Favorite season 4 episode

FI Favorite 4

It’s almost unbelievable, but the last episode of season four already aired.

For me, this was an incredibly short season. I feel like we just watched the season premiere a couple of weeks ago. And that has nothing to do with this season only having 22 episode.

Have you already thought about your favorite ep out of those 22? Is it easy for you to decide on your 5 (five) top ones?

Voting will be open all through July.

As a reminder here are the summaries for every episode. If you like to click on the pictures and read the review again.


4.01 Aloha Ke Kahi I Ke Kahi

Before McGarrett can get answers about his mother from Wo Fat, terrorists break into the prison and also take hostages at Five-0 headquarters.


4.02 A’ale Ma’a Wau

A hard-as-nails Texas Ranger arrives on the island to look for his missing daughter, Kono and Adam’s secure location is compromised, and an old friend comes to Catherine with a job offer.

FI 4-02new

4.03 Ka ‘oia’i’o ma loko

A married couple’s execution leads Five-0 to a mystery involving stolen artifacts and a long-forgotten secret society, and Catherine goes through her last day with the Navy.


4.04 A ia la aku

As Five-0 deals with the murder of an ex-con wedding crasher, McGarrett and Danny deal are forced to deal with problems in their relationships.


4.05 Kupu’eu

McGarrett tries to find the man who killed his old SEAL friend Billy while he and Catherine were working a surveillance job, and he also turns to Joe White to track down his mother.


4.06 Kupouli ‘la

After a “zombie attack” at a Halloween party, Five-0 discovers a mad doctor who is conducting bizarre human experiments.


4.07 Ua Nalohia

Five-0 tries to figure out who killed an officer who was working undercover for the ATF, while also babysitting for McGarrett’s sister Mary’s new baby.


4.08 Akanahe

McGarrett and Grover reluctantly work together to issue a summons to a young man who turns out to be a dangerous cyberterrorist.



4.09 Hau’oli La Ho’omoaika’i

The death of a secret service agent leads Five-0 to believe an assassin is targeting the president during a trip to Hawaii, and McGarrett gets a surprise Thanksgiving visit from his Aunt Deb.


4.10 Ho’onani Makuakane

A murder attempt on a Pearl Harbor veteran leads Five-0 to use decades old evidence to investigate a deadly crime committed in an internment camp on Oahu during WWII.


4.11 Pukana

While investigating a homicide during an attempted home burglary, Five-0 stumbles onto a serial killer, and Chin Ho may be his next victim.


4.12 ‘O kela me keia manawa

When Captain Grover’s friend disappears, Five-0 discovers that his friend was hiding a dangerous secret. Meanwhile, Danny befriends a New Yorker new to the island, and Kono reunites with Adam.


4.13 Hana Lokomaika’i

Internal Affairs questions Chin about his father’s murder 15 years ago and his relationship with Malia.


4.14 Na hala a ka makua

A convicted murder escapes from custody, holds McGarrett and Danny hostage, and claims that he was framed for the crime.

FI 4-14

4.15 Pale ‘la

Five-0 investigates the murder of a real estate agent, Danny’s mother comes to Hawaii with big surprise news, and Captain Grover reveals a secret about his past to McGarrett.

FI 415

4.16 Hoku Welowelo

Five-0 investigates a triple homicide connected to a downed top-secret Chinese satellite, while Grover takes Danny’s mother on a ride-along.

FI 416

4.17 Ma lalo o ka ‘ili

Five-0 looks for a 16-year-old girl who is kidnapped after her father is murdered, Danny launches a plan to keep his mother from getting a divorce, and Jerry uncovers a new clue for McGarrett related to “Shelbourne.”

FI 417

4.18 Ho’i Hou

One of Chin Ho and Jerry’s high school classmates is killed during their class reunion, and McGarrett and Danny find a new clue at the secret burial site.

FI 418

4.19 Ku I Ka Pili Koko

McGarrett and Danny are trapped in the rubble of a blown-up building after an informant’s tip on a gun buy goes wrong.

FI 4-19

4.20 Pe’epe’e Kainaka

The team uncovers an Islamic terrorist plot involving American college students.

FI 420

4.21 Makani ‘Olu a Holo Malie

While Five-0 investigates a homicide related to a stolen transplant organ, McGarrett joins Catherine for a trip to Afghanistan so she can help a friend whose son has been kidnapped by the Taliban.

