Checks Five-0h 4.19

FI 4-19

4.19 Ku I Ka Pili Koko translated by CBS to Blood Brothers

Ku I Ka Pili Koko” – Five-0 is set up when a bad tip leads them to an abandoned building that is rigged to explode with McGarrett and Danny trapped inside, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, April 11

So, this show was named the bromance episode of the season. Even Peter Lenkov called it a McDanno episode. Which I think was not a clever move. If the definition of McDanno is the same as the one for McRoll, well, I’m sorry, but that McDanno is just not there. And never will be. Those two guys will never end up in a romantic relationship.

If your definition of McDanno is friendship and partnership between Steve and Danny, than I’m all with you.

But really, Mr. EP, please don’t feed the haters on either side. It’s bad enough as it is. People are hurting, don’t fuel the fire.

That said, let’s see what this episode brought us. Was it satisfying for all sides? All the shippers and non-shippers out there?

Edit April 21: You know, I really wished that people who vote an episode as really to forget about it had the balls to tell us why! I’m always interested in knowing why people like or more so don’t like something. Why not voice your opinion? Nobody here is going to harass you for it. Everyone is welcome to share their view. That is what this blog is all about. If you don’t like something… say so.

We start right off in the middle of the action. Five-0 with full back-up in the form of Grover and his SWAT team are going to intercept some weapons deal. In the end it didn’t work out as they hoped. Not only didn’t the deal go down, but they all got caught in an explosion.

With our two boys trapped inside, or better under the collapsed building.

OK, here comes my first beef with the writers. I am so sick of Danny’s whiny character. Why the heck is he even a police officer? Steve did everything he could to make this a safe operation. They had SWAT and everything. They HAD to check it out. Danny was serious while he was blaming Steve. I just don’t get that. What did he want to do? Not check it out? Sit back and wait? As I said, so sick and tired of this stupid attitude. Why the heck do the writers think this is a likeable or logical character trait for a detective? I just don’t get why they are writing him like that.

Danny, go and do something else. Something other than law enforcement. There will always be a risk that something goes wrong, that something doesn’t go as planned, or a tip not check out. If you can’t handle that, and you obviously can’t, go and please do something else. But stop blaming your partner for doing everything by the book. What the f/ck is wrong with you?

We will soon learn what his problem is, and I can tell you right now, I truly enjoyed that. Gasp, something with Danny I enjoyed. Stop the presses. LOL

A little word about the special effects. Remember this is a TV show, not a 200 million dollar movie. And for that it was OK. Not great, but good enough.


OK, I don’t really care about Amber. I don’t hate her, I don’t like her. I just don’t care. But, yeah, there’s a but coming. Her being with Danny? Ugh. She looks like his daughter. Couldn’t they find a woman for him? Not this girl?

And what was that crap not answering his phone? What if it had been an emergency? Oh, wait, it was an emergency. He didn’t answer his phone because he was humping his new playdate?

Really don’t know what to make of this.

Can you believe it I have nothing, OK, almost nothing to complain about the next scenes. Danny going to Steve for advice. I liked that a lot. Although I wonder why the writers can’t let Danny say something funny without insulting Steve. That can’t be too hard.

I know people.

You know how to kill people, that’s a big difference.

Why the hell do they do that? That is not funny. It never was. Why do they always let Danny act like Steve has no feelings? I so wish that he at some point will slash out and feed Danny his own medicine. I still really hope it will happen at some point.

But, none the less, this was a very good scene. They even addressed the age difference, even thought the difference is a lot more than 10 years. And Steve is also right, that is not what is keeping Danny from any new relationship. I think he’s not capable of solid social interaction. He is the one who should seek treatment for his issues. But I’m saying that for years now.

I absolutely loved to see Xzibit as JC Dekker again. Loved it. Loved all his scenes. Here with the two boys, later with Chin and Kono, and for sure him ‘questioning’ Spider. This is a character I like to see again.

What he was telling Steve and Danny made a lot of sense. And for sure was worth checking out. Not much else they could actually do. I loved it how this case slowly developed, starting with their first visit to Halawa.


