the PTSD on hold. That is something that is with them every minute of their lives. And the show totally fails in that regard.

On twitter there was the best tweet about it ever. You know who you are 😉

Alex is acting the shit outta the mourning … offscreen. ;-)“

It feels like a lot happens offscreen again. And that is what has me miffed.

They work on a story and then they leave it hanging in the air. I don’t even want to mention that we were promised answers for every question right at the beginning of season 4. Oh, we also got that promise in season 3. And now we again got the promise for episode 100. Well, we will see if they will finally deliver on that promise from so long ago.


You know, I had a really good laugh yesterday when I watched 4.10 with the commentary. Peter Lenkov had me rolling on the floor. He said he was asked by a lot of viewers why Catherine hadn’t been in uniform at Pearl Harbor. And his answer was that if they had paid attention they would know that Steve was still in the reserves and she had retired from the Navy. (He didn’t say it like that word for word, but that was the gist of it.) Well, it seems that he doesn’t know his own story very well. Because in episode 4.12 she is suddenly on reserve duty to explain her absence. RIGHT, she decided later to go back into the reserves. And he just didn’t remember that little fact when he made the commentary. Silly me.

The point of all this is that they are not paying attention to what they are doing. It feels like that at times. I just think it’s poor penning to start a story and then forget about it for, well, forever. Like with Danny’s brother who was not mentioned for years. Not even in passing. Like Steve asking his friend about him; or Kono digging into data bases. Or anything really. Nada, there was nothing.

Same with Steve’s mother’s disappearance. She was mentioned once in season 4. Or now the worst, giving Steve a serious mental condition, and forgetting about it. PTSD is not something you mess around with. That is not something you just mention in passing. They had Steve go to group therapy, why the heck did they take that out? If they didn’t have the time, why not at least mention it if not showing. Are they paddling back with this storyline?

Yes, a huge part of my disappointment with this episode lies in the lack of contingency from previous episodes.

This season will have 25 episodes, I will take this one as the odd one out. There are still 24 that will hopefully be as great as they normally are.

But this one gets an F for the absolute failure to even remotely entertain me.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit for promo pics to CBS and Global. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously.

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    • Yes, I do believe that is a gross negligent by the show not to show us that. You can’t just turn it off. But the show totally ignores it. And I think that is wrong. They don’t have to focus on it all the time. No, absolutely not. But everyone should see what is going on with Steve. And they show us nothing.


      • This is what I don’t understand…. they ‘forget’ or neglect the PTSD and this supposed mourning Steve is supposed to be going through, but they spent 2-3 episodes of Danny whining about going to PT from his injury in 4.19? (or whatever that episode # was) I JUST DON”T GET IT!!

        But then again, Steve was tortured in NK and only got one sentence about it….


  1. I didn’t think it was as bad as you did, but I totally agree about Jerry! I liked him in the first episode he was in partly because seeing everyone react to him was great. And being at Chin ‘ s high school reunion was fine. But I don’t think I can take being related to a case on more than extremely rare occasions. Like 1 a season where they need his bizarre knowledge. I don’t see how he can be an actual regular.

    They are terrible with uniforms and reserves stuff. For instance shouldn’t Steve have worn his uniform at Catherine ‘ s retirement thing? And why hasn’t reserve duty for Steve been mentioned?

    The Danny thing that made me the craziest was the idea that the father would just magically sense his daughter was in trouble. That’s just not real. That’s people projecting after the fact.


    • I do believe that people on occasion can sense when someone they love is in trouble. But this SEAL was on a mission, he would be so focussed he would not sense anything other but getting the mission done. It’s what they do.

      They do have advisers on the show who should get the stuff right. No idea why Steve hadn’t been in uniform at Catherine’s retirement, but that was something I was asking myself even back then. Maybe he chose not to? No idea.

      Steve had been on reserve duty only once during the whole series, back in season 2. He should be on reserve training one weekend a month and at least two weeks a year. And after five years he should go on full duty for a year. But who knows what kind of deal he does have with the Navy. I’m still waiting for him to be activated for a mission. Maybe just to get rid of him, or as a punishment for his digressions. Maybe the CIA will get back at him like that.

      Jerry. I’m sorry, but I can’t stand that character. I never had one who got on my nerves that bad. He’s worse than Danny. LOL He is the worst regular they could ever come up with.

      And it is perfectly fine to even like this episode. You know, we all have a different taste at times. Nothing wrong with liking something or disliking it.

