5.01 promo

HA! CBS again changed their link. Now this is the preview for 5.02. 😉

Instead of a promo for an old episode, how about a scene from it?

CBS put up the extended promo for the season premiere. Take a look before they take it off again.

Nothing really new here and pretty much free of spoilers. 😉

7 thoughts on “5.01 promo

  1. The trailer looked pretty promising and the episode looks pretty interesting.
    My only concern is that I read on tumbrl from a girl that watched the episode during SOTB, that the ep is gonna be mostly around Danny and Steve and I love both of them don’t get me wrong it’s just that I was looking forward on seeing some more from Kono and chin and not just seeing them around the smart table right? And apparently there’s gonna be some time about jerry and Grover and with Grover I’m kind of ok even though I think that I prefer him as swat but anyway, my concer is with jerry! I’m not sure I like him as a regular and I don’t see the point on having him in each ep right? What do you think?


    • Hi Rosie,

      thanks for stopping by.

      Well, the season will be long, 25 episodes in fact, so I’m sure there will be plenty of time for all of them. To start the season with Steve and Danny is logical in my eyes. Steve is the main character with Danny as second. So, it wouldn’t make any sense to start the new season with the supporting cast. I know, I know, many people don’t see it like that, that Chin and Kono and all the others for that matter are just that, supporting characters. Even Danny is a supporting character. Like it or not, Five-0 is mostly Steve’s story. That’s just a fact.

      So, in that regard, it is the right way to get this show on the road. But, I’m sure they will make up for lost time (Kono’s) from last season. Which I’m actually already not looking forward to at all. Kono is in my eyes the most uninteresting character on the show. But, to everyone what he or she likes, so I’m sure everyone will get their favorites this year.

      I LOVE Grover. He adds so much to Steve’s character. Finally, a man he can have a grown-up friendship with. I love seeing them together. And I think he will add greatly to Five-0.

      I don’t like Jerry. I don’t want him as a regular. He is one of the people who is only tolerable in small, very small doses. I really don’t need him. But again, there are plenty of people who love him. So, there you have it.

      What one person hates, is loved by the other. And that is how it should be.


      • Yeah I get what you’re saying and Im totally loving seeing steve and Danny and of course my favorite character is steve and I love love watching him in the eps.
        As for the supporting characters I just said about Kono and chin cause I read that in the whole season there’s not gonna be much about them and a lot about jerry. I don’t like jerry either..


  2. Is it new season time already? Every year, it seems to come round quicker and quicker….or am I just getting old? lol lol Episode one looks good and Friday evenings, or Saturday mornings in my case, will be more fun again.


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