A few goodies from Peter Lenkov


The master-teaser is at work again and gave us something to look at.

A few spoilers for 4.17

4-17 DannoAndGrace

417 Bonding time

No information from what episode this is. Probably also from 4.17

4-17 maybe

And the best for last. This is official enough for me. 🙂 He posted this on his instagram account. Check it all out here.


Credits for all the pics to Peter Lenkov.

3 thoughts on “A few goodies from Peter Lenkov

  1. Nice photos but the last one is perfect. So happy to see that notice. So… thanks to both Peter for sharing and to Sam for posting. I’ve already had my own private little dance party in celebration.

    As for 4.17 that looks like Jersey style pizza. Quite fancy aprons to serve pizza with. 🙂

    Can’t wait.


  2. That oizza stuff looks like a lot of fun 🙂 Lookin forward to it 🙂

    Did anyone notice the background pic of PLenkov twitter acc??? 😉 Looooove it 😉


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