Say What – final round

Let’s have one final voting to find the winner for the mug.

This is your prize

Here are the winners from each category. Your job now is to find the one you think was the most creative, the most fun, or simply the best of them all.



“OK – so what does McGarrett have that I don’t? I mean besides being tall, dark and handsome. HUH??”

54 % thought this one was the best in the category “Danny”. 21 and 26 percent fell on the other two choices.

“Blue Steve”


“Damn it happened again. Does anyone else see these annoying bubbles next to my head?”

74 % voted for this one in the category “Blue Steve”. The runner ups got 9 and 17 percent.



“Please don’t ask me about Jack Lord again, please please please…”

39 % of the votes went to this one in the category “Press”. 12, 18, and 30 percent voted for the other three.

“Pink Beast”

Say what 14-06-03

“Must concentrate on work and not lick Catherine’s neck… must concentrate on…”

42 % thought this was funniest in the category “Pink Beast”. 11, 22 and 25 percent voted differently.

“Pick on Danny”

Say what 14-05-27

We have a tie!

Pick 1) “I wonder if his a$s is jealous of all the cr@p that comes out of his mouth?”

Pick 2) “I hope he’s not still complaining 4 years down the road…”

24 % thought these two were just great in the category “Pick on Danny”. 3, 6, 9 and 18 (twice) percent fell to the other answers.

“Intense Steve”

Give it your best shot

“No, I am not listening to these people. Just play along.”

51 % voted for this in the category “Intense Steve”. 23 and 26 percent fell to the other two.

Please cast your vote for the one you liked best.

Good luck to all the contestants. Poll will be open for two weeks.


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