Season 3 bloopers

CBS seems very eager to get the promos for the episode out. First the two sneak peeks, and now an extended promo. Not that I’m complaining, but it is a rare treat. So, head over to their YouTube channel and watch the promo before they take it off.

As usual CBS was fast to take the video off. Instead of an old promo why not watch the season 3 bloopers again?

7 thoughts on “Season 3 bloopers

  1. AAhh, some light being shed on Grover’s background. Looks to be an interesting twist. Have a feeling this will be an emotional scene with Steve and no one rocks emo like Alex! Melanie Griffith has never been a favorite of mine (can’t stand her voice, like nails on a chalkboard) but dayum, she’s looks fantastic, certainly not old enough to be Danny’s mom!


    • I never understood why women don’t grow old with dignity and don’t do that much plastic surgery. It’s her choice to do that, of course, but I think it doesn’t look good at all. No mimic anymore. Sorry. Just how I see it.
      After the new promo I think this will be a good episode. Maybe Steve and Grover can have a good talk. I truly hope if they address any issue with Steve and PTSD it will be Grover he talks to. Or Catherine. Just not Danny. I just think that would be wrong. Can’t explain it, but I think Danny would be the wrong guy for it.


      • If they didn’t have plastic surgery they’d all be out of jobs. Unfair and certainly not real life but that’s the nature of the entertainment beast.
        I feel the same as you about the talk and definitely not Catherine. She’s too close. Grover is more removed from the situation and battling his own demons. Though Danny would also be good. He went through a lot with losing not only his partner, but a close friend. And his other partner went bad. There’s a more comrades in arms feeling with the guys.


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