Still not shaved off ;-)

As I said to Cokie, this year, with a wife and three kids the hair will not be shaven off. I should go and collect my win. 😉

A very cool Alex sighting by Miss Hawaii. Thank you for sharing. And thank you Alex for being a good sport and letting her take that picture, fully knowing it would end up all over the place. I love it that he’s so relaxed and cool about this.

… Soooo last night while I was dancing at the Halekulani I walked by a private party that didn’t have any live entertainment. Not knowing whose party it was, I offered to dance a hula for them and they graciously accepted. Come to find out it was Alex O’loughlin’s family function!!  I’ve never been so nervous to dance a hula in my LIFE!!! Clearly you can tell from this pic that I was star struck lol. Such a nice guy and beautiful family. It was an honor. Do something nice for others and good things will come to you! #alexoloughlin#hawaii50 #mcgarrett #bigfan #misshawaii#halekulani…

Skyler and Alex


Yes, I know there is at least one more, but I don’t think that one was authorized by Alex, so I won’t post it here.

2 thoughts on “Still not shaved off ;-)

  1. You can most certainly collect…. that is one beautiful picture! And I am most glad that the hair has stayed. A couple weeks ago, it was all slicked back and I thought it had been cut… again… 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this!


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