Checks Five-0h 4.22

FI 422

4.22 O ka Pili’Ohana ka ‘Oi translated by CBS to Family Comes First
Original Air Date: May 9, 2014

When Grover’s daughter is kidnapped by an old nemesis, he is forced to help steal $100 million in order to get her back. Meanwhile, Wo Fat escapes prison and heads back to Oahu. 

It’s kind of unbelievable that season four of Hawaii Five-0 is already over. It feels like it had just started. Where did the time go? Only good thing about this is that the hiatus will most likely be over just as quick. Or not. 😉

OK, let’s start with the episode. I have to tell you I started this with a really good laugh.

So, let me get this straight. You want me to believe that Wo Fat made a bomb out of his pills, which he collected for weeks, hidden in his toilet? I guess there were no cell searches, or anything like that in that Super Max? AND after blowing up his cell in a manner that the door was blasted out, but didn’t harm him in any way, he just walked out of there? Sure, I believe that. I’m sorry, but this was even dumber than the claw. Well, OK, maybe not, but close. 😉

And how did the guard even know which pills to give Wo Fat? There were no markings on the tray, no name tag or anything. Huh, I guess I pay too close attention to such details. 


Oh, and one more thing, didn’t you also think this looked like one of those video games? Most of it didn’t look real at all. Bad CGI this time.


Call me hopeless and sentimental or whatever, but this made me really happy. I was worried that she would be cut out of the credits right away. Thank you for keeping her in. 


So, with Wo Fat on the run we can come to the crime of the week. Right? Nope, not yet. We have to get the silly chase with the clown car out of the way first. Yes, it was kind of funny, but it was really just a stupid filler. Why? Because we didn’t see how they ended up in that car. It would have made sense if we had seen that. I felt it was just there to throw something remotely funny at the fans. I’m sorry, but I was only mildly amused by it. Guess that is not really my kind of humor. And besides this was not the first thing I wanted to see after Steve survived being captured and tortured in last week’s episode.

I thought it was funny when I saw the sneak peek, but back then I still thought it was part of a plot, or a chase, or the case. But it was not. It didn’t serve any purpose other than… I don’t even know what purpose it served.

What I did like though was the take down. And I think you’re right, Danny, it didn’t make any sense. But it did sound good.

I always have to smile at the intensity Steve does everything. I really love that about the guy. And I loved to see Duke again. I think it is really great that they always find a way to get him into the story.

And a little advice for the bad guy. I would be very careful where to tug that gun.

I’m sure Steve thought ‘Damn I should have shot that SOB’. How often can they let him get away? I mean, really.


Sort of punctual.” Yeah, I kinda know such people. LOL 


So, Ian is back. I liked how he orchestrated this kidnapping. I really think he’s one of the best villains on Five-0. Such genius potential.



I loved it how Lou’s first thought was to call Steve. It shows how much he trusts and respects him. That he didn’t go through with his plan didn’t change that. I think his reaction was understandable.



While Lou tried to figure out what to do next to get his daughter back, Steve got disturbing news about his mother. Well, to be honest that was what I expected. So, nothing really new there.

But how ridiculous was it that she could just walk in there and have a little chat with Wo Fat? Without it being monitored and without Steve being informed about it. I mean, come on, this is a Super Max Facility, no one just walks in there and have a talk with one of the prisoners, and for sure not with one in solitary confinement. That is just stupid. But hey, the whole thing with Wo Fat’s escape was totally stupid.

I must say it was kind of shocking to see Wo Fat setting that poor guy on fire. What kind of person does that? That was really gruesome and sick.


I was sure when Steve got the call from the Governor it was about Wo Fat. The real reason took me by surprise.


So, we finally met Mrs. Grover. I hope to see her more often now; I really like the actress.



I totally had to smile when Lou got all his guns out. He and Steve can open a shop with their arsenal.


I loved it how Steve went to Lou. He could have called him, but I think he was worried and wanted to make sure that he was OK. Too bad Lou didn’t tell him what was going on.

