Review 5.01

FI 501

5.01 A’ohe Kahi e Pe’e Ai

The island of Oahu goes on lockdown when Five-0 hunts a terrorist who starts using weaponized drones on civilians. Meanwhile, Steve and Danny must go for a mandated review with a psychologist.

CBS translated the title to “Nowhere to Hide” 

So, Five-0 is back. And we start the show with a few postcards from Hawaii, or at least it seems so. But soon everyone can see something is very wrong with these pictures. Where is everybody?

Maybe they haven’t heard that the hiatus is finally over and they have to be back on our screens? Or is there something sinister going on?

The show did a great job showing us a deserted island. Great scenes, even though totally implausible that people would leave their stuff like that. But really, who cares?


But before we’ll learn what is going on, we see Steve and Danny at their psych-evaluation. I was always wondering when we would see something like this.

As officers they have these evals on a regular basis, so it was just natural to finally show that. Let’s not fret about that it wouldn’t happen like this. I guess it was a nice way to show new viewers how it all started. For me, those flashbacks are always wasted screen time since I have seen every episode, and if I wish to see them again I simply do so. But at least this was short, and they showed one of my all-time favorite scenes. So, all is good.

I had to laugh that Danny is still not over the fact that he won’t drive ‘their’ car. Besides, Steve is right, he does drive it sometimes.

I think Steve made a good argument why he has to drive all the time. I had him say that years ago, and I think he was not lying. 🙂 Why can’t he get car sick, Danny? Maybe not like puking-kind-of-car-sick, but queasy and uncomfortable.

Besides, remember back in 3.20? Cath said all she had was a ready smile and a pack of Dramamine. That’s medication for motion sickness. Who says that was not Steve’s?

There are many forms of motion sickness. I, for example, can ride every rollercoaster, fly around and do all kinds of high speed things. But put me in the back of a car in stop-and-go traffic, well, you should be prepared to clean your car.

So, I’m on Steve’s side with his excuse. Besides, he’s the boss, he gets to drive the car. 😉 And he’s a control freak. LOL


Five and a half minutes into the show and we can finally start with the crime of the week. Well, OK, to be fair, we actually started with it right off the bat, but went back all those hours. But you know what I mean.

And still no credits in sight. I’m always looking forward to the new title sequence when the new season starts. Silly, I know.

And here it is, the new title sequence. I know they had to get a lot of people into that short sequence, but I thought all other seasons had a better sequence. This was not very exciting. I know, totally not important.

You hear me groaning, right? They have reduced the bad ass Yakuza boss Adam to a lovesick puppy. Ugh. And I totally laughed at Kono’s „You take such good care of me.“ Yeah, right until he again takes you hostage and threatens to kill your friend. Nope, haven’t forgotten that.

I so wish Adam will emerge as the really evil, genius crime boss. Still hoping this whimp will be left behind soon and we’ll get the real Adam back.

This whole storyline is still such a waste of time for me. But since he said „Nothing’s gonna happen to me“ (or something to the effect), I guess his death is a done deal. 😉

I like Ian Anthony Dale very much, but I think this Adam character is just… boring. The whole relationship is just boring. Sorry.

But I must say, they do look good. 🙂


Uh, nice ride.


But after this you could hear me groaning even louder. Seriously, IA is still after Chin? Jeez, show get it over with, this is getting so old. Stop recycling this storyline over and over and over again. So sick and tired of it. Five seasons now. Don’t you think that is more than enough? Give this great character a decent storyline, not this crap. OR, make him dirty and have him fool all the people around him all this time. Now, that would be a bold move. I mean, he already killed a person in cold blood, why not going all the way and get him behind bars? Whatever you do, please stop this boring IA stuff.


The new guy on the force. YEAH! I couldn’t be happier about that.