This was one of the best coming-to scenes after trauma I have seen in a long time. That was awesomely great acting by Alex. Loved the pause after first waking, just lying there and trying to figure out what happened. Really great.

The only regret I have for all those scenes is that they are so darn dark that you can hardly see anything. And maybe that they were not too careful with the heavy rocks made of Styrofoam, or whatever they used. Some of them moved easily when Steve tried to get up. But I’m willing to overlook that in the name of safety. I didn’t want them to put real rocks there and any of the actors getting hurt because of that.


So, I take it they evacuated the whole building before they went in? Or was that an abandoned building? Why had there been no cars in when they first went in? Guess that is not really important, but I wondered about it at some point.

Anyway, the rest of the SWAT and Five-0 made it out of the building. Barely though. They all were a little banged up, except for Grover. Guess he was far enough away.


I don’t know why we got more light now, but I was thankful that the picture quality improved quite a bit. Guess the dust had to settle first. 😉


I really do hate this ‘in the face stuff’. How often did you slap us with the joined hands? Three / four times? The only thing missing was doing it in slow motion. At some point I thought my DVR froze. That was just too much, and it actually ruined the effect for me. Less IS more.


I really had to laugh at the use of Danny’s claustrophobia. Writers, I hope you are not proud of that. That felt so constructed and completely unnecessary.


OK, it seems like I didn’t like it so far. NOT true. Loved it. But a few things made me laugh or at least smile, and there will be more of that. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t like it.


So, while Danny focused on reciting baseball and Steve was looking for something to help him free Danny, we got to see what happened topside.


Lou was obviously not happy that the fire chief even entertained the idea that it might not be a rescue operation but a recovery op. His buddy was down there, and it showed that he was really concerned for his friend and Danny. Yep, I’m sure Grover and Steve are friends, Danny and Grover not so much yet.

300 tons of rubble is quite a lot, and the rescue, if they were even alive, could take several hours. Sometimes it even takes days to get to the buried people.


It soon became pretty clear that they were set up. But by who? Dekker? Guess they will find out soon.



Meanwhile underground our two boys were still working on getting Danny out.

Well, Steve probably had more information about Danny’s injury than we could see, but for you kids at home; do never, ever pull out a penetrating object. It might be the only thing keeping your buddy from bleeding out.

At a later point Steve didn’t have a choice but to pull it out, so they could move, so I guess in the end it didn’t make a difference, but again, don’t pull it out. Let the professionals handle that.

One could argue Steve is a professional, and I’m totally with you on that. He, as a SEAL has intensive medical training, especially concerning extensive trauma by bullets and other stuff, so he was able to assess the situation. I just wish they would say something about that you normally don’t do something like that.

Anyway, those were pretty cool scenes. 😉

I was slowly but surely getting mad at Danny. I don’t care if it’s his way of coping; you just don’t act like that. Blaming his friend for everything. It was not Steve’s fault that they were in that situation. I loved Steve’s reaction though. Maybe it really needed this to happen for Danny to finally see what he’s really doing. No, that is just wishful thinking. I highly doubt that he will change anytime soon.


Uh, I believed Chin when he said he would kill Dekker himself if his friends died. Don’t mess with Chin. And I loved how he stayed on the case. Trying to find out who was behind it. He was right, they weren’t really needed to help dig their friends out.


Speaking of friends. It was obvious that they both were injured. One look at them showed that they were both hurting. I bet Steve at least had suffered a concussion. Alex played that perfectly. The slow somewhat uncoordinated movement was perfectly portrayed.


And Chin was also right about the best men and women working on locating Steve and Danny. Before they could start on any rescue plans they needed to find them.

And as hard as it may be, you don’t put more people in danger just to recover some bodies. So, they needed to know that Steve and Danny were alive before they would do any ‘risky’ operation to save them.


I loved it how Catherine was able to use her tech-knowledge to help get a signal to the boys down. How doable that really is? Who cares? 😉


We all have our fears, some of them are more powerful than others. Some of them we are not able to overcome. But Danny is not like us, he is not an ordinary person. He is the second in command of the Governor’s Task Force. I expect more from him. I expect from him to plow through his fears, and not to sit down, whine and wait for death to claim him. What kind of crap was that? That is NOT the normal human response. That is just HIS response. Most people fight for their life until their last dying breath.

