Promotion or flashback?

DDK gave us another teaser for 5.07 from his Instagram, after we already saw an old door with the sign Capt. Kelly on it. So, is this a promotion or a flashback to his father since Chin is still under investigation? What was Chin’s father’s name? Can’t remember.



And here’s a question for you. Do you think we will ever see Steve being promoted to full commander? Had he stayed with the Navy I’m sure he would have that rank by now. Any info on how promotion works while in the reserves from an expert out there?

8 thoughts on “Promotion or flashback?

  1. Wasn’t his father’s name something like Kam Tong? As for the promotion for Steve – since he doesn’t work for the Navy I don’t think he can be promoted but could be very wrong. I’m just judging by my nephew who is semi-retired (he’s also a Lt. Cmdr.) but still works for the Navy and I know he recently took the Commander test. I’m not much help I know! LOL!


    • Yeah, Linda Stein on twitter said his name was Kam Tong. I highly doubt though that this is a promotion for Chin though. No idea what it is, but he will not switch to HPD, pretty sure about that.
      I really don’t know how the promotion works while in the reserves, but since they made pretty much everything up about his reserve duty, why not giving him a promotion anyway? 😉


    • There’s no real “promotion test” for officer ranks in the Navy (there is for enlisted ranks though). There’s time in service, evaluation of that service, and available space in the ranks for promotion. There are some things that officers can do to enhance their chances (such as earning surface/aviation/submarine warfare pins) and serving with distinction in combat situations, but other than that, it’s just a competition for the available slots. Earning good evaluations, commendations, experience, time-in-rank, all these play a factor.


  2. I don’t think it’s a promotion for Chin either. He’s not going back to HPD. Guess we’ll just have to wait and find out! I agree – a promotion for Steve would be a great thing (they call him Commander anyway so why not just do it!).


  3. It can’t be a flashback, Captain is a step above Chin’s current rank of Lieutenant, which he was promoted to in season 2 (I think it was after Chin went back to HPD to clear Steve of the Governor’s murder). I wonder if Chin gets blackmailed into going back to HPD for some reason. Or maybe it is a fast forward or some dream sequence of something along those lines.


  4. Sigh. I never meant a flashback to Chin, but to his dad since John McG is also in the episode. But we have now established that his dad’s name was not Chin Ho.
    Fast forward. Nice idea. 🙂


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