FI 421

4.22 O ka Pili’Ohana ka ‘Oi

When Grover’s daughter is kidnapped by an old nemesis, he is forced to help steal $100 million in order to get her back. Meanwhile, Wo Fat escapes prison and heads back to Oahu.

FI 422

The review for 4.22 will be posted later today.

So, after you looked at all the episodes take your pick. Remember, you can vote for 5 (five) episodes.



29 thoughts on “Favorite season 4 episode

  1. I voted for 401, 405, 419, 420 and 421 xoxo Love the first half of season 4 more, but I have to admit 419, 420 and 421 were absolutely amazing in terms of solving the cases ❤ And 421 is by far the most favorite episode throughout 4 seasons of mine xoxo


    • Wow, that was a quick vote. I haven’t even decided on my fave five yet. I know 4.01 and 4.21 will be in it though. The other three, I guess I have to think about it some more. I think up to 4.10 it was all really good, then it got kind of weird regarding a few things, but 4.19 to 4.22 were top notch. So, hard to decide. All in all this was my favorite season so far.
      Maybe there should also be a poll about which season was the favorite one. 😉


      • I always have my choice in my head abt what I’ve thought abt this season. 401 and 421… of course. I like every interaction of McRoll in 402, 403 and 404 as well, but the cases in such eps were so boring and straightforward. I was a little torn to choose btw 405 and 410, because I’m always interested in eps which are made to tribute to the military. But 405 won me over. Maybe I was one of a very few ppl like Billy (at least want to have him on H50, so that we could see a vulnerable side of Steve). Too bad it’s over too soon, but 405 was quite emotional to me. I thought I would hate 419 at first (not a big fan of McDanno), but the way the writers wrote that ep was brilliant. I didn’t care abt McDanno, but I love the way they even let Cath handle the job, which I was totally surprised. Plus Steve’s hug was so heart-warming. 420 has nothing to do with my McRoll, but the plot and Alex’s performance really rocked. 421, without any doubt, I dont have anything to explain my choice on this ep. 422… means absolutely nothing to me.


        • Yep – gotta agree that 4.22 doesn’t even register on the did-I or didn’t-I like it meter. There was nothing there – lamest season finale ever. And Wo Fat saving Samantha and killing Ian – WTF??? is he looking for brownie points? As for giving Grover a 5-0 badge – they are like the prize in the Cracker Jack box these days. No meaning whatsoever – they will give one to anyone. Of course – the previous recipients (Jenna, Catherine) didn’t have them for long so Grover probably won’t, either. Maybe it’s the equivalent of a Star Trek red shirt… Just what 5-0 needs – another loud-mouth alpha male. And let’s not forget Jerry – oh, yeah – Season 5 should be a fun mishmash of ‘who’s turn is it to solve the crime this week” rotation. Yippee (not)


          • Excuse me, did you just call Steve loud-mouthed? I’m sorry, but I can’t agree with that at all. Steve is for sure an alpha male, but if anyone is loud-mouthed it’s Danny, for sure not Steve. A comment like that I can’t take serious at all.

            Or were you talking about Danny? Well, he is loud-mouthed, but hell no alpha-male. LOL

            I don’t think Jenna ever had a badge. I don’t think. Did she? I really can’t remember her ever being Five-0.

            But I totally agree with Wo Fat. WTF was that?

            And don’t even start with Jerry. That is not my friend at all.

            Star Trek red shirts. Oh, that is a good one. 🙂


          • Yeah – I totally meant Danny for the loud mouth and Steve for the alpha male – but the combination just meshes in my mind:) And Jenna didn’t have a badge, but she was considered one of the team nonetheless – maybe Steve just didn’t have any extras. Seriously, he did ask her to stay and if she hadn’t left on her fake hunt for her fiancée, she would have been given one.

            I am curious though, Steve did the same thing in episode 4.1 that Grover did in 4.22 – how come he didn’t face any repercussions? Grover gets forced retirement – Steve(Danny) gets a new Camaro. I know there is a difference btw HPD and the Governor – but really? There’s no more immunity and means except on certain cases – and doesn’t Denning have any say on who Steve hires? I may be projecting too much reality on to a TV series – but the viewers are not as stupid as the writers seem to think. It just bugs me and I am thinking too much because I was severely disappointed in the finale…


          • I think they somehow got their immunity and means back after 3.14 when Denning said he owed Steve. I guess in 4.01 that was his payback or something. I do believe they have a lot more ‘wiggle’ room than the rest of the force simply because they are the Governor’s pet police. 😉

            But as a SWAT leader you can’t do such things. It is kind of weird, but honestly, I don’t think about such little things that much. All of them would be in jail if it were RL. 😉

            No, I think it’s Steve’s decision alone who he hires. Guess the Governor didn’t really want to fire Lou in the first place, but had to in order to keep his face. Can’t allow a renegade SWAT chief even if he wanted to. I’m sure he was happy that Grover was hired by Steve. That’s my take on that.