And we get another new member. A new ME. Or ME assistant? Well, whatever, she seems to fit perfectly with Max. And of course, Danny is going right after her. But to be honest, if that will be his new love interest, that will be fine with me. Anything will be better than that kid Amber. So, be my guest, Danny. Go get her. 😉


After they exchanged the normal pleasantries they go to work, and it doesn’t take them long to figure out what killed those two people.

From the intense crime scene we switch to a fun scene with Jerry. OK, right up front, I don’t like Jerry. And I simply don’t see the need to have him at all. To see him once or twice a year would be more than enough for me. I find him rather annoying. But, I guess we have to live with him for now.

But I have to admit this conversation was funny. But not because of Jerry, but because of Steve and Danny. Loved them in this.

Here again comes a part where you have suspend your belief. As if Jerry would really be of any help. I’m sorry, but I guess I simply find that too out there to believe Jerry would be capable of what he does in this episode. I feel like he was more in it than Chin and Kono combined. I’d rather see them doing some real work and not this nutjob. Sorry, but Chin and Kono are underused. NO, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean nesecarily more screen time. I mean use them for other things than typing in information on the computer or standing around. But that is a whole other can of worms.

By the way, I don’t agree with all the people saying we need more women on Five-0. Sure, they missed their potential when they had Catherine on the show. Cath and Kono together would have been awesome. But I was never ever interested in any female detective character. Sorry, but they just don’t cut it for me. So, only having one is just fine with me.

What I do wish for are some strong female characters outside of Five-0. That would be awesome. But I don’t need or want them on the Force. Just my two cents.

After they got their information from Jerry they went to Venpax, the corporation that has ‘lost’ a drone recently. At least according to Jerry. To get them to admit it was a bit harder. But Steve and Danny had pretty good arguments for the guy to cooperate. 😉

With the gathered information Steve and Danny inform the rest of the team about what they have learned.


They come to the conclusion that they have to deal with a very smart SOB. And said SOB makes his next move, which was pretty scary. Why? Because it felt a little like Terminator. If you are faced with a gun man, a real person, you still have the false sense of hope that you might be able to talk him out of killing you. If you come face to face with him. But a drone? You can’t talk a drone down. It’s a programmed cold object that is on a mission to kill you. I think that is the scary factor about it.



I have a technical question. Why was Lou at the crime scene long before Steve and Danny? He must have been since he already knew witness statements. Did the two boys stop for coffee on the way? Just wondering.


After Chin and Kono couldn’t find any correlations between the victims, this seems to be a random act of terrorism. Even if no group claimed to be responsible. But maybe Steve is right and they are not done yet.


Sorry, but the disclaimer was just wasted blabla time. This character is just too much. Too much of everything. Tone it down a little and it would be way better. At least for me.


And here comes Jerry again. Telling them how he will stop the drone. Yeah, right. But, I will just smile and move on.

Here comes a part with really bad acting. Come on, kid, you can do better than this. That was a really bad job.


So, they got a call from the ‘terrorist’ telling them to expect more attacks. The trace fails, and so Steve orders to get all people off the streets.


And now we’re finally back at the beginning. Of course, this evacuation would not happen like this, but it was fun to watch. And another example to simply suspend your belief for a bit.


Didn’t take them long to figure out who the caller was, or where to find him.


Of course, he wasn’t home. That would have been a bit too easy. But after the boys were done with their search, they were informed by Kono that something doesn’t add up. He got money wired to him. For doing what?

Lou is right, if they wanted to make an impact it would be more effective on the mainland. So, there must be some other reason why they keep shooting up Hawaii. And it’s again Kono who comes up with a reason.

Jerry gets another moment with his self-made drone. At least he makes a suggestion that promises us some action. Steve and Danny should be the bait. 😉


Danny, stop whining. This was a solid plan, one that for sure would lead to disaster, but it was still solid. 😉

And now we get some really great action. With Steve getting shot, with the drone attacking, and amongst all the action with even some funny lines.

