11 thoughts on “Silver lining?

  1. I hope she does come back or if she doesn’t they find someone else. The role is great and Steve and Catherine have a good relationship


    • What do you mean find someone else? Someone to play Catherine, or some other woman for Steve? I hope and think that is not gonna happen. I just can’t see him being interested in anyone else. Not after all those years they are together now.


  2. Sorry Sam, but I need to vent a little!

    If the writers knew that Michelle only had 2 years contract full time, WHY they wrote Cath so poorly this half of season? I’m sorry, i try but i don’t understand. It’s too schizophrenic to me. I know that they changed some writers but it was at the begining of the season, not in the middle. I’m sad because that in every season they
    struggle and fail in writing all female characters. I know very well that the show is about Steve McGarrett, i don’t need anyone to remind me, but women are needed to build and development the storyline. Alex is a great actor but a tv show shouldn’t be a monologue or like 70′s old H50 only with male cast.

    Hope is the last to end, so you, i and some friends will still have to be optimists about Catherine’s character on H50 in the future.


  3. I have lost a few eps this season. This week watching the ep with Melanie something in Fox Portugal I fell asleep and now losing Michelle…I guess that after her last ep I’m going to take a break of the show. don’t get me wrong I love Alex, Daniel, Masi and Chi but ….for now my heart isn’t there anymore. During seasons I saw it online and then again in Fox, this year I only saw 4 eps online and only after reading the reviews I saw the ones that I was interested in Fox.
    Maybe next year….


    • I hope you will find your love for Five-0 again. Taking a break is not the end of it. You always have the chance to come back when you feel like it. Besides, *I* still have the hope that I will like what they are doing. Sigh. I know I’m hopeless. 😉


      • I will always support Alex in whatever project he is and will be doing. I’m a fan of Alex and I was a fan of the show but I guess that too much stupid dialogues, whinings and annoyng rants finally got to me after 4 years. I’m not saying that SC is the main reason but it helped. Don’t like him as an actor, I didn’t even knew who he was before the show and when I googled him I was amazed to see that he was in Ocean’s and in one movie with Paul Walker, and his part is just ……something I don’t like. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate him nor his part but I wished that he could remain invisible to me as he was in the other seasons, guess I was wrong..and now with Michelle leaving 5-0 will never be the same for me. I loved the relation between Cath and Steve, they were great together. Loved the relation between Steve and Grover they work so well and they have their hilarious moments but its not the same.
        Enough of drama, going to watch my beloved SPN.


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