Checks Five-0h 4.17

FI 417

So, did this episode live up to the expectations we had from seeing all the BTS pics and stuff? Well, let’s find out. 

4.17 Ma lalo o ka ‘ili translated by CBS to Beneath The Surface

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As much as I wanted to see what was going on with Jerry at Steve’s house, just as much did I dread the idea of even more time spent with Clara and now her husband too. That was a part I was not looking forward to at all.

But let’s start with the crime of the week, which I think was rather good. Even though I had figured it out pretty soon, long before Five-0. Something just didn’t seem right about it. But that is the advantage of seeing the actual crime, something Five-0 was not privy to. Even though the beginning was not the actual crime in this episode.  

Which brings me to my first question. We now know that she was the instigator of the whole scenario. So, why did she keep acting while no one was watching? Sure, it was for the viewer’s benefit, but in hindsight it doesn’t make much sense.


OK, here’s the deal. I will get all the Williams’ family stuff that actually involves Clara or the two seconds her husband was onscreen out of the way.

This storyline was, in my opinion, a total waste of time. Utterly and completely useless, horribly miscast, badly written, completely stupid solution… just ugh. What the heck were they even doing on Five-0? They had no meaning, no nothing. That was the worst spent time and money I’ve ever seen on Five-0.

So, please pack your bag and never ever come back.


Fine, these next few scenes don’t serve any real purpose, but do I care? Nope, not really.

I guess Jerry is a better house-guest than Danny was, at least he makes dinner and now breakfast. But Steve wants him out of the house anyway.



Hold on, wait, what? Steve likes to live alone? Did I miss something? I was under the strong impression that he lived with Catherine under one roof. I know there already was a huge discussion on social media about this, and Peter Lenkov tweeted they do not live together. I’m sorry, if they wanted to portray that they didn’t, the writers did a piss poor job of doing that. They lived together.

There was never any indication in season 4 that Catherine even still has another place than Steve’s to stay. In 4.04 Steve even said ‘I just wanted to make sure you got home OK’, after her first day on the new job. You don’t say home if your partner doesn’t live there.

This is not about the fact if she actually lives there or not, but the fact that the writers made us believe for ten episodes that she did. That they were in a really good place in their relationship. And then suddenly they forgot all about it and say something totally differently without any kind of explanation.

I’m sorry, but that is very bad writing. Any editor would call them out on this. You can’t half way through the season pretend something never happened. Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot, this is Five-0 we’re talking about. Sure they can.

You know, that really is something that is getting on my nerves. They want us to invest in the characters, they built them up, and we are interested in what is going on with them, and then they are throwing everything that did happen out the window and think we won’t even notice.

Hell, even the actors thought they were living together.

But as I talked to Cokie about it, and told her about the stupidity of men in general (every man reading this of course is the exception) and male writers in particular, I think they believe their writing is how couples act. They don’t think about behavior like we do. They might actually not even realize how badly they were handling the absence of Catherine due to MB’s contract of only 17 episodes. The main problem is that she came in to fill in the void of GP and SC not being there during the beginning of season 4. Just like Chi McBride did. And the writers did a fabulous job with that. At least in my opinion; I never missed Danny or Kono. A lot of other interesting stuff was going on.

Now, with them being back it feels like the others are just thrown out because they are not needed anymore. That is not fair to the storyline, to the actors or to the viewers. It is disrespectful, and frankly it takes a lot of the fun out of the show.

I still hope they are having something up their sleeves and this is all planned, but truthfully, I doubt it.

I don’t want to ‘dictate’ any direction a show should take. In no way. I’m always happy to follow were a show takes me. BUT I don’t want to be duped to believe in something, to invest my time and energy in something, and then halfway through it is ignored like it never happened. If they want to change course, that is fine with me (even though I strongly believe getting rid of Cath would be a huge mistake), but I want to be able to follow the logic of it.

What’s happening now doesn’t make any sense.


So, let me get this straight, Danny complains about the price for the day at the spa, but ships in all the stuff for the dinner without any problem? Again, I’m asking you, were did he get all the money from for his nice house and all the other stuff? I’m telling you, IA should investigate him. OR should let the writers know what living in Hawaii costs. 😉


And now we learn the outcome of the fight from the beginning. The dad is dead, and the daughter missing.

Welcome to the show, Chin, Kono and Max.


Since when does Duke call Steve Commander? I only remember him always calling him Steve, even on crime scenes. Glad to see Duke again, but this felt strange.


It would have been too easy if that guy had anything to do with it. By the way, we saw BTS pics of something like this over year ago, but they never used any scenes with this cool technology.

