Checks Five-0h 4.16

FI 416

It was nice not to have to wait a couple of weeks for a new episode. And we will even be treated with another new one next Friday.

4.16 Hoku Welowelo translated by CBS to Fire In The Sky

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That for sure was a cool teaser before the credits. Even though I wonder where that black ship came from. 😉 And just as I like it, not wasted more than a minute for the introduction of the crime of the week.

Next we saw a few scenes from last year’s episode 3.20 when Cath and Steve were on the mission to retrieve Freddie’s body. Steve’s nightmare was about how his friend had died and gave his life for him.

I think it is really great that they show this side of Steve. Dealing with PTSD in whatever form is a sensible subject and I’m very curious about how far the show will take it.

For me this is the perfect time to start with this. Sure, Steve went through a lot in the last years. And he always seemed fine. Steve is a very strong person, mentally stable person, who has learned to deal with trauma of any kind. But lately the trauma he experienced was not directed at himself but people he cares about. Almost losing Catherine in 4.01 and again in 4.05 I think is what triggered this flare up of any issues Steve might have. So far Steve has always been able to handle all his turmoil and emotions, but at some point something has to give, and Steve is now at that point.

And I love it that the show is brave enough to go there. Show his struggle and how he will deal with it. And I have no doubt that he will deal with it.

About him waking up alone in the living room, well, I think Cath was out of town. She was also not at the crime scene, I guess she flew in later. Which explained why he was alone in the house.

Hawaii 4-16_00_02_18_02_15

I am extremely pleased that Steve called Grover to talk to. He is the perfect choice. I’m sure he also talks to Catherine about things that bother him, but first, she was not there, and hasn’t been for a few weeks. No wonder by the way that he’s not sleeping. And second, I think she’s too close to the problem.

I guess many thought Danny would be the natural choice. But I strongly disagree with that. He is not that kind of friend for it. Steve needs a man who can understand him, doesn’t tell him stupid stuff like it was not his fault. I believe Danny sucks at being a friend like that. As I said in the review last week, Danny is not friend material when it comes to something like this. Steve doesn’t need a ranting lunatic in this situation. And I’m beyond happy that the writers realized that Danny as they have written him, is not the right guy for the job. But Grover is. Their developing friendship is based on mutual respect. It is a very adult relationship, completely different to the friendship with Danny.

So, yeah, I’m jumping for joy that these two had this very important conversation. The first step for Steve in the right direction. This is not to say that Steve will never talk to Danny or Cath about this, but I think his main man will be Grover and maybe even a therapist he might call. And that is something he for sure wouldn’t tell Danny.

Oh, and about rewriting history with the words that Steve jumped in when Five-0 was offered to him? I’m sure all Steve does remember is that one minute he was an officer in the Navy and suddenly he was the head of a task force. He didn’t jump right in on the pier, but he was very spontaneously taking the offer later in the garage. So, I’m sure for Steve it was ‘jumping at the offer’.

And again, like last week, the scenes between Lou and Steve were the highlights of the episode.

Every scene with Grover is a win; he even makes mom Williams bearable. 😉

I hope to deliver bad news was not the only time she mad Danny his favorite sandwich. But learning to know her it probably was. I actually like those scenes, mostly because Grover came along to pick her up.


Danny, I’m sorry, I don’t have much sympathy for you. It’s your own darn fault. Why the heck didn’t he organize something for his mom? It was in his hands for two weeks to organize a tour, safe tour, for her. But no, he told her ‘no can do’. No wonder she went to Steve. Did Danny actually expect Steve to say no?

Okay, I’ll give Danny that a little warning would have been nice, but maybe that was a little payback for the way Danny treated Steve two weeks ago. He had been a real jerk the last time these two talked about their moms. I would actually love for Steve to tell Danny where he can stick his rants. 🙂

Or… maybe Steve was sure Clara would tell her son about her plans.

Whatever the case, I enjoyed this little scene. Oh, and Danny, don’t threaten not to be Steve’s friend any more, he might take you up on that offer. LOL

We don’t really learn a lot from the scenes on the boat, but then Jerry is back. He tells what is most likely going on. And we are introduced to our bad guy, or is she a good guy?