If he can’t fight his fears and his terrible attitude he has no business being in that position, or being an officer of law enforcement in general.

I’m so grateful to the show that they let Steve kick his ass, even though it was just verbally. That he didn’t just take Danny’s abuse.

I loved his response of pointing out what kind of person Danny is. Always expecting the worst and always, always seeing the negative. I loath such people. Guess that is why I can’t stand Danny most of the time. LOL

And I loved how worried Steve was. Contrary to Danny who didn’t even ask once if his buddy was OK. Not even a little later when it was obvious even to a blind man that he was hurting.

What I really liked about this episode was how they all worked on solving what really happened. Even the two boys started on unraveling the case.



I absolutely loved it how in awe Steve was when his phone rang and he realized it was Catherine. That was really cute.


Finally they knew that the boys were really OK, more or less. That were some really nice scenes.

I truly enjoyed how they all worked together. Grover, Cath and the rescue crew on getting the boys out. And Five-0 on finding out who the responsible party was. Loved it how Steve and Danny were in the investigation, at least as much as they could help.


Not sure how plausible it was for Amber to be so close on the scene, but let’s not fret about it. What I do fret about is how easily she obviously was able to pick up Grace from school. That is really getting ridiculous. I truly hope that a total stranger cannot just go and pick up Grace. And I’m sure Amber was not on the list of persons to be allowed to pick her up.

But as we already learned from the spoiler for the finale, no kid is safe from kidnapping in Hawaii.


I loved how they developed another theory of what might be behind the bombing. Even though Steve and Danny were buried under 300 tons of rubble they were very much involved in the investigation. As was Max. It was still not quite the right theory, but it sounded all very logical and it was worth to take a closer look.

Really liked how they went back to the prison and Dekker offered his help in getting the SOB who set them all up. I truly hope we will see this character again.


This was when I was yelling at my screen “Drink the f/cking water, you Assh/le”. What the heck is his problem? What kind of water did he expect Steve would find? Really in this scene Danny didn’t look hurt at all, he just looked like a bitchy stupid brat. Who couldn’t even see that his buddy tried everything to keep them both alive. And that Steve was obviously hurting pretty badly.

This was again a great scene for Steve and another really bad one for Danny. I don’t know, but do the writers want us to hate Danny? I really think so. So far I couldn’t find even one minute I even remotely liked him.

Oh, I can already hear the Danny lovers, he was hurt, he was scared, and so on. Yeah, so? That is no excuse for his behavior.



So, now they have to move 30 yards to get rescued. Piece of cake, right?


I loved how Steve and Cath made dinner plans for the night. So sweet.



HA! Finally scenes with Danny I did like. 😉



Uh, I wouldn’t want to be on his bad side.


And now they finally found out that someone was coming after them. But who?


Yeah, Steve, if you’re not careful your idiotic partner will kill you while he tries to get out. I think Steve was surprised to almost get smashed in the head by Danny carelessly moving that heavy metal thing almost on Steve’s head.

Danny obviously hadn’t realized yet that they would only make it out of there if they worked together.




So, now we start the part where I actually liked Danny. Can you believe it? Me neither. LOL

I liked it that he realized how wrong his look at life really is. How his negativity cost him so much. And that he’s the one who can make his own life better.

Loved how Steve tried to make him see the light. 🙂 Maybe, just maybe he will change for the better.




If I ever get trapped, can I please have Steve with me? Loved the McGyver-Steve version. That was pretty cool. And of course his little bomb worked to perfection.

I’m gonna blow it up.”

You gonna what?”


That was some pretty cool music during their rescue. Was that the Five-0 theme song in a really slow version?

41900137 41900140

The hug. I don’t think that needs any words. That was just perfection. Loved it how Grover gently patted Steve on the back.

Happy to see Grace again. Maybe she will learn to like Amber. If Danny stops hiding her.



So, now that we’re nearing the end we get the two boys confessing their love to each other. Well, Steve did before. OH, get real people. Of course they love each other. They are friends. Don’t you love your friends?

There are many different ways to love someone. But this love is very different to the one between Steve and Catherine, or Chin and Lelani, or even Danny and Amber.

