Mourning a loss

I guess everyone by now knows that Michelle Borth a.k.a. Catherine Rollins will not be back for the fifth season of Hawaii Five-0.

I’m not normally one to jump to any conclusions, and that is why I was very reluctant to agree to the rumors that she would leave. Even though it has been obvious for weeks now that something was not right in paradise. Call it denial if you want, but I call it common sense.



Why on earth would you build up a mature, realistic relationship, let them live together, and make a person a regular on the show, just to change course halfway through the season? That doesn’t make any sense to me. So, I gave them (the EPs) the benefit of the doubt that this was just a ruse, and nothing more than a rumor blown out of proportion.

I was wrong. They really kicked her out. And that pisses me off.

Not because Cath will no longer be there. That a character gets killed or leaves happens in real life all the time, I can live with that. With the dramatic effect and all.

It is because of how the second half of the season is progressing. That is what pisses me off to no end. That the EP wants me to believe that the whole first half of season four, actually four and a half seasons were just BS where Cath and Steve are concerned.


They want me to believe they didn’t live together; they want me to believe I imagined all that has happened. I can cite exact quotes directly from script:

“I can’t lose you.”
“I’m really happy right now”
“We’re good, nothing’s gonna change that.”
“You’re not alone in this, I’m right here.”
“I just wanted to make sure you got home okay.”

The list goes on and on. Catherine and Steve lived together, they were happy together, they trusted each other. And now I should believe that never happened? That Steve likes to live alone?


I’m sorry, Mr. EP, but I’m not stupid; I know what I saw. And I didn’t interpret anything into it. It was right there on the screen. Don’t pretend it was never there. Even your actors knew it was there.

You know what I could have easily lived with? They kept up what they were building over the last four years. A loving and wonderful subtle relationship. Where both of them were loyal and faithful to the other. And then boom, she gets killed.

Don’t yell at me! That is how life happens. You walk around the corner and will never see your loved one alive ever again. It sucks, but that is life. And I would have been fine with it.

Yes, I would have bawled my eyes out, but I could have accepted that as a fact of life.

What I would even have loved about it would be the devastation it would have caused for Steve. Those would have been some great scenes for Alex to sink his teeth into. Now I’m very worried that her death, or departure, will be pretty much swept under the rug, just like every other death of a female on Five-0.

And I will be even more pissed if Cath is not killed off, as strange as it sounds, but will just leave. Because that would be the ultimate betrayal by the show. Trying to make me believe Cath would just leave Steve, or vice versa. That would be just ridiculous. I can’t imagine a scenario where that would be a plausible explanation. The EP just said on twitter that Catherine doesn’t die.

Sorry, but I simply can’t see any scenario where she would part ways with Steve. Or where he would leave her behind.

MB421 07

I know we have no idea how they will handle her exit, but judging by the development of the relationship from the last few episodes, it can’t be good.

This blog was always and will always be for more than just stating facts or bringing you some news about Alex or the show. This was always about expressing opinions. And every opinion is very welcomed here…As long as you’re able to express your opinion in a respectful manner. I will not tolerate any flaming or hate expressed toward any real person. Not the EP, who surely has his reasons for what he’s doing even though I can’t understand them, or against any actresses or actors. No name calling will be tolerated here. Do not spread the hate in any direction.

I have always been very candid about my view of the characters, but I draw the line at the people behind the characters. I surely have my opinions about the one or other of them, particularly one of them, but that is nothing I would ever discuss on a public forum.

Because, frankly, we don’t know any of them. We only know the characters they portray. And I’m willing to love, hate, flame and praise all of them.


I am not happy about this development the show is taking, and I’m surely pissed about how it is being handled. But I am a fan of the show, and I will keep supporting it as long as Alex is in it, and I can at least agree on what is happening with Steve. If they screw him up, then I’m out of here. But that hasn’t happened yet.

Bottom line at this moment, I will wait and see what’s going to happen. But I just had to voice my displeasure.
. . . Sam

Well, Sam summed up everything quite nicely above, so I will just add a short note. We have just learned that Cath doesn’t die. I’m glad for that… with a huge caveat. Whatever happens in this episode should be something major in Steve’s life. I hope this isn’t downplayed as a spat between lovers and they go their separate ways. I just can’t see that.

But, after my pissy mood yesterday, I have decided to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and wait to see what happens. This is my favorite TV show and I *want* desperately to still like what is going on. I don’t want Hawaii Five-0 to become just another show that I watch. I have anxiously awaited every episode for four years and I want to continue that excitement. I will be very sad if I can’t do that.
So… shows and characters change and grow. Let’s see what this change holds for Steve and his friends. We may be pleasantly surprised.
Well… I can always hope. 🙂
. . . Cokie

Thank you. Couldn’t have said it any better. Perfect.
. . . Sam

22 thoughts on “Mourning a loss

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I love every word of what you both have said. There is a whole lot of “stages of grief” raging through me… I have lots of thoughts running through my head. I’ll try to be concise….