After this visit we at least knew Tommy was most likely involved. For me it was clear that they did this together. Question was why she would want to kill her father. That there was still a twist to come was very refreshing.


Can someone please tell me why Cath is still wearing the same clothes as in last week’s episode? OH, I forgot, since she’s not at Steve’s place anymore, she lives out of her tiny car. Speaking of tiny, why are her clothes shrinking? They are even tighter than Danny’s shirts, and that is saying something. Please, wardrobe, can’t you give the women some decent clothing? Is that really so hard?

Steve doesn't look amused and Chin already checked out.

Steve doesn’t look amused and Chin already checked out.


So, Chin and Cath gave Steve and his new best buddy some alone time. I actually really enjoyed these scene. These scenes at the smart table and then with Jerry were the only ones that felt ‘normal’ to me. There was some smiling going on. That was the only time I didn’t get a strange vibe off the screen. LOL



What I found most fascinating about all this was how Jerry knew where exactly to look for the hidden message.


So, now after checking the phone logs they found out what most everyone knew already, the two kids knew each other and were most likely in a relationship. I really liked these scene, all of them working together. Okay, no Danny, but maybe he was only working halftime while his mom was there? Who knows.


Now the case was getting interesting and we got our first car chase, which I thought was really cool. That was a brilliant idea with the airbags. In new model cars the fuel supply to the engine will be blocked after the airbags are deployed to prevent a fire, so there would have been no way for Steve and Chin to keep driving, even though the truck was not heavily damaged.

And I loved to see Chin and Steve working together, they really should do that more often. I just absolutely love it how cool Chin sits in the passenger seat, not like some whiny bitchy other partner we will see later again.

Although I do have a small complaint; they should have gotten at least a little hurt. An airbag in the face is no fun. A nosebleed would almost be a given, also Steve would get heavy bruising on his arms. He held on to the steering wheel during the crash. The airbag is larger than the wheel, so his arms would have been heavily hit by it, and thrown off the wheel. His left arm would have most likely even hit the side window or frame. Whiplash would also be a likely possibility. Chin would have gotten away easier. His airbag is farther away from him, he might not even have hit it. So, they should have been visibly banged up, at least Steve should have been. Well, at least he touched his nose to check for blood. 😉

So, the plot thickens. Why did Tommy use a crow bar if this was planned as they found out from the phone log?

Uhm, Jerry, Russell Crowe is not the first that comes to mind when seeing you and your little chaos in the office. But nice reference. You should watch that movie if you haven’t seen A Beautiful Mind.


Yeah, Steve, seems that your definitions of DL slightly differ. So, does this mean we will learn something about Shelburne or Steve’s mom? To tell the truth, I lost interest in that part of Five-0 looooong ago. I don’t care about that ‘mystery’ at all. Was way too long ago that we learned anything about it. Wait, we actually didn’t learn anything about it at all. So, I don’t have to know who Wo Fat is to Steve or Doris, or whatever.


I’m sorry, but they both look ridiculous. What the heck was it with wardrobe in this episode?


Ha, Danny joins the team again. Welcome back. And welcome back, Catherine. I wish we had more moments like this with all of them together.

Somehow I didn’t believe the story about her father, and that Tommy tried to save her. That just didn’t sound right.



$ 900. Enough to lay low until they can go to the mainland? I’m sorry, but in what fantasy world does he live? That was just stupid. I mean he’s an adult, living on his own, he should know how ‘far’ they would get with nine hundred bucks. Not very far at all. I think from this moment on it was pretty clear that her plan was not to go away with him. I knew right then that she was behind all of it.


And… whiny Danny is back. Jeez, who thinks this is funny in any way? Danny, please just shut up or grow some balls. What the heck is your problem? Maybe he should really consider doing a different job. Maybe selling donuts or something. His constant whining and ranting gets on my nerves. What was this even all about? Does he want Steve to keep inside the speed limit while in pursuit? This was just another example how they write Danny as an idiot.


I love Kono and Cath working together. Now we just need them out in the field. Kicking some ass. Please, show, give us that? Catherine partnering with Kono makes me even like Kono slightly better. 😉 And the two found out what was really going on.


I hoped he would get out of this alive, but that was not gonna happen.


Come on guys, this has to have consequences. The officer in charge, namely McGarrett, told them to hold their fire. The two officers who shot Tommy should be brought up for charges.



I really enjoyed the end of the case in the blue room. That was pretty cool.

So, after the truck is still in the shop, Steve had to get his dad’s old car out again. Nice to see that it is still running.