And The Sentinel comes to Hawaii in the form of Agent Novak. Wow, I can’t believe how long ago this fun show aired. Anyway, something about his guy just didn’t feel right. But I’ll get to that again soon. 

Silly observation, but those SWAT cars are of a beautiful blue. I thought they were a lot darker.


Oh, come on, Lou, did you really think that was what Ian wanted from you? A truck and a bunch of uniforms? Nope, he wants you to help him steal a little money.


Now comes a cargument I truly enjoyed. I loved it how Steve finally told Danny to stop it. Stop his insensitive and hurting remarks.

Yes, Danny might be right, but that is no reason to slap it in his friend’s face. You just don’t do such things. And I loved it that Steve said something about it.

And what was the stupid smirk when he asked about Catherine? Sorry, but I didn’t believe for one second that Danny truly cared.

What I also loved was the fact that Steve and Cath are in contact. I liked how they handled this. Not really great, but it was at least mentioned. And you could see that Steve really struggled with this, there was a lot of emotion there. That I really liked.

So, how many of you recognized this guy?


What? Nobody? Come on, need a little help? Moonlight 1.02, the guy who knew ‘what’ Mick was.

OK, so just that we are clear on something. From this point on they got 20 minutes until they would intercept McG and his transport, right? Which would mean that Ian also only had 20 minutes to get to the airport, park his car get into the baggage claim area, which is a closed off area by the way, go behind the scenes, drive over the airfield, get into his car again and watch the take down? That is a very short amount of time to do all that. And why the heck did he drive over the airfield anyway? What kind of car was that he was then again sitting in?

I think Five-0 has a real problem with logistics and time-frames.


And another thing, SWAT cars are not cruising around like patrol cars. They are a special unit that is called in when they are needed. It was kind of ridiculous for them just to drive around and get access to the airport like that. But doesn’t really matter.


Soon after we have the fake SWAT taking over the real SWAT and Five-0. That went pretty smooth. Until they discovered there was no money in the van. And here comes my first real beef with the show. You know, when I ‘complain’ about all those little things I do so because it is fun to point that out. But I very seldom really mind all those little things.

Not so with this. Show, do you really want to tell me, that Steve or anyone from Five-0 really would have gone on their little trip without checking their cargo? That is just stupid. No way would Steve not have checked if the money was secure before he got in the van. No way in hell.

Them not knowing they were driving around without the money is just ridiculous.

Hint for the bad guy. Do not manhandle Grover’s buddy. He gets really mad about someone mistreating McG like that. 😉

That was pretty cool how they got out of that situation.

So, now they finally learn what was going on with Grover. And about Ian. Not such a nice surprise. Guess they never thought to hear from him again.

One thing is for sure they need to find Agent Novak to get that money back.




Now Five-0 was finally investigating a crime. Two actually. The kidnapping and the stolen money.



And with Kono’s help back at HQ it didn’t take them long to get a lead. Unfortunately when they get there… no money, and no Novak.


Of course Five-0 would not give up, so after just a short while they had a new solid lead. And a surprise visitor. That’s right, Ian, he is the boss, and he still got it. 😉 Even though I thought it was kind of strange to let him go like that. 




In true team spirit they would go forward together. Even if it was risky and Lou thought it was just his problem. But he’s wrong about that.


And together they did it. They took down the gang, and they got the money.

By the way, do you think they have dents in their cars now?



Huh, that was for sure an interesting development. His daughter walked into a precinct, safe and sound? Didn’t really see that one coming.


They didn’t have to hand over the money, and father and daughter were reunited.

That was a nice touch with the Five-0 seal.


After they are reunited we learned how she got away and what happened to Ian. I think it’s a real shame that he’s dead. He was such a great villain.

But seriously? Wo Fat saved her? How did he even know that she was kidnapped, or where she was?

And he did it so she could get a message to Steve? Didn’t he hear of a phone, email or even snail mail? This was just stupid again.