Yeah, Danny, don’t get used to driving the car. 😉

And we get more action with the boys on the run from the drone, and Jerry taking it out with his self-made thingy. Well, Five-0 is good at all the action scenes, so not much to say about that. Except that I wonder how much fire power that little drone had. Ever thought about running out of ammo?

IF there was something to complain it would be the bad CGI for the airplane. But, this is a crime show, not a SciFi show where I demand to see great CGI, so I will let this slide. For a Crime-TV-Show it was kind of OK. Even though a little less, in the form of a small real plane would have been better. But I bet they would not be allowed to land a real plane on the streets. I highly doubt the support of Honolulu goes that far. 😉

OK, I have to admit, I laughed out loud when Jerry came along and took the plane down. First of, how did he get there that fast, on foot no less, and then how did he even see what he was doing? But you know what? This whole thing with the plane was SO over the top, that this didn’t matter anymore. 😉

So, when the plane was down, the guys had to chase after the baddies. At least Steve took the unarmed one. And he didn’t forget to limp along. Do I want to point out that he would not be jumping out of the car after being shot and the blood loss? Nah, who would want to see him sit in the car waiting for the ambulance. 😉

Before the chase we switch to Chin and Kono going after Redwood. I’m sure many thought it was cool when Kono decked the guy. I thought it was uncalled for. There was no need for it, and I think actions like these shouldn’t be glorified, no matter who does it.

H50501-105.jpg H50501-106.jpg

Now we get a very cool chase sequence with Danny. Maybe they should give him more action, but if they do, they need to work on the stunt work. It was more than easy to spot when his stuntman did the job. I don’t want the actors do any dangerous stuff, but I don’t want to see on the first glance when it’s not them doing something. Normally they are really good with it, but not so this time. But it was pretty much the first time Danny did any real action, so I’m not gonna hold it against them. LOL

Some very cool scenes. Reloading the gun was for sure the best Danny scene of the whole show.

After Danny got his guy, we were not done with the chase. Now it was Grover’s turn. Also really well done, and it fit the character.


And last, but not least, we had Steve chasing after the bad guy. Good thing that man was just a paper pusher on the run, or Steve would have been in trouble.

I really loved the ending. First the pictures of Hawaii, how it should be in contrast to how it was at the beginning of the episode. And of course, how they all went to pick up Steve from the ER.

Great scenes. Wonderful Ohana moments.

Huh. This wasn’t the end yet. Nope, more scenes to come. OK, I could have gone without all of them, to be honest.

Kono and Adam. Not gonna talk about that again.

Jerry. Just ugh. Please stop now. So not interested in that storyline. More wasted time.

Chin. Boy, how stupid was that! Not to mention that this whole thing is totally old, but why would anyone give a f/ck about any affidavit the guy would give? Does Chin really believe that would clear him of any investigations? How ridiculous is that? Seriously!

Danny. Well, now, after four years we hear about Matt again. Not really interested in him, but it might give us some good scenes. This is the only new storyline I might be mildly interested in. Mildly.

So, now that was really it. The end of the episode. What did I think about the season premiere? Well, I was well entertained. That’s a good start, right? It had some really good moments in it.

But the big blockbuster to top all the other season premiers? Nope, sorry, that it was not.

I think it can’t compete with 4.01 or The Pilot, well, OK, I don’t think any episode will ever top the pilot.

Last season after 4.01, I knew it would be really hard to top that episode, and in my eyes they never did. This season I KNOW they will easily have episodes that will be better.

I don’t know if it will be better this way around, that they have potential to do better. Maybe.

Even though, I give this episode a B plus I was a bit disappointed. It felt like too much in too little time.

But hey, B plus is great, so, I’m not really complaining.



All screen-shots were done by me. Credit for promo pics to CBS and Global. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously.