      Thank you for voicing your opinion here.


      • I suspect they just ignore the advisors when the want to. I mean I can accept we don’t see Steve doing reserve duty, but mention it!
        What I liked about Jerry the first time was everyone else’s reactions to him. But trying to make him one of the gang doesn’t work. I found find Toast more believable!


      • LOL I love you girl, but i have to totally disagree with you on Jerry vs Danny. Danny is WAYYY worse IMO! I actually love Jerry. (still love me?? lol)

        He’s the odd man out, the devil’s advocate that we should have had from the beginning, instead of this whiny character that Danny has become. At least Jerry is a positive character. Weird, yes, quirky, yes but also positive. I like his quirk. Much better than Max’s quirk actually. I love Masi Oka but rarely like the Max character.

        Jerry brings in a different POV, heck he even makes Danny’s jokes funny. I much rather listen to Danny poke jokes at Jerry (and Jerry’s response) than listening to his fat jokes about Kamekona which constantly piss me off.

        I’ve always said that McG and Danny are most fun when they are being sarcastic about someone else so when they’re sitting there completely puzzled and snarking at Jerry (together), that’s when I can actually sit back and like them together. It’s so much nicer than the ugly, unfunny and forced conversations they have with each other lately.

        I also liked his Captain America comment about Steve. Jerry has had a man crush on Steve (and Catherine) since Day 1 and I think it’s funny.

        So I’d rather see Jerry than most of the characters on the show. Besides Steve and Grover, he’s the only other character I actually care about anymore. He’s already more interesting than Kono/Adam, Chin (sadly) and Danny IMO.

        Maybe it’s his love of the X-Files and all that geekdom that draw me to him. 😉 I hope he stays around!


        • Not to worry, still love ya. Even if you fell for Jerry. LOL

          I totally agree that with him it’s pretty much the only time I can stand Danny at the moment. Or Danny with Steve. That is fun. Even though I don’t find Jerry funny. Sigh.

          Max is weird, but I like him. A lot.

          Adam and Kono? Don’t talk to me about them. 😉

          That man crush is kind of cute. I’ll give you that. That’s a part I do like about Jerry. But all the other stuff? Not so much.

          Steve and Grover together, or alone are all that I really LOVE on the show for quite some time now. But I’m still not giving up hope. LOL Yeah, yeah, I know I’m hopeless. 😉

          Thanks for stopping by.


  2. I agree with you that this was not a stellar H50 episode. It was watchable but felt lethargic and I agree, the plot seemed to be a rehash of other episodes. I would give it an “okay” but expect much better in order to keep us watching for the entire season. There are some great characters with the potential for interesting storylines, certainly with McGarrett, but instead the writers have blessed us with Jerry. I wonder what genius thought he would be an asset to the show. I accept that there has to be a suspension of belief with H50 but come on, a high profile task force with all the resources they have access to and they turn to a wingnut like Jerry for their intel. Please give me a break. I thought he was mildly amusing last year but faced with an entire season of him, I am not sure I even want to watch anymore. He isn’t funny, there is no charm to his eccentricities, he is just silly bordering on ridiculous. Considering the final episodes from last year and how good they were, I was expecting much better than what we have been shown so far. The premiere was entertaining but if Jerry is going to be the cornerstone of every episode, my family will be changing the channel.


    • Totally agree with you. Even on the watchable part. As I said if it weren’t Five-0 it would have been OK.
      I have no idea why anyone thinks Jerry is funny. Not on a regular basis. In my eyes, it was a mistake to make that character a regular. Total waste of screen time as it is now. He was mildly amusing in that one episode last season, but I would be happy never to have seen him again after that.
      He’s even worse than Flippa. Who seems to be with Kamekona all the time. Why are these people forced down our throats? They are not funny and are not an enrichment to the show. Not as much as they are shown. Less is more, that was never more true than with these three.


  3. Thank you than you thank you. Everything you wrote is exactly how I felt about this episode. It had action, but felt flat. Even the danny storyline, which I have ZERO interest in, had no substance. It’s been FOUR years and NOW this bad guy decides he is going to come after Danny for the money? Five-0 is this elite crime fighting task force, but this thug can openly threaten a member and he’s just. .. let go? Please.

