7 thoughts on “4.21 CBS HD version

  1. Steve in a “wife beater”, juheeee! (was this inappropriate? Sorry!! I just have to focus on something non McRoll concerned 😦 )


  2. I had some thinking this night 😉 that kept me up!
    I can’t think of any other way to let cath go, than her staying in afghanistan and doing some charity work, so mcg will still have her. It gets tortured and looks pretty bad beaten up, but in 4.22 he looks allready safe and sound! He would be pleased knowing cath does some helpful work, with the friends who helped her!
    And mcg wouldn’t be devasteded and depressed!
    Maybe she feels guilty for getting him tortured (the 2nd one she gets in trouble with after billy!!) Sorry, just some thoughts!
    Hope you don’t mind my babbling 😉


    • Honestly, at this point I would even be happy to have her as the off-screen girlfriend. Because I simply can’t see them separating. Her staying in Afghanistan, or rejoining the Navy is something I thought of too. Maybe she’s not quite done being an officer. She is still in the reserves, so, she could be called up for duty any time.
      Not much longer and we will know.
      And no, I don’t mind sharing your thoughts at all. Love to hear what people come up with.


        • Right. I almost forgot about that. They said he had to make such a decision. I have honestly no idea. I think it will be more Catherine’s decision, and Steve’s decision is it to accept that. 😉
          TPTB often make something sound more dramatic than it actually is.


  3. I was thinking in all directions, too. Peter said “she goes out a hero”. Hm… so the idea of Cath staying behind would kinda make sense. I strongly think she will somehow be involved in the military again. Seeing her work at Five-0 made me feel like she never really arrived there. And maybe that’s what the writers wanted us to believe? If it is really true that her contract for additional cast member was only for 2 years, maybe the writers wanted her to doubt her decision of leaving the Navy more and more so that it would be more “natural” for her to stay behind now?
    Grasping at straws here too as I am really at a loss how they will explain her leaving.
    I also hope that she will come back in some way or at least be the off-screen girlfriend.

    As for the decision Steve has to make – I thought it might be him asking her to flee in some way and stay undercover to be safe. But that would only make sense in a criminal case as part of witness protection and not in a military operation. I am at a loss here.

    But what I do know that we will have to have tissues ready. Is it Friday yet? 🙂


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