14 thoughts on “Review 5.01

  1. I love reading your reviews because, even though you may not be objective, you don’t get hung up on the things you dislike or on how unrealistic the show is. So many other episode reviews and recaps that I see are so negative and the writers can’t let go the things that bother them. So thank you, for being able to let things go. 🙂

    The psych eval was cute, but something I probably could have done without. No new material there but Steve was looking fantastic in that blue shirt. Alex nailed that scene with his sincerity, or at least mock sincerity in some parts. I felt like Scott was trying too hard not to laugh. To me, if Danny was really that bothered by things like not being able to drive his own car and Steve being a control freak, he would have said his lines with a straight face. I also don’t see why Steve can’t get car sick, yes he is a Navy SEAL but even SEALs have weaknesses. And just because he doesn’t get car sick to the point of vomiting, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t at least feel nauseous and out of sorts. I can do all sorts of amusement park rides, fly, and ride in the back seat of a car without getting motion sick but put me on a swing or in a hammock and within about 2 minutes I’m not feeling well. Same goes for 3D and IMAX movies. Can’t do them without feeling nauseous and/or dizzy. So I don’t see why it is a big deal for Steve to get car sick too. It happens. Was Steve giving Danny a line of crap? Maybe, but he was doing a better job of being sincere than Danny was. Besides, like you said, Steve is the boss. And Danny’s car is more than likely, government property beings it is used for police work and is outfitted with police lights and sirens, so while it may be issued to him as a member of the Five-0 task force, he does not actually own it; therefore since Steve is the leader of the task force, he has as much right to drive it as Danny does. Same goes for Steve’s truck, Chin’s SUV, and Kono’s car. They would never be allowed to have their personal vehicles outfitted with police lights and sirens, not to mention the insurance coverage is likely different for police vehicles than for civilian vehicles. They may be able to use those vehicles for personal use but they wouldn’t be able to own them.

    I agree with pretty much everything else you wrote. I don’t mind Adam but you have a point about him being a former badass criminal and now a lovesick puppy. Totally different character now compared to when he first came on. I would really like to see how that romance came about. Why on earth would Kono fall for a criminal like Adam? And why the heck would she stay with him after he essentially kidnapped her and tied her up? Why were Chin, Steve, and Danny ok with that? That is what really throws me for a loop with that storyline. But alas, Adam is at least pretty look at (yes, I am that shallow-at least when it comes to tv characters lol).

    Chin’s story with IA is getting old. I was under the impression that he had been cleared by IA after we found out who really took the money, so last season when they did the IA episode with Chin I was thrown for a loop. It is getting boring. If they actually made Chin dirty, that would be a mind blowing arc. As much as it would make me sad to see since Chin is my favorite after Steve, if they could do it well, it would at least be an interesting story. Not to mention nobody would see it coming.

    I think Grover was a good addition to the team. The writers didn’t seem to have as much of a problem trying to utilize him, along with the other 4, as they have in the past. Hopefully they can continue this way.

    Jerry, take him or leave him. So far I don’t mind him but I can see myself quickly becoming annoyed with him if he gets over used. Didn’t mind him this week, but I don’t really see how they can make him a useful regular character. I did enjoy the scene with Jerry, Steve and Danny in the van though. The sass from Steve when Jerry was talking about the book store owner using his period books to counterfeit money was priceless. And not something we get to see from Steve very often. Alex nailed that scene.

    Also agree with you about Five-0 not needing more women. The writers have a hard time making the women on the show useful and productive characters. They even have a hard time utilizing Kono. They did a good enough job with Catherine until she joined Five-0, then the character kind of went downhill. If they could create some strong, relevant female characters oldie of the team I would be ok with that, but I tend to groan every time I read they are bringing on a new female character.

    As for Grover getting to the scene before the rest of the team? Who knows. Maybe he was in the neighborhood? Chin or Kono always seems to arrive at the scene before Steve and Danny do. Why are they always there first? Steve seems to always get the call from the governor so how do Chin and Kono get there first?

