8 thoughts on “Thank you, Masi

    • Alex is very good in keeping his family out of the media, and I think that is a very good thing. This is his private life and I’m very happy that he’s cool with sharing this picture with us. I don’t need to see his family or his wife during their honeymoon. It should be solely their time.
      There are no official wedding pictures. I’m sure we will get that at some point though.


  1. Do you think he ran into Masi while honeymooning with Malia? It’s a great picture. I like Alex with a beard. He looks so happy. Also, it seems so normal, like two co-workers who are happy/surprised they ran into each other in a slightly out of the way place. (This is Japan right? A different country is not like running into your co-worker at the grocery store.)


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