Say what voting

Thank you to all who have participated in our little game of “Say What?”.

Now it is time to show you what the winner will get.

This is your prize

Of course, this is only an example and not the final design. The winner will get the chance to say what she/he would prefer. A Steve / Danny / Team / McRoll / or something else mug.

And now on to the voting. Please keep the voting fair. Don’t vote for your own entries. And please only vote once a week. In August we will then have the final poll to find out the winner.

Voting will be open all through July.


1) “It sucks. It absolutely totally sucks!! All those McGarrett loving girls…”

2) Ok – so what does McGarrett have that I don’t. I mean besides being tall, dark and handsome. HUH??

3) “Whaaaaaaat? There’s 24 Eps the next season plus a higher technodesk?!? Shoot me!”



1) “Damn it happened again. Does anyone else see these annoying bubbles next to my head?”

2) “oh like i got annoying wedgie in my but”

3) “dammit, I accidently put two shirts on again this morning.”



1) “Do I really look hotter without a blue shirt? Maybe all the girls are right…”

2) ok i can’t go that way there they get their claws into me and ill end up living over kono’s house and having a 7up

3) “Is this wallpaper really made of one of Chin Ho’s shirts?”

4) “Please don’t ask me about Jack Lord again, please please please….”


Say what 14-06-03

1) “It tastes like strawberry cheesecake”

2) I think I just bit my tongue, kiss it better please

3) “No idea why some girls call it the pink beast. It’s just a slip of the tongue!”

4) “Must concentrate on work and not lick Catherine’s neck…. must concentrate on…”


Say what 14-05-27

Boy, tough competition in this one. 😉

1) Momma said there’d be days like this, but w/Danny it’s ALL THE TIME! Ugh…

2) F*ck! Lack of woman dude…..lucky me, I’ve got my Cath……..poor me, I have to put up with his hard days of the month…….the whole month…..FFFFFFF!

3) “Maybe he’ll be smiling at me if I fart a little bit louder?”

4) “I wonder if his a$s is jealous of all the cr@p that comes out of his mouth?”

5) to the moon Danny

6) “Danny….Do you want some cheese with that whine?”

7) “I hope he’s not still complaining 4 yrs down the road…”


Give it your best shot

1) No, I am not listening to these people. Just play along.

2) “Geez, even our girl Kono likes her hair ‘au naturel’. What the hell is the matter with Danny?”

3) “Don’t touch!”

5 thoughts on “Say what voting

    • Yeah, well, we’re pretty much alone with that. Not that many who participate. Guess most of the readers are mute anyway, at least according to the amount of comments on the posts in general. I think it’s a real shame because some of you guys came up with some really funny stuff.


      • I was (and still am) busy and kinda stressed… I really wish I could be here more often… And because of all that RL or better to say WL (WorkLife) trouble I lost my creativity…
        Let’s hope for better times…
        And I won’t stop supporting you 😉 Keep goin on the great stuff you do!!! I know, people who run a page need feedback. Because you spend lots of time with stuff to keep that page running. And if you don’t get feedback, you’re not sure if you should stop or continue what you’re doing. Been there, done that. I don’t need a time-out. WL forces me to take a break 😦 BUT, I promise, I’LL BE BACK 😀


  1. I’m having a hard time to decide, esp. the “pick on Danny” is so funny!
    The mugs are great, if filled with something hot, will his shirt disappear? 😉 You could make a fortune!

    Sam, I get the disappointment about lots of readers being mute. Sometimes it’s not really motivating, I know that feeling from our community. To get people to do something creative is (often) hopeless. There is always the same bunch of great people who bother to do something. I’ve heard the words ‘I’m not creative, I can’t do that’ way too many times. You don’t need to be creative to be creative. It sometimes just needs a little effort.


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