Season 5 blessing


So, 25 episodes this season? Well, guess only time will tell.

I can’t believe that there were people during the hiatus coming up to Alex and telling him to get rid of the beard, or how they didn’t like it. Unbelievable.

I don’t like the look much, and I don’t like beards in general, but it is so obvious that Alex loves to let it grow over the hiatus. So, how could I come along and tell him not to do that? Not even in my wildest dream would I ever do anything even remotely disrespectful like that.

Some people really have no respect and think they own “their” star. I loved it how he spoke up and how miffed he was. Good for him! You tell them, Alex.

I thought his comment about having a photo shoot with some SEALs very interesting. Does that mean we will see more SEAL Steve? Would love that!

I’m sure there will be many more pictures coming up in the next few days.

Here are just a few from various sources.








One thought on “Season 5 blessing

  1. YEAH! I cheered as he talked about the beard! It’s his face, his alone. He was really miffed and had all the right to be. Even me myself was annoyed, I wanted to put the word “beard” on my blacklist. (Yes I have a H50 related blacklist… ;-))


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