Spoilers for 4.21

Well, actually no real spoilers. I mean we have all have heard that Steve gets injured and has to make a ‘heartbreaking’ decision. 😉

So, these pics from Peter Lenkov on Instagram are really not giving anything away.

PL instagram 421 01

PL instagram 421 02

PL instagram 421 03

10 thoughts on “Spoilers for 4.21

    • Just like you said, I can’t fathom a reason that doesn’t involve her death, why she wouldn’t go back with him. That I’m actually curious about, but honestly I’m not holding my breath that I will be satisfied with it.

      And no, these pictures aren’t giving anything away. Unless you count the fact that we have to deal with Danny instead of Catherine. Darn it.


  1. Well, I am still at a loss as to how they will deal with Cath’s “departure”. No matter what will happen, it will stick with me for a long time. But I will hold of judgement till after the episode aired.
    However we definitely know that we will finally get some hurt Steve and that is long overdue. In his line of duty no matter while with 5-0 or in the military he was/is exposed to so many threats and often walks a thin line and it bugged me a lot how he got away unscathed pretty much all the time.
    Tonight new pics surfaced of an injured Steve being carried away on a stretcher by armed forces. It looks like a rescue mission.
    This episode will walk a thin line. It’s either mind blowing or epic fail. I’m hoping for the first!


    • Steve didn’t get away unscathed from his military career. He has two Purple Hearts. Just because we don’t know the story behind those doesn’t mean he got away with just a paper cut.
      Don’t look at me like that, I’m all for more hurt Steve, but I think the rate on Five-0 is not that bad actually.

      Mind blowing or epic fail. I’m pretty sure this will be mind blowing, and I’m not sure I like that. LOL Want to stay mad, you know.

      What greatly disturbs me seeing this pictures, especially the one with Danny, is, well that it is Danny and not Catherine. Who is going to worry about him now? It gave his character so much more, knowing that there was a real partner worrying about him. Who will comfort him now? That makes me so mad.
      I already gave Cokie my take on the most likely scenario, and it’s total BS.

      „When will she be back?“

      „I don’t know, Danny,“ Steve said for what he felt the umpteenth time.

      “Why the hell don’t you know?”

      “I have told you before, we didn’t separate,” Steve answered and ignored the grumbling he heard from his partner. “Cath went back to the Navy full time. She thought she was done with it, but obviously she wasn’t. We are just going back to what we had before.”

      “Friends with benefits?”

      “We’ve never been that. No, to a long distance relationship. We are still together, just not… together… it’s complicated.”

      “Uh huh.”


      • Ha, yes, I can see you still want to be mad – lol.
        Honestly, I hear you!
        But I am NOT giving up on my favorite show. So I guess we have to deal with whatever comes. Let’s hope Peter and team better had some good ideas. Otherwise… sigh!
        I absolutely second that it should be Cath besides Steve’s hospital bed, not Danny. But it looks like they are trying to rebuild the “brothers” bond (was it ever there??!) somehow.

        And no, I disagree about Steve being hurt. Yes, we know about his Purple Hearts (well, forgive me, but the average viewer probably doesn’t – lol!), but have no mention of what kind of injures happened to him during his military career. And during his time with 5-0 everything happening to him was minor (everyone else was in hospital, actually in a bed – even Max) .
        Forgive me, (especially!) after reading your stories I am a sucker for hurt/comfort and think our man gets away too easy. Take this as a compliment for your stories 🙂
        The pictures I saw tonight were promising though…

        BUT – I understand that you are still mad – did I mention that? 🙂
        I MISS Cath already…


  2. We can still like what we see and stay ‘mad’. There is so much that I want on the show and know I will never see. I guess that’s why I write and read ff.

    As I keep having to remind myself… patience… 🙂


    • Such conflicting feels! Arghhhhh!

      I do (with one annoyance) like what I see in these pictures. And I feel like such a traitor saying that. And I agree…It’s either going to be mind blowing or an epic fail, but even if I don’t have it in me to trust the EP right now, I trust that Alex and Michelle will rock it. And I trust Jeffrey Hunt to direct it… So, I’ll deal with having that right now.


  3. I’ve lost a bit of faith in the writers of 5-0… Danno is not the same anymore, he annoys me rather than sound funny in his rants, the Kono/Adam story line was rubbish the whole of this season, the Shelbourne thing is so OLD and no-one gives a damn anymore since it was so poorly exploited, and Steve/Cath is even weirder-why build up so much couple moments and emotions to make it fall flat??? To me the writers have lost their touch and are completely out of sync with too many star actors in guest appearances, it’s getting messy and confusing. having been a keen fan from day 1, I don’t even care about the coming episodes and not sure if I’ll still be tuned in next season… Shame the actors are pretty good, wish they were given better material…


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