            LOL – meshing Steve and Danny. 🙂

            I don’t know if Steve would have really hired Jenny. She was not really usable out in the field. I think that is why she was only at Five-0 maybe as kind of a consultant.

            But honestly, I do think it is a good thing to not only have four people. They need more than that. You can’t run any police force with just four people. When do they get time off? Just think about the logistics alone. They can’t take days off at the same time. So basically they are only three all the time. How many days of vacation time have they coming up? How many days to take off? It makes total sense to have more people on Five-0. Just those four was always just ridiculous, at least in my eyes.


          • Yeah – I *always* want to mesh Steve and Danny:))) Hey – with Grover and Jerry picking up some slack, Steve and Danny will have more time to devote to their love affair

            Sorry – had to throw that in there…couldn’t resist. Seriously though – I hope Kono and Chin don’t get pushed to the back burner any more than Danny. That’s my only problem with bringing in more members.


            • LOL – I knew that was coming as soon I wrote that. 😉

              That Danny was pushed aside a bit this season was SC’s fault. And I have the feeling he won’t be in season 5 that much. As far as I know he has a movie he’s working on in the fall. I guess he somehow changed his contract? No idea. Not that I’m complaining about less Danny, mind you. But I DO feel sorry for all the Danny fans out there. I do.
              But to be honest I enjoy Steve and Grover more than Steve and Danny. Because their friendship is grown-up, if that makes any sense.
              I hope Chin will have more screen time next season, but only if it involves the others too. I don’t care about more background on him alone. Sorry, I love Chin, but I don’t think he can carry an episode.
              Kono? I couldn’t care less about her. Didn’t miss her at all in the beginning of season 4. I just think her character is completely boring and ever since she’s with Adam it got even worse. Never had a character that was this uninteresting to me. To all the GP fans out there, I’m not talking about GP here but Kono. Big difference. Even though I don’t care about the actress either. I don’t really have an opinion about her, so cool your heels. 🙂


              • Yeah – I know you are a big Steve fan and that you like Steve and Grover together. I get that, cause that’s how I feel about Steve and Danny. The two of them in that kiddie car at the beginning of the ep was the only good part of it, for me. I heard that Scott has amended his contract for next season and some people will be happy with that. I, for one, will be sad, but I will still watch because I do like Steve – no matter how I come across in my criticism of the show and how the writers portray his character sometimes. I think Alex does an awesome job acting the part but I just wish he had more chance to do scenes like the fear he portrayed with the Taliban. I also wish Scott had more chances to prove his acting chops like he did in the bomb episode, but if wishes were horses… Maybe without worrying about pleasing the ‘bromance’ fans, Steve will get more of a chance to do that and that can only be a bonus. I also heard that Cath will make an appearance in episode 5.12 – so something else for the McRoll fans to cling to:)

                Perhaps all is not lost and Season 5 will bring surprises we have yet to dream of… I am not ready to give up yet and I hope a lot of the fanfic writers feel the same way. Fanfic is the best way to *fix* what the writers get wrong, so nothing is all bad:)


              • P.S. – by fanfic writers, I mean *you* Cokie! I am still wanting more Boomer and Buck and you seem to make Danny tolerable for everybody – so please, don’t give up yet! Many more adventures to be had and I am just as much a fan of het when it is written well as I am of slash – so no quitting! Do we need to start a petition???

                Liked by 1 person

    • That’s fine, I haven’t voted yet either. And, psssst, I’ll tell you a secret, you can vote once a week. Then the cookie will expire. Of course if you know computers you can vote as often as you like, but you won’t do that, right? 😉


      • Are you sure that we should talk about voting??? 😉 j/k

        In this case, I’m gonna vote ONCE 😉
        But first of all, I need to watch the season finale.


