Checks Five-0h 4.21

FI 421

4.21 Makani ‘Olu a Holo Malie translated by CBS to Fair Winds and Following Seas
Original Air Date: May 2, 2014

McGarrett and Catherine travel to Afghanistan to stop the Taliban from harming a young boy whose family saved Catherine’s life years ago.

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This is one of those episode where I really wished I hadn’t known anything about it before it aired. All the talks about Catherine leaving took a lot of fun out of Hawaii Five-0 in general and made me really dread to watch this episode.

Not watching it never crossed my mind. This is where the show is taking it, so I will have to follow it. If I like that direction is a totally different matter.

But let’s not dwell on the last few weeks’ discussions, let’s focus on this week’s episode.

Starting at the beginning.

I think it says a lot about McGarrett that all gatherings are almost all the time at Steve’s house. Seems to me that he is the most social guy around. So, the Five-0 team and a few guests were there to participate in a poker game for charity.

And from the looks of it, Steve is not the best poker player around. Finally something he’s not good at. 🙂


Some of the guests I understand why they were there. Like Max, Duke, Kawika, Nicky, Mamo and of course Lou, not to mention Kamekona and Flippa. But can someone please tell me why Dog the Bounty Hunter was there? That didn’t make any sense to me. We saw him once for like two minutes in season 3, and after that he was never mentioned again. But I guess he was available or something.


Loved the ‘confederate’ money. Shrimp bucks might come in handy at some point. 😉


Of course this happy time couldn’t last for long. Cath got a disturbing phone call (we learn about that later in the review) and Five-0 was called to a crime scene. Which we will handle first.

Let’s get the case out of the way before we go back to Catherine’s phone call.

I have a serious question here, why on earth would Five-0 be called to investigate an apparent mugging, or hit and run? I mean, seriously, isn’t Five-0 the very special unit to investigate the serious crimes? Like the super special Governor’s Task Force? Why would they be called in for this kind of crime? Wouldn’t HPD handle that? Seriously. Why?

Yes, I know it turned out to be not a simple mugging, but they didn’t know that when they called in Five-0. This didn’t make any sense to me.

So, the next morning Chin and Danny interview their first suspect. But it is very soon clear that he is not their guy.


The liver recipient was running out of time, so they needed a new lead quickly or the ‘mugging’ would claim a second victim.


It didn’t take them long to come up with a new suspect, and this time it was the right one. They even found the liver, still in the box with an unbroken seal. That was almost way too easy.



And it was too easy. This was not about the liver to be stolen to be sold. Nope, this was a murder plot. To kill off the recipient of the liver. A lawyer who was working on a case against the chemical company.

That actually made me laugh for a minute. Do the writers have any idea how bad that lawyer must be off if he was at the top of the list for a liver transplant? No way was he even working. Let alone on such a case. And he most likely won’t be working on the case any time soon either. Just saying.


It is really too bad that they used this case as a filler in this episode, because it deserved a lot more focus than it got. It was a rather clever murder plot. But for me it was just wasted time, and got rather annoying while it kept me waiting for the real story to go forward. And I think that really was a shame. But frankly, I was not interested in it at all. They should not have wasted this great plot during this important episode.


Lawyer saved, liver delivered, responsible party arrested. All’s good, right? Nope not quite. Danny gets a phone call from Cath. Now let’s find out what those two were doing.


Shortly after the poker game and when Steve was back from the crime scene, Cath came to him at HQ to ask a favor. A really big one. She told him about her friends in Afghanistan and their missing son. She wanted to go there and rescue the kidnapped boy.

Steve was more than reluctant about that plan, but of course he called Joe White for her; to arrange for a flight as she asked.

I wonder why not even Steve had heard anything about this before. I found that a little hard to believe, to be honest. But I’m not going to dwell on that.

None of you thought he’d let her go alone, right? Of course not. That were some cute scenes at the airport. Dips on the window seat. Sure, Steve, whatever you want. 😉

They made their way over to Afghanistan without problem and were able to secure transportation. 


They met with Amir’s wife and learned that Amir was out trying to rescue his son himself. They had no choice but to go after him. Hopefully they wouldn’t be too late to save him.


It didn’t take them long to find Amir. He had been shot and left for dead. Good thing they came along or he would surely have died.

