Checks Five-0h 4.18

FI 418

4.18 Ho’I Hou translated by CBS to Reunited

Five-0 investigated the murder of a woman killed with a stiletto high heel at Chin’s high school reunion.

Hawaii Five-0” viewers chose from a menu of key story and production elements for this special episode.

Jorge Garcia Returns and Rob Corddry Guest Stars as the Fan-Voted Struggling Illusionist

Well, the choices were pretty limited, so it didn’t really matter if the viewers could really chose or not. If this was really written after any kind of vote or not, I leave that to you. Whatever you like to believe will be fine.

Personally, I didn’t care about any hype about this ‘voting’. All I really care about are well written episodes. Let’s find out if this one falls under that category.

Sorry, no rap-sheet to check out this time. But go over to AOLworldwide anyway. Always fun to visit.

So, we start the episode with Chin and Jerry arriving via Limo at the school. Huh. I must say I’m surprised by Jerry’s complete turn around from when we first met him just a few weeks back. He was not big on being out in public. And now he makes a grand entrance to his high-school reunion? Mingles with all kinds of people and looks like he’s comfortable in general? Well, guess a few weeks at casa McG changed him. In my eyes another inconsistency, but hey, what’s one more? Right?


This was their 25-year reunion. So, that makes Chin 42/43?


The victim of the week really didn’t have much to do. We only saw a glimpse of her before she was killed. But we learned that she was pretty much the only person, guess besides Chin, who has been nice to Jerry.


But Jerry didn’t even get a chance to say ‘hello’ to her. Before he could do that she was dead. Killed by her own shoe.


Next we see Steve and Danny in Cambodia. Well, to be honest Danny wouldn’t be my first choice to accompany me on a hike through any kind of rough terrain. I would be rather uncomfortable giving him a machete. Someone on twitter (you know who you are) said it was so Danny could stop whining. Not sure though if he would even be capable of not complaining about everything and nothing. 😉

What I actually took from this was Steve’s hair. LOL I’m easy like that at times. Can we please keep his hair at this length and with the gray in? I’d start a petition if it would help. 🙂


So, of course there was only an empty grave. Steve, really, did you expect to find anything there? Guess not. Maybe he just wanted to go on a nice trip?


And right back to the murder investigation at Kukui. The rest of the team with the help of HPD starts their search for the killer.


Back on the plane we get a short conversation about Doris and who might have been in the grave. Honestly, I don’t care. I said it before, I would love to see Christine Lathi again simply because I think her scenes with Steve were all really good, but I just don’t care about any of her connections to Wo Fat, or what she did in her past or right now. Two seasons since she came back to life, and we know nothing. Sorry, but that whole storyline was dragged out to death for me. Anyway, the two boys are on their way back to Hawaii.

It was nice to see some ‘old’ pics of Steve and Chin as the champions of their respective football team.


Slowly more and more information about the victim trickled in, but it didn’t really help them figure out why she even came back to Hawaii after 25 years. It seemed like she never even spoke with anyone, so why bother coming?



Steve met with Max and asked him to analyze the sample he managed to find in the coffin. Of course that sample will be stolen later, but Steve was clever enough to keep half of it to himself.


Chin and Steve interview the victim’s brother and his wife. Well, if you saw the promo you already knew that he would be taken down by Steve later.

Why the heck can’t CBS promote the show without giving everything away?

This time they even showed the take down, and in the sneak they gave away the subplot of Steve’s investigation into the Cambodia matter.

I am still miffed at them for not being able to keep MB’s departure under wraps until 4.21 aired; and thought about all the spoilers they gave over the course of the last few years. From showing the complete guest appearances in the sneaks, to giving away important plot points. 


Next they arrest a former class mate; the struggling magician, oh, excuse me, illusionist. Those were actually funny scenes.



But did any of you think he had anything to do with it? Well, I didn’t. And the cuff thing in the blue room was not funny at all. Sorry, but I thought it was just stupid.


Some very nice scenes between Jerry and Cath. At least she had some interaction with somebody on the show. Guess it was her job to run all the errands during this episode. I’m not saying that was not important, but I’m still missing the interaction. Ever since Kono has been back full time, the team fell apart in my eyes. There is no team spirit there. During the time Kono had not been there, the three boys worked like a well oiled machine. With Grover and Cath thrown in it was perfect. They were a perfectly in-sync team.

When Kono came back all that flew out the window. And that is actually understandable. A team member had been gone for many months, so the rest of the team developed a new dynamic. And when that team member comes back, it just doesn’t fit anymore.

I know what you are going to say, I feel like that because I don’t like Kono. NO, that’s not it. I might not like her because I think she simply doesn’t serve a purpose on Five-0, but I don’t hate her either. I just don’t really care about her. But when she wasn’t there I think the team worked better. It was smooth and rounded. Since she’s back it isn’t anymore.

