16 thoughts on “4.21 – be warned

  1. I still can’t see of a proper way to do this ep to our satisfaction, my mind is figuring and connecting 😉 strings!!!


  2. I seem to have left the planet for a while as I didn’t hear how Cath was going to leave the series. So she leaves in this episode? But she doesn’t die as I have read that there is still hope she will come back later? I don’t understand why she’s leaving unless the actress got a better offer. To be honest, they have never really used this character to her best and the relationship between her and Steve hasnn’t been developed the way it should have since she became a regular. in my humble opinion

    And Danny’s comments to Steve in this week’s episode about him always messing up relationships. did not amuse me at all….grrrrrr!!!


    • LOL, honey, lucky you, not being part of the uproar the last four to six weeks. Cried my eyes out at the unfairness to the storyline, to the partnership, to Steve, to Cath, to the fans, to everyone really, ranted all over the place, slowly come to terms with it… well, you get the idea. 😉

      Danny’s comments? He’s an idiot. There is nothing more to say about Danny really. He is an idiot with a capital I.


    • Of course it is up to CBS what to do with the show. But even though we don’t have a say in the matter either way, it should never keep anyone from voicing their displeasure, or telling them how pleased one is with the show. It goes both ways. Not just the praise and how awesome something is, but sometimes it simply isn’t, and I think one should be entitled to say that too.

      Besides, how can I take anyone even remotely serious who thinks everything Five-0 does, or every darn episode is just awesome? Sorry, but that is just ridiculous.


      • I seem to have left the planet too. Missing McRoll as usual. Where can I about why our Cath (or the actress) is no longer with H50? 😦


      • Well stated. Not every episode is awesome to every person. Sometimes its just OK, and sometimes it’s awful. You can voice opinion on any of those things you feel, the key is doing it respectfully. That’s tough to do in the heat of the moment.


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