I like Jerry. But he’s a character that is best in small doses, so I truly hope they won’t overdo it. I DON’T need another regular. I don’t want to see him every week.

Next we pay a visit to a real charmer at Naval Intelligence. Wasn’t he just a prince charming? He actually made me think. Steve’s in the reserves, right? So, technically he could get ordered to active duty at any time. I wonder when that will happen on the show? Normally a reservist spends one weekend a months and two weeks a year on duty. And after five years one year on duty. Of course we don’t know what kind of deal Steve actually has with the Navy. But when I saw that Admiral, I asked myself if he could get miffed enough to pull Steve into active duty? Any ideas on Steve’s deal with the Navy?

Aww, Jerry, you still have to learn that Steve doesn’t get intimidated. Not by an Admiral or anyone for that matter. Behavior like that only makes him dig deeper. I thought it was cute how awesome Jerry thought their visit was. Another one for the Steve fan-club. 😉


Should I be worried that I understood what Max was telling them? Nah, probably not. So, Mrs. Williams really got the grand tour. I would love to go on that tour with Grover, or the original organizer of the tour.

I truly enjoyed these scenes. Grover really brought out the best of it. And finally Matt was mentioned. This was the first scene with MG I have nothing much to complain about. Well, her voice, but that is not the character, and I guess she can’t help the voice. So, that is really my problem and not that of the character.;-)

And yeah, Mrs. Williams, a few rules would have been good. Maybe Danny would know some boundaries then and wouldn’t be such a jerk. And maybe your other kids… but that is water under the bridge.



So, not only the Navy is stonewalling, but also NSA and Homeland Security. Well, nobody expected them to cooperate. At this point I wondered where Catherine was and if she couldn’t do anything about it. I mean she must still have some good contacts, right?

And it didn’t take long for her to finally make an appearance. Welcome back, Cath. Even if it was really just in passing in this episode.

She didn’t have any more luck than Steve had. At least Chin had an idea how to find out about the people on the black boat.

Next, our Chinese spy goes after Jerry. But has to learn that he’s not as an easy target as she thought he is. He captures her.


“I frisked her.”

“How many times did you do that?”

I thought that was funny, Danny.

Now comes a lot of blabla about what is going on and they get their next lead.



Meanwhile Chin and Kono are also busy trying to figure out who rented the boat.

While doing so Kono talks to Adam on the phone. I would be really interested why he might have to face charges for Michael’s death, but it was never ever anything mentioned about his kidnapping of a police officer, assault of a police officer, assault of the head of the task force, kidnapping and torturing a guy in his house. I think they act very selectively when it comes to Adam, who suddenly is such a good guy. Yes, I still hope he’s the great criminal master mind. 🙂

Well, Danny, actually I think you should use your brain. Why the heck do the writers make him look like an idiot? The Chinese ‘spy’ gave them a lead. They will only know if that pans out after they check it out. What the heck is Danny’s problem? Of course they need to go and check it out. Isn’t that how police work is done? You get an information and then you check it out. What is wrong with that? Steve never said he believed her; even during this discussion he said he has no idea if it will pan out. I just don’t get what the writers are doing. I thought Danny was supposed to be this great detective? Well, truth be told, I have yet to see that side emerging. This again was a useless and stupid discussion.

Was that supposed to be funny? Shooting like an idiot at anything that moves? I’m sorry, but I couldn’t get any amusement from that.

Hawaii 4-16_00_23_16_09_160

Seemed that the information was solid, even though they were too late to question them. All three guys were already dead. Oh, and by the way, Danny, you want to go and question someone only with SWAT at your back? I think back-up is important, but you can’t take a platoon to every questioning of suspects. I thought this again was overly dramatic. And it took too long for them to come back out, everyone knew nothing would happen in that situation. So that was not a dramatic effect but a waste of time in my eyes.


Now it was Catherine’s time to babysit Jerry. I wonder what she did for the officer in Istanbul.


It didn’t take them long to find out that the bodies were rigged with explosives, so they got the heck out of there and called the bomb squad.


