Checks Five-0h 4.15

FI 415

Four weeks after 4.14 we finally got a new episode of Hawaii Five-0. If you would ask me… that was a darn long hiatus. 😉

4.15 Pale ‘la translated by CBS to Buried Secrets

Before we start with the review go and check out AOLworldwide’s rapp sheet.

OK, I think before I start my review it is again time to remind you all of something. I love Hawaii Five-0, I really do. And I truly respect all the hard work that goes into making this hour of entertaining. BUT, Five-0 is not the holy grail for me, no show or movie is. I can make fun of them without any problem, I can laugh with them as much as at them. I can love what they do just as much I can think it is ridiculous. I think my reviews always reflect that. I don’t take this TV show or any TV show that seriously. And I think nobody really should.

I watch this show because I want to be entertained, because I want to have fun. Because I want to enjoy an hour of entertainment that is mostly on a very high level. But it is just a product, no matter how much I love certain people or groups on this show. If I would buy a product in RL that would suck, or which I simply don’t like, I would give it back.

Well, I can’t give back Five-0, and frankly why would I even want to?! But if there is something in it I don’t like, I will complain about it. Loudly. Candidly, even bluntly.

If that is not your thing, if you can’t take this all with a grain of salt, if Five-0 is something so overly important to you that you can’t laugh about it at times… you should not read my reviews.

What you definitely shouldn’t do is sending me emails telling me who I should like and who not. That only makes me laugh at you.

I was raised to be polite and respectful to everyone, so I will not tell you were you can stick your very colorful complains about my taste in, well almost everything.

Oh, and one more thing, the internet is not as anonymous as you think it is. 😉

So, that out of the way, I hope all you sane people will enjoy the review and will either laugh with me or roll your eyes at me and move on to the next topic. Which is how it should be.


So, we start off with Steve and Danny at the airport waiting for the arrival of Danny’s parents from Jersey. When I saw them standing there, with Steve leaning against the car, I was wondering where they would actually put Danny’s parents? Crammed in the back seat? I mean really, who would pick up their elderly parents with the Camaro? If you take your friend with you, for support or whatever reasons, why not use is big comfy truck? 

Sure, the writers thought it funny with all the luggage and stuff, but I thought it was stupid and not funny at all. Danny didn’t know it would only be his mom with a ton of luggage. I would not stash my parents into the back seat of that car. Just saying.

Anyway, next stupid scene. Really, Danny, didn’t you get the hint that your mom didn’t want to talk about it in front of Steve? His behavior was selfish and childish, yeah, well, guess it was Danny-like. Again shaking my head over this man.

Loved how awkward Steve felt and how he got busy with the luggage.

Why did Clara talk like she was drunk? I couldn’t understand her half the time, what was she mumbling? (No, don’t tell me, I didn’t mean it literally that I didn’t understand her.)

Hey, is Danny’s mom checking out Steve? Well, who can blame her? LOL


Next we go to the couple finding our ‘crime-of-the-week-victim’.


After the credits we continue with Clara’s drunk talking. I’m sorry, but that really got on my nerves. And by the way she is even more annoying than her son. Worst 60ish person dressed like a twen with the voice of a teenager. Ugh. What were the writers thinking… not even to question the wardrobe department.

I found her just horrible; embarrassing her son like that in front of his friend. Well, mother and son are totally alike. The only highlight in this was Steve and his faces, had me laughing out loud, and Danny saying they were family. That was cute.

Steve got a call and was saved from his little hell. Thankfully he took us with him, and we could leave Danny alone with his mom.


Why weren’t we invited to the Governor’s Christmas party? I’m sure it was a fancy event. 😉 Yeah, Sean Hutton, I’m sure Steve remembers you from that party. LOL 

I’m pretty sure we haven’t seen the last of this reporter.

May I voice a request? Please give the guys sunglasses. It hurts even my eyes to watch them squint in the glaring sun all the time. Shades can look really cool, and they protect the actors. So, just consider it. Please.

“Who am I?”

“Someone who’s about to get shot?”

Max is always funny, but Steve cracked me up. Loved Chin and Kono’s reactions too.

It didn’t take them long to get the corpse out of the wall and to confirm who the dead guy was. This was all very quickly but well done.

What I truly enjoyed during this episode was that we had three eps in one. What? 😉

Well, we had the crime of the week. That practically only involved Chin and Kono. I really liked that; it gave them the chance to show some detective skills and other stuff we come to later.