I loved it how Steve wanted to go with Grover and back him up when he talked to the Governor. It was clear that Grover’s actions would have consequences.

Some might wonder why did Steve get away with it in 4.01 and Grover got fired? That is very simple. Five-0 did their stunt in a very public way. Their HQ was under siege and they took down a terrorist organization. That Steve also took out a SWAT team was only a small price to pay.

Besides, the Governor owed Steve one. I guess that was his payback from 3.14, or Steve simply has immunity and means back. Who knows. I mean, Denning never sent a new ‘spy’ after Lori left, now did he? So, maybe they do have an understanding. But Grover doesn’t fall under that. But he will soon, and I bet the Governor is happy to keep him on the force. I think he understood why Grover did what he did but had no choice but to fire him over it. If he wanted to or not.

Anyway, in the end everything works out.


Of course Grover wouldn’t be without a job for long. And playing golf all day long is for sure not his idea of a life.

So, he gets offered a spot on Five-0 and takes it.

So, that’s it. Season over. Am I happy with the end of the season? Kind of.

Who says a season finale has to be dramatic? I mean, seriously, the fans will tune in next season either way. And do you really think any other person who by poor chance saw any finale sits down in awe and decides just because of that episode to watch next season? Highly unlikely.

So, we don’t really need a big dramatic season ender with a huge cliffhanger. I don’t really need that. Besides they will never be able to get any better than with the ending of season 1. So, don’t even try it.

I am sad about that we didn’t get Steve as the last picture though. That was kind of a tradition the last three seasons.

This was a really good solid episode. Would I have made it a finale of the season? Probably not. I would have used last week’s episode as the last one. I think that would have worked better. But what do I know?

I had a huge problem with the development of Steve and Cath’s relationship after the first half of the season. That felt very strange, like they didn’t know what to do with her after Kono was back. But I’m not going to discuss that here again. Other than that I truly loved this season. For me this was their best so far.

And I have high hopes for season 5. Grover and McG will be just great together. He will be a perfect fit, especially since Danny won’t be in that much or for that long. Don’t get your knickers in a bunch. It’s not a secret that SC doesn’t want to be on the show full time. It’s his choice. I feel sorry for his fans, which I am not one of, so I am very happy about that development. But can fully understand all the people that are not. Anyway, I loved Lou and Steve from the second they were together. They have a great presence on screen. And I love their friendship. A lot more than I like Steve and Danny. Their friendship is a grown up one. Without any nasty and stupid comments. There is trust and respect there. And respect is something Danny doesn’t even know how to spell it. Yes I despise his character at times, and that is why I’m so very happy to have someone like Grover there for Steve.

Since he is a male new cast member, his chances are pretty good to survive Five-0 for a bit longer. I truly hope so.

So, what did I think about this episode? I think it was really good, I guess just shy of awesome. It was missing the last little kick to make it to the top.

But I did enjoy it, and I’m happy with a lot of the development in it. I loved that they at least talked about Catherine. And I’m very sure now that she will come back. Probably around Christmas. Episode 5.11 or 5.12. No idea how they will handle it, but I’m positive we haven’t seen the last of her.

Wo Fat? I don’t care about him. He is not an interesting character anymore for me. So I don’t really care what is going to happen with him.

Before season 4 even started the EP said they won’t drag out what the connection between Doris and Wo Fat is, we will learn a lot about them right away. As far as I remember we didn’t learn anything about them. Doris was mentioned once or twice, and Wo Fat was not seen or heard of at all. But as I said that is the lamest and most uninteresting part of Five-0 for me. And his break-out and reappearance to save Grover’s daughter was just lame.

But I’m going to lean back now and will be waiting for the hiatus to be over and the new season to begin. Won’t even be that long.

I hope you will all tune back in for season 5.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit for promo pics to CBS and Global. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously.