    The end action scene with Steve getting shot and the plane landing was great. Totally unrealistic but a great action sequence non the less. And a little bit of hurt Steve makes me smile. (I’m a sick person, I know). The scene with everyone picking Steve up from the ER is maybe my favorite scene of the episode. I loved the banter and the unease between Grover and Max. Neither one understands the other or their personality but seemingly get along anyway. I love the ohana moments like that.

    I liked the foreshadowing and the set up for future story lines at the end of the episode. But like you, I wish they would come up with new arcs. Picking up the Matt story 4 years later is a bit ridiculous. Especially since he doesn’t get mentioned again after the initial episode. He might get a brief mention when Danny’s mom was here but nothing major or memorable.

    And now that I have practically written a book I will wrap it up.

    As implausible and over the top as this episode was, I still give it a solid A. While last season started out really strong, I started to get bored with the show in the later half of the season. It just wasn’t as exciting to me as the first half. This episode brought back the excitement. It wasn’t as good as the Pilot or 1.24 or 2.01 but it was solid and exciting none the less. Hopefully they can keep it up throughout the season.

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    • Oh WOW, what a great review. Well, it’s not a comment, now, is it. LOL Love what you have written, and I agree with all of it. I had a hard time with giving it an A or B, but in the end the B plus won out. 😉 But as my friend Cokie said, it had many A plus moments.

      No, I never dwell on what I don’t like. This is a TV show and should be fun. So why see everything just negative? I do like to point out the things I didn’t like, but mostly they don’t damper my enjoyment of the show. I do my reviews for fun, and that should be reflected in how I write about the stuff I didn’t like, or the outright crap the show at times produces. 😉

      The scenes at the hospital were just great, even though I wonder why Jerry had to be the one to take Steve home? Very strange. And I loved pretty much every scene with Steve and Danny. The psych eval was good, but like you I felt like Danny (or SC) was not really in to it. Or maybe it was just like Danny always is. I mean, I never can take him seriously, so why expect him to be serious here? It was fun to watch and I will file it under that. 🙂

      As for 4.01 getting a bit slow in the second half. I didn’t think so, and loved every second of it. After the pilot my second favorite episode. But I get that this one might have been a bit more fast paced. Maybe. 🙂

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here on the blog. I’m sure others will love to read what you’ve written.

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  2. Great writing. I can see why Jerry might get annoying, but as long as we get Steve showing his funny faces, I will welcome all the Jerry we get. There was more humor in this episode perhaps than in any other before. I loved the therapy scene, Alex and his billion faces and even Scott was nice, well Danny I mean 🙂
    The actual crime was sort of typical H50 stuff, not that entertaining but perhaps slightly above their average. I agree with you that 4.01 (apart from pilot) was more entertaining with a capturing story. It was the funny McFaces that really made this epi a nice beginning to the season.
    We didn´t get shirtless Steve yet, but thankfully a bit of legs. That will have to do for now, though anxiously looking forward to seeing his nice abs appear on our screens. Maybe soap lather slowly running down those bumps….mmmm….that Navy shower needs to be filmed.


    • I’m still waiting for that shower scene. Maybe when Cath will finally be back they can take a long shower? Yes, I still believe she will be back. 😉
      I gave up long ago to watch Five-0 for the plot, so that was OK for me. I loved Steve in this. Period. And I liked Danny. That’s pretty much a first. Even though his behavior at times was strange. Ah, well.
      Thanks for stopping by.


  3. oh, Sam, I could probably write a book… but I’ll try to contain myself.
    I agree with pretty much everything you and Emdoug said although I have to give it an A, for many reasons. (a) Show was finally back; (b) I loved so many scenes in it; (c) the good outweighed the bad; and (d) Steve deserved an all-around A. 🙂

    You mentioned why Grover made it to the scene before everyone else? In the very beginning, how did he, Max and Max’s new colleague make it there at all when the others had to fly in by chopper? Where were they??? I guess Steve and Danny had to change clothes, so maybe they were all at headquarters… although it was a cool scene to arrive by black chopper. Quite an impressive entrance!