    I’ve loved Steve and Cath’s relationship from the minute I saw it (no, really – it’s documented over on H50Sardonic, LOL) and I saw a real, adult relationship between two career military people. The stressful careers of a SEAL and a deployed NI officer, who made time for one another during those fleeting moments when their schedules allowed. The relationship that put a smile on their weary faces when they got a phone call – even if it was for a favor. When it started to progress from that distance relationship to a close proximity one, I was thrilled.

    Taking a moment here to clarify – I didn’t want or need to see this ALL THE TIME on show. Not at all. I like how Sam said it was a “Subtle” relationship… because that’s exactly how I saw it. I think if you add up all of the moments over the four years, they don’t equate to the length of time it takes for 2 episodes (because 3.20 takes up a lot of together time). I was fine with that… but I am not fine with what we’ve been getting lately. Which is complete indifference. If they wanted me to really care about Steve’s heartbreaking decision, they need to make me keep believing that there is a relationship.

    Death versus not…. oh, how I am torn. Death would be so awful, but if they could … or would… allow Steve to actually react to that loss going forward, that would be amazing. But my greatest fear would be that he would get over it before the beginning of the next episode, a la Chin/Malia… and we’d never see it.

    However, if Cath doesn’t die… wow. Like you, Sam, I just don’t see that happening. I … just don’t? I think that Catherine, now that she is not in the Navy, with chances of being deployed… and with everything that Steve is going through and the danger he faces, I don’t see her being able to not be around for him now. She’s too much of a take-control type of person to leave that in someone else’s hands.

    I just don’t get it. Maybe it will all be explained well… but like I’ve been saying to anyone who will listen, recent past experience leaves me with very little trust in TPTB. But… I’ll be watching.


    • Love your comment. Don’t be brief. Ever. LOL

      Death would give this closure at some point. I just don’t see how this relationship can end without Catherine dying. But as I said, I’m willing to be surprised.
      Still doesn’t change the fact that they are rewriting history. That is not right, and I will not be quiet about that.


  2. Well said (as usual) – I absolutely agree 100% with everything you wrote. I too, can’t understand what could possibly have Catherine leaving Steve and really hope the storyline won’t disrespect the characters and the relationship they’ve built. As much as I want Catherine’s character to remain on the show I want the story to honor their relationship – both as the closest of friends and also as two people in love. You’re absolutely right that killing off the character would allow them to show Steve’s grief and of course Alex would shine in those scenes.

    The optimist in me wants to believe they found a way to separate them but still keep the relationship going. But how? If she’s a hostage somewhere Steve would want to find her, negotiate her release, and I can’t see the writers investing much time in that storyline because it leaves the rest of the team out. Maybe there’s a job? Something vital and important – where she’s willing to live a half a world away so she can make a real difference? But then why have her quit the navy at all… Sigh – I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    I have no intentions of not watching the show because I was a fan before Catherine came to Hawaii permanently (although the eps where MB guest-starred were some of favs) and I think the show can still be great as long as they pay tribute to Steve and Carherine’s relationship rather than just expecting the fans to believe we imagined the whole thing.


  3. For whatever the reason tptb decided to do away with Catherine’s character. Truthfully, I liked her much better when she was recurring. When they made her a regular something happened, she no longer seemed happy. Everything about her became forced and stilted, her posture, her demeanor, even her acting. Like you, I don’t know any of them but from all appearances even the reactions of the cast changed toward her. The chemistry disappeared. There was a major disconnect. We can’t keep blaming the writers, they write the words, it’s the actors job to bring the words to life. Maybe this time the fault lies with her. When someone is unhappy is becomes evident in everything they do and say. Change is good. Hopefully this is a change for the better for her. I wish her well in her future endeavors.


    • I agree with you from ep 4.12 onward. But before that, it was perfect. She played her part perfectly, and I felt a real connection between the two. And then something happened, and everything changed.

      I think she filled in the void for the two missing team members perfectly, and it just feels like she’s now being tossed away. And that is not fair to the story, to Steve and her, to us viewers and not fair to the actress.

      Her departure is simply handled badly by tptb, and that is really a shame. MB and we deserved better.


  4. Sam – very valid points. We’ll never know. Let’s see how her departure is handled first. Hopefully, they’ll handle it well and do justice to all involved, actors and fans, and give closure. I honestly never envisioned them settling down, marrying, having kids. It’s a crime procedural and I think the show would have stood to loose to much had it taken on a soap-opera feel.


    • I don’t think those two ever were soap opera material. They were by far not at a point to settle down with two point five kids and a dog in the back yard. What they had was enough and they could have kept it like that or even tuned down more, with just glimpses of their life at home, for the rest of the time the show will be on the air. I didn’t ask for more.


      • Ahh, maybe what we think is enough, isn’t. TPTB envisioned something totally different and are taking the show in that direction. All we can do is sit back, relax and enjoy. I’m looking forward to seeing what they have in store for us!