18 thoughts on “Checks Five-0h 4.22

  1. Ha, I was really curious about your opinion. From what I’ve read either you like it or you hate it. Black or white. And I am sitting here and I’m… grey? What’s GOOD. LOL.
    I really enjoyed this episode. It’s exiting, surprising and dramatic. I could feel Grover’s fear about losing his daughter so much, it was palpable.
    And like you I didn’t find the opening scene really funny. I’m so done with Danny’s nagging, it’s boring (and stupid, don’t know how this detective will ever catch a suspect in a car chase). SSDC*
    And I wished they had chosen another moment for introducing Steve after his horrible ordeal. Maybe waking up alone, sitting at the beach alone.. something like that. Alone though…
    But you could see (thanks to Alex) that Steve is not ‘ok’ at all. You could see it, as Lee Jay Spalding 😉 put a gun to his head and counted… There was this flicker of deja vu, of fear mixed with being pissed! And you could see and hear it as they were talking about Cath. What leads me to Danny. Again. I did not buy his excuse and I did by no means got the feeling that he really cares. Don’t know if it was meant to be this way or if it was bad acting, either way, I hated his behaviour.
    Grover is so different without being NOT funny! Love him, looking forward to S5 with lots of Steve/Grover and hopefully Steve/Chin.
    And there was this ending. This happy, fluffy ending. Did I like it that way?
    At first I was all: hmm, that’s it, no WF no real cliffie?
    But now I say: hell yes! I like it. I’m with you, I would have changed the last two episodes. But being this the last one, I’m happy that there was no drama, I’m still suffering from 4.21. That one got me…
    This one left me with a good feeling. A feeling of friendship. Loved it.
    But I absolutely miss the last picture of Steve’s face! They’ve done it three times, it’s a tradition, don’t they know that? Sigh, there’s so much they don’t get…
    Season 4 is the season I love the most and it left me with high hopes for S5. If I’m right, 5.07 will be the 100. episode? Wonder what will happen?

    *same shit different car



      There was a lot to like about this ep, so I think it was a really good one.

      Yeah, you’re right, I’m very seldom indifferent. Normally I have a strong opinion about something. 😉

      About Danny in the car talking about Cath. I don’t think it was meant to be like that, at least I hope not. I think it was bad acting. Or maybe they really want to paint Danny like that idiot. I don’t know.

      You are absolutely right, this episode left one with a good feeling, and I really liked that.


      1. I just don’t see Danny as ‘not caring’ about Cath – even if you WANT to believe he doesn’t care about Cath, he SHOULD care about Steve missing her. To me, the way he’s portraying it is completely off. I don’t get it.

        SSDC – LMAO.


    2. I was really bummed that the episode didn’t end on Steve. Could it really be possible that the first 3 season finale’s were just a coincidence? LOL.


  2. I also rated this good, but will qualify that by saying that I also think it missed its potential. And that being that it felt “flat” for a season finale. No, I don’t need a nail-biting cliff hanger but the “hook” from this show was that Wo Fat is coming back to town. What a big whoop. I’m sorry but the character is being made to look like a comic book character with his escapes. And you’re right, where was he when he blew out the back wall of his cell? Behind the mattress? And he was able to walk out of that hole in the wall to freedom without being encountered… IN A MAXIMUM SECURITY prison? I guess that’s where his friend Doris came in.

    That kiddie car ride was cute… I guess that was done more for advertisement than anything else. But you’re right, if it had a reason to be in the show, it would have been a lot funnier. Although Steve telling Danny to duck was pretty funny. As if he needed to.

    Ian was very cunning and used his brilliance well. I’m sorry he’s toast thanks to Wo Fat. But I don’t think Wo Fat necessarily knew Grover’s daughter was there… I think he was after the kid. She was a means to an end and he gave her the message for McGarrett.

    Love Grover’s wife. She was a favorite of mine on The Glades… which ended much too quickly with a horrible cliff hanger!!! Also liked that Steve felt something was wrong when Grover called and then hung up. He quietly went to make sure his friend was OK.

    I did not trust the Sentinel from the minute he came on screen. I was waiting for him to be the bad guy!