I was actually looking forward to her and Cath working together, but the show missed that great opportunity to give us two women who could have been awesome together.

Anyway, I truly feel that since after 4.12 there is no Ohana feeling at all. They are five individuals working in the same department. And that actually makes me sad. 


I loved bad ass Steve. People should know by now that Steve is like a doggie with a bone; he will not stop. How cool would it have been if the CIA guy would have taken the gun and shot him? LOL



So, Chin and Kono found out that the victim might have had a reason to disappear 25 years ago. Now they only needed to find out what her departure had to do with the surfer dude’s disappearance.


Interesting, why did the ex-boyfriend get beaten up? That was an interesting turn in the story. Their first suspect was now also a victim.


And finally they found out why Laura even came to Hawaii. To get something out of the time capsule. And with that the toy rocket made its appearance. I thought that was a neat way to use that hint.


Now it all became pretty clear what had happened all those years back. They covered up Laura’s friend’s death. Buried his body in the garden.


Seriously? He should have finished off Danny, or at least take his gun. Even though Danny was pretty stupid to get caught like that. But since we already knew from the promo the baddie would be taken out by Steve in a minute.




I had to laugh at beat up guy’s stupidity. Really? ‘I have a life’? Yeah, Corey and Laura also had a life. Whiny criminals are really the worst. If he had owned up to what he had done 25 years ago a lot of people would still have a life.


It was nice that Kono went to tell the mother what had happened to her son. She finally could get closure. But why the heck did we need that in slow motion?


Chin Ho Kelly – most dependable. I loved that. I liked seeing them all together having dinner and taking a look at the year book. That was a nice ending to the case.


Well, Steve, what did you expect? That you (we) would get any answers? Dream on.


So, what did I think of this episode? Well, actually I don’t have that much to say about it. It was OK for me, but nothing more. There were no highlights in it. A pretty run of the mill episode.

Nothing that stood out in any way. Not too bad, but not too good either.



All screen-shots were done by me. Credit for promo pics to CBS and Global. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously.

12 thoughts on “Checks Five-0h 4.18

  1. My reply is going to be very short.

    I found no interest in this episode. I’m allergic to the core 4 and seeing them so often when Cath was always alone and looking so sad made me angry while watching it.
    After this episode I know I won’t have any regret to not watch season 5. It’s kinda sad knowing H50 is supposed to be my favorite show 😦


    • Sorry to hear that you are giving up on the show completely.
      As long as Steve will be in it, and I can agree on how he’s portrayed, I’m in. But I truly hope we will see lots of Grover and Steve next season. Just the four of them is simply boring.
      H50 is still my favorite show, and the only show I never ever miss an episode of. Huh, that is not true, I took my time to watch the ones without Steve from season 2. They lacked in drive and were simply… let’s not talk about that right now. 😉
      But other than that I was always counting the days to the next episode, and in a way I still do. I’m working hard on finding my way back to love the show again. I want to, but I’m still angry that they took a huge part of my enjoyment out of it.
      I’m willing to give them the chance to prove that they can pull it off. I’m willing to watch and see, so to speak.
      And I will watch season 5. We have a few months to calm down and adapt to the new situation. It won’t change what I feel right now, but I will learn to live with it. I owe that to the show that entertained me for so long on a very high level. I will not abandon it because it disappointed me this time. Even though it was a harsh disappointment.
      But I can understand and respect if you are not willing to do that.


  2. I think neither Kono or Catherine was been consistently well used this season, which is a shame, because I really like both characters. And I would have loved to see the two of them pair up. Maybe poke a little fun at the guys.

    I’m having real trouble buying that Catherine’s send off was two years in the works. Things were going so well and then it’s like the writer’s forgot the first part of the season. It makes me feel like there is something going on off camera. I don’t want to speculate about what, but none of this feels organic.

    I had fairly low expectations for this episode because the voted on elements seemed so outlandish to me. However, the writers did a better job than I might have expected (so maybe the voting wasn’t real). But I cringed when I heard the stiletto was a murder weapon and it didn’t end up being horrible. The whole thing good have read like a really bad “choose your own adventure” book and it didn’t.

    I liked that Chin’s age was plausible for DDK. Plus, it actually has Chin and Steve not being in high school at the same time. Although, I think it might have Chin being a little young to be going to Steve’s games with John McGarrett, but I guess if he had gone to the police academy right out of high school it works.

    I absolutely like Steve’s hair a little longer with a touch of gray. I hope that stays. He’s a guy in his mid-30s, let him look like a guy in his mid-30s. An insanely fit, hot guy in his mid-30s, but still a guy in his mid-30s. Let him be that.