I really have to laugh about these people. Yeah, it’s a grave but I’m not telling who is in it. As if that would make a difference. Either tell him everything or nothing. All those hints are simply ridiculous. Steve will not stop digging, no matter what. So tell him already. And all those cryptic talking like ‘It’s not my career I’m worried about’ only makes me laugh. That is so… ugh.

So, my verdict for this? Well, I guess I need a new category. Because this episode had something from everything in it. Well, OK, no awesome for me this time. But some stuff was really good, some was okay, some really missed its potential and some was just to forget.

The really good stuff was right in the beginning with Steve and Jerry, and then later again with Steve and Jerry, and with Steve and Chin in the car. And Steve and Kono in the blue room, all of that was really good.

Then we have the okay stuff. Everything with Kono and Cath. That will be awesome if they give these two the chance. Also okay was all of them working together.

Missed its potential was the crime of the week. I really liked the idea behind it, and the girl was okay. But I felt no connection between those two. I simply didn’t buy it that he would fall for her so hard to do all that stuff. They just didn’t sell if for me.

Absolutely and utterly crap were the seven minutes wasted on the Williams clan. I am sorry, but that was such a waste. If you enjoyed it, good for you, but for me, that were the worst seven minutes spend on Five-0. I truly hope to never see her or anyone from New Jersey ever again.

This episode didn’t feel whole. It felt stitched together, and was just not smooth like the others normally are. Something was very off.

Anyway, I was very disappointed with this episode, and even after now watching it again, and taking a really close look, that feeling is still there.

I had episodes that I thought were OK, and really that is not a bad verdict. But this time, I’m afraid I have to give it just two badges. Because in my eyes it missed its potential more than it was OK.

So, there you have it. This was not my episode. Just too many things not adding up.

417 2-badges

All screen-shots were done by me. Credit for promo pics to CBS and Global. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously.


















21 thoughts on “Checks Five-0h 4.17

  1. Sam, I agree with you. The writers need to change their writing. I really liked Danny. But he’s getting more and more stupid and annoying. I don’t know what they are thinking. Maybe that the viewers are totally stupid. Yes, we wanted to have shirtless Steve. But that doesn’t mean, that we’re just using our eyes. Of course, I liked those scenes, but my brain still works *lol* Maybe I should watch H50 without using my brain.
    That shooting… WTF! W T F !!!!! I can’t find words.
    The Shelburne/Doris/Wo Fat story. I’m not interested in it any more. It sucks. Like I said before, I don’t know what the writers are thinking. What they are planning for the next episodes or the next Season. Maybe Joe White is Steve’s dad? Or John McGarrett isn’t dead?
    The clothes of the girls… No further comment here.
    Steve’s clothes… A big smile on my face because of the green shirt!!!! *happy dance*


    • I used to like Danny. But he never evolved past his ranting of season one. On the contrary, it got worse. I would not want to be around a person like Danny. Not for more than a minute. Would you want to have someone like Danny around you? Would you want to work closely with him for many hours a day? I can’t see that anyone really would, not if they are honest about it.
      Who likes to be insulted on a daily basis, called names all the time? Sorry, but that is not how I understand people should treat their friends. That is not how I would even treat my enemies, or how I would want to be treated.

      Green shirt? There was a green shirt? Must be the setting of your screen. LOL


      • I said I liked Danny before…
        Yes it’s a green shirt. Or kinda green. Please don’t destroy my dreams *lol*
        And if it’s not green. It isn’t BLUE. And that makes me happy. 🙂


  2. They wasted a potentially great procedural on “scenes from an Italian restaurant.” Thank heaven Clara and her voice are finally gone. But it looks like we’re in for another dose of mommie dearest. This is another storyline that needs to go away. Forever. It was great seeing Steve working with Chin and Kono and yes, Danny needs to quit his whining. Catherine looked awful, her makeup was terrible – her eyebrows were drawn on crooked, her same outfit from the previous episode. What gives?? The show needs to return to a more procedural feel, more BAMMFness and less soap opera. Here’s hoping s5 will produce.


    • YES, more BAMFness. I’m all for that. 🙂

      Well, I truly like Christine Lathi and Alex together on screen, they are great together. But I really don’t need more lies and ‘mysteries’ about Doris.

      I don’t know what is going on with Cath, but I’m starting to dread 4.21. But as I often said, Peter Lenkov likes to deceive us, so I won’t interpret too much into anything that’s happening.