Then there was Danny and his mom, who also had some really great scenes. Not to worry, I also have good things to say about this part of the show. We’ll come to that.

And then there were the absolute highlights of the episode, the awesome stuff with McGarrett and Grover.

I have a tiny question at this point, just so that I’m clear on it in the future. Is it SOP on Five-0 now that one of them disappears for a whole episode and no one even questions or mentions it? I mean, just checking for next time, you know. You know who I’m talking about, right? Good.

There is another thing I’m wondering about. It feels like Danny is constantly moving houses. Is this yet another house? Looks totally different to the one in the Halloween episode. And what does he mean ‘this one looks like a keeper’? Did he ditch all the others? Huh. And I wonder how he can afford such a nice house in Hawaii? Maybe IA should stop investigating Chin and should take a look at Danny and his ‘lost’ brother’s money. Just saying.


Okay, let me say something about Danny’s behavior regarding her mom and dad. I think he acted totally childish and stupid. And actually I don’t understand why he acted that way. He himself went through a divorce. Does he think anyone could have fixed that? Anyone who would have told him or Rachel ‘it is fixable’? His behavior was just completely immature. He, as the child, doesn’t know his mom or dad as a partner. He has no idea how their life really was, or is. Not from their perspective. As a child the only thing he can and should do is support them. Both of them. (I’m only talking about adults here, not children. That is something completely different.)

I think he didn’t even understand it when she explained why she wanted a divorce. Which I think was a very good scene. And I’m totally with her on this. This was one of the really good scenes the two of them had.


I always have to smile when they show Five-0 HQ in a shot, in very nice shots I might add. They do know that this is one of the main tourist attractions, right? Do you remember seeing a shot with any tourists in it? I don’t. Kinda strange that they don’t show that side of Hawaii. Tourists are part of the daily life there.


I really could have done without that real estate agent again. Darryl Hannah I didn’t need to see or hear again. At least I was hoping she was the killer, even though that would have been way too obvious, so, she was out right away.

I loved Danny’s call for help, and Steve’s teasing. That was funny.



After this we go to Grover who gets a visit from the reporter. I loved it that Steve had already called him and gave him a warning. That was really cool.


Chin and Kono investigating the murder was just some solid police work, but really nothing worth mentioning in the review. Only interesting thing was about the gun, that was in police ‘custody’ and was now used in a murder.


Now we got some time with Steve and Danny, which I truly enjoyed. Although it again showed me what an idiot Danny really is. Danny, you tell your friend that his mother had to fake her death to get away from her ‘horrible’ husband and kids? Really? I loved it that Steve spoke up then. How insensitive can one person be? I mean, Danny does it all the time, but this really went too far. What a prick. Who needs enemies if you have Danny as a friend? Kidding. But, I truly believe Danny is not always a good friend to Steve, or anyone else for that matter. He has his moments, but this was not it.

One could only hope that he at least listened to Steve, his advice so far had always been solid.


Welcome back Lukela, always a pleasure to see you. Even though you had bad news for the investigation. The gun was indeed not where it was supposed to be.


Now we come to the best part of this episode. For me this was just awesome. What incredible scenes, and what kind of wonderful chemistry between these two characters. I absolutely love McGarrett and Grover together. These two are pure gold.

And finally they were ‘there’. Grover told him what had happened in Chicago and why he had left.

Yeah, it might have been wrong what he did, but he was cleared. And in hindsight we always know better. But that is not how real life works. He made a decision and in that moment it was the right one. To live with the consequences is the hard part. To live with the knowledge that you couldn’t save a person, or persons. Even if you know that it was not your fault, not to doubt it forever and to move on that is not as easy.

It is easy to judge from the sideline, and to point fingers. That is actually something that we are doing all the time with Five-0. We are judging this episode from the outside. We’re saying this or that could have been better, or we wish it was different without ever being in the position to actually make decisions. But whatever we say after an episode we have no say in the matter.

Just as Grover had no say in the matter of the outcome of the hostage situation.

I’m really looking forward to see where this story is going, and I hope Steve will open up to Grover at some point. I think he would be the right person for Steve to talk to.

So, this was a truly awesome part of the episode.

OK, I have two questions about this whole scene. First; did the house come fully furnished? Because last time I remember Danny didn’t have anything, not even plates to eat from. So, when did he get so domestic? When and from what money did he buy all this stuff? And please don’t tell me because he’s saving the child support now. Flying to Japan on Christmas, constantly moving houses, driving a Camaro that he still claims is his, the list goes on. Where does the money come from? I think this is a legit question. How come that Detective Danny Williams can afford all this stuff? I asked myself that the first time he stayed at the Hilton back in season 2. The answer he gave Steve was kind of fishy.