    • Well, I’m not going to speculate on why Cath was written out of Five-0, but I don’t believe it had been in the works for two years. Too many RL events happened during that period of time. From pregnancy, over illness to taking time off to do other things. In my opinion she filled in a void and now when she’s no longer needed gets tossed aside. BUT that is my opinion, and I guess we will never know what the reason was or when it was planned.
      All we can do is take it or leave it.
      About Chin being at Steve’s games. I think that makes perfect sense. Steve was only 12 when Chin left HS, plenty of time to become a rookie and tagging along with John McG. So, I think for once they have the timeline right. 😉
      I SO wish they would allow the natural hair to show. It looks so great and natural. Why can’t Steve have gray in his hair? That is just stupid.
      And yes, the two girls would have been great together. Too bad the writers didn’t use the potential they had on their hands.


  3. I had no hopes for this episode but I’m surprised to say that I really liked it. So I voted for good.
    I simply love it, when they show the different layers of Steve. Alex/Steve is the main reason I watch this show, so my focus is mainly on him. We had a little bit SEAL Steve, BAMF Steve, FunnySteve (the ‘frisking’ scene with the illusionist was hilarious) and of course focused, determined Steve. Harrr. I love that. 😉
    And I loved the opening scene with Chin and Jerry, those two where great, funny and emotional.
    The COTW was interesting because it was personal for Jerry and Chin and tied in well.
    There’s always a but, isn’t it? 😉
    Danny going to Cambodia with Steve? Seriously? Sorry, but that is simply ridiculous. I get that, when Scott Caan is on the set for once, they have to ‘use’ him. But Danny is a cop from NJ for god’s sake, not a trained SEAL. And traipsing through a jungle with a machete does not make him one. If they would run into trouble – and there was a reasonable chance – Danny would be a liability. And the maze incident proved it… 😉


    • I’m totally with you on the Danny in Cambodia thing. That was just laughable. And I highly doubt Steve would take a liabilty on his trip. If he didn’t want or shouldn’t go alone he would take Chin, Cath or Joe with him. In this case actually Joe would have been the logical choice. No matter who, for sure not Danny.


  4. I don’t believe Catherine’s leaving was 2 years in the making either. Whatever the circumstances that led up to it, we’ll never be privy to. Her storyline has been inconsistent – not her fault. But handling yourself professionally and with decorum on public venues was her responsibility.

    I wasn’t expecting much but was pleasantly surprised at how well done the episode was. Kudos to the writers/directors for doing a good job with the props they were given. Chin looked ooohhhh soooo good in that Armani suit! And Jerry cleaned up nicely too! Poor Jerry, I was really rooting for him to get the girl, maybe next time.

    What I enjoyed the most was seeing a return of BAMF Steve. He’s been MIA and even Danny commented it was good to have him back! Hope he’s here to stay!


  5. Well, first of all, I won’t jump on that “2 years planned” train. Just because we’ve discussed it many times on many places before 😉
    Let’s just concentrate on the episode. It was GOOD. Nothing more, nothing less. Just good. With few entertaining scenes. Like Kamekona in the helicopter. Steve needed some help, he can’t call Cath anymore. No satellite this time 😉 I enjoyed Steve in Cambodia. I dunno what he was talking about, if he was talking. Because I was too distracted by his wardrobe *still sigh and thud* I want more of this!!!!
    The Highschool Reunion.. Chin and Jerry dressed up. Nice. Oh, I wanted to say, show, please put Cath in clothes that fits her… But hey, they don’t care anymore, right??
    If we’re talking about “don’t care anymore” I don’t care anymore of Doris/Wo Fat. I really wish Steve gets answers to his questions. He’s been to a lot of stuff… I really want this to come to an end.


    • Did Steve say anything in Cambodia?? LOL! I don’t know either – his face and his hair – gray peeking thru w/a hint of a curl!!! had me mesmerized!! I love, love, love Steve in cargo pants – that’s one thing I’d wish they’d bring back. And that scarf was just killer on him! Danny could use a change in wardrobe too – his button downs are getting boring!

      I can’t stand the Doris/Wo Fat angle anymore either. I can’t stand mom, she should have stayed dead – ridiculous storyline. Seriously, how much misery can Steve have in his life. Even WoFat alone is getting annoying – but he does bring the BAMF in Steve which is always a very good thing!

      Last week my local news reported a story about a woman severely injuring (or even killed – don’t remember which) her husband/lover w/a stiletto heel. I was wondering if she was a 5-0 fan! Truth is definitely stranger than fiction!

      The storyline was cute – esp. the drunk lady fawning all over Chin – hey she has good taste. All-in-all an entertaining hour. Bring on season 5!


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