I can only smile about the people who don’t understand this concept and see the ‘in-love’ in their confession. That is just delusional. That said, I think these were pretty good scenes.


So, we’re at the end of the episode. Wait. There are 4 minutes to go. Huh. Guess we’re going to find out who was behind all this. And didn’t you just love this twist at the end?

That was a really clever plot to get rid of Steve. But he shouldn’t have messed with Steve. He doesn’t take kindly to threats, and surely not if his friends are in danger.

So it was pretty clear that this guy would die at the end of the confrontation if he tried to pull anything. And he was stupid enough to do so.

By the way, I loved Steve’s deep voice during this episode. I don’t know if it was because Alex had a cold, or if it was because of all the stuff ‘Steve’ had breathed in. Doesn’t matter, I really loved it.


So, we are finally at the end of the episode, and the end of the review. Took me long enough to get here. Sorry about that.

What did I take from this episode? For one, I will SO miss Cath being there for Steve when he’s actually hurting from injury or otherwise. Who is going to comfort him? Who can he turn to who really gets him? Who will be there when he cries at night? OK, enough, I guess you get how much I’m going to miss her.

I asked myself a few times why has Danny such a strong desire to point out that someone else was wrong? Doesn’t even have to be Steve. I find such behavior very strange.

One thing became very clear during this episode. I’m done with Danny. I found him utterly unbearable in this one.

I know I’m biased, but this episode was a perfect example to show what a whiny character Danny is, and how awesome Steve really is. I really don’t get it, they don’t need to write Danny as an idiot for Steve to shine.

Aside from my complains about Danny’s character and behavior, I thought this episode was awesome. Simply because of Steve and the team working as a real team together.

Cath and Grover were absolutely great. Chin and Kono were fabulous. Xzibit as Dekker was a joy to watch. The music perfect.

The set stunning. OK, it was way too dark half the episode, they could have done a lot better.

But all in all this was an awesome episode that will make it into my top ten.

FI 419

All screen-shots were done by me. Credit for promo pics to CBS and Global. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously.

13 thoughts on “Checks Five-0h 4.19

  1. Yes, just friggin” awesome. For all the reasons you stated. I like danny because steve likes danny but honestly I dont think I could be with a friend like that every single day. What a downer. And he is constantly berating steve.

    I know I was much more vocal earlier… I dont have those notes.


    • I barely tolerate Danny because of Steve, but I don’t like him. And I don’t think they hang out socially. As Steve said Danny had spend a huge amount of time with Amber and Steve never even met her. And even on the show when did we last see them do something together that was not work related?
      And seriously why would anyone hang out with Danny outside of work?
      Steve and Danny work great together, they are good partners. That is all fine and good. But that is, in my eyes, where their social interaction ends. And quite frankly that is understandable. They spend many hours together, I’m sure they are both glad not to see the other outside of work.

      Yes, you were a lot more vocal. LOL And I do still have those notes. 😉


  2. I was really surprised with this episode. I thought it would be something like Danny, Danny, Danny all the time. But no. I loved how Steve advising Danny at the beginning, how Steve face the situation after the explosion, and how Steve do that his friend reflect about his fears … It was a whole display of best Steve, so I loved it!


  3. Thanks for your great comments and wonderful pics like usual hon!! Steve’s deep voice..;really sexy!! Great checks fiive-0!


  4. I was pleasantly surprised with this episode, because I was dreading a re-do of the “Endless whining in a dinghy” episode from last year, only buried under a building. And, it started out like it was going to be more of the same. I started thinking the same things you wrote – why are they writing him like this? Seriously, he would be the LAST PERSON I would ever want with me in a crisis situation – he literally shuts down. I have no idea why anyone with that personality would even choose to be a cop.

    Finally, though, we get Steve calling him on it – and we got an answer from Danny – well, if admitting it is the first step, HERE’s HOPING we see a little more optimism from Danny next year, good Lord. You are absolutely correct, why would anyone want to spend time outside of work with him? He needs to be a lilttle more of a “real” character.