    To keep it simple I loved Grover. He can be a great asset to this team if used correctly. That being said, out of all the strong characters they have… it is Jerry who was meant to shine in this episode. I’m sorry folks, but he is a paranoid little nutjob whose mother still takes care of him. I just don’t buy it. I mean granted he has come far since last year when he wouldn’t leave his basement, but this person should not be privvy to things that Five-0 knows. As for all that stuff he went over in the office before he would tell them what he had learned, I was ready to smack him. It was an-OK-this-guy-is-nuts idea for the first show he was on, but now that he is a regular, grow up get on with it.

    The CGI was a bit over the top, but I liked it. It was minor compared to the chopper picking up the armored car and flying away over the ocean…

    I’m glad I managed to avoid the spoilers on this because I did not know Steve was going to be shot. I have to chalk that up as a nice surprise (sorry, Steve). Although he did an awfully lot of running with a belt tied around his leg. 🙂 Was their any doubt he would get his guy? Not a one. I did like Danny and Lou taking their guys out, too. And that is probably THE best scene I’ve seen of Danny… in like ever! Shooting up the car and then changing the clip in his gun was great. Although he sure made sure his guy was dead, didn’t he?

    Oh, and in the midst of all of the shooting, etc in the early part of the episode, he managed to talk to a frightened Grace on the phone. It was a small clip but one that I liked. There wasn’t any over the top “my monkey this or that…” just get inside with everyone else.

    Sam, you mentioned that people wouldn’t have left their stuff like that… I don’t know, if I saw that black thing coming toward me on the beach, I don’t think I’d worry about my cooler of drinks. But the cars all over the city street? That was kind of bizarre. One would think you would be at least a little better covered inside a metal vehicle than you would be running down the sidewalk…

    And the hospital scene. That was cute. Of course, you know I want more… I always do, but that was good. Loved the over-the-shoulder fist bump Steve gave Danny. Just a fun scene. Something we have rarely (if ever) gotten. And then… we have Jerry again. Why did any of those sane people think it was all right for Jerry to drive Steve home in his mom’s mini-van? Of course, Danny had to go drive his bullet-riddled car, so I mean, that was IMPORTANT… he didn’t have TIME to make sure his partner was safely at home. But Grover has a roomy truck, maybe he could have offered.

    Oh… one more comment. Just when did Chin get that revved-up Mustang???

    Now… all that foreshadowing at the end of the show. Eh… not so exciting to me. Don’t care about Jerry and the bookseller who may be a big time counter fitter. Jerry was made on his first day at recon… that should tell them he’s an amateur. Adam pretty much signed his death warrant by saying Kono wasn’t going to lose him. Uh huh… he might as well just put on a red shirt for the remainder of his time… Chin and the money… been there and done that what… two or three times already? Move on. Let Chin be happy for more than 20 minutes this season. Danny and Matt? I didn’t like Matt the first go-round years ago. Somehow I doubt I’ll like him this time either.

    OK… now to sum it all up. It was an “A” episode for me. Not all of it, but enough to make me smile… big time. And it looks like I did write that book. Sorry.

    And p.s…. thanks Sam for all these wonderful screen caps.

    Also, for anyone interested, Sam has just posted a tag scene to 5.01 “The Comforts of Home”. You can find it on Whump-2-Go or I’ll bet you now that you’ll enjoy it!


    • Oh, please don’t hold back on that book. 😉

      Totally agree with you about Jerry. I can easily do without him. In my eyes, he’s already overused.

      Oh, you mean ‘The Claw’. I doubt that anything will ever top the stupidity of ‘The Claw’. 😉

      You know my opinion of Danny, but that scene was really cool. Best we have seen of Danny, at least it was for me. Very well done. See, I can give him credit if he deserves it. Unfortunately, that is not very often.

      No, no, no. I’m not talking when the drone was after them. Of course, everyone would just run. No, I’m talking about when the news came over the TV and radio to get inside. That is not how it would happen. Why would anyone leave the car in the middle of the highway… to go where? Under a bridge? That was just stupid.