I got the impression that Steve was not very happy with Catherine promising Amir to find his boy and to get him back.


Back at Amir’s home Catherine told Steve a little more about how she met the family.



From Amir they learn that a Taliban leader who was thought to be killed in a strike two years ago was still alive, and that his group took Amir’s son.



Cath and Steve were plotting the rescue operation and I got a really bad feeling about that. No way was that going to go as planned. Two people against a group of people with at least one kid involved? Not very good odds if you ask me. But what else could they do?




And of course this ended in the worst possible way. They didn’t even find Najib and Steve got injured and captured by the Taliban.

That was a nice play of another head trauma from a blast. His ears were probably not even fully healed from the last blast he had been caught in.

Great stunt-work and great acting. The CGI for the explosion though was not really top notch. But who cares about that? I at least will let that slide.

It was clear that Steve’s life this time around was even in much more danger than back in North Korea when Wo Fat had him. This could very well have ended in Steve being killed. Cath knew that, and I think her voice when she called Danny reflected that.

But before the rescue operation, organized by Joe, could get started we had to watch Steve getting thrown into what would be his prison for the foreseeable future.

It was great to see it partially from Steve’s POV. Great camera work.


Thankfully Catherine could get a line to Danny, so that he could call Joe White. It was the second time that Joe was the one organizing Steve’s rescue. I always have to smile when I read ‘Danny to the rescue’. I’m sorry to burst that bubble, but Danny didn’t rescue Steve. Not this time and not in NK. In NK he at least participated in Joe’s operation, but he didn’t instigate or organized it. And this time he was only allowed to ride along without being involved in any way. Don’t get me wrong I think it was great that he flew all the way to make sure his buddy got home OK, but in my eyes that was not that big a deal. On the contrary he was again pretty much an idiot, but we’ll get to that.


Now we come to the very hard to watch scenes. Steve being beaten up and questioned. I thought it was great that they mentioned the case from last week. Of course being the one responsible for their capture didn’t really increase his chances to survive this.


Seriously, would you have recognized him? That could be anybody.


OK, I have a question here. How did they find out his name, and who he was? I mean, fine they had a picture of some SEAL traipsing through the desert. They obviously had no idea who that was, so how did they find out in two seconds flat who Steve really was?


LOL, what is it with you, Danny, not wanting to drink the offered water? No service on this flight. 😉


While Steve took a brutal beating his rescue mission was on the way. Kudos to the make-up department, this was some incredible work. Well done.

I loved Danny’s confidence that Steve was still alive.


Back in 2.10 I had flinched at every hit Wo Fat landed on Steve, but back then I had never been worried that he wouldn’t survive it.

This time around the acting and the setting was so much more powerful. Taping those beatings, and the fear Steve felt, brilliantly portrayed by Alex were absolutely stunning. 

Those were such amazing scenes.

I absolutely loved how Steve fought so hard even though he knew he had no chance. Great action scenes, very hard to watch and endure.



When they said ‘package is secure’, I couldn’t even cheer, I just started to breathe again. 😉

Oh, boy, that was some rescue. 




With Steve rescued everyone thought he would be safe, well, not quite. The CIA wanted to have a word with him first. Even though I don’t understand what their problem with him was. At all. They should be thankful that they learned their ‘high priority target’ had not been killed. And why the heck did they want to know who Steve was with?

I don’t quite understand their problem.

And yeah, they could throw him in the brig. Steve could still get court martialed since he is still in the reserves. Even though I highly doubt they would have a case against him.

Anyway, nice scenes with Steve not telling about Catherine.

That said my beef is with Danny. Excuse me, Catherine can take care of herself? What kind of moronic sentence was that? Steve just got captured, beaten up and almost killed. He obviously couldn’t take care of himself, but Cath can? That was so stupid, and for sure not what Steve needed in that moment. But other than that I loved it that he was there to make sure that Steve made it home OK. I was glad that Steve didn’t have to travel alone.

Some might say they couldn’t believe that Steve didn’t go after Catherine, that he stayed put. What did you expect him to do? The guy was seriously injured, with head trauma and all. He couldn’t even stay awake for five minutes, let alone getting out of bed. And not even to mention that he was under guard. No, he would have been of no help to Catherine or the boy. He would only have drawn attention to it. Not a good thing in that situation. The smart thing to do was to go home, no matter how hard that decision was.