  3. Clap, clap, clap!! This review is just perfect!!!
    I would have given it 4badges. I found this episode better than 4-16 actually.
    I liked the case but I only understand what was happening at the same time than 5-0. Yes, my brain is slow 😉
    I’m glad we finally saw Cath working with the team because since Kono is back she was as useful as a plant! It was great to see her with Kono and just like you I would love to see them together on the field.
    I’m so glad we saw Steve working with Chin because I’m so tired of the “core 4” (just writing the term…eww) and to always see the same team Kono/Chin and Steve/Danny. Also I think Chin need more screen time because is character is way better than Danny’s.
    The cargument was the same one than the 118 times before so, not really funny anymore.
    Being French I didn’t watch the episode live so I skipped the last scene with the Williams because I totally didn’t care about them, they just took time from the cast and it didn’t really involve Danny. It was such a waste of time!! And I won’t comment about the choice of actress for Mama Williams because I don’t want to be mean and unrespectful but…

    The worst part for me and the one that makes me angry, the “I like to live alone”!!!! Seriously?? Seriously??? I’m so angry thinking of this, they change their mind after the first half of the season? They won’t make me believe they never lived together, the end of 4-04 didn’t feel like two people living in two differents places.
    I have the same feeling about MB only being here to replace GP and it’s so frustrating, I LOVE McRoll since 1-04, I watched them getting closer through the seasons, and in season 4 they seemed so good. I mean we did have “I’m not gonna lose you” or”we’re good nothing’s gonna change that” and now what?? Nothing. I think the McRoll fans aren’t respected, we’re the one always targeted by the fandom and apparently we don’t matter to TPTB either.
    I really hope the show won’t get ride of Cath because it would be the end for me. I don’t think I could still enjoy and respect a show who listen to the haters… again!

    I’m done with my rant, sorry! 🙂


    • No, don’t be sorry. I totally understand and even share your frustration. I’m with you on that.

      Yes, I also believe Chin’s character is more interesting than Danny’s, and I hope for more time for him in season five. Hopefully partnered with Steve.


  4. Thanks!! 🙂
    Yes they are a great team, and Chin knows than in a pursuit you can’t really respect the speed limitation. And of course he’s an adult, not just a grown up person with childish behaviour.
    Actually I can really love Danny… but only in fanfics where he’s brilliantly written! 😉


    • LOL – I often have a problem with Danny in fanfiction as well, because I can often hardly recognize him. Some portray him in a way that I have never ever seen on the show. I don’t like stuff that is totally out of character. Some leeway is OK, I do that myself, but some of the stuff… totally out there. 😉


  5. Yes! You captured everything I was feeling about this episode. The Steve/Catherine inconsistency is driving me nuts. And so is Danny.


  6. “(even though I strongly believe getting rid of Cath would be a huge mistake)” yes i totally agree i like cath i also agree with what you said about how the writers should put Kono and Cath out in the field together, I mean those would be awesome scenes.


  7. Powerful review, a bit harsh but -unfortunately- spot on! I say unfortunately because I, too, had hoped for a much better episode. It really missed its potential.
    Yes, the crime of the week was good, I loved Chin and Steve working together as well as Kono and Steve. Kono has come ways from being a rookie and I am happy to have her back full time.
    Jerry was a nice asset, too.
    But other then that several scenes had me scratching my head. Don’t get me wrong, it was a treat to see swimming Steve, but what was the purpose of that tiny scene? And then Steve telling Jerry he likes to live alone?? Well, it was already covered in your review and the other ones but let me tell you it drove me mad. I first thought it was just an expression and of course he meant “living alone with Cath” and not a permanent house guest (as he did with Danny for a while). But unfortunately Peter’s tweet confirmed the idiotic “logic” of the writers. WTF??? Alex himself thought that Steve and Cath lived together and now that? I am slowly starting to worry. I know MB has only been contracted for 17 episodes and her presence in the last couple epis was just weird, to say the least. But are they trying to break them apart by this move or will they indeed even kill Cath off? I hope not!!! However Michelle’s twitter silence, the official spoiler for 4.21 and Michelle’s first tweet in a long time today (she will not address anything 5-0 related anymore) has me more then concerned….

    I really enjoyed the old Danny, but this season he is just…. need I say more?
    I kinda liked the dinner he organized for his parents, that was sweet and hopefully a nice way to finish off an awful and completely unnecessary story arch. I guess the writers thought they gave us Mum McG so let’s have us meet Mom Danno – urgh!!!
    I don’t even wanna go where he has all the money from. Let’s not even think about the possibilities. I am sticking with Danny renting, pay raise plus maybe some money his dad pitched in (for mom’s special treats) as he was obviously in for quite a while. Other then that I don’t want to waste another minute on the topic Danny’s parents or his suddenly good money situation.

