The bonus one


So, it really seems that we will get 25 episodes this season. Alex and Chi are already discussing what the bonus one will be about.

What are your thoughts?

• A well deserved and long overdue double episode?

• A musical episode?

• An episode from a different POV, like they once did on House M.D. ?

• An episode without Five-0, but instead with Steve on active duty?

Get your creativity going and tell us what you want this to be. (Yeah, I know it will most likely be just another episode, but that is not what I’m asking about.) Tell us what YOU want it to be!

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15 thoughts on “The bonus one

  1. It would be super cool to be an episode about when Steve was still in the academy or as a seal. If Catherine will be back it would be very nice for her to be included in the episode since she was also a part of his life back then. But a throwback on Steve’s life back when he was active in the navy would be amazing!!


    1. More SEAL Steve would be great, but not back at the Academy. I don’t think they can pull that off. That’s just too long ago, Alex can’t play a 18 or 20 year old guy. So, I think that is out.

      I love Sunny’s idea of a drill in Hawaii. That would be really cool.


  2. I like Rosie’s idea, but I would also love to see a double episode including a cliffhanger, i.e. for the midseason finale. It could be Steve being called back for a special assignment or him being on -long overdue- reserve duties and stumbling across trouble. Maybe the drill could take place in Hawaii – there is a SEAL team based in Pearl- and so the rest of Five-0 could get involved, too. Since they already gave us 4.21 I doubt that we will get to see Steve in a similar situation again overseas.
    Whatever it will be, just very happy that we will get such a long season.
    I heard someone say that this is usually the end of a show if a -final- extra long season is announced.
    Nah! No way 🙂


    1. Well, you might not be that far off with the end of it. In RL Steve would have to go active for at least one year after five years in the reserves. So that might be what happens at the end of the season. Steve goes back to be an active member of the Navy and reunites with Catherine. Just saying.

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      1. I think you’re right. This way we would see the Seal part of Steve and it would be a nice way to bring Catherine back to the series. Besides I would love to see him overseas doing his Seal thing.

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  3. An episode without 5-0 but with Steve back on active duty would be a dream coming true!!! I want that so so much. Like now!!! Badass emotional Steve like in 3.20 is the best and Alex kills it.
    I think that maybe the extra episode is a two-parter? Maybe in the first episode Steve has to handle some things that rock him to the core and in the second part we see why?
    God I love SEALSteve! All I want is that a certain someone learns some respect for Steve, what he has done, what he’s capable of (and not in the “you know how to kill people”-way) and what a hard way he had to go.

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  4. Hi! Would love a double to commemorate the 100th cake cut ep 5.07 doing a combo of active duty SEAL Steve and reconciling why he returned to Hawaii/PTSD storyline or 2 hour finale that really wraps the Season 5 underlying prevailing theme developed thru the year AND that sets up an incredible Season 6.
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  5. Steve going into SEAL Mode to go help his woman and get her home! Ah, that would be a dream…but probably just a dream judging from the S5 spoiler talk. Still, it would be better than what they’ll probably come up with. 😉 Let’s face it, we all know that the Steve they’ve written would say “fk the CIA and their threats” and would be back in the ‘stan already helping Cath.

    BUT, if not that I’m cool with another crossover but I’d like it to be a Criminal Minds crossover. Alex working with Simon Mirren (who brought us Vincent) again? YES PLEASE!!!! The BAU travels so it’s not far fetched at all for them to take a little trip to Hawaii to hunt down an unsub.


    1. That Steve left without Cath, I can only say *head trauma*. Not sure though if Steve’s or Peter’s. 😉

      Besides the threats from the CIA guys were totally ridiculous. They should have thanked him, not threaten to throw him in jail. Just stupid. But, as they say, water under the bridge.