    I did like that we got to see Steve using his “survive or else” skills in this one – and Catherine’s determination to get them out too. This episode had *most* of the characters fully showcasing what their particular skills sets are – Kono and Chin working the case, Catherine using her tech skills to help with Search and Rescue, Steve doing field medicine (despite my yelling “Leave that rebar in!”) and demolition/explosives training to clear the way… LOVED IT ALL!

    Amber – meh. I don’t dislike her, and I am glad that they addressed the age difference. I suppose she is there to be a catalyst for the new improved “fun” Danny. I’m OK with that.

    Steve and Catherine doing their best to be strong for each other in a very bad situation – yeah, I loved that. So much. And their interation at the end – made me smile. Yeah, you two, I don’t believe a word either of you said! (“never worried” “I don’t doubt it”). I loved your and Cokies coda’s – they definitely didn’t go to Sasabune that night 😉

    And, finally – the CIA twist at the end. I really like this storyline, I almost wish it was more than just a scene here and there. I love pissed off McG!

    Great recap!


    • LOL, Kim, keeping it short again. 😉

      I actually think this time around the whining and bitching was a lot worse than in 3.03. Because this time around it was during the whole darn episode, even when they weren’t trapped under the rubble.

      Yeah, I don’t think Danny will have that Amber girl for that long. I mean, seriously even while in a relationship he was always drooling over any person that wore a skirt. Disgusting. Steve even had to call him on it a few times while on a case.

      I would really like to read what the Danny lovers say about his behavior in this episode. I would really like to know with what kind of explanation one who loves Danny would come up with. And right up front, that’s just how he is, doesn’t cut it. I really would like to understand how his behavior can be acceptable for anyone. I’m serious about this, I really would like to understand how someone could see this as OK behavior. Because in my world, and with my morals, it is not.


      • Uh, yeah …. just giving up on the “keep it brief” thing. Notice how I didn’t even apologize this time? Hehe.

        I suppose the difference with 3.03 for me is that at least he finally admitted that he’s got an issue. HE’s got an issue, not Steve’s the cause of his issues (although he did traipse out that complaint too).

        I’m interested in hearing that too – because right now, I can’t think of a single thing.


  5. EVERYTHING! Everything you said. With one exception: I’ll vote for good, it would only be awesome if Danny had been unconscious!
    I’m so sick and tired of Danny, you have no idea. Or maybe you have… lol.
    “You know how to kill people, that’s a big difference.” I was so angry I wanted to slap Danny right in the face. And there are people wondering why Steve does not apply to Danny with his PTSD? Really???
    “For once in your life just pretend to be a human being.” Look in a mirror and say that again Danny. There’s a reason why Steve has a bunch of friends, and Danny just happens to know them.. Sorry, but… gaaah!
    And you are absolutly right, I loved the scene when Steve was coming to after the blast. It was intense, Alex was completely ‘in’ this moment and me too! Of course your ears and eardrums would be hurting after such an explosion! And the whole time he showed us a Steve who is a little bit dizzy and sluggish and hurting. Perfect. Would have been nice if his little partner had noticed that too… But nothing, no “You ok?”, not once.
    Loved how Cath lost it for one moment, tried to dig with her bare hands and then her training kicked in. And the hug was so full of emotions, I’m so happy for you McRollers! Feeeeelings!
    And what’s not to love about the twist at the end? That was surprising and made me hate Steve’s mom aka LLWL even more. But I love to hate her!
    Thanks for your recap Sam, this time I was nodding all along while reading it! 😆


    • Your comment really made my day. *There’s a reason why Steve has a bunch of friends, and Danny just happens to know them.* ROFL – this is so true.
      Best part was this: *t would only be awesome if Danny had been unconscious* LOL – that surely would have enhanced the episode. 😉

      I think the portrayal of Steve’s injury was exceptional. As you said, the dizziness, he sluggish movement, the obvious pain… perfectly done by Alex. When I saw Danny I often thought *He’s supposed to be injured, impaled by a rebar. When will he show that?* I thought that was not a good portrayal of an injured person by a long shot.

      Uhm, what is LLWL? I agree, I love to hate her too. Christine Lathi plays her so well. A bit sad that we didn’t see her this season at all.

      Thank your for your refreshing review.


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