    And good question… why the heck did Ian wander through the airport only to leave out the baggage claim? That really made no sense.

    I know I’m just wandering around in a random order here, but I’m thinking of the show and what you said and didn’t make notes. LOVED the scene where the bad “SWAT” guy had the gun rammed into Steve’s throat. My first thought was ‘this won’t end well for you’. And, true to character, Steve offered to swap himself for Samantha.

    Poor Grover thought he would need to do all of this alone. I guess he really underestimated his new friends, didn’t he? Loved the scene at the ranch or compound or whatever that was with the four of them hanging over the fence. That’s the team to get it done.

    So Grover has his daughter back, but has lost his job. Apparently a few days have gone by because he mentions playing golf every day. I have to wonder what other colors of golf clothing he has… that one was most shocking. 🙂 I was not surprised he was offered a place on 5-0 and I think having two alpha males on the team next season will be interesting.

    And yes, the show was very good. It just wasn’t what I would have closed the season with because there was no ‘oomph’ power or a hook to lure me back. And yes, of course I will be back regardless, but for people who haven’t watched all three seasons, would they want to see what happens next? Probably not. Personally, last weeks ep, having Steve sitting in his living room alone would have had more impact for a season finale. But what do I know?

    I know we all have differing opinions… I took the time to write down mine. Can’t wait to read more!


    1. >>Although Steve telling Danny to duck was pretty funny. As if he needed to.<<
      Lol! That made me laugh. I like your sense of the little details! 😆


    2. LOL – this is almost a full review. YOU should have written it and it would have been posted on time. 🙂

      I do believe a few days went by before they went to offer him a job. I think they talked it through first and Steve had to talk to the Governor, and Grover needed time to cool down and be there for his daughter. So, it would have been wrong to offer it to him right away.

      Right, what do we know? I also think last week’s ep would have had a bigger impact. I would have done that as a two parter actually. As the season finale. But it’s not my show, which I honestly think is a very good thing.

      Huh, I don’t know about all those different opinions, seems to me that the ones with the really different opinion are not coming out and comment here. It’s a shame really. I would love to read different opinions. But unfortunately most people are either not able to voice their opinion in a respectful manner, or are too chicken to do so, or simply don’t care. No idea which. Maybe all of it. I say it again and again, every opinion is welcomed here. Sigh.


  3. Hi! I’m here, was just travelling and then busy catching up.

    I’ve only seen the episode once, and that was with fangirl friends, so there were moments of … well, lets say not 100% attention to plot, and leave it at that, shall we? Consequently, my thoughts may not be fully fleshed out. I like to yell CLAW! When things are just too over-the-top, even for H50, and there were many many times I could’ve yelled.

    Like Cokie, I wanted to give it “missed it’s potential” because I thought it would’ve been a really good regular episode, but as the finale I was underwhelmed. Or maybe I should say – the disbelief was a little too much of a hurdle to get over this time. CLAW!

    The clown car – I’m actually happy that they brought us into the chase in the middle. For me, it allowed the chance to see the humorous situation without latching on to the ridiculousness of HOW they got there. I do agree that it was a pretty BIG stunt that had nothing to do with anything except being a BIG stunt. *sigh*

    WoFat’s escape – Oy. It WOULD have been better if the CLAW had plucked him out of his cell. Seriously. And, SUPER MAX prisons generally (OK- ALWAYS) have the building surrounded by multiple fences and walls. There is no way he would’ve just waltzed out, even if he managed to not get blown to bits. And how exactly did he get to Hawaii? Again – CLAW! Showing him setting fire to a poor innocent bystander was brutal – but as I watched I thought it was his “How WoFat got his BADASS back” – because he had been seeming a bit wussy to me lately.

    How did he know about/find the house Ian was in? Maybe Wo should be the 5th member of 5-0, with detectiving skillz like that?

    I was pleasantly surprised that they mentioned Catherine. McG truly is missing her – but I’m glad they texted (on what? exactly? but… CLAW!)

