Rumors are flying high

Season 5 filming hasn’t even started yet, but rumors are flying high already.

From Steve and Grover teaming up in the season opener, to Victor Hesse not being dead, and what I think taking the cake, Steve getting a new love interest who has ties to his dad.

People, please, don’t take any of that too seriously. Lean back, relax and don’t interpret too much into any of these tidbits.


Grover is part of Five-0 now. Surely he and Steve will be working together at some point, maybe even during the premiere, but that doesn’t mean Danno will be out. I’m sure there will be plenty of Steve/Danny and Steve/Grover this coming season.


Victor Hesse coming back? Yeah, sure, how about in a flashback? Like Steve’s dad did a few times. Victor is dead, he won’t be resurrected like in a Bobby Ewing dream kind of style.

I like to see more of Victor, he is one of the characters who was killed off too early. Lots of potential wasted.


Now, let’s talk about a new love interest. I think that is ridiculous. Steve has just confessed his love to Catherine, after many years. His character will for sure not fall for a new girl. He’s not Danny who goes after every person in a skirt. Steve is very guarded about his feelings, and before the issue with Catherine is not resolved, he will not even think about anyone else but Catherine.


The show might not get any relationship right, but so far they haven’t messed up their main character, and I’m sure they won’t.

Besides, Catherine will be back later in the season. At least that is what I believe. They will wrap up this storyline in some way, and only then can Steve move on, or be with Cath. Whatever they decide. But Steve will not get involved with another woman, any woman, as long as he’s committed to Catherine. And as he said, telling someone you love her is a very serious thing, one which you can’t take back. When he said it to Cath, he meant it. And Steve McGarrett will honor that. No woman will change that.

Always remember, the EP loves to rile people up. So, take everything you hear with a good grain of salt. Believe only what you see when the episode airs. Everything else is mostly hot air.


3 thoughts on “Rumors are flying high

  1. I am counting on you to be right about all this. If not… I will be most annoyed. Not at you but at the show itself! And I don’t see how Victor could possibly be alive. (a) he wasn’t in the shower ala Bobby and (b) Wo Fat surely would have made sure he was really dead. But I wouldn’t mind more flashbacks if it gives us more info about Steve’s past. As for the girl at the grave, that could be interesting as long as Steve shows no interest other than the fact that she is at his dad’s grave site.


    • I firmly believe that Steve will not be interested in any woman until the Catherine issue is resolved. He would not be interested in a relationship or even ‘just’ sex as long as Cath’s storyline hasn’t come to an end. He wasn’t interested in anyone in the last four years, so why would he suddenly be in need of anyone? Sure, he’s just a guy and does have needs, but he was a man all those years before without the urge to look for a one-night-stand or any other relationship than with Catherine. Would be totally out of character to change that now.
      Besides, the show is NOT about relationships. So, we won’t see much of anything anyway. 🙂


  2. I wish Victor had stayed around longer, too. Flashbacks would be great, especially since it might mean more of SEAL Steve, too. 🙂 As for the “love interest,” well, they originally teased Lori as a love interest, too, didn’t they? (I wasn’t on twitter and such back then!) And Steve was never interested in her. No, I don’t believe in this one.


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