    The retread plots. Omg. It’s sad! The EXACT same way of determining that the child had been taken? I was LMAO at the ridiculousness. And all of that story in the beginning about the SEAL dad, all of that footage off him going on a mission. … what was THAT for? We never even saw him after that. Wasted time. Ugh. .. so much gets left unanswered.

    And the most annoying thing for me. .. the lack of McG depth. You can’t half-ass a PTSD story line. Show us something each week, some inkling that he’s struggling with something. Thinking about SOMETHING.

    I feel like TPTB have a checklist. .. *use the word ohana in every episode*..check! *shove a cargument in every episode*….check! *include Jerry in everything!* check! Ugh. It’s not working for me.

    And. .. where was Kono after the middle of the episode? She got sent back to the office and we never saw her again. I guess she was letting Adam “take such good care of her”? Was he trying a new way to duct tape her?

    I’m not OK with this. Any of it.

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    • ROFL – I LOVE your comment. SO spot on. Thank YOU.

      They left such a great opportunity go with the SEAL. That was the best moment to give us something about Steve thinking about Catherine being lost. But nothing. Not an inkling of struggle. Just nothing.

      This episode was such bad writing. I’m sorry to say this, but this was such crap on so many levels. I hope they know what they have all messed up.


      • You know who has his own version of “Checks Five-0”! Ugh.

        This wasn’t a top episode. Thanks for making me feel like I’m not the only one who thought so.

        Maybe next week. ….


        • You are obviously not the only one. I bet a lot feel that way, but a lot of them are mute about it. Well, I always had a problem with being mute. 😉
          I hope they will blow us away next week, the promo unfortunately doesn’t look too promising yet. My hope lies in 5.04. 🙂


      • “They left such a great opportunity go with the SEAL. That was the best moment to give us something about Steve thinking about Catherine being lost. But nothing. Not an inkling of struggle. Just nothing.” <<– exactly! Like in 5.01 when they talked ohana, nothing about Catherine… don't talk to me about ohana when you left one of your own on Afghanistan, regardless whether she wanted to stay or not. that just all goes back to your comment that Lenkov doesn't even know his own characters.

        Not to mention, we apparently lost Catherine for NOTHING! Like i said over on my pic spam of 5.01, their 'fresh start' involved hurting a lot of fans and they've apparently thrown us away like they did with the character. I don't give a fk what happened off screen, I'm adult enough to separate reality from fiction… my problem is that along with stunting the growth of our hero, they've apparently decided to give a big *F*U* to the fans as well. Throw us a bone. Throw us something. Fkers.


  4. OK, finally made it on here to read the reviews. I was amazed when I gave it a grade that so many people gave this episode an A. Wow. I’m not sure they watched the same show I watched. My daughter usually controls the remote and it is a joke every time when Five -0 is over, she asks, “ready for me to delete it now?” She asked and this time I said, “pretty much.” (I kept it for the time being because I do want to try and salvage a short story out of it, but that’s about the only reason)…

    I gave this a D… I was bored. And that makes me so sad. i was excited all day Friday because i could watch it that night… and was left flat. I agree with all the comments above.

    Jerry… there are no words left to voice my displeasure and disbelief in that character. I am still asking a great big “WHY”???
    As for the man in the car, he can cart Jerry right off the island and that would make me happy.

    Danny and Matt? Totally don’t care. Maybe if it was presented a bit more interestingly, I would take notice. This bad guy… that was really poor acting.

    sorry for those of you who liked the show. Actually I would love to hear what you DID like about it. I was actually kind of relieved that the hour was up.

    And I hate that. This is MY show. The show I work my week around (well, when I’m not out of town… then I pout most of the weekend). And I am so excited at 9 p.m. on Friday nights. This week, at 10 p.m. I was thankful it was over.

    Not the way I wanted to start my weekend.

    But… yes, I will admit the guys did look good. 🙂 Except for the one in the shorts and bathrobe. No one should have to see that.

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    • Totally agree with you that I would love to know what ‘they’ thought was awesome in this episode. Just to see nice looking people is not enough for me. Sorry, but I expect more from this show.
      For me, this is not just any crime show. It’s a great mix of crime and character stuff. I don’t want to repeat myself, but this was not my show I loved since episode one.
      There was simply no Five-0 feeling to it, and I will not glorify something just because it has the name Five-0. You know, just because it’s named like it doesn’t mean that’s what’s in the box. And this time it certainly wasn’t.
      But there is always next time. Still love the show and looking forward to more of it.

