Checks Five-0h 4.14

FI 4-14

4.14 Na hala a ka makua / translated by CBS toSins of the father 

It’s three weeks now that the last new episode of Hawaii Five-0 aired. Let’s recap before we have the pleasure of a new episode next week.

Do you still remember what it was about? Steve and Danny are carjacked by a criminal on the run. That is the short version of it. Guess that is not enough for a review? Fine, then let’s get into it.

Before we start with the recap, go and check out AOLworldwide’s rap sheet for the episode.

One thing right up front, I’m not a huge fan of this art-form of the shaking camera to make it more vivid. It was never as bad as in this episode. Right from the very first scenes we got a camera in shaky motion. Ugh, I really don’t need that.

And another thing that irked me during this episode were the extreme close-ups. What the heck was that about? Who was at the helm on this episode? I hope they will go back to their ‘normal’ style. This was not something I enjoyed.

414002 414001

And again I had a good laugh at how easy they make it to escape custody. A paper clip is all you need in Hawaii. Every convict seems to be able to come and go as he pleases. Doesn’t matter if he’s in Halawa or on his way there. 😉

It’s really nice to give Justin actual screen time, but they should tell him not to move like Alex when he’s acting. That was a perfect McGarrett he did with his gun searching the car. Made me smile.


So, two minutes in and we have a convicted murderer on the run. Next we switch to another felon in the making. Seems that tp-ing Danny’s house was a gateway crime after all. Grace is in trouble again. Uh oh.

I thought the scenes with Danny and the boy waiting for the principal were really cute.

And Danny was really cute defending his daughter. He was so sure that there must be mitigating circumstances to explain why she did what she did.

Too bad Grace wasn’t willing to share that knowledge. 🙂

These two really were a source of amusement. And yes, Danny, your buddy knows you pretty well. 😉

By the way, Steve, you should always lock your car. The car was left open and even with the window down. Wonder what the insurance has to say to that if it gets stolen. Or hijacked.


I love to see Grover, but I wonder. Is SWAT involved in a man hunt? Why would they participate in that? It’s not normal procedure, right?

It’s really great to see the whole team working the case. With five guys on Five-0 they can cover every angle of an investigation. They can always team up with a partner and there is still a person who can stay at HQ and coordinate. I think it’s pretty perfect.

Yeah, Steve, you’re right, he will surface sooner or later. Unfortunately it’s rather sooner than later.



So, now we come to my first real complaint. I am so sick of them using Grace as leverage in any way. Enough with that already. And while we’re at it, enough with all the father issue stuff. That really gets on my nerves by now.

The whole story of Parrish was just so predictable with his daughter and all. Really, writers, please get over it. Go to therapy or whatever, but please stop with the stories about fathers. I can’t hear it anymore. Okay, rant over. Back to the episode.

I didn’t like this whole part with Grace one bit, but thought Steve’s solution was pretty cool. Even though I doubt it would actually work.


Okay, let me ask you a question. If you were Grace and got a strange call saying your dad wanted you to hear something, wouldn’t you call your dad right after this strange call? And if he wouldn’t answer wouldn’t you call your Uncle Steve? And if that also failed your Aunt Catherine, or Uncle Chin, or even your mom? Come on, Grace is not a five-year-old who didn’t know this was a really strange call. I thought this was really stupid that she didn’t inform anyone.

I’m sorry to say, but this whole part with the three guys in the car was rather boring to me. Sorry, but this could have been great, but in my eyes it was not.

Mostly, because I didn’t feel for Parrish at all. Yeah, he was not guilty of that murder, but he was a career criminal, and now he wanted our sympathy? Sorry, but he messed up his and his daughter’s life. So what, he now saw the wrong of his ways? Halleluja. Yes, that was sarcasm in case you didn’t notice.

This whole part was way too long. Sure there were some great scenes, some good dialogue, but it would have been way better if they had cut it short.


Seriously? Those guys were FBI? Chin, Kono, go back to the academy if you really didn’t realize they were as fake as you can get. I was actually laughing at this scene. Don’t they at least check when they encounter unknown agents? They didn’t even take a look at the badges. 

Come on, Five-0 should know if the FBI was involved in any way. This was ridiculous.

Now the guys switched cars, which was kind of fun to watch. But they are still just driving around the island. Seriously that didn’t make a whole lot of sense. It was clear that at some point even the lamest Five-0 would realize that their two guys in command were missing. Took them long enough. 😉

Ups, didn’t hear from them in a couple of hours during they were searching for an escaped felon? And nobody thought that was kind of strange? I mean don’t they have regular check- ins?


