The winners are in


After the last episode of season 4 aired you could vote for your favorite five episodes.

796 votes later we have the winners. Thank you all for participating in this.

Before you take a look at the winners please remember this voting was not about the best episode but about your favorite ones. The ones you loved the most for whatever reason.

Nine episodes are pretty much the ones people concentrated their votes on. With two of them off the chart. These two alone got more than one third of all votes. Pretty amazing, but they both were amazing episodes. The next one is far behind but no surprise to fetch third place.

Are your favorite episodes among the winners? Let us know in the comments.

First place with 154 votes goes to 

FI 421

second place was secured with 121 votes by


third place with 95 votes goes to


fourth place with 72 votes


and number five with 69 votes goes to 

FI 4-19

Take a look what place your favorites landed on.





10 thoughts on “The winners are in

  1. Wow my predictation is totally right about this. 421 and 401 were by far the most interesting and special eps in the last season. 410, of course, held a special significance. Love these episodes ❤


    • My absolute favorite ep of season five was 401. I think that one was pretty much perfect. 421 was also a favorite of mine, and it had such wonderful acting in it, but was also very flawed from the writer’s point of view. Ah, water under the bridge. 4.10 was in my eyes one of the best episodes from production, writing, filming, and so on, but still not one I voted for. It was undeniably brilliant, but this was about my favorite ones. And besides 4.01 and 4.21 I voted for 4.20, which came in on rank 6, and for 4.05 and 4.08.
      4.20 had brilliant acting and it was a great Steve episode, and I loved the introduction of Grover in 4.08. And 4.05 was pretty much the only ep where Steve and Cath worked together.
      Of course I also enjoyed 4.09, 4.10 and 4.19 very much. But I could only vote for five of them. 😉
      Thank you for your comment and for participating in the voting.


      • Totally loved the ones that won and of course my favorite one was 4:21. To be honest I voted almost all of them, 😀 I loved 4×05 and 4×01 aswell 😄😄


      • I need to be honest and I have to admit that I voted several times hehe. Everytime I voted, I voted for 421 and 401 for sure, and then different eps in different times, namely 419 or 420 or 405 or 410. Even 420 didn’t have my McRoll, I still fell in love with that episode because of Alex’s fabulous acting skill. And the female suspect was awesome too. 419 was my favorite eps just because of the very short moment btw McRoll – their hug was sooo intense and I just couldn’t forget that scene (especially Steve’s face), even it’s super short. That was something I will remember the most whenever I think abt McRoll.


  2. Interesting results! I don’t recall the ep # that had Carol Burnett and the 3 men a baby, but I voted for those. Also for 401 and 421 and Pearl Harbor. So we see how varied our tastes are, yet how we converge on certain shows. Cool to know.


  3. The most interesting thing for me is that the least voted for are my least favorite episodes of the season. I guess we all have that in common, LOL.


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