      I would LOVE to see a cross-over with CM, so many possibilities. He could even remind them of a past case. LOL

      I’m still really looking forward to the new season, despite all the stupid stuff that happened last year. And frankly, I don’t give a flying f777 about all the rumors about a new love interest. How often have we heard that? And I don’t believe a word out of the mouth of a certain EP. So, I’m cool and relaxed… for now. 🙂


      1. I also think that the threats were ridiculous. I think it was just something Lenkov thought it would make Steve go home. I don’t think that this was what Steve’s character would do in any other circumstances so he had to bring the “big guns” which in this situation was CIA.
        As for the love interest, I think that it’s gonna be Max’s new assistant. I saw some bts pictures and she kind of look like Catherine. Probably it will end up like Lori in season 2. What makes me wonder is that Lenkov spoke about relationship mourning which I think means that he will struggle but eventually move on? I really don’t know.. I guess we will have to wait and see.
        But I wouldn’t like for Steve’s character to have said I love you in 4:21 and then in season 5 after a few eps to jump into something will destroy how they made him look like in the first 4 seasons…


  6. Maybe we will get a 2 part season finale this year since we have extra episodes. That used to be a really common thing to make the final episode into 2 episodes or just make it a 2 hour long episode. I don’t think that is done as often anymore as it used to be.

    I’d love to see another SEAL Steve episode. IMO 3.20 was one of the best episodes of the series. You are right about Steve having to go active duty after 5 years in the reserves but I doubt the show would ever go there. I also wonder about Steve’s service now after 5.21 when he was threatened by the Navy guy about his solo missions. Is he still in the reserves or was he forced to resign his commission after his issues with the military and CIA in 5.21?

    I’d also love to see another crossover episode. The NCIS:LA crossover was great but I’d love to see another one since Alex missed out on it. A crossover with NCIS would be cool too.

    As far as why we are getting 25 episodes this year, I don’t think it is a sign that this is the last season. A lot of other CBS shows have done 25 episode seasons and gone on to have long lives. NCIS had 25 episodes for season 6, CSI NY had 25 episodes in season 5, CSI Miami has 25 in seasons 4 and 7, the original CSI had 25 in season 5, and Criminal Minds had 26 in season 4, Jag also had 25 in season 5. All of these series have had 10+ seasons with the exception of CSI: NY which only had 9. I’m going to take it as a good sign that CBS gave Hawaii Five-0 an extra episode this season.


    1. I don’t think it’s a sign of a last season either. Maybe they got an extra episode since the viewers went higher since they changed to Friday nights.
      As far as for the last episode I would love to see Steve as a seal (3:20 and 4:21 were my favs also) but I think it’s difficult to go there, even though a big part of the fans loved those episodes aswell. But he has to go to reserves at some point like he went for a month during season 2 after the valentines day episode. This time they should show us what’s happening during the reserve time, it should be interesting. Crossovers would be interesting also. They handled it pretty well with NCIS LA and the episode was cool. We’ll just have to wait and see what they’ve got in mind , cause with Lenkov you never know! He is pretty crazy..
      We still have to see where Cath is standing, she is suppose to be back at some point which I think will be in the end of the season ( hopefully). So it would be amazing if in the last episode it will be Steve going back to find her or something, like that we would be able to see this side of him again. Or having some throwbacks of him as a seal and her being a part of them or coming back right after or something like that…


    2. I’m not saying that this will be the last season, far from it. Just that IF it were it would be a good ending to send him back to active duty. 😉
      I believe that H50 will run for at least seven seasons.

      I would love another cross-over, but not with NCIS. Those two episodes in season 2 were totally boring. The show is nothing without Alex. Sorry, but I like most of the other characters, some more some not so much, but none of them can carry the show. And it showed when he was missing. It lacked drive. Anyway, I want, like ESS a cross-over with Criminal Minds. That would be very cool.


      1. Yes you’re totally right on that! The show cannot stand without Alex. He is the main character of the show. I like the others also, but for example when Kono was away looking for Adam I’m not saying that I didn’t miss her at some point but I was perfectly fine with Catherine being there. In contrast when Steve was gone I found also the episode a little bit boring.. He is the one pulling the strings and in my opinion the others are backing him up, with having either a bigger or smaller part in each episode.
        I like Danny and Chin also but without Steve there’s no “magic”..
        It’s like the show is missing the glue.


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