Steve must have felt so bad for leaving the country without even knowing if Cath was OK. The following scenes showed his despair and his utter relief when she called him. As a side-note, they really need someone to keep up with the make-up of the injuries. I’m volunteering for it. 🙂 Back on the base Steve had stitches that closed his injuries around his eye. Now he suddenly has steri-strips. You don’t stitch it up first and then take them out to hold the injury together by some band aids.

I love you, you know.”

I love you, too.”

That was just heart wrenching. It could very well be the very last time that they talked to each other; and they both knew it.

This was not just their official declaration of love, it was at the same time their good bye. But at least now there won’t be any regret of not having told the other. Even though I had no doubt they both knew for a long time. But it was so good to hear it.

These scenes managed something that Five-0 hasn’t done yet; it made me tear up. This was such an amazing performance. I loved every second of it. All those small gestures, just brilliant. 

My take on the outcome of the episode.

Their trip to Afghanistan was ill-fated from the get go. Did they really think they could succeed when they were in hostile territory, outnumbered and without any kind of back-up?

It’s practically a miracle that they are still alive at this point.

I feel such sadness for Steve losing the love of his life. And I have no doubt Cath is just that for him. The one person he could be just himself with; the only person who truly got him and loved him with all his flaws. Who had always been there for him without judgment, without any nastiness. Who was not just his lover, but also his confident and best friend.


Her loss will leave a huge hole in Steve’s heart. Not having Cath there or at least being able to talk to her, will change Steve. The same goes for Cath, by the way.

Who will he turn to now for comfort, who will be there for him when he needs a shoulder to cry on?

I admit it, I loved seeing Steve and Cath together. They had the best developing relationship on TV in my eyes. And I was deliriously happy with them during season 3 and up to around 4.10.


Losing them is a loss for me too. But that is not why I’m so sad about it. No. I’m sad for the character Steve.

He has lost so much already. How will he be able to cope with this? I really fear for him.

Yes, I love Steve. He is my favorite character ever. And believe me I liked a lot of characters in the last decades, but none of them even comes close to Steve.

I want the people I love to be happy. They are happy, I’m happy. Simple as that. No, don’t call the shrinks, I know this is a character on a TV show. But that doesn’t matter, I can still emphasize with him. And right now I’m incredibly sad because Steve lost the most important person in his life.

Everyone saying they are glad that Cath is gone obviously doesn’t like Steve. How can anyone be glad a person he loves is gone? Sorry, but that is beyond my understanding of human decency.


People might say she’s not gone, just not there. I can only say “Wake up”.

What are the odds that she will make it back? Think about it.

They (TPTB) can keep this situation hanging in limbo only for so long. Cath can keep looking for the boy maybe a couple of months before either of these things would happen:

(a) she finds the boy and comes back

(b) Steve goes after her, consequences be damned

(c) she gets killed

What do I want and hope will happen? At the end of season five Steve goes after her, and we get another great episode. They will make it back and Cath will be back as a guest star in season 6, doing some private security stuff, or work for NI, or whatever. By the way, she is in the reserves. What about her commitment to the Navy to show up once a month for training?

But chances are pretty high that she gets killed. Her chances to survive alone in hostile territory are not very good. Even though I’m sure Steve will do everything in his power to help her from afar. Using all his contacts, calling in all his favors, and mobilize all reserves he has at his proposal. I can’t just see him not doing that. We will most likely not see any of it though.

Steve will not give up on her. This will only bring them closer, not drive them apart. He would not even look at another woman, he has already found his woman. He won’t give up on her unless she’d be dead. I’m sure he will wait for as long as it takes.


How long will we have to wait? Will Cath ever be mentioned again? Will she get killed? I guess we have to wait and see.

Was this a good send off for Catherine? It was a great episode, but there wasn’t really a solution. They just postponed it in my eyes.

Sure there is still hope that Cath will be back. But, honestly, I doubt it. I will never give up hope, but I don’t see it happening.

One thing is for sure, there are some dark times ahead for Steve. And as strange as it sounds I’m looking forward to it, but I just wished Cath would have been there for him during that time.

Because lets face it, there simply is no one there for Steve. No one who he can turn to. Danny? Laughable. Lou? Maybe with some stuff. But at the end of the day he will be alone. It’s as simple as that. And that makes me incredibly sad.