  2. My vote is 4.01, 4.07, 4.09, 4.10 and 4.21.
    Steve and his family – bood or that he choosed to be. I know that H50 is called a tv procedural series but what i really like to watch is Steve McGarrett character as a whole, with his past as navy seal, H50 team leader, a man of duty and honor, as well as a son, brother, grandson, nephew, uncle, friend and lover. There are others cool episodes like 4.19 and 4.20 but i choosed the love and care that Steve gave us this season about his Ohana, specially, Catherine, baby Joan, Aunt Deb and his grandfather Steve McGarrett. I enjoyed very much all the emotions that Steve showed this season – it was an short (22 episodes) but awesome. I never care about a tv character before, but Alex presents an amazing Steve McGarrett that i cherish, support and love. Until September Commander!


  3. Oh my, that’s a tough one!!! You know I love season 4, it’s the bestestest season imho 🙂 and now I can’t pick only five.
    For sure it’s 4.21, one of the most amazing episodes ever and all because of Alex’ acting! And of course 4.01 and 4.10! But now I can’t decide, only two left, but there are 4.07, 4.08, 4.09 and 4.20 out there!!!! Baby Joan and SuperSEAL, Steve and Aunt Deb in the prison scene, the fantastic duo Steve and Lou or Alex great performance in the blue room? I just can’t! Sorry. Normally I’m not one to vote several times, but in this case… Only to do those episodes justice, you know… 😆


  4. The Pearl Harbor episode ranks heads and shoulders above any episode in any season of Hawaii Five-0. In a sense, it is outside the H50 theme, thus making it so special. I would have to give some thought to which “regular” H50 episode was my favorite — particularly if we’re selecting from all four seasons. I don’t think it can be done — too much special ones.


  5. just getting around to commenting on Paulette’s note above. I am writing… or trying to do so at least. Would love to write more Boomer and Buck but so far, they haven’t let me know what they are up to! But I really appreciate your vote of confidence! cokie


  6. I voted 4.01, 4.02, 4.03, 4.08, 4.09 (not in any particular order)

    Loved the *good* McRoll episodes, back when TPTB had a purpose and a real plot for them and before they forgot what they built in these beginning episodes….then the first McGrover episode and of course the Carol Burnette episode. Those were all stellar episodes IMO and better than most of the previous seasons.


    • Very interesting choices. For sure not what the masses are voting for. 😉
      Even though I truly love Steve and Cath, and I already miss her, and let’s not even start with the way the relationship was handled later on, those two are not what defines a great episode for me. I also picked 4.01 and 4.08, but the rest is from later in the season.
      But I totally agree with you that your picks were great episodes, but not the best IMO. But that is what the poll is for, everyone can pick THEIR favorite episodes. 🙂


      • Steve and Cath aren’t necessarily what it takes to make a great episode for me but they *can* make a great episode for me, the same way a Steve/Grover/Danny/Chin/Kono/Jerry episode can be great. Which is why 4.08 and 4.09 are in there. If it’s new and fresh and well written which I thought those episodes were. The last half of the season went back to old, tired *schtick* IMO and pretty much bored me.

        I don’t mind being different. 🙂 Never have.


  7. I’m reviewing sections of this site piece-meal as I have a chance, so I’m coming late to the party. Darn it!

    I really enjoyed season 4–especially the first half of season 4. They were on a roll. As the season progressed, however, the pickins became more slim.

    4:10 has got to be my favorite–quite possibly my favorite episode of the entire series. It had everything. History, Steve the cop, Steve the SEAL, Catherine was there, it showcased Steve’s empathetic nature, we got info on the McGarrett family (I absolutely loved the tie in with his grandfather, just as I loved that tie-in in 1:06) and it was just superbly done start to finish. An emotional gripper. This was filming/writing excellence.

    The second episode ranking way up there was 4:09 with Aunt Deb and Thanksgiving Ohana. This episode too, rose way above the mob of episodes as a standout.

    I loved eps 1-7. We got more Catherine, which I really enjoyed and her character got a chance to expand and develop. The episodes were just solid and enjoyable.

    4:19 was decent. At the time, I liked 4:21 a whole lot more than I do now because at the time, I didn’t know Michelle Borth was leaving the show. I thought they were doing something really cool like writing a rocking story-line for a female character (the kind they usually reserve only for male characters). I should’ve known that was too good to be true. And that episode, unfortunately for me, was the beginning of the end, in many ways.

    So my favorite eps of season 4 were 1-7, 9-10. (I get to pick more than five since the poll is closed. LOL!)



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