  5. Thanks Sam and Cokie for your thoughts. Not that much to add, don’t want to start another rant 🙂
    I loved the chemistry between Steve so much. But yes, all of a sudden there was a break and not only did I feel confused, I felt being played with the “fact” that they don’t live together.
    I just saw on twitter that Peter responded to a few questions and confirmed that Steve does love Cath – whew…
    But, interestingly he pointed out storyline was crafted 2 years ago and writers worked around it/with it to this point (obviously Cath’s departure). Don’t know what to make of this…
    Sadly we know for a fact that Michelle had issues with social media and a lot of people. Unless someone comes forward we will not know wether she left on her own terms or was “asked” to leave. Does not really correspond with Peters info IMO.
    Anyways, I came for Alex and out of curiosity as to how the remake of a classic show would turn out. Though sad, I am here to stay!
    If -and gosh I hope so!!!- handled cleverly, Cath’s exit could be a great chance for Alex to once again shine with his acting. But I am honestly at a loss as to how the writers will pull this off.
    Peter asked us to trust. I am willing to to so and keep my fingers crossed to not be disappointed.
    Oh, this did turn out longer then I thought 🙂


  6. ok, this is Cokie. Sam, I swear I logged in… be patient with me. 🙂 I agree with Sunny that this change of character may give us a ‘new’ Steve and I am anxious to see where this is headed. Yesterday I said I hated everything about this idea. Today I have calmed down enough to say that I’m willing to see where it leads. While I am still sad at the end of a relationship, I want to see what Steve’s future holds. And to do that, I will have to be patient and wait.


      • hot dang, I got that little avatar up there! I do detect a tad bit of sarcasm in the “patient” comment. 🙂 And Sunny, we need to laugh. Crying would only depress us and give us headaches and blotchy faces. My grandma used to say “you can’t cry over spilled milk” and I guess our bucket of milk got turned upside down! But stand together, and we can all survive.


  7. Sam and Cokie

    I always enjoy your posts and I have to say I couldn’t agree with you more.
    I LOVE this show, love Alex and all the Core 4 – and while I’ve always liked Cath and Steve together, I actually enjoy the Steve and Danny friendship even more.

    I’m going to reserve judgement on this move because we will never know everything (nor should we) as to why Michelle is leaving the show. I thank her for the entertainment she provided and wish her nothing but the best.

    I agree with you that IF she is gone for good, I wish they would kill the character off. Alex absolutely shines in emotional scenes and Cath’s death would provide us with some amazing episodes, but it doesn’t sound like that’s what’s going to happen………… so we’ll have to wait, see………. and then comment.

    I also trust that Peter, more than anyone else wants to do what’s right for the show and although I’ve not liked ‘everything’ he’s done (that would be unrealistic!) he has given me (us) a show for four+ years (and hopefully for many more) that I simply cannot wait to watch week after week!

    Thank you so much for proving your wonderful site and your take on things every week, I thoroughly enjoy it.

    (on a personal note —- I think you have checked out some of my 5-0 fanfic stories (I post as SEALteamsteve on — I love this show and have faith that Peter Lenkov, the writers and the brilliant actors will do what’s right for the show, even if we may not always agree!

    Again – Thank You for this site and for helping give fans like us a voice!



    • Thanks for your thoughts Sheri!
      After sleeping another night on this topic I am more relaxed now. Though still very sad, I am cruious as to where Peter and team will take us.
      But I hope they better have a damn good reason why they don’t kill Cath off but “just” let her go.
      I have always trusted Peter and the team has given US a show I absolutely love -a few exceptions.
      Overall entertainment on a high level. I hope it will stay that way. I am willing to wait with my judgement till after 4.21. It seems to be kind of a mile marker…

      P.S. I really enjoy your stories.


  8. I think it’s the shock and awe effect and then the reaction. There have been a few shows, remember MASH and more recently The Good Wife where a very key character leaves. In these cases they died and MASH continued very successfully. TGW will be a wait and see. H50 will be a wait and see. What they do with Steve will determine the success or failure of the show. And we don’t know, maybe Michelle quit on her own. We can’t assume she was cut by EP.

    We have passion because we care. Great discussions.


    • My complaint is not really about Catherine leaving, even though I AM very sad about that. And I think it’s a wrong move, but that is not the point. People come and go all the time. No, I’m complaining about the complete face-about after the first half of the season. How they now want us to believe what we saw was not really there.
      And that this was planned two years ago. Please! They knew two years ago that GP would get her super secret baby and that they needed someone to fill in? Two years ago Cath was only a blip on the horizon and it was never even talked about her coming back to Hawaii.
      When they started filming this season even Alex was convinced this relationship was going somewhere and that they lived together.
      I thought it would have been better if this news didn’t get out before 4.21. I liked how they did it on TGW, that nobody knew about it, and I loved how they handled it on MASH. I was devastated when he died on his flight home. I think it was the first time I cried in front of a TV.

      I agree with you, it all depends on how they handle Steve on the show. After all, this show is about Steve McG. Often people forget that and demand more time for the other characters. Sorry, but thankfully this is McG’s show.

      Thanks for stopping by and voicing your opinion.


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