Despite all the despair in this episode, and despite the outcome. This was one awesome episode, with some amazing acting.

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And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously.





16 thoughts on “Checks Five-0h 4.21

  1. wow. I totally agree with everything. Like you, I hope Catherine will be mentioned… would cheer so loud you could hear me if she ever comes back, but I’m afraid Steve will get a knock on his door telling him that she’s been killed. Until then, he can have hope. Once that happens, I foresee Steve in a downward spiral. I just hope they can pick up the pieces but I don’t think he will ever be whole again.

    GREAT review!


  2. As far as I am concerned – Catherine has betrayed Steve twice now. She was ready to go into a hostile country to rescue some boy she knew for 2 weeks, but when the supposed love of her life is captured by the same people – she calls Danny. What, was she tired? She just left him there – and don’t tell me she couldn’t have shot those 2 men taking him away. Maybe it was bad directing – but I think the whole episode was – but she had a clear shot and could have taken them out and she didn’t. In shock, upset, etc.. whatever – if she can see the shot she should have taken it and Steve never would have been captured in the first place. But – I know – it was in the script. Also in the script – pulling her out of the well with a broken vertebrae and a broken arm that mysteriously kept falling out of its sling, not to mention a GSW to the leg. Bad continuity acting by MB and bad directing, too.

    Also in the script – Danny going after Steve. And he *was* the one not taking no for an answer when Steve was in Korea. Joe may have had the connections to make it happen, so that is who Danny went to for help – but *he* is the one, *again* that wouldn’t take no for an answer and *he* is the one risking jail and death and losing his job and never seeing his daughter again to save Steve’s ass when he gets in over his head *again*. He also risked his freedom to go to Cambodia with Steve – that wasn’t exactly a sanctioned trip, either, and they were told to let it go by the CIA. You don’t think they know about that little side trip? But who risks it all and *always* has Steve’s back – Danny. Not Catherine – she lied to him about his mother and now she doesn’t even try to help him get rescued from the Taliban – she just calls Danny. Just like Jenna did when she realized she had done something monumentally stupid like getting Steve involved in the first place.

    And now she stays behind – on her own – to continue going after the boy? Talk about stupid – she will be killed and it will be a horrible death because she is not trained for this. She sat behind a satellite console in Intelligence, for goodness sake. She was not trained as a SEAL or had any training beyond the regular soldier and has been sitting behind a desk for how many years? She can hold her own – we saw that when she had the chance as part of 5-0, but seriously? Who does she think she is? This little mission of hers is a death trap and she is leaving Steve behind to do it. Not the actions of someone in love. A debt is all well and good, and she saved the father’s life – the rest was a failure and almost cost Steve his life. Debt paid. Deal with it. It was a really dumb way to exit the character and made her look like a complete idiot and if I was MB I would be pissed that the writers made such an asinine scenario.

    And that also wasn’t the first time Danny stood up to the CIA on behalf of Steve – remember that little kidnapping scenario in season 2. He wouldn’t take no for an answer – again – even from the CIA. He may have a snarky mouth but what he *always* has is Steve’s back – and there is no one else in Steve’s life who does.

    Sorry – had to get that out…


    • I agree with you regarding Catherine’s injuries, that was simply stupid. That was extremely bad writing. As was Steve’s capture. There were only two hostiles, it should have been easy to take them out, despite taking care of the kids.

      I completely disagree about Danny in 2.10, he was not the one initiating anything, or not taking no for an answer. Is was all Joe who started it. yes, they all risked their life to get Steve back, no doubt about it, but Danny was not the one saving him. He took part in it, nothing more.

      Catherine had to call Danny to get Joe involved. But again, Danny was not the one doing that much. He rode along this time, but that was it.

      What I compeltely agree on is how stupid it is for Catherine to stay behind. And I agree that she should not go after the boy. That is monumentally stupid. And I don’t see her as a hero at all. She almost got her friend killed, and that was her fault. But I guess that is why she doesn’t want him further involved.

      Cambodia. They were just tourist. you can go to Cambodia whenever you want to. It’s not like North Korea. So, if the CIA knew about it or not doesn’t make a difference.

      Speaking of CIA, their involvement in this episode was totally stupid. So, yeah, there was a lot that could have been better, but that where things I don’t want to dwell on, because they are not important. The script was what it was, and I think Alex’s acting made up for a lot of the crap that was in the script.