You know, how bold and just incredible would it be if Danny was not as clean as they want us to believe he is. Oh, I can already hear the hate coming my way. LOL

OK, to the next question, and this is one I’m serious about. How in the world did his mother manage to get Grace out of school? That is borderline ridiculous. Grace goes to a private school. She was kidnapped once. And the writers want me to believe that Grace would leave that school for anything without parental consent? Yeah, right. No way in the world would the school allow Grace to leave with anyone who was not on the list of approved people, or before they have talked to Danny.

So, that Grace was with her grandmother, who by the way was running around in ridiculous clothes not even worthy a teenager, but for sure not a person her age.

What is it with this woman trying to look like 25? Wake up! You are not 25 and you don’t look like it either.

Anyway, I thought this was completely stupid.



Now we come to another great scene. I actually like the reporter. He is not a dummy, he knows what it means to have the head of the task force on his good side. I think Steve’s speech did make him think. And he might have realized that there is a bigger and better story coming his way. I’m looking forward to see him again.



Here is another question. Was it ever mentioned that Steve’s dad was a SEAL, or a Frogman as they were called during the Vietnam war? There is a trident behind Steve, and I’m sure that stuff belongs to his dad. You don’t get the trident if you’re not a SEAL.

So, anyone ever heard that being mentioned?

His dad was a seal

So, there still is hope for Danny. He did listen to Steve and grew up. Finally supporting his mom. I wonder how long that will last. 😉


Ah, right, we still have a crime to solve. Almost forgot about that. Well, since Chin and Kono have that covered they don’t even bother to call Steve or Danny for the rest of the investigation, or that take down. Which by the way angered me a little. Where the heck was Steve when they stormed that house?

I thought that not very logical that they wouldn’t at least inform their boss about what was going on and teamed up with him.

Since they were so quick in getting it all done, I will wrap this up just as quick.

I mean, the case was not that interesting to begin with.

After arresting the bad guy who sold the gun, they just needed to arrest the one he sold it too. Piece of cake and we’re done with the crime of the week. By the way, when they found the first dead guy behind the wall, why didn’t they check the rest of the house? I would have done that. You know, like where there is one, there is more. 😉

Just a tiny complaint here. Again, an old rich guy with a much younger woman? Ugh. That was really an easy out for this murder. Wife finds a new, younger lover who is more like her age, old husband finds out and kills them both. Boring. Sorry, but this was just boring.



I truly love these two men together. They are the best ‘working’ team of Five-0 for me. I love their respect for each other which shows in every moment. Something that was always missing between Danny and Steve. I never ever felt like Danny had any respect for Steve. Ever. That was always my main point why I so often rant about Danny. Because of his disrespect of Steve as a friend, as a seasoned officer, as a sentient person really.

Grover and McGarrett gripe and bicker, and are snarky and everything in the book. But you always feel the respect, and they are never mean spirited. I really love it.

McG and Danno working together doesn’t even come close to the joy McG and Grover give me just watching them.


We end the episode with a nice scene of Danno and Grace. Is Grace living with him full time now? I now Claire van der Bloom is not available, but it would be nice to at least hear about her once in a while.


So, now all that is left is again my verdict. I have to confess that I really struggled with that.

As I said this episode was really parted in three strings so to speak. There was the case of the week, which in my eyes was just there because this show is called a crime show. But somehow it felt really truly completely unimportant. 😉 But it was handled nicely, and I liked to watch Chin and Kono working the case. There were nice scenes with Max. Sure, the case was rather boring, but still I’d give it a good.

Then there was the part with Danny and his mom. There were a few nice good scenes, but honestly, I could have done without it completely. His mom is just annoying; from her voice, which is even worth than Mary’s, to her behavior. This whole story is just… ugh. I’m just not interested in it. Why would I care if Danny’s parents get a divorce or not? What is my interest in that? Danny mentioned his parents maybe once during the whole show. Back during the episode with Matt. So, why would I have any interest in Danny’s family? I’m sure there are others who are interested in it. Good for them. But for me, that was just a waste of time. I’m sorry.

So, this part gets an okay. Barely.

But then there was Grover and his story. And this part was beyond awesome. I absolutely loved it.

So, you can see my dilemma. 🙂 All this considered it would just feel wrong to give this episode just a good. I don’t often give an awesome, because as I said, just seeing my favorite show is not enough. But the Grover part was so damn good that it made up for any flaws in this episode.

