What’s this?

I’m just watching the season 4 DVDs and this was on Designing Five-0.

Can someone please explain what kind of timeline this is? In Nov 82 little Stevie was just five years old. 😉

Guys, I really like all this BTS stuff, it’s very interesting, but something like this really boggles my mind. Is this supposed to mean anything, or are some guys just not paying any attention to what they are putting on the walls?


3 thoughts on “What’s this?

  1. I wonder if they took something “real” and photoshopped over the only part the thought anyone would see in detail. I think the overlook what dedicated fans with Hi Def tvs can do.

    5-0 isn’t the worst offender by any means, but in general TV shows don’t seem to pay as much attention to canonical details as fans.


    • Oh, you’re right, Five-0 isn’t the only or worst offender by a long shot. And I find those things kind of amusing. But mostly I’m annoyed that they simply don’t invest enough energy in it to get it right.
      It’s just the little things they screw up so often, and it would be easy to avoid it.
      You know like when someone wears a different shirt in the same scene, or where exactly was someone hit, where do suddenly scars disappear to. Stuff like that.


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