    The only thing where we obvioulsy have different views on is the Wo Fat and Shelburne mystery. Honestly, I still find that storyline intriguing and I am looking forward to seeing what will happen. I am not overly excited about that grave but I want to know why and how Wo Fat became Steve’s nemesis. I’d also like to see CL again, she has a wonderful on-screen chemistry with Alex. Even if she won’t appear again, I’d like to know more about Doris’ past – this all is who made Steve the man he is today! So yes, I do want to know more.

    It looks like we will see more of Steve’s PTSD in upcoming episodes and Peter said that’s a slow evolving story, continuing into season 5. Another tweet that fueled my worries – if, for example, they kill Catherine, of course that would push Steve more and more over the edge. Well, let’s not go there yet.

    Anyways, I still enjoy our show very much and look forward to each and every episode. Here’s to hoping for a better episode next time!


    • I’m trying to be hopeful that they won’t kill Catherine off. I hope not! I think the writers didn’t really think through making someone with a 17 episode contract a permanent part of the team.

      Catherine humanizes Steve, which I really like. He needs to have something else in his life.

      As far as Danny and money goes, I think he was somewhat stubborn about being in Hawaii and didn’t want to put down roots. So his living arrangements were less about money and more about stubbornness. I also suspect having 50%/50% custody of Grace was a factor, he needed better living space and may be paying less in child support (since he provided for her when she is living with him). That’s the story I have in my head at least.


    • I am still hopeful that all this ‘drama’ right now is a ploy by Peter Lenkov. I still won’t believe that they are going to kill off Catherine. That simply can’t happen. I probably will keep watching, but I know I most likely will stop writing fanfiction for it. Without Catherine, where’s the point?

      If Cath would get killed, Steve’s PTSD would not be slowly evolving. That would push him over the edge right away. Cokie even believes he would eat his gun. Not sure about that, but that’s not that far fetched.

      I would love to see CL again, I’m just not interested in her connection to Wo Fat. But Cl and Alex together is a joy to watch.

      Loved your long review. So, does this mean you did get some sleep, finally? 😉


      • Thanks Sam,
        I’m with you – Cath dying would literally kill Steve.
        Let’s hope it won’t come to that. Peter and team must know that -although there are haters- overall Cath has been a great and welcomed addition and I am keeping all fingers crossed that he is just his usual clever self and leading us into all these discussions to keep up our interest is his purpose. Only time will tell…
        You not writing fan fiction anymore?? NOOOO! Don’t even go there, ok? 🙂

        No, I didn’t get much sleep, lol! But I am about to change that NOW! Hugs!!


  8. I know I should have posted this earlier, but just never got in the right frame of mind to do so. First off, the case was fairly interesting. It kept me guessing until the girl asked the kid if he would have killed the clerk. And I knew she planned it all then. I didn’t realize she was a sociopath, but she was quite whacked.

    I have questions about the idiot cop who shot that boy 4 times. Why did he totally disregard Steve? I would have his badge. At least there should be consequences, like you said!

    I absolutely abhor Danny’s mother… her whiny little voice (I now know where Danny gets the whiny-gene), her clothes that looked like she raided her granddaughter’s closet, and just her attitude in general. She can’t get on a plane soon enough. Although I did like her discussion with Danny over why she left his father. She needed more in her relationship and her needs were being ignored. I get that, but oh my, am I glad that is over!

    As for Steve and Cath…. I hate where this is going. Don’t tell me she didn’t live there. And wasn’t she wearing the same clothes in the office that she wore last week? Love what you said about her living out of her car… yeah, there’s no room in that house for both Jerry and Cath. People tend to think that house only has two bedrooms. Come on… look at all those windows upstairs.

    I am very disillusioned and am very unhappy as to where I think this is heading. I hope peter surprises me with something good. But unfortunately, I don’t foresee any “good” in the next few episodes.

    another question… if you rubbed off a corner of the toolbox and found a clue, wouldn’t you clean off the rest to see if there is anything else? And who the hell knows paint color names on tool boxes that were built probably before he was born? That made NO sense to me. Jerry is a smart nutcase, but really?

    And, finally, who the heck is buried in Cambodia? Right now I’m wondering if I really care.

    OK, a day (or a week) late and a dollar short, but there’s my rant!


    • It is never too late for a good rant. 🙂

      I keep telling you this is all a ruse by Peter Lenkov. If I’m wrong you can tell me ‘I told you so’. But I will not be wrong. 😉 Just relax and trust me. LOL

      I know that I’m not interested in who is buried in that grave. I really don’t care about it.

      Week late or not, you are always welcome to rant here.


      • If I am wrong about the “ruse” I will gladly shout from the rooftops just how wrong I was… and how “right” you were. I hope I can do that. I will grovel at your feet. But relax and trust you…. not quite yet. I trust you… it’s Peter who has me worried.


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