It’s surely not on the same level as 4.01-awesome, but it is much better than ‘good’.

Five badges it is for this one.



All screen-shots were done by me. Credit for promo pics to CBS and Global. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

One more thing. I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one.

11 thoughts on “Checks Five-0h 4.15

  1. My thoughts exactly. Not the same kind of awesome but more awesome than good. Just a couple of points to comment on…

    Agree about taking grace out of school. That was ridiculous and would never have happened.

    There is no reason they couldn’t have said one sentence about where cath was. That was a silly oversight.

    Melanie griffith is not mom material for danny. I don’t care what Peter lenkov saw in her. She was ridiculous, maybe she was going for a jersey voice but she sounded like a spoiled kid and her clothes were beyond atrocious. I can’t wait until she is back in jersey.

    I would like to hope this was the same house danny had last time but I don’t think so. I loced the last house. I just assume he is renting.

    Now my one disagreement with what you wrote… when my mom was 40 her parents got divorced. It was really a struggle for my mom and her 5 brothers and sister to deal with that. Divorce is rough on everyone… no matter the age. But I did like claras reason and truly understand her point of view. She was right.

    I did not like Danny’s remarks about steves mom. I understand they were ragging on each other but that wasn’t funny. Ste ves replies were funny though so I am assuming it was in jest. But I am glad danny took Steve’s advice.

    My hope for dannys sake is that daddy williams comes to hawaii and sweeps her off her feet.

    Now… the case. I was hoping daryl hannah would go to halawa so I’d never have to see her again. Although she would be a good best friend for clara. They match each other.

    Ok, Steve and Grover. .. good talks. I hope they can continue. And yes steve has demons he needs to get rid of. The reporter… didn’t like him. I fear we will see him again and I will really not like him. I don’t trust him at all.

    And I think I’m done. I gave it five badges just because it was on and it was new. Everything else was just added good stuff. Even though I complained about it…


    • I didn’t say that a divorce was easy for adults. It’s hard on everyone, but Danny just acted childish and stupid. And he should know better, he himself went through it. He should know how important support is.

      And I also don’t care what mom Williams was aiming for, she is just horrible. If that was the perfect impersonation of the Jersey population in general, which I truly hope it wasn’t, than I’m extremly glad that none of my friends is from Jersey. And yes, I hope she will go back very soon and ward never be seen again. 😉

      Yes, Steve and Danny were probably not serious, but again I think Danny was more serious than not. And I just think he goes too far. He has no bounderies, and that is just a shame. In my eyes Danny is not a good friend in the day to day stuff. Sure he backs his partner, but all the other stuff he’s doing? Sorry, but I would not be friends with that man. Simply because I couldn’t bear being around him all the time. That is just too much. We only see glimpses of him, and that is bad enough, just imagine to be around him all the time. I couldn’t stand that, and I’m sure no one else actually could. But thankfully this is TV and not RL.


  2. good episode. the crime was lame and silly but we got Kono back! Yes!! Chi is the best thing that H50 has done, hope he’s around for a very long time! Melanie was great as Ma Williams and what’s not to love about any Danny/Gracie time! Steve and Lou were great together and no one rocks emo like Alex. But watching Steve and Danny compare moms, was priceless. Mommy Dearest v. Mrs. Cleaver. The ohana feeling is slowly seeping it’s way back in and I’m loving it!!


    • I liked watching Chin and Kono working together, even though I’m still waiting for Cath and Kono working as a team.
      The scene in the office, well, I think Danny went too far with his comments. But other than that it was great.
      I never felt like there was any ohana feeling missing, to be honest. I didn’t miss Kono. She was working her way back, so I knew she was coming back. That was good enough for me.
      I would prefer mom McG over Danny’s mom any day. I’m sure she really loved her children when they were young, and I’m sure Steve’s childhood was a good one until she ‘died’. I found Danny’s mom nothing but annoying. But hey, I also think Danny is annoying, so don’t listen to me. LOL


  3. To start, I like your little speech, and I always love your review 🙂

    I feel like you’re reading in my head!! I agree with almost everything!
    Steve’s reaction when Clara told Danny about the divorce 🙂 It was priceless, and the faces he made in the car, made those scenes really more interesting!!
    I didn’t really like the Clara/Danny scenes, but to be honest I thought it would be worse so, I won’t complain.
    But yeah, I’m not a big Clara fan, I think I’m allergic to her voice.