      • I know we will always disagree on the Steve and Catherine relationship because to me she was always just a Lieutenant-with-benefits whom the PTB tried to make into more. My first major disagreement with how the show and Steve’s character is written was when he continued his relationship with her after she lied to him to protect his mother. I have never looked at his character in the same way since. I think he is a hothead patsy with a Superman complex who doesn’t understand the consequences of his actions and I love that Danny calls him on it and at times – even obnoxiously – throws the truth in his face for his own good. Someone has to make sure his head fits through the door. I like it, too, that the CIA guy asked him who he thought he was when he goes into hostile countries like an idiot. I had the same question. This episode was a rehash on the Jenna/Korea plot and it wasn’t well done at all.

        But Alex is an awesome actor and he does great with the material he is given – as does Scott – so hey, benefit. And – we don’t know that Steve and Danny aren’t into men – it’s not like the show would tell us. But I see it everywhere – especially in Steve’s choice of companion when it matters. Like – childhood memories, reliving moments of father/son bonding, staying with Danny during the bomb scare, participation in Grace’s life, knowing that if either of them needed to hide a body the other would help, rescueing each other when it has nothing to do with the job – and especially in the way Steve allows Danny to get away with the things he says. If he didn’t love him and appreciate him for who he was – warts and all – would he really put in all that effort to keep him in his life in such a major way? How many people have asked if they were married?

        I get that you don’t see it – but is it really so farfetched that me and my fellow slash fans can? The show encourages it:)) They may call it a bromance, but it’s not hard to take it one step further. And most of us saw it in Seasons 1 and 2 – the best ones.


        • I love to agree to disagree with you. 🙂
          Steve didn’t want to go to Afghanistan and he didn’t want Cath to go. He wanted to call in the military to handle it. He only wnet along with it because Cath went despite his objections.
          And I think he’s not a hothead at all. He knows what he’s doing. And I don’t think there is anyone who understands action and consequences better than he does.
          Danny on the other hand is all talk. Big mouth but nothing really to back it up. Sorry, but we will never agree on this whiny bitchy character. No, I don’t like Danny. I only tolerate him when he is with one of the others.

          Far fetched? Yes. Because they do love each other, but there is nothing romantic about it.
          By the way, the best seasons for me are 3 and 4. Season 2 only had a few good ones, but the rest was just meh.
          But as I said, I love to hear a completely different opinion, one I will never agree with, and can’t even see, but that is fine. It’s nice to hear what other people think about them. I always like to hear that.
          And I would LOVE to hear the opinion of people who are voting this episode a total disaster, but I guess most people are not capable of voicing their opinion and being civilized about it. Like you do. So, thank you for coming out and sticking up for Danny like that. 🙂


  3. Forgot to mention the good part – now that Cath is gone, Danny and Steve are free to be together:)) I know you guys don’t agree – but this is going to be great for slash fanfic. So many scenarios, so little time… Then again – the ending and Cath’s return was left open, so hopefully the gen fanfic writers can take that and continue to include her “checking in” status that will keep them writing, as well. If not – well fanfic is really about what we *want* to see – based in fantasy and alternate realities – so all in all, a win for both sides.


    • Sorry, but Steve and Danny together is just hilarious. That will never happen. simply because they are not interested in men. And even if they were, they would never work together. But believe whatever you like. That’s fine.
      Fanfic for me is not alternate realities. I don’t like that AU stuff. I do like stories set in the frame of the show. But if Cath is not there, I won’t write or read a story set in season 6 with here there. Or with Steve and Danny together. I do create my own characters, but take in account what is happening on the show. But that is just my take on fanfiction I like.


