“Say what???”

Sam has been picking my brain for some fun things to do on Mostly Five-0 this summer, and I have to tell you, all that poking around in there hurts!!! But we thought of something we hope might generate some fun participation.

Now, be honest… how many times have you seen a photo and wondered what the person in it was thinking at the time? We all have, right? So, you will have an opportunity this summer to “Say what??” on some photos we will post.

Photos will be posted on Tuesdays. Your comments can be funny, snarky, serious, whatever you think, but we want your participation. Starting on August 12, we will have a poll to judge the best captions. The person who submits the best caption will win a wonderful surprise delivered directly to them. No… I’m sorry but it won’t be Steve all wrapped up in a bow!!!

Let’s have fun. Here is your first photo. Now… “Say what???”

Give it your best shot

By the way, Cokie, I still think he’s looking at me. 🙂


12 thoughts on ““Say what???”

  1. Sam… really, we have had this discussion before. Every time I look at this picture, he is looking at ME!!!


  2. …not for the contest, but I think he’s saying: “Dang! They found my secret stash of chocolate!”


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