So, now Clara does learn what her son does for a living. Grover brings her along, not to Danny’s amusement. Bomb squad goes in and takes care of the danger. Long scenes without anything really happening.

Well, I would like a Grover signal. Danny, WE have seen him in his undies, I doubt anything he’s going to wear could shock us.


The two boys had another little talk with the Chinese spy and learned a lot more of what was really going on. Well, if I would have been her, I wouldn’t have told them that my finance was the real bad guy either. I believed her. And it seemed that the boys did too. Was convenient that Chin and Kono could add to the story.



In the meantime we wasted a little more screen time with more blabla from Mrs. Williams. I’m sorry, but I just don’t care about this part of the episode. Not even Lou could make this scene any better.


Getting ready for the find the bad guys with the help of the Chines spy. By the way, I think she did a really good job.


When will Steve learn that tying someone to the car never works? Even though it was ridiculous that there was a piece of glass like that. Car glass breaks into tiny tiny non-sharp pieces. I hate it when they do something like that. That actually is a pet peeve of mine. Using a way of escape that is not possible. Not with a brand new car. They all have safety-glass.

Anyway, we had a short shoot-out, a bit of run around with the bad guy ending up dead.

Now what was left was the scene at the hospital, or so we thought.



That was a great twist at the end. Loved it. Of course the admiral was still as charming as ever, but the scenes were pretty cool. Nice job, Steve. And really nice shout out to Catherine.

I guess Steve simply has resigned to the fact that everyone wants to be with him. Now we have Jerry as a guest on the couch. Why the heck didn’t he go to his buddy Chin? I truly hope he doesn’t stay long. Cath, please throw him out soon.

I simply refuse to end this review with another scene at Danny’s house. Two weeks in a row is just too much. Sorry.


So, what did I think about this episode? Well, the case was a lot more interesting than last week, but I still liked last week a little better.

Steve and Grover again were brilliant together, and I love them so much. At the moment for sure the best thing about Hawaii Five-0 for me. At least since there is no Cath and Steve. I hope that will change soon.

I’m still waiting for all of them working together. Out in the field. Like switching partners during the episode. I want them to mix it up, or at least for all of them to be there. I want to see Cath and Kono working together. I want Chin and Steve, I also want Steve and Cath, or Kono and Danny, which I truly enjoyed when they worked together WAY back when. But most of all I just want them all to be on screen. Not for half a minute in passing. The screen is big enough to fit all of them in at once. Maybe they should try that. 😉

I’m almost afraid next week will be the horror. The husband will arrive, and we will waste even more time with them. To make something clear, if you enjoy this part of the episode, I’m happy for you, but I think it is a waste of valuable screen time. Mom Williams coming for a visit didn’t give me anything, and I think there was no purpose of her being there that the show benefits from.

When we saw other family members, from Chin’s side, Kono or Steve’s side, they always contributed to the show itself. Mrs. Williams is just there to visit her son and annoy the hell out of me. Sorry, but I simply don’t see any benefit for the show from her being there.

I’m just really happy that her three episode arc is over soon. And I hope we never have to see her again. Please, Danny, if you want to see your parents, fly to Jersey. Take a vacation, stay four weeks, or how ever long you want. 😉

Despite my ranting just now, I truly enjoyed the episode, and it was a really good one. Not worth five badges but a good four.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit for promo pics to CBS and Global. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

One more thing. I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one.





8 thoughts on “Checks Five-0h 4.16

  1. I like your review 🙂
    That’s all 😉
    And I totally agree with you in some points. Like, what are the writers thinking? And, yes, more screen time for the team! And Jerry. He’s cool, but I don’t need this freaky guy every week 🙂
    Danny’s mom is like Steve’s mom. I don’t need her. She’s annoying. I like Mary 🙂 She’s kinda crazy, but cool. I really hope we get some Mary, Baby Joan and Steve moments soon.


    • Oh, but I really like Steve’s mom. I love CL and Alex working together, they are so good. And I would take Doris over Clara any day. She’s cool and interesting. I hope we will see her again sometime soon.