  4. First of all: Thank you for your review, as always a pleasure to read. It must have been an extra hard episode for a McRoll shipper like you and I don’t get the need to twist the knife around. I appreciate your effort to do this epi justice. And you did!!!
    I found the COTW was a complete waste of screen time. Meh. And I don’t get why Cath didn’t call Joe directly or her old navy buddies. But they wanted Danny in this so it’s okay with me. And again he could make one of his famous phonecalls. (And btw it was ridiculous that they would allow Danny as a civilian on that plane, but again, I don’t care. But what I would have loved to see – ridiculous is ridiculous – is the whole gang going to Afghanistan. Not the whole Ohana (imagine Kamekona on that plane 😉 but Kono and Chin. And maybe Grover, he was so worried. Steve has a bunch of friends, not only Danny). Okay, back to that phonecall. Now Joe could sent the troops in, who saved Steve. But Steve saved himself too. If he hadn’t fought back (I screamed at the screen!!!) they would have been too late!
    Steve will always fight till the end. If he wouldn’t be the guy he is Danny would still lying in a fetal position under a collapsed building!
    And of course Steve would go with Catherine. Not only he loves her, he is in love with her. You could see that right from the beginning of the show. Much to Danny’s surprise he was never interested in any other woman. He would never cheat on her (yeah Danny I didn’t forget that you had sex with a married woman! I’m like an elephant!). So he helped her not only because he really loves this woman, but because he would do it for everybody who needs his help. Just for one reason: because those people he tries to support, to help have nobody else to refer to and he knows that. Not because he thinks he’s superman or because he thinks he is the best. But he is well aware of his abilities – he is a SEAL for god’s sake – and he can’t say no if there is the slightest chance he can help. That’s a damn fine character trait as far as I’m concerned. And I don’t want this man to change at all.
    And without him the children would not have been rescued.
    So, was this episode flawless? No of course not.
    But one thing was flawless and that’s what makes this episode just friggin’ awesome:
    He was phenomenal, outstanding. He crushed me! Really. This range of emotion, sometimes delivered only in a small moment, subtle gestures, DAT FACE, this was award worthy. I’m pretty sure that these scenes were exhausting to play, don’t know how you shake them off at the end of the day. I couldn’t!
    And the end… this incredibly sad ending. I cried. That was such a brilliant performance!
    Remember Danny’s fears in 4.19? Well, these fears are now bitter reality for Steve.
    There he sat. Devastated. Alone. And lonely.
    And there was nobody. NOBODY.
    Did I mention that I cried?

    (sigh, I can’t do short, so I can as well make it longer: All in all I love S4, the best season at all, even with all it’s flaws…)
    *proud fangirl out*


    • I absolutely love your comment. And I agree with everything you said. You totally get Steve. As a trained SEAL Steve knows his limits like no other person does. He doesn’t think he’s invincible or has a Superman complex. He just knows what he’s capable of. And he uses his abilities mostly for others. It’s in his nature to help. He can’t change that.
      And you are right he has a bunch of friends, who care deeply for him. I’m sure Grover would have jumped on a plane and rescue him himself, if he had the chance. And you’re right it was ridiculous that Danny was on the plane, or that Cath even called him. But hey, they needed him in the ep in some way. And in the end I even liked that Steve didn’t have to fly home all alone while still injured.
      Yes, I did cry at the end. Heck, I even cried when I wrote the review.
      And there is nobody there for Steve, not even Danny. Not in the way Steve had Cath. Danny simply doesn’t get Steve. Never has, never will. He could never understand how Steve was always loyal to just one woman, even when she was so far away most of the time. And no, I haven’t forgotten the cheater Danny really is. Sleeping with a married woman? Drooling over every person that wears a skirt? Disgusting.
      Grover comes close to understand Steve. I think they will have a wonderful friendship. Besides SC won’t be in that many episodes next season, which makes me happy. I’m sorry for all the Danny fans though, really I am.
      Alex is the most underrated actor around. It’s a real shame because he is so damn good. His subtle acting is brilliant. Nobody on Five-0 comes close to his ability.
      And please never do short. 🙂 Did I mention that I loved your comment?


  5. I def need a rewatch (wasn’t home, missed the 1st 15 mins. and was in a room of non-fans so I couldn’t carry-on the way I normally would). The case of the week could have been saved for another episode but it’s always fun seeing Duke and crew working the magic table.

    leiCa I agree with your comments and with your observations about Steve and Cath and their relationship. I always liked them together up until this season and I think the whole twitter fiasco biased my feelings towards the character because of the actor. There was a depth of emotion (the first time in a long while) between them and it made it harder to watch knowing the outcome. I do hope that they’ll give us an answer regarding their relationship and not sweep it under the rug. Though I feel that in s5 we’ll hear that she was killed, giving closure to the fans and Steve.

    Alex was absolutely phenomenal – his acting range from fun to fear to resignation to sadness was gut-wrenching. Certainly an Emmy-award winning performance.