    Rolled my eyes at yet another kidnapping case, but I will say that Chi was terrific portraying the wild eyed panic, trying to call McG and stopping, then just losing it – he was great. I like Mrs. Grover too – now we just need to meet the son!

    Interesting way to bring the money into the story – and the size of the pile was pretty accurate too. I agree that, if tasked with protecting the money, that 5-0 would’ve made sure that the money was IN the truck! FAIL! LOL. I thought that having Grover go into the compound and make his plea as a ruse was a VERY GRATUITOUS way to give us that shot of the 5-0’s on top of their cars looking over the fence. That was a bit much, IMO. They could’ve just done that in the first place.

    Why did the Governor fire Grover? Shouldn’t it have been the HPD chief? That would’ve made more sense – then Steve could’ve given Grover a 5-0 badge with the Gov’s consent and we wouldn’t have that whole “huh?” thing to think about. I don’t mind Grover on the team – but I’m interested in how it works Steve as his boss, both being Alpha leaders. I like that they are equals in that regard, and I don’t want to see that compromised.

    As an avid golfer, I was all “yay!” when they were on the golf course – but, WHY? Again, the gratuitous golf course locale took me out of the story. There was no need to track the man down on the 18th hole. Loved the outfit, though!

    I didn’t give it a “missed it’s potential” because, even though I did think it missed, but it was still “Good”. With a “missed it’s potential” asterisk 😀


    1. Totally agree on all your points. We actually didn’t really learn who fired him. He said ‘the principle’s office’. Maybe that was the chief of police. I just assumed it was Denning, but who knows.

      There was a lot in this episode where the show completely failed. And that is the reason why there isn’t such a pic spam for all the scenes here, some of them I even completely ignored. Two scenes especially I would only have bad things to say about, but that would again be repetitive. And I swore to myself not to do that anymore. Yep, challenged myself. 😉

      I enjoyed this ep, and it would have been an awesome regular one, but as a season finale the last kick was missing.

      LOL – not paying attention to the plot. Yeah, I totally get that. 🙂


  4. I have been following your reviews for a while and I always look forward to them but this is the first time I have commented on any.

    I rated this episode as missed its potential because, while it was a good episode it wasn’t season finale material by any means. I mean, I don’t need a big cliff hanger every year but this year was a major disappointment for me because we didn’t get any new material and in my opinion it was overhyped by Chi in his interviews and especially Peter Lenkov.

    The whole thing to me just seemed anticlimactic. They make a big deal about Wo Fat escaping (which was completely ridiculous) and about Grover going off the deep end trying to rescue his daughter from Ian Wright but neither event shocked me. Wo Fat killed Ian and set Samantha free and my reaction was “Really? That’s how they decided to do it?” I wish they would have kept Ian alive, he is a great villain. Wo Fat is just getting old, or more so, his storyline is getting old. They need to wrap up the whole Wo Fat/Doris connection and come up with a new arc for Wo Fat if they want to keep him around. They have drug out that fiasco of a storyline long enough. My theory on why they have drug that out for so long is because Peter’s plan was to make Wo Fat and Steve brothers (even though age wise it wouldn’t have been very plausible to have Doris be Wo Fat’s mother) but since fans kept tweeting Peter about how they better not go that direction, Peter ended up having to change the way it was going to play out.

    Which leads to my next point, the main reason that this finale was a let down to me was because in the first 2 seasons they gave us some answers on the ongoing story arc for Steve and Wo Fat and then opened another chapter of the story with new information and new things to leave us wondering about. They didn’t do that this year. Or last year. They have been stringing us along with the whole Wo Fat/Doris thing for two whole seasons now and we don’t have any answers whatsoever on the matter. It has gotten to the point where I have lost all interest in that story arc.

    Sorry rant over. Onto other stuff with the episode.

    I agree with you on the car chase in the beginning. It was a fun addition but would have had a better effect had we seen how they acquired the car to begin with.