      The scenes at the hospital were great, until they all went their separate ways and let Jerry take Steve home. Sure, I understand, driving a bullet riddled car (if it even still works) is way more important than to make sure that your best friend, who just got SHOT, gets home OK. Sure, totally understand that.

      No idea when he got the Mustang, but it’s cool. 🙂

      Nope, those four new storylines are not interesting in the least for me. Boring is all I can think of it. Old and recycled.

      I was well entertained, but somehow something was missing. I can’t really put my finger on it. Oh, right, Catherine. Or the mention of Catherine, or the mention that Steve might be down because of that. Yeah, THAT might be it. In case you didn’t know, that was sarcasm again.

      Loved your thoughts about this ep. 🙂

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      • “I was well entertained, but somehow something was missing. I can’t really put my finger on it. Oh, right, Catherine. Or the mention of Catherine, or the mention that Steve might be down because of that. Yeah, THAT might be it.” <<<— THIS

        I kinda felt the ohana….but in the end it fell flat. Exactly for ^^THAT reason.

        Also, I have to say that I'm happy that Jerry drove McG home because I'm happy to see him with other characters besides Danny! Danny would have just whined at him all the way home about why he got shot, it was his fault and now his car is shot up too. The more I see McG with other characters, the happier I am. Maybe I'd rather see him with Adam (not really).

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  4. Enjoyed your review, Sam, way more than I enjoyed the ep. Hee!

    Like all y’all, the Easter eggs they laid at the end of the EP, being as how they did not relate in any way to McG, could not possibly interest me any less. I say back to the drawing board writers! McG’s got a ton of dangling plots…write one or several of dem suckers! 🙂

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  5. Agreed it was the closest to a BAMF Danny that we’ve ever had but he’ll never be truly BAMF to me. He isn’t even convincing holding a gun on most days. Every time I do screencaps I think, “yep…he’s the first 5-0 that would be taken out”.

    The counseling scene. Ridiculous. Sorry but it was. All it did is reinforce my feelings that Danny is a whiny little b*tch. Really??? She was so concerned about what he had to say about Steve in his review? What did he say? Not the way a BFF would act IMO. This scene would have been funny 3 yrs ago (when Lenkov wrote it) but 5 yrs in they should be wayyyy past this in their friendship/work relationship, etc. The only reason it worked on ANY level was because of the nostalgia factor. I think even Alex overacted the scene. meh.

    I lol’d at Kono saying Adam takes good care of her. Besides that whole kidnapping, duct taping incident…remember when she had to repeatedly save his ass in S4? He couldn’t even fix the car? Give me a break. Another character with great potential thrown away. Give him the red shirt and move on. Kono lost her bad ass card when she got with him.

    I liked the ending scene and got a few ‘feels’ from it. 😉 But two things, #1 no Catherine and #2 where did Max come from all of a sudden??

    I also agree we don’t need more women on 5-0 or show period, IMO. They’ve consistently proved they can’t write women that well so why do I want to see another one? Hell will freeze over before I get invested in another one anyway. Thank you, show!

    I didn’t hate the episode, it had a few good moments but mostly it was silly and just ‘meh’. Too much nostalgia and not enough substance. C+ (for the thigh jiggle) heh


    • Here I have to disagree. Don’t think Alex overacted the therapy scene. He was real. IMHO Alex was Steve, and Scott was Scott.

      BTW I was happy that Steve didn’t mention Cath in the therapy scene. Obviously he did not take the therapist seriously. So she is not the person he would talk about his love and his concerns. Too personal. And esp. not in front of Danny. He’s the one who thinks Cath’s a grown woman and can take care of herself.


  6. I think that if Danny really did not really hated Steve driving his car. Then I think that Danny would get really very serious and Steve would kind of back off a bit. As really he may be the boss, but that does not mean he has the right to be a jerk.


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