It’s the Thought that Counts

Cokie is just having some fun with our favorite couple. 😉

“Hey, I bought you a scented candle today.”

“Ooh, well, aren’t you sweet!   Which scent did you get? I’ve heard their new summer scents are great.”

“Yeah, look at it. Isn’t that cool?”

“Camo? You bought me a camo candle?”

“Yeah, how great is that? Who knew camo even had a smell? And I know how much you miss your camo.”

“Uh, yeah, right. Thanks, Steve. Really, you shouldn’t have.”

“Anything for you, Cath. You know that.”


4 thoughts on “It’s the Thought that Counts

  1. I almost forgot, but I checked out the Camo candles over the weekend! Mandles… I LOVE that. 🙂 Anyway, camo is a sandlewood, grass and leather smell. Personally, I would never burn this thing! It didn’t excite me at all. And there was another one that smelled like the barbeque grill. Really? You want to smell that in your house??? Somehow, I don’t think the “Mandles” will be a huge hit for Yankee Candle!


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