    I have nothing to say about the case, it wasn’t interesting enough!

    What made the whole episode for me was McGrover!! I’m happy we finally know why Grover came to Hawaii! And all his scene with Steve where perfect! I didn’t know Chi McBride before but he has a new fan!
    I love McGrover more than McDanno which is crazy because I used to love Danny, this season it’s not the same.

    Thanks for another great review 🙂


    • You know, those emails don’t really bother me, I found them more amusing than anything else. But I thought I’d share with the class and remind everyone that this show and my reviews are for fun.

      Would be worse? LOL That is one way to look at Danny and Clara. Maybe I should do that too. 😉

      I saw McBride on Human Target and really liked him in it. But his Grover is really a great role for him. Absolutely love him.

      I loved Steve and Danny together. Not Danny alone, but together they were great. But not anymore. They do have their moments. But my problem is that Danny didn’t evolve, and after four years he is just not funny anymore. I think he’s rude and has no respect. I hate such people. And I don’t care if people say that is just the way he is. That is no excuse to be rude and insensitive. I wouldn’t want to be around a person like Danny that many hours. And I highly doubt anyone would. Sure most can tolerate him for the hour of the show, but just imagine to be with him every day for hours on end. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t do that. Why would I want to be around such a jerk?
      Honestly, even though I often rant about Danny, I thought I would miss him more in the episodes he was not in. But I didn’t miss him at all. And that actually makes me kind of sad.


  4. Thanks for your review Sam. I agree with most of what you said and had to laugh reading you thought Clara was drunk. I thought exactly the same. At first I wished I could fly with Hawaiian Airlines too because they seem to serve really good cocktails 😉 but then noticed she talks always that way. I’m no native speaker and dismissed it as a NJ accent because Danny mumbles too. And of course these jeans shorts were ridiculous. (What is that with the wardrobe department and the clothes of the Williams? Danny’s shirts never fit, and wearing a tie he never closes the last button.) I found the Danny/Clara scenes a little bit boring, but I was happy about the Clara character. I was so afraid she would be a Danny 2 but she is not. I couldn’t have stand that and I was content that she did not bug me. Who annoyed me you want to know? Glad you asked. 😆
    Danny. Period. His words in Steve’s office were way way below the belt and not funny at all. Proves that he is not the one Steve should talk about his inner demons. Absolutely not. He had four years to show that he has respect and a kind of understanding for his best friend. But he did nothing even though he knows parts of what Steve has to carry around. A real friendship is about the small things, they allow great things to happen.
    Grover even after this short time shows more insight into who and what Steve is. In 3.11 Catherine said to Steve: ‘I takes one to know one’. Maybe that’s it!
    And that was the really amazing part of this episode. Chi and Alex have an incredible chemistry and rock their scenes. I could watch their moments over and over again. Brilliant acting.
    But the scene I loved the most was Steve and the journalist in his office. I think that was a very special Steve-moment and Alex was top-notch. Love love love it!

    BTW I liked the crime of the week. Because I’m weird I have a thing for mured (is that the right word???) bodies, and if they had mured them alive I would have jumped with joy… 😳

    The final scene was not mine, found it boring and was surprised it ended there. Yet I want a flashlight like Gracie! That was cool!

    Oh, and I voted for good. It’s again Danny’s fault. 😉 The rest was in fact amazing.


    • I totally agree with you that Danny is not the friend Steve needs to talk about his problems. I think Grover (or Catherine) would be the right ones. Danny is a good partner, work partner for Steve. But in my eyes, Danny is not friend material when it comes to not life threatening situations. Sure Danny went to NK for his friend, but that is a very special situation. I’m talking about the day to day stuff, and there Danny is not a good friend. It’s hard to explain.

      You’re right the end was boring, but I thought it was a good Danny/Grace scene. I wished for a different ending, too.


  5. The only part I didn’t like in this episode is Danny’s mom and her ridiculous behaviour and the “divorce talk”, I don’t like that becuase of my parents and now my grandparents divorces, that always s**cks no matter how old you are. And the car scene with Danny’s mom looked like a poor version of scene with Steve’s mom lol. I’ve got to say that Steve’s running away from them made me laugh 😉
    I liked Steve’s and Grover moments and that we know why he is in Hawaii , definitely didn’t liked Danny’s rants in that episodes.

    Weak Five stars


  6. Really how much surgery does Melanie Griffith need. A weak episode. Really did not like season 4. Steve can be such a foolish and nasty guy. Danny is a whiner but prefer his whining over Steve’s arrogance.


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