    I was ready to slap Danny during the “cargument” where he kept insulting Steve. I’m glad Steve said something about it to Danny. They may be good friends and Danny may have meant it in “good fun” but it isn’t funny and not something you should bring up when it is clear that your friend clearly still has issues with it all. I share your feelings about Danny by the way. He has gotten so I can barely tolerate him with all the whining he does.

    I’m glad Catherine was mention again, I was afraid they were going to completely drop her like they have with so many other things. I really hope you are right and she will return next season, because really, how long can she spend in Afghanistan looking for Najib before the taliban kills him. Or her. I’m so hoping for a happy ending for her and Steve. She really made Steve’s character more interesting and human. Besides, he needs her to confide in because he obviously can’t confide in Danny about certain things without being made fun of. I do think though that Grover has potential to become a great friend of Steve’s. They have only known each other for a short time but they have a much better friendship and respect for one another than Danny has for Steve.

    It will be interesting to see what Five-0 is like with Grover on the team. I think he will be a great addition to Five-0, hopefully the writers don’t ruin his character now that he is on the Five-0 team. They don’t exactly have a great track record for keeping new characters on the show, although I think Chi being a man will work in his favor. Hawaii Five-0 is much like Supernatural in that they can’t keep any new female characters on the show because of fan backlash. I just hope the writers can figure out how to utilize Grover better than they did Catherine or Lori. Cath’s character was great but after she was added to the team it seemed like they didn’t know what to do with her, especially after Kono came back.

    The only other major gripe I had with this episode is that the Governor fired Grover for his antics but then all of a sudden it is ok for Steve to offer him a job on the Governor’s task force? Your reasoning makes complete sense for why Grover was fired and Steve got away with his antics but it doesn’t make sense that he gets a job on the Governor’s task force immediately afterward. What went down with Grover would have been made public, especially after the whole thing at the airport. It seems suspicious that Grover gets fired by the Governor but then is added to the task force. Seems like once fired from a position like head of SWAT by the Governor of all people Grover would not be able to join his elite task force for fear of backlash from other cops or politicians/public figures. I don’t know if that made sense but I hope you can understand what I am trying to say here.

    Also want to add that it was fun seeing a Moonlight baddie as a baddie on Hawaii Five-0. I didn’t despise they guy as much in this episode as I did in his Moonlight episode. He was just evil in Moonlight. I thought for sure that when he pulled Steve’s gun and held it under Steve’s chin that Steve would have a PTSD moment after his recent trauma in Afghanistan. I was surprised that he didn’t even flinch.

    This is getting rather long winded so I’ll stop here, think I covered most things anyway. I think had this been a regular episode of H50 I would have rated it higher but it missed its potential as the season finale. It wasn’t a bad episode but I expected more from a finale, especially after the previous finales.


    1. Wow! What a great thought-out comment. You are very welcome to comment more often from now on. 🙂
      And I agree with most everything you said, except about Steve with the gun to his head. I think he did flash back for a second when he closed his eyes. I think that was when he remembered. But he has too much training to let that overtake him. I thought that was a great scene. Maybe it was a bit too subtle though.
      And I also understand what you’re saying about Grover hired by Five-0, but maybe that was not really right after? He seemed already tired of spending his days playing golf. So maybe it was at least a week later?
      And I agree, I even think it was a very good episode, but not a finale in the normal sense.


      1. I watched again after work today. I missed Steve’s subtle flinch and eye closure the first time. He does indeed flinch a bit but you only notice it if you are watching really closely. I hope they delve more into Steve’s PTSD in season 5. After all the man has been through he is bound to crack at least a little bit at some point. Also hope they do the subject justice and don’t just brush it off in one episode.

        I’m glad you got what I was trying to say about Grover. I think at least a couple days had passed between him being fired and joining Five-0 but I don’t think it was very many based on their conversation at the golf course. Wondering if Gov. Denning has some ulterior motive for letting Grover join his elite task force.


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