So, after they finally figured out that Steve and Danny were in trouble they searched for them. And found the Camaro, of course no sign of Danny or Steve. But at least they could track the stolen car and we got to see a nice little chase and the partners taking control of the situation. Nicely done.

But after this, they made a huge, stupid mistake. And I think Parrish’s death is on them. Why on earth did they take him with them on their little tour? Why the heck not calling HPD, park Parrish safely in the blue room? This was beyond stupid and I have really no idea why the writers came up with this crap.

Oh, right, so Parrish could parish in a dramatic way. 😉 But we’re not there yet.


Well, I’ll take a wild guess here, but he’s not going to tell them much.


Nice fire fight. Lots of bullets flying around. And saved by Grover and his men.

I actually loved how Cath hugged Steve after the shoot-out. They are always very professional and there is no PDA going on while at work. I think in this situation it was called for and very natural. I would have been disappointed if there wouldn’t have been any.

And I loved Danny’s reaction. Made me think of 3.03, when he was also ignored. Come on, Danny, you are loved too, but the boyfriend comes first. 😉


LOL, Danny, now it’s our car? Loved that.


All that’s left to do was find Parrish and make sure that he and his daughter didn’t end up dead. Well, they were not completely successful with that.

I must say I was not surprised; it was the ending I saw coming right from the beginning. And I think it was great that Five-0 actually was too late to save both of them.




Even though I didn’t really care about Parrish, or if he did what he was accused of or not, I think it was a nice ending in court. I didn’t really need the voice over while she read the letters; as I often said, a little less is often more and better.


So, now we’re at the end. Oh wait, now the fun begins.

Not much to say to this, really enjoyed it. I wish we would see them as carefree as this more often. It is fun to watch them having fun and enjoying each others company.

So, what’s left now is my verdict. I will be a bit hard on this episode, because it really had such potential. But I think they missed their mark. It had boring and long winded scenes in it. Sure there were also some great stuff in it, but it was by far not what it could have been.

This was close to good but in the end it didn’t quite make it. So, this was okay for me, but nothing more.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit for promo pics to CBS and Global. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

One more thing. I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one.


7 thoughts on “Checks Five-0h 4.14

  1. Hi!
    For once I don’t agree with you, I mean yeah there were mistakes in the script, like Grace not calling anyone after the phonecall but I actually liked Parish 🙂
    Seeing the 5 of them working together was so great, I was waiting for this since Cath joined the team, now I just need to see Cath and Kono as partners 🙂
    Once again a great review!


  2. It was good; not great. Didn’t like the bad guy but sorry he didn’t make it for his daughters sake.

    Loved the ending. Love how Steve looked in handcuffs…. oh, never.mind. 🙂


    • Yeah, well, it was close to good, but not quite. Something was just missing .
      I mean, I’m always happy to see Steve and all the guys. But just because they are pretty awesome and I love to see them, that doesn’t make for a good episode. Just to see them is simply not enough. 😉


  3. The principals office and the end were the best parts. The rest was old, stale and predictable. I agree, they’ve got to stop using Gracie as a threat. The kid is going to be completely traumatized and need therapy by the times she’s 12. As for Parrish, no sympathy, he kidnapped cops, maybe he shouldn’t have been killed, but you do the crime, you do the time.


  4. Guess what! I agree with you, too! Well, I did give it a good, but on the very low end of “good.” And yes, I groaned out loud when The show pulled out the “Gracie” card again. Come on! How can Grace fall for that “I’m a friend of your Dad’s” bit again? Instant warning antennae should have gone up with that! Can’t even use the argument that she probably tried to call Danny or Steve but their phones were destroyed, because there were plenty of other team members she could have called.

    I also have to admit to a case of nausea over all, and I mean ALL the daddy issues this show likes to throw at us! Please develop a new endearing theme soon, Mr. Lenkov!

    Loved the principal’s office scenes and Danny’s reactions to Grace’s lack of explanation. Loved the finale – the team cameraderie (although where the heck is Grover’s family? We’ve seen the daughter, but not the wife or son! Did they stay in Chicago? Will we find out soon?)

    And I even teared up a tiny bit for bad, bad Ray – dying the brave death and being redeemed in his daughter’s eyes, sniff! Okay enough. Move on, Show – you know I love you but let’s get down to some gritty action!

    Thanks for the refresher, Sam!


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