      Mary? Uhm, no, don’t really like her. He voice is almost as annoying as MG’s. And her behavior? Ugh.


  2. 4 badges? I think you’ve been really nice, I’d give it 2! I’m not sure I’ll watch this episode a second time.

    The only part I really love was the scene with Steve and Grover. It made sense for Steve to talk to him even though I couldn’t help but wonder where was Cath.
    Jerry and his crush on Cath was sweet. Talking about him, since when does he have a phone? In 4-03 he said “I don’t do phones”…
    Grover didn’t make me love Clara, I still don’t care about her and her storyline. I think she had a part way too big for just a guest.
    Danny was more bearable this week but I still like him less and less…
    Chin and Kono were doing their job as always but Cath was almost out of the case. It made me feel as if she wasn’t a part of the team, if I hadn’t see 4-14 and her vest with her name on it I’d thought she was just helping them without being 5-0.
    I laugh really hard at the start of the episode when I saw this black ship that weren’t there 20 seconds before! Did it fall from the sky too??

    So, yeah, I was kinda bored while watching it, for me it wasn’t an unforgettable episode and I’m not really looking for 4-17 knowing Mama AND Papa Williams will be both here.

    It’s so frustrating when I think of the first half of the season that was so good…


    • I was in a good mood for those four badges. LOL I know, I went easy on the ep. But I did enjoy it.

      You’re right, the first half of the season was way better. And I even dare to say way. Less Danny, more Catherine. The stories were just more interesting. To see Cath and Steve was truly great. Now that part is almost completely missing, and I think that is a shame. I hope she will come back. I agree, Cath was the odd girl out in that ep. It was kind of strange.

      But all in all, I really still enjoy this season very much.


      • Exactly!! I miss seeing Cath working with the team and even more with Steve! I feel like she has been used to fill the blank with the absence of Kono and Danny and now that they’re back, she isn’t needed anymore.
        It kinds of scare me about 4-21 to be honest.
        Yes it’s still a good season, the last 2 episodes were my least favorites mostly because of Mama Williams and Cath not being here or almost not here.


  3. Great review, I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said, except that I only gave the episode a “good”. I don’t know, to me it seemed like one of those “throw-away” episodes, except that it’s supposed to be important in McG’s developing PTSD story. I loved seeing SEAL Steve at the end, getting intel from the satellite drive – that was really cool and I wish we could see more of those type of intrigue-based storylines.

    I too loved that Steve went to Grover with his issues, but I do think that history was being conveniently re-written about McG “jumping” at joining 5-0 : but it could actually be the Steve is re-writing his own history there. Maybe in his own head he views that as what happened (like you said – because him leaving the Navy was impulsive). I agree that Danny would NOT be the person to go to with this, beause … yeaah, I’ve not seen any mature friendship from Danny. He’s too high-maintenance.

    I miss Catherine. I HATE HATE that they can’t seem to keep continuity going – not just with Catherine/Steve relationship, but with showing Chin or Kono… it seems to be all or nothing. And there was a LOT of wasted time in this episode – the time wasted when the Chinese spy was in the Camaro and the guys were in the house, it seem to go on forever, but not very suspensful… it was just wasted time.

    Speaking of wasted time – Danny’s mom. I hate this storyline with the fire of 1000 suns, because it’s useless. It’s not giving any characterization for Danny – it’s just… wasting time telling me the story of someone I don’t care about AT ALL. NOT AT ALL. Thank God the next episode wraps up this ridiculous arc – what a complete and total waste.

    So, long winded as usual – lol! But, GREAT review Sym!


    • LOL – I love your ranting. Keep it coming. I did give the episode only a good.
      I kinda like that they develope the PTSD stuff so slowly and very low key. I think it’s the right way to do it.
      I totally agree about Catherine, I miss her. I miss their scenes together, they have great chemistry, and I think she brings out the best in Steve.
      Those scenes at the house were a total waste of time, agree.
      And I absolutely agree with you about Danno’s mom. She has just no purpose, not to mention she is the miscast of the century. But that is for another discussion. But her being there is a total waste of screen time.


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