    Danny is Danny – very different than Steve or Chin – who, sadly, we don’t see enough of. He does shine though when Steve is in trouble. There is also no way there is anything “sexual” between him and Steve – they’re friends/brothers/comrades/family and nothing more.

    Looking forward to s5.


  6. new around here… was really looking forward to this episode and wanted to join the conversation, if y’all don’t mind 🙂

    When I had first heard rumors about this episode, it was prior to any announcements (that I had seen) about Michelle Borth leaving the show. That led me to suspect that Catherine staying behind in Afghanistan was originally part of the story, not a device to exit her character permanently. When it did come about that she would not be returning next season, this episode became a convenient vehicle. I was glad that they didn’t choose to kill off the character, because it does leave some doors open.

    Overall, I enjoyed most of the episode. Like it has been stated, I also thought the murder plot should have been left to its own episode. It proved to be distracting to the main storyline which I think would have carried a lot more impact had Afghanistan been the sole focus of the episode.

    A few points (certainly not all of them!) I pondered while watching the episode:
    – Why wouldn’t Catherine have told Steve all about the that one time when she was injured?
    Well, I rationalized it this way: At some point in the series (may have even been earlier this season) I believe it was discussed that there was a time Steve and Cath weren’t seeing each other. I think her injury occurred during that time. And, once they started seeing each other again and the wounds had healed, I could see a simple exchange of Steve observing the scar(s) and Catherine simply stating she was injured during a mission. With both of them having served in Naval Intelligence, and Steve in the SEALs, and both being intimately familiar with classified information I could certainly see an assumption being made that if she could talk about it, she would and Steve would not press for details. I think Cath would not have gone into further detail, even if she could have spoken about her mission because she felt so protective of that family.

    -What was the CIAs beef with Steve in the end and their travel restrictions on him?
    I think there are a few things in play here: Steve has definitely ruffled some feathers with the Company with his continued investigations into Wo Fat & Doris (including the death of one of their agents that apparently has had no consequences for Steve thus far). Since they didn’t define what “this region” of the world really entails – it could mean the entire continent of Asia – it keeps Steve out of that operational backyard and continuing to dig farther into the mysteries they want to keep buried. (Provided he follows those orders, of course) It also, I believe, keeps him away from his mother, whom I think is still in Asia. From a less conspiratorial perspective, there’s also the not inconsiderable military and intelligence cost of the operation to rescue Steve. A lot of lives were put at risk to rescue McGarrett, and there may have been other operations jeopardized because of Steve & Cath’s actions. The CIA could very well have been aware of the supposedly-deceased, high-value target’s existence and for any number of reasons *not* eliminated him from the picture.

    -What’s with Cath riding off into the sunset all by herself?
    I don’t think she’s going to be all by herself for long. I think she and Mama McGarrett hit it off, and in some way, shape or form, Doris is going to get wind of Cath & Steve’s botched rescue attempt and come help Cath find Najib. And somehow, word will get back to Steve that Cath is doing OK.

    And I have to echo the kudos to Alex during those scenes where Steve was being used as a human punching bag. The fear he was able to express without crossing over into melodrama was fantastic. And the fact that Steve was afraid… Unlike 2.10 in Wo Fat’s clutches where I saw mostly defiance and anger, the scenes in this episode were much more visceral because of the fear.


    • Welcome to Mostly. Glad you decided to voice your opinion.

      I’m interested to see what consequences Steve might face regarding his Navy career. He still is in the reserves. If the CIA wanted him stop digging they could activate him. That would make it almost impossible for him to dig further. But pretty sure the show won’t go there. Even though as a reservist he has to go active for a year after five years in the reserves. But maybe Steve quits the Navy? Even though I can’t really see that happening.

      Cath and Doris? I don’t know. I don’t think Cath trusts that woman. Even though I totally forgot why Doris is in hiding anyway.

      Yes, there isn’t enough praise for Alex’s performance. Just brilliant.


    • I’m also looking forward to next season. And I truly hope Cath will be back at some point. I don’t really see how they can keep this situation in limbo for any length of time, but hey, they haven’t mentioned Doris for a year. So, I guess it will be the same with Catherine. A shame really. But I’m willing to be surprised. So, please, Mr. EP surprise me! 🙂


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