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    • Totally agree!! (except for the Jerry part lol)

      I FF’d through most of the episode and even then I was relieved when it was over and Alex was on screen! WTH?? What has this world come to? haha.


      • Good question. I guess I feel frustrated, disappointed, cheated, manipulated.
        With each passing episode I feel that an opportunity is lost. An opportunity for Alex, and an opportunity for his character. Personally, I’m firmly convinced that this is the last season, and I worry that if they continue in this line of argument, we’ll never see again the real Steve.
        I know this is just a show, but damn, I don’t like anyone making me feel stupid, and right now, I have the feeling that they are playing with us. And I don’t like this game.

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        • Actually I disagree about it being the last season. I do believe it is SC’s last season though. But I’m convinced we will get at least seven seasons. I also believe that the producers don’t think about the show as a whole like we do. I think they look from episode to episode and lost the pig picture on the way. There were many episode that were kind of good (as a crime show, like this one) but simply didn’t fit into the scheme of Five-0. And therefore were a huge disappointment. But i don’t think the writers/producers see it that way.
          I hope they will somehow find their way back to the great Steve character they have created.


          • Scott leaving the show and being free to work on other film projects, television, or theater, and Alex punished by two more years on the show, being the target of everyone who will think that the drop in ratings is his fault? Sorry, but that’s an idea that I don’t like. So I prefer to live in my dream world and thinking that next year Alex will finally be free to work on new projects.
            And I’m not sure that they will find the way back. They have dedicated more episodes to Danny’s family that the Doris Wo-Fat-Steve plot… with that in mind, I’m not too optimistic for everything else.


            • Aww, Silvia, we don’t know if Alex sees that as a punishment. So, I won’t speculate about it.
              We don’t know if the ratings would drop or climb up, they are steady at the moment. But only idiots would blame Alex (or any actor for that matter) for any loss in viewership. Unless the actor is the writer, producer, director all in one. The actors can only make the best out of the material they are given. And I think Alex does more than that. 🙂
              If he really wanted to be free I’m sure he would find a way to do just that. Even though he for sure wants to do others things as well, and he has voiced that, I’m also sure he still enjoys the steady work on a very different level than others. After all, he has to think about more than just his creative freedom.
              Dedicated episodes to the Danny family? Not really, thankfully they were more a blimp on the horizon. But granted, even that was too much in my eyes. 😉


  5. Ok, one last comment from me. 😉

    In the beginning there was an opportunity to write 4 great characters. They didn’t. Don’t try to make up for that by shoving old plots about them back in our faces now and think I’m going to care. It’s too late. I’m over those characters.

    While I do like DDK, they severely under developed his character and I only find him interesting when he’s with Steve. Not DDK’s fault…Writing’s fault. That said, besides the fact that Alex has been there since day 1 giving 150% through injury, sickness, births, deaths, etc… don’t you dare expect me to want to see other actors over him any day. He’s not just always been the lead on the show, he’s EARNED it. Just like with this episode. What really struck me about this episode (besides how boring it was) was that Alex once again was going above and beyond what was written for him in every scene. His facial reactions to the kidnapper’s phone call and the emotions he showed towards the family was just perfect. What makes me mad is that this is what he had to do in S1. The writing for his character was so slow to develop that he had to go so far above what was written…and they need to be thankful that he did!! Once again he’s having to put forth more effort because the writers are letting him down. *puts away soap box*

    Even Chi was reserved and boring this episode and that’s when I knew that this episode was a loser!! When Chi McBride has nothing to bring to the table, it’s not worth eating there IMO.

    What I will say that I was impressed about was the guy who played the Dad, the detective from Moonlight. His scene with the mother was PHENOM. For only the 3rd time EVER, I fought back tears on this show. That moment was raw and emotional. If you read my blog you know that I judge male actors by how well they can cry…. he may very well be one of the best I’ve seen.


    • People often complained that they didn’t want to see the McGarrett show, but Five-0. But what they all failed to see is that this really is the McGarrett show. And with that it’s really the Alex show. He’s the one who gives this show depth and drive, and passion and great acting. He’s the one who carries the show on and off the TV.
      And at the moment it feels that the producers disrespect that, IMO. That’s what makes me mad and sad.

