Spoiler for 4.22

According to TV Guide:

. . . The usually straight-laced Grover will steal from McGarrett’s playbook when his daughter is kidnapped in the season finale. “As renegade and out of control as [Grover] thought McGarrett was in the [season premiere], he goes even further in this one,” executive producer Peter Lenkov says. “He doesn’t have a free pass like Five-0 does, so there’s going to be consequences. [But] sometimes you have to turn the badge around to get the job done.” Fortunately, I hear the consequences have a silver lining that will play out next season. . . .

PLEASE let Grover join Five-0. I would love to see him and Steve together. That way SC could leave even more. I have heard he has a new movie role for later this year. I would be jumping for joy about this.


In case you wondered about the review for 4.19 – it will come later this week.

18 thoughts on “Spoiler for 4.22

  1. It’s pretty obvious what the “silver lining” is going to be – and I’m good with that, even if I am rolling my eyes at another kidnapping, LOL.


  2. I think I need to jump on that bandwagon 🙂
    Grover action – yes!
    Badass Steve – yes!
    Nick Jonas – yes!

    …and a side of Wo Fat and beginning PTSD Steve on top. That’s a good way for me to end the season.
    I am really looking forward to this episode and I am curious what kind of surprises we are in for.


  3. I love the header, so sad!
    This finale is going to be so awesome!
    Although we had that kidnapping for how many times ( 😉 )!! Love to see steve going all wild with bringing grover’s daughter back!


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