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  6. Watched this episode already 2 days ago but had to stop me from commenting anywhere because I didn’t wanted to be too rude. About a lot. But I’m tired of making “the fist in my pocket” as we in German say, means not to let your fists fly.
    So let me just say one thing, just to get it out of my system: I’m watching show because of Alex O’Loughlin. “Do less more” as Alex once said. That’s acting!
    And now I’m going to suffer offscreen, how convenient for show…

    About this epi… I love the comments here and I second nearly everything you said in your review. Yet I was shocked about your comment about Jerry and Danny. NOOOO! SAM! I’m begging you. I’m with ESS – I LOVE JERRY! He is weird, and strange and funny and LOVEABLE! Of course, we all know that Steve is not at all Captain America (I mean WE know, the writers I’m not sure), but Jerry has his first crush, he adores Steve like a little boy adores his older brother. I can’t blame him! So any chance you’ll give Jerry a second chance? 😉
    Back to the episode:
    I was so incredibly angry after watching it. It could have been saved, but they let this chance fly. I’ll come to that later.
    At first the “cargument”. Sorry Danny, but Steve is absolutely right. If the SEAL would be my husband I wouldn’t want him to be informed. Don’t know if it is even possible that easy, but it would put him and his men in much more danger than they are already in. And it would not change anything. Showed me again that Danny has no idea what Steve has done as a SEAL. And the “He will sense it…” argument? Geez, that’s romantically idealized, over spiritualized. Danny sensed nothing as Grace was abducted.
    Now let’s come to the part where I wanted to punch something, hard. The scene between Steve, Danny and the kidnapper. As he was asking those two if they ever suffered the loss of a loved one and felt guilty about it, I was screaming at the inside, I was happy for a tiny moment because I thought the most obvious thing: Now it’s Steve’s turn. He lost so many people – maybe even more than we got to know – and we all know he feels guilty. And what happens? They don’t even show him, Danny’s got to answer with “No” of course, and with his usual facial expression and his usual bla bla. He is a father and therefore he is the only compassionate one? Really show? Again this BS?
    Do they even watch their own show? That was the chance to make it a better episode, but they failed, big big time.
    Now I’m looking forward to episode… 5.05! Seems that we will get some Emo!Steve scenes finally. Don’t care about Episode 5.03 (not in the slightest interested in this Matt storyline and in double standard Danny punching someone again) and 5.04 I don’t know yet. So 5.05 is it. Yes I’m helplessly optimistic.
    Sometimes me thinks you are way too involved, it’s just a TV Show. But then, I’m not involved in a TV Show but in an actor who is investing so much ‘onshow’ and ‘offshow’. Whose acting shows the tough guy and Navy SEAL McGarrett as vulnerable, loveable, caring, funny and HUMAN! He formed this role to one of the interesting, multidimensional characters on TV. Even with the little things he is sometimes (often) given.


    • Oh WOW, you nailed it.
      On all accounts. Not Jerry, though. LOL Sorry, but, no. I WILL give him a chance, but at the moment… not what I want to see. I really can’t see anything lovable about him. He is only annoying to me. And he’s a disgrace for what the X-Files stand for. Sorry, ESS, going to run and hide now. 😉
      And you are SO right that Danny, and therefore the writers have NO idea what they have with Steve. What he as a SEAL is all about. It was SO stupid to leave the last scene to Danny. Monumentally stupid. I can’t even put it in words.
      Loved this: “with his usual facial expression and his usual bla bla” LOL – you know, I could go on for hours about Danny’s speach pattern, but since I don’t know if that is ‘Danny’ or SC I won’t. I just think his speach in short bursts and… nah, let’s not go there. 😉
      They totally and completely messed up Steve in this episode. Is that supposed to be his mourning phase, that he’s almost mute and not really present even when in the room? Maybe we get it all wrong, and this is all leading to some brilliance? Yeah, right.
      I always said Danny is out of control. What sense did it make to punch that guy like that? (referring to the promo here). Did he really think he would tell him anything? Sorry, but that was just as stupid as Kono in 5.01, also totally useless brutality. Scenes like that only make me shake my head. Are those scenes written by a 12-year-old who thinks it is cool? Really wondering about that.

      Totally this: “Whose acting shows the tough guy and Navy SEAL McGarrett as vulnerable, loveable, caring, funny and HUMAN! He formed this role to one of the interesting, multidimensional characters on TV. Even with the little things he is sometimes (often) given.”

      Thank you so much for finally getting your fist out of the pocket. I have no idea if there is an English term